Charlie Black never expected normal drama, the kind every teenage girl goes through, to arise with her favorite band, One Direction. It all seems too good to be true...
**Zayn Malik and Niall Horan fanfiction
This is my first fan fiction guys; I'm really excited! Happy Take Me Home! I've beena fan of Movellas for a while; I really an happy!


2. Alex


    Charlie was still jumping around, super happy, when I walked her back to her house.       "How did you even get tickets?" She asked. I laughed.
    "Remember my best friend, Zayn, from kindergarten? When our dads were diploid in Europe?" I couldn't help laughing at her face when she put the pieces together.
    "I played with cars with Zayn Malik," She breathed. For a second I thought she would pass out. She was 100% a Directioner. She had had the 1Direction Infection since Forever. "Omigod!" 
    I looked up at her. 
    "What?" I asked. She looked at me, mixed emotions in her eyes. 
    "I broke Zayn Malik's little toy car by stepping on it." She started screaming again, jumping up and down. I had no idea why. I also couldn't tell if she was sad or happy or what.
    "I'm going to a 1D concert! My best friend was once best friends with Zayn," she sputtered, running into her house. I stood there for a few seconds, then went back home. 
    Longest walk ever. Just kidding, I lived four houses down from her.
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