Charlie Black never expected normal drama, the kind every teenage girl goes through, to arise with her favorite band, One Direction. It all seems too good to be true...
**Zayn Malik and Niall Horan fanfiction
This is my first fan fiction guys; I'm really excited! Happy Take Me Home! I've beena fan of Movellas for a while; I really an happy!


5. Charlie


     I woke up, feeling weird. When had I fallen asleep? Then I looked around. Alex, and my entire favorite band, One Direction, were standing around me. Then everything came back like whiplash.
    "Crud!" I said, standing up. Zayn held out his hand to steady me. His chocolate brown eyes were sweet, yet concerned.
    "Charlie! Are you okay?" Alex asked from behind me. Zayn snatched back his hand, smiling shyly.
    "Fine," I breathed. Ironic. Instead of everyone's eyes being on 1D, 1D was looking at me. Swoon. 
    "Well, you don't see that every day!" A cute, joking, British accent laughed. "I like your shirt, too, Alex." I looked up and saw the gorgeous Louis Tomlinson. I felt a blush creeping up my neck.
    "Sorry guys," I muttered. How could I have passed out! Talk about awkward. "Don't you have to, you know, preform?"
    "How long did you think you were passed out?" Harry's deep voice asked. "We don't go on for another hour or so."
    "You said we were going to be late!" I spun around to meet Alex's eyes.
    "Late to meet them," He laughed. I smiled, hugging him. Not everyone had a best friend who could do this; make the Directioner side of me happier than words.
    "I'm Niall," Niall said, putting his hand out toward Alex when he let me go.
    "Liam," Liam put out his hand too.
    "Larry," Harry and Lou put out their hands together. Alex shook all of their hands, smiling. His green eyes glowed. Was he as excited as I was? Probably pretty close.
    But of course, nobody could be as happy as I was then.

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