Little Bit Complicated

''Honey take Maggie to the mall she needs her kindergarten Graduation dress''My mum said and thats how it started. My journey to love and life which is just a Little Bit Complicated.


1. Maggie NO!!

''Take your sister to the mall because she needs her kindergarten graduation dress''My mum said plopping on the couch. ''Mum Chris wants me to hangout with him''I whined. ''Go''she scolded me. I left and just brought Maggie with me waiting for this day to end.

''Okay we got our things lets go''I said ''But Care"she whined."What mags I got you everything what else"I snapped and she ran off crying "MAGGIE NO"I called running after her. I lost her in the throng of people. "MAGGIE"I called my voice cracking. I looked up and she was hugging a boy with curls like mine. "MAGGIE THANK GOD"I hugged her years streaming down my cheeks. "Carter I was scared but I knew Harry was nice he is from One Direction the rest of the band went to find you care bear I am so sorry I never meant to make you sad" she smiled at me showing her teeth. "Thank you I was so worried"I said to Harry. "Yep no problem"he smiled dimples showing. "The lads and I are going to Nando's you should come"he invited "we would love to"I replied looking at Maggie who was by my side. "Carter can we go to candy clubhouse I want to get something for you"Maggie begged so I gave in.

"Maggie hurry the guys are waiting"I said checking my watch. "Okay here"she handed me seven bags of gummy worms. I paid and we left to Nando's . "Let's go inside and wait"I said walking in and bumping into a boy. "Sorry"I said and he smiled at me. "ZAYN" Maggie shrieked and hugged him with eyes wide. "Oh you must be Maggie Harry said you were adorable"he said picking her up. "Care Bear I have to use the loo"she said when Zayn put her down. "Okay well Zayn I will see you inside"I said walking in. I took mags to the loo and went myself and then we were greeted by Harry. "Hey Carter and MAGGIE"he yelled and she raced into his arms. "Hi I'm Carter"I said to the rest of the boys. When I looked at Maggie she looked so happy "well sit you guys can't stand and eat"Louis said smiling. "Okay thanks"I sat down next to Niall who gave me a fry. "OMG NIALL SHARED FOOD THE WORLD IS ENDING"Louis shouted. "Haha care you must be special"Maggie said and I smiled when my phone rang I jumped and the boys laughed. It was my mum. "Come home now"my mum yelled "no mum I am taking Maggie to my flat because you can't seem to stay sober for even half a week that's not good for her mum it breaks my heart to say this but you need help"I said before hanging up. Maggie touched my hand as a tear streamed down her cute cheeks. "I want to go"she said looking down. "I'm sorry guys but she is right we need to sort things out but we could maybe do this some other time but we gotta go"I said but before we left I hugged Harry "thank you for your help"I whispered and put my number in their phones I left with Maggie.

"Carter I am scared what happens if she finds where you live she will hurt you again"mags said closing her eyes sinking into the covers. "Shh don't worry we will find out but I am going down to tell Kevin that he needs to be alert"I said and left her and locked the door behind me and when I turned around to see Liam "oh dear"I said smiling at him. "I can watch Maggie"he said and I nodded letting him in and I ran down the stairs fast. "Kevin"I said going into his office/lounge. "Hello beautiful"he said coming ours from the dark which I find creepy. "Look out for my mum"I said walking out fast and he followed me. I dashed up the stairs looking back. When I looked forward I bumped into Niall "AHHH"I let out a scream. "are you okay"he asked helping me up. "Yeah I have to get back to Maggie"I said running to my room. "Liam"I called out and he was crashed out by Maggie on my bed I smiled at the site and went to the couch. I know this is the start of a wild ride.
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