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Vanessa Malik keeps a secret, one which only her best friend Arianna, knows. The secret? Being Zayn Malik, from One Direction's little sister. Their parents split up when she was only 11, Zayn being 13.
They didn't have many memories together even though they were siblings,
so it wasn't hard for Zayn to forget about her being in a boy band and all, he has other things to think about.
When Vanessa embarks on an adventure through America to find her brother, will he recognize her or will he think she's just another girl you find on the street.

I did not write any of this. I'm publishing this on Movellas because I love this story!


5. America

Vanessa P.O.V

I opened the front door, quickly closing it behind me. I walked to the bus stop, my red suit case rolling along the floor by my side.

* * *

"Vanessa!" I turned my head, seeing Arianna running towards me, her purple polka dot bag rolling behind her. "V-Vanessa" She stuttered out of breath "How did you get the money then?" she whispered. I bit my bottom lip "Stole it.." her eyes widened slightly "from my mum. She had a jar full of money, it said 'Holiday' so I thought.. 'hey! I'm going on holiday with my best friend.." Arianna was still in shock. "How did you get the money then?" I shook her arm, pulling her down to the seat beside me. "Oh..I got it from my dad" "he just gave you the money?" she shrugged "I think he just wanted to get rid of me for a while...apparently I give him 'stress'" she rolled her eyes, rolling her head back against the chair.

"Let's go?" I asked. Arianna noded and we both stood up, making our way to the airplane.

* * *

"It's so...hot" Arianna groaned. We just arrived in Denver, and Arianna is already complaining about the weather. "Come on let's get our bags and get a car. The sooner we get into a car, the better" I walked ahead, towards the area where the bags came out. "You go on that side" I pointed to the opposite side "And I'll stay here".

We spent a few seconds looking for the bags and then mine finally appeared. I grabbed the handle and pulled it off. I saw Arianna coming this way...hugging her bag, on the spinning bag thing. "What are you doing? Get off that! You'll get us in trouble" I warned her. She hopped off, and put her bag by her feet "Oh come on Vanessa, live a little! Look" she pointed to a lad with brown, spiked up hair, and brown eyes. "He thought it was funny!" He looked over and smiled at Arianna, making her blush ever so slightly and smile back. I nudged her, giving her a smirk. "No!" she snapped, which took me back. "Sorry...but no, I don't 'want' him" she stated taking the handle of her bag and walking away.

We rented a car and set our journey. Arianna had to drive because I don't have my drivers licence. "So where we going again?" I thought about how I could answer this. Arianna doesn't like One Direction, meaning if I was to say we were going to see my brother, she wouldn't want to go and would just go to a different place. So I decided to tell her the city, but not mention we were going to see them. "L.A!" I turned on the radio, and bobbed my head to the music, Arianna tapping her thumbs against the wheel to the beat.

This is going to be a long trip..

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