Did you forget?

Vanessa Malik keeps a secret, one which only her best friend Arianna, knows. The secret? Being Zayn Malik, from One Direction's little sister. Their parents split up when she was only 11, Zayn being 13.
They didn't have many memories together even though they were siblings,
so it wasn't hard for Zayn to forget about her being in a boy band and all, he has other things to think about.
When Vanessa embarks on an adventure through America to find her brother, will he recognize her or will he think she's just another girl you find on the street.

I did not write any of this. I'm publishing this on Movellas because I love this story!


4. you cant stop me

Venessa P.O.V

I change into something more comfy ( http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=48277951 ) I grabbed my phone ressuring that Arianna defiently wanted to come.
I walked down the stairs,and reach the front room.I closed my eyes, and opened them slowly.This is it,I am going to speak about Zayn and Dad to mum.I walked into the room.Get ready to releash some drama.

Mum P.O.V

I took a sip of my tea, the warm liquid warmed me up. I heard footsteps and turned my head to look at Vanessa. She walked towards me, sitting on the arm of the couch "Mum.." What does she want now?
"Yes sweetie?"
"Mum...I-I don't know what to say?"
"What's wrong?" she said worried
"Its Zayn and Dad" Those words were like a stab in the heart.
Zayn,my beautiful precious son.
James,the man that broke my heart but I still love him.

My eyes started to become tearful,a single tear fell down my delicate face.
"Don't you mention that name in my house!"
"Why mum? Huh? You never want me to mention there names! They left because of a horrible cow you are!"
"If you only knew!"
"Knew what?"
I stood there in silence,memories from the night came flooding back.More tears fell from my brown,hazel eyes.
"Did he get tired of seeing your face? Or did he find work to hard to sastifsy your needs?"She said sarcasticly.
Those words hurt even more,Why was she being so harsh about this? She's never asked about them before.
She carried on coming up with ideas why he could of left me.All of the reason were making out as if he was the perfect husband!

I stared at the ground,I've never told her about why he left.We agreed we wouldn't but maybe I should?
"Vanessa, your dad wasn't an angel so stop making up ideas that I'm the bad guy here." I said quietly
"Then what happened!" She roared
I took a deep breath
"Your father cheated on me that's what happened!" I said aggressively.

Vanessa POV

"Your father cheated on me that's what happened!" Them words echoed in my head.
"Your lying!" I shouted.
She's lying,she's only trying to make out that my dad is the bad person.I looked into her eyes,
Seconds later,she spoke.
"Is that it?"She said quietly
I laughed "Just to let you know I'm going to America,to see my dad and my brother"
She looked at me,like she was going to hurt me.
"Don't you dare!"She said
"You can't stop me!"
"Oh watch me,they've probably forgot about you!" She shouted bitterly.
I was furious,all my life I have been denying that thought that they have forgot me and she has just said it my own mother said those words I've never wanted to hear!
I glared at her,and tears fell down my face.I raced outside the room with no care in the world.

I am going to America.

Whether she likes it or not.

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