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Vanessa Malik keeps a secret, one which only her best friend Arianna, knows. The secret? Being Zayn Malik, from One Direction's little sister. Their parents split up when she was only 11, Zayn being 13.
They didn't have many memories together even though they were siblings,
so it wasn't hard for Zayn to forget about her being in a boy band and all, he has other things to think about.
When Vanessa embarks on an adventure through America to find her brother, will he recognize her or will he think she's just another girl you find on the street.

I did not write any of this. I'm publishing this on Movellas because I love this story!


2. Good-bye

Mum P.O.V (Flash Back)

My phone was ringing so I put down my bowl full of cake batter and went to answer it "Hello?" It was Jenny

"Leona, I need to tell you something" She said "What is it?" My tone worried, "It's about James". I furrowed my eye brows in confusion "Well what is it, Jenny?" I really couldn't understand her it was like she ran a mile "I saw him outside the bar, Neon Lights, and he was....kissing another woman". I scoffed her words were so confusing James wouldn't do that ... not to me. "That's ridiculous! He wouldn't do that" I said nearly yelling "Leona! I saw it with my own eyes, why would I lie to you?". Jenny was right, why would she lie to me? My heart sunk at the thought of James kissing another woman "And you're sure about this?" I said "Yes" she said without hesitation. I ended the call just in time, as James came into the kitchen. "Hi, Honey" He said, giving me a kiss on the lips. "James where were you today?" He looked at me confused as to why I would ask.

"I was at work" he laughed. sicking his fingers in my cake batter. "James don't. Jenny told me you were outside Neon Lights, and you weren't alone.." I said through gritted teeth. "Honey! Jenny is lying, why would I do that to you?" he looked desperate, desperate for me to believe him. "Why would Jenny lie to me James?" I stepped forward "Alright.. Leona I can explain". He said calming me down "What is there to explain James?! You cheated on me! How could you do that!" I raised my voice "Leona, I-" he began but I cut him off "Stop James, just stop! I can't believe you did this to me!" I glanced through the door, seeing Zayn and Vanessa peering over the couch "We'll talk about this tomorrow, but you're sleeping downstairs tonight!" I whispered, through gritted teeth.

I turned off the oven and went upstairs, into our room. How could he do this to me? I sat lay down on the bed, my head on one of the pillows and hugged another one. I didn't want to go downstairs, I felt weak from the thought of him kissing another woman. I closed my eyes letting darkness take over

I woke up, still in the same position I was when I fell asleep, hugging the pillow. I got out of bed and walked down the hall into the bathroom. My hair was a mess so I just put it up in a messy bun and washed my face to wake me up fully. Once I was done I walked downstairs and into the living room where a sleeping James lay. "James, wake up" I said sternly but he made no movement. I went over to him and slapped his cheek softly "James!" I shouted in his ear making him jump and fall of the couch. "What is it woman?!" He said through gritted teeth. "We're going to talk about what happened. And about what's going to happen to us." he rubbed his eyes and sat down on the couch but I stayed standing up. "What do you mean what's going to happen to us?" "James, I can't stand being with someone who has cheated on me, so I think we should file for a divorce." His eyes widened.

"Leona, we can work this out! What about the kids?!" He said in a worried tone "I'm going to keep both of them." I said without hesitation. I mean, I did give birth to them both, so why shouldn't I keep them both? "No! You can't do that to a father! I want to be with my kids..at least let me keep one.." I scoffed. Keep one?! Why would I let him take one of my kids away from me? "Leona please. I can't live without my children.." I thought about it. He did seem really upset about not being with them.. "Zayn. Why don't I take him? After all, he will need a man to talk to when it comes to things he wouldn't feel comfortable talking about to a mother..and Vanessa can stay with you, you can help her with the woman problems" I rolled my eyes at his comment. 'Women problems'.

I thought about it and came to conclusion that maybe it would be easier, because he's right, Zayn wont feel comfortable talking to me with his 'man problems'. "Alright fine. We'll file for a divorce and you can take custody of Zayn.." It broke my heart having to give my baby boy away. Well it wasn't actually 'giving him away' but it felt like it since I most likely wouldn't see him again.

We filed for a divorce and he took Zayn. I of course spent a lot of time with my baby boy, before he left. He wasn't happy with it and wanted to know why this was happening but I decided it was best not to tell him or Vanessa and James agreed. Vanessa didn't like it one bit and it took a while for her to get used to not seeing her brother in the house nor her father
. I had to let him go, hes better without me.

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