Little Bit Complicated

''Honey take Maggie to the mall she needs her kindergarten Graduation dress''My mum said and thats how it started. My journey to love and life which is just a Little Bit Complicated.


2. Fight

"It's time to wake up"the boys sang. "Okay"I said turning and Maggie sang "CARE BEAR IS BEAUTIFUL AND THESE BOYS KNOW IT"and I sat straight up. I wish she could live longer. Maggie has cancer and the doctors said she had three months. It's been two and a half. "Are you okay"Zayn asked and I nodded slowly. "Maggie and I have something to tell you guys"I said and they became serious and Maggie began to cry. "Maggie has cancer She may only have a week or two left to live and maybe less"I said and everyone of the boys had tears swelling up in their eyes. "We tried treatments but they never worked she is my world I just can't lose her"I cried into Louis' chest. "Shh Carter Rose Hallows don't think about it"Maggie said making me chuckle a little. "I am not saying goodbye to anyone"Maggie put her hands on her hips. "Okay mags don't but we love you"

****2 months later**** Maggie is still alive. I am so happy, "If you see Harry Liam Louis Niall or Zayn again you have to bring me with you"Maggie stated "why"I asked "they made the scars on your wrist go away and I am happy"she explained. She all of a sudden fell to the floor. "MAGGIE NO"I screamed as I shook her. I called Niall "please Maggie she collapsed"I screamed and he hung up and raced to my flat. "No Maggie wake up don't stop fighting don't leave your sister"he said calling 9-1-1. We were in the car I was crying the whole way. It was in her hospital that she said "I tried to fight it but I can't I'm so sorry care bear I love you"and then she fell asleep forever. I fell to my knees and cried. "Maggie please come back I need you"the lady covered her up "MAGGIE PLEASE DON'T GO MAGGIE"I screamed until the boys drug me out of the room. "Why did you do that"I said on my knees. "What"Liam replied "pull me away"I said looking at my hands. "She is gone Carter I could not stand your pain and crying"he looked at me. "Take me home"I whispered and they did as I asked. They went to their flats and I went to mine.

Harry's POV I walked into my flat I share with Louis and said "let's go to Carter's flat she needs us"and he seemed different "Eleanor broke up with me because I was handing out with carter more then her so no I am not going"he was being a jerk. "She just lost her sister just two hours ago and you are her friend Louis she needs her friends"I said and left him there to think. I went inside and I heard the shower and Carter was in the kitchen. "Hey Carter"I said and she turned to me and the others besides Louis. "Louis hates me"she cried. "No he doesn't be is just upset"Niall hugged her. "I am going to go downstairs to get ice cream be right back"she said slipping out the door.

Louis' POV I sat in the living room thinking of how horrible I am. "Lou it's me care"carter called from the hall. She let herself in. "Lou I hate this"she said I leaned in and kissed her soft lips slowly.. She didn't kiss back but she didn't pull away so I did. "Sorry"I apologized but she just started crying, "w-was it that bad" I asked and she shook her head. "I miss Maggie and I needed your friendliness but woah"she said before standing up "we are watching chick flicks and eating ice cream"she said. "Carter Hallows you are the most wonderful friend"i said running out "HEY"she shouted before running after me. "Hey guys"Kevin said and she let out a little scream. "Let's go Louis"Carter said and opened her door. "What was that about"I asked and she lead me into the kitchen and locked the door. "Kevin umm he tried to touch me"she said and looked at her hands "WHAT"I yelled and she covered my mouth. "Shh no one else knows and they can't"she was serious. "Okay Care just be careful I don't want you alone down there"I scolded her. We went out to the living room. "Lucas"Carter mumbled at Lucas my cousin oh crap.

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