I've Always Wanted You

This is just a quick Harry one shot. Enjoy c:


1. It Begins


I sat and watched him take a long drag from his cigarette. He let his lips linger on the butt until he finally pulled it away. He coolly let the smoke crawl out of his puckered lips. I took a deep breath holding in all my feelings. I took the keys out of the ignition and grabbed my book bag. He slammed his door shut and I quickly turned around. He threw the cigarette on the ground and stomped it out. I shut my door and walked towards the school knowing he was right behind me.

"Hey Lindsey," he called out.

I stopped in my steps and let him catch up. My heart couldn't take this.

"Hey," I forced out.

He let out a chuckle.

“It’s fucking freezing” he complained while he pulled his hands under the sleeves of his sweater.

“You’re wearing shorts” I laughed.

I, on the other hand, was in leggings and an oversized hoodie, totally appropriate for the weather today.

“Yeah yeah,” he moaned while holding the door open for me.

I quietly thanked him. We walked in sync down the bright hallways of the high school. The hallways were crowded like always. Every clique imaginable stood in their groups in the most inconvenient spots.

“You have Spanish right?” He asked while he ran his fingers through his curly hair.

“Sadly” I sighed.

“I’ll walk you” he offered.

He had never walked me to a class or even talked to me this much. I had known him for years now but we only small talked.

I silently walked beside him. I couldn’t even attempt to talk to him because people going by constantly said something to him. He was pretty known throughout the school.

“You know you don’t have to walk with me. I don’t want you to be late,” I said being uncomfortable with the attention he had. I wanted that attention.

He didn’t say anything. He walked beside me until we got to the other end of the school. When we came to the familiar red door, we stood beside it facing each other.

“You’re quiet” he said looking concerned.

“I don’t feel good,” I lied.

I felt that saying “I don’t want to be seen with you” was very nice. Especially since he walked me all the way down here.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Love. You do look kind of pale,” and he pressed his perfect hand to my forehead.

It was warm. It took me by surprise. I felt sadness as he took his fingers away.

“You don’t feel warm though. Hm. I hope you feel better though.”

I gave him a reassuring smile. He rocked on his feet as though he wanted to leave. I didn’t blame him. I wouldn’t want to be standing with me either.

“Thank you for walking me, it was very nice of you” I said to fill the awkward silence.

The hallways began to clear out.

“It’s no problem. I thought we could catch up a little” he laughed awkwardly rubbing his neck.

“See you, Harry,”

“Bye, Lindsey” his husky voice answered and he back up a little, then walked away.

I stood there a second registering what had just in fact happened. Harry Styles met up with me and walked me to my classroom. I had no emotions. None at all. I walked through the doorway and quickly turned back around. He was already looking back at me. I smiled and waved and so did he. I took a deep breath and walked to my seat.

All morning, Harry was all I could think about. He did this to me. He would go weeks without talking to me and I would get over him. Eventually, he would talk to me and I would fall into his trap again. He had that charm; his dimples that smile, his deep deep green eyes. This morning though, that’s the most I’ve talked to him. I knew he wasn’t good for me. He was that “bad boy” the girls swoon over. He came from wealthy family but didn’t act like the kids he grew up with. He broke off from them. He was into the arts. He appreciated the little things in life. That boy always had a smile. But he also had a bad side. He used girls. He played with emotions. He got into drugs, well marijuana, and drank. And the worst thing about him was he was perfect for me but I couldn’t have him.

At lunch, I went into the bathroom. While i was washing my hands I examined my face more than I ever had. My head was oval and I had square jaws. My lips had no shape. My nose was small and slightly upturned. My eyes were almond shaped and dark brown. I had a scar starting and my chin and going under. Freckles lightly dusted the bridge of my nose.

I got soap and scrubbed my hands with it.

“So I saw you with Harry,”

I brought my head up and looked directly at Sarah. This couldn’t be good. Sarah was Harry’s last girlfriend so of course she was protective of him. I didn’t blame her.

“Uh yeah, just talking” i assured her and rinsed my hands.

I walked over to get a paper towel to dry my hands. I could feel the tension.

“Yeah...just know that we’re talking again,” she said as if it were a warning.

“Okay,” I said and walked out on her.

Talking my ass.

The final bell rang and I got my keys out of my book bag. I went to my locker and grabbed my books and carried them right out the door. The rush of kids leaving school had already happened to the parking lot was practically empty. The sky was filled with heavy deep gray clouds. The air was so humid, rain had to have been coming. I put my key in the slot and opened my door up. I put the key in the ignition and tried to turn it on but it didn’t come to life like every other time. I tried it again and still no luck. Of course this would happen to me. I checked to make sure I didn’t leave my lights on but they were off. I felt tears well up in my eye. I was always so sensitive when things didn’t go my way. I tried to call my mom but she didn’t answer. Of course she wouldn’t answer in a time like this. I wiped away my tears of frustration. I watched the school door open and him coolly walk down the stairs. He was my only hope.

I got out of the car and waited for him to walk up. When i could make out his face, he had a huge grin. I kept a cool face.

“Waiting for me?” he winked.

“Uhm, can you give me a ride home. My car isn’t working”

“Yeah totally,” he said without and question.

I grabbed my books and my bag and he led me to his car.

“Here let me take those” and he grabbed the books out of my hand. I felt the butterflies beginning in my stomach. He opened the passenger side door for me and I got in. I looked at how nice he kept his car which surprised me. While I was waiting for him to get in a called my mom again and still no answer. I didn’t have a dad so that wasn’t an option.

I waited a few minutes and realized he never got in. Where the fuck was he? I got out of the car and I knew where he was instantly. I started to walk towards him. A raindrop fell on my nose.

“Really Harry? Its going to rain! It’s fine!”

He peak out from under the hood of my dead car.

“No, Lindsey, I just wanted to look. Get back in the car I’ll be there a second.”

Did he really tell me to get back into the car?

“I don’t have to get back in the car if I don’t want to. You know what, I’ll just walk home. Thank you for the offer though.”

He walked out from the hood and grabbed my hand and pulled me close. Our noses were almost touched. He took my breath away. I watched a raindrop fall on his cheek, then his nose.

“Let me take you, please?” he begged in a whisper.

I watch his face. A grin appeared.

I jerked my hand away and walked back to his car and sat down. I wanted him to take me home. I wanted to spend more time with him and he offered it.

I watched the the raindrops fall like tears on the windshield. Thunder began to rumble. I looked at my phone to see it was only 3:30.

Suddenly, Harry jumped in his car soaking wet.

“Oh lord Harry.” I laughed.

I mean he was soaked. His curls slightly lost their way. His face was cover in water. It looked like he just went swimming.

“It feels good. Your battery is drained and I couldn’t figure out why” he said turning his car on.

“Thank you.”

He turned and smiled at me. My heart fluttered when I saw his famous dimple.

“It’s not a problem”

He back out of the parking lot and we drove down the busy city streets. Traffic stopped us about a mile away from the school. We sat there and listened to the familiar pitter patter of the falling water.

“So where do you live?” he asked tapping his fingers on the steering wheel.

“Off Markley road, a little into the country”

“Oh yeah? I live on Markley how weird” he laughed.

I still sat there quiet, reluctant to talk.

We moved up a little but still stuck in the row of cars. My phone started to ring and I quickly answered it.

“Mom! My car died at the school. I called to tell you.”

Harry fiddled in his consul.

“Actually Harry is giving me a ride home”

I turned to look at him and he was looking back.

“Yeah he said it was fine Mom I’ll pay him when I get home”

His face twisted up in confusion. My mother hated owing people.

He grabbed my phone from my ear and I just let him take it.

“Hello Ms. Mathews, It’s fine to take her home I swear. She helps me with my homework all the time so it’s more of a return really.”

He nodded his head and finally said bye.

“What the hell. What did my mom say?” I said grabbing my phone back from him.

“That it was nice of me to give you a ride basically”

I sat there mortified at what Harry did. My mom wasn’t a mom you could mess around with. She was very professional.

He finally drove through the stop light.

“Why aren’t you talking to me? Did I do something to you? I know you can hold a conversation Max tells me about you all the time. So much that I had to see what the fuss was about,” he yelled out stern.

I opened my mouth to talk but I was lost for words. I was in shocked. It was so sudden

“Harry I,”

I felt tear well up in my eyes. I could tell him now that I was in love with him or I could just forget about what he said.

“What? Tell me!” he said frustrated.

“Just take me home please”

“Lindsey come on don't do this” he begged still very frustrated.

“Harry drive me home! You’re scaring me driving so mad!” I yelled.

He shook his head and went quiet. He bit his lip. I felt like bursting into tears. The conversation went from 0 to 10,000 in under 10 seconds.

“Harry turn left” I choked out.

He did as he was told. I wanted to talk to him. I wasn’t leading him to my house exactly, but to the back of it. We drove about five minutes and we approached a gate. I got out and punched in a pin and got back in the car. Slowly, the gate open and harry drove in.

“You see the path? Just keep taking it” I said pointing to the grass that was dead from tire tracks.

“Okay” he sighed.

I stopped him once we got to the pool house. It was still raining pretty hard. He turned his car off and we sat there a moment.


“Lindsey I can’t tell if you notice it or not but I really like you okay? Remember a month ago when you got that note in your locker to meet someone? I wrote that. I wanted to talk to you. Get to know you. I know you’re best friends with Max and I’m so jealous of that. I know I have a bad reputation but it’s not what it seems I swear. Yeah, I might smoke every once in a while but that isn’t that bad right? I just...”

“What about Sarah?” I cut him off.

“What about her?” He asked confused but with a raised voice.

“You guys are still talking. You dated her for a month. You were with her when you wrote that note...”

“What in the hell are you talking about? We’re not talking. I broke up with her so I could try and have you,” he confessed.

“But you were with her when you wrote that note Harry. What if I would have met you and something happened? You would have cheated on her and you would be okay with that huh? She may not be the nicest girl but she deserves more respect than that. I can’t believe you like me Harry...”

“I don’t know what would have happened okay? But that was a month ago and irrelevant to now. But yes, I do like you Lindsey. A lot.”

“Harry I,”

But before I could finish he leaned over and kissed me. His lips were soft. I kissed him back. It wasn’t sloppy, it was very...proper.

I pulled away and put my forehead to his.

“I like you too,” I whispered.

He took his seat belt off and I took mine off. I knew this was going to get intense fast. I crawled over and sat on his lap, my legs straddling his sides. The kisses began to deepen. He sucked on my bottom lip. Everything was happening so fast. Our breaths were heavy when we could part. The windows were starting to fog up.

“Harry,” I moaned.

He stuck his tongue him my mouth and traced mine. My phone began to ring and I quickly pulled away to grab it. Harry instantly went to my neck, placing wet sloppy kisses up it.

“Mom I’m home. I decided to show him the pond,” I tried to say as normal as possible.

“Okay, I’ll be inside in a few, Bye”

I quickly hit end and through it on the passenger sized seat.

We stared at each other with so much lust. We had so much tension built up. I kissed his nose and he smiled. Damn that smile.

“I have to go” I said not breaking eye contact.

“Things were just getting started” he joked and he helped me off him.

He helped me carry my books up to the house. He insisted on meeting my mom and I couldn’t say no. We slowly walked in and my mom my surprised to see I wasn’t alone.

“Hello, I’m Harry” he said reaching out his hand.

“I’m Lindsey’s mom, Cindy” she said grabbing it and shaking it.

I had never brought a boy home so this was new to me. Somehow though, they began to talk. Soon she offered him to stay for dinner and he did. My mom lightened up when he was around. Finally it was time to go and I walked him out to his car.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” He asked grabbing my hand.

“Definitely” I smiled and he gave me a gentle peck on the lips.

I walked back inside and my mom knew what happened.

“Harry’s cute,” she joked pinching my cheeks.

“Oh yeah, he’s something” I smiled to myself.

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