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Vanessa Malik keeps a secret, one which only her best friend Arianna, knows. The secret? Being Zayn Malik, from One Direction's little sister. Their parents split up when she was only 11, Zayn being 13.
They didn't have many memories together even though they were siblings,
so it wasn't hard for Zayn to forget about her being in a boy band and all, he has other things to think about.
When Vanessa embarks on an adventure through America to find her brother, will he recognize her or will he think she's just another girl you find on the street.

I did not write any of this. I'm publishing this on Movellas because I love this story!


3. A holiday to America

Vanessa P.O.V

I walked down the stairs and spotted my mum in the living room so before I left I gave her a quick kiss and said goodbye before leaving for school

I walked down the street to school, the sounds of birds chirping all around. Once I saw my school a smile grew upon my lips and I started to jog to get there quicker. I stopped at the entrance looking for Arianna, there she was with her bright hair you couldn't miss her.

Arianna was the model type so many boys would always chase her. She had long dark cherry red hair and beautiful brown eyes. Not like me my ugly green eyes. I can never really be bothered to impress anyone.

"Hey"Arianna said.
"Hi" I said with no emotion
"What's up?"She said curiously
"Nothing" But when I say nothing, I never mean it. Something is wrong, something is always wrong.

Today may be average day but its not to me or any 'One Direction fan' out there. Today was my brother Zayn's birthday. I wonder what he is doing right now? Maybe celebrating with dad and his new family. I'd hate to think he's got another sister who HE looks after, who HE loves.

We walked into school with no care in the world, whether we were late.

"It's Zayn Malik's birthday today" muttered this irritating year 7, Alice.
Her words echoed in my head.
Could this day get any worse? Even though its barely started.

And it did.

It got worse.

The singing got louder, there was bunch of girls singing 'Happy Birthday' but not just to anyone, but to Zayn.

"For god sake,shut up" Arianna shouted aggressively
They stopped.Arianna was not really a 'big fan' of One Direction like the rest of the girls at school. She only likes one boy band, that being The Wanted.

They all looked at her.
"Why are you singing 'Happy Birthday' to a person who doesn't even know you exist?" Arianna said harshly
"Because well he does know I exist because ... I've talked to him before, so move yourself out of my way" Alice pushed past Arianna, although I would love to see Arianna hurt her, I just couldn't.
"Leave it, she's only trying to wind you up"
"I know, but like seriously Zayn has never talked to her before.Who does she think she is?"


When I arrived home after a long day at school, my mum was in the living room watching 'E News' You could tell she had been crying, I wanted to comfort her but I can't because we never mention the words 'Zayn' or 'Dad' in our house.

"Hello sweetie, how was school today?" She said sweetly
"School was fine" I said throwing my bag on the floor.
"Aw well that's great!I'm just going to make a cup of tea, would you like one?" She said getting up and heading towards the kitchen
"Yep" I said and sat down.
That was probably the longest conversation me and mum have had in quite a long time.
A couple of years ago,my mum was diagnosed with 'Bi-Polar' its not been easy being around someone who first becomes the happiest person to the most maddest I've ever seen.

The TV played very loudly 'Next up, One Direction starting their world tour in America.'

I smile grew on my lips. I wonder if he ever thinks of me? Does he even remember me? More questions went through my head ... Why don't I go and find out? Maybe it would out my mind at rest ... meeting him.
I grabbed my phone and sent Arianna a message.

To : Arianna
'Fancy a holiday to America?:) x x'


Arianna P.O.V

I unlocked my Iphone, looking at the text from Vanessa. My lips curled into a grin, when I read the text. I tapped away, sending her a reply.

To: Vanessa

Of course!! xo.

I got off my bed and put on some different clothes, I hate school uniform.


I picked up my phone and made my way down stairs, towards my car. I drove to Vanessa's house, parking just infront. I got out, locking the car before going to the door and turning the handle, walking inside and going straight to where I hear music, the living room. "Nessa, watch you watching?" I sat down beside her and she furrowed her eyebrows in confusion "You left the door open..." I smiled and she noded slowly, still slightly confused. "So, you really mean it, or were you just joking?" I nudged her gently. "I really mean it. I'll have to ask my mum first though, and we need to get some money for it too".

I nodded and I quickly went on twitter on my phone. "Hey Vanessa, happy birthday Zayn Malik is trending" I looked at her and she was looking at my phone. I went onto his twitter page and looked at his recent tweet;

ZaynMalik1D: I love my family! ~View photo~

I clicked on it and there was Zayn, with his new family, with what I'm guessing is his step sister on his lap...


Zayn P.O.V

"Happy birthday Zayn!!" My step-mum pulled me into a hug "Thank you" I whispered. "Zayn!!" I heard my step-sister call down the hall "Yeah?" I shouted back. I went down the hall, into her room "Happy birthday!" she held out a wrapped up gift. I lifted a brow and took it, unwrapping it carefully. "Oh waw, thank you!" I pulled her into a hug with on hand the other holding the box with white Dr Dre beats headphones. "No problem" she said, her words slightly muffled since her face was in my chest.

'HappyBirthdayZaynMalik' was trending on Twitter, which made me even happier then I already was. The boys would be here soon and my dad even got balloons around the house, even though I told him not to. But he did it anyway. I sat down on the couch next to my dad, my step-mum next to him. "Why don't we have a family picture? And you can then put it on Twitter for those little fans of yours Zayn!" My step-mum said cheerfully. "Ok, sure" I shrugged. She got out her camera and set a timer on it, so she could quickly sit down "Kelsey! Come quick, we are taking a picture!!".

Kelsey walked in from the kitchen and walked towards the couch, sighing. She turned to sit down but I grabbed her by the waist and placed her on my lap, popping my head into view of the camera and smiling. The camera flashed and everyone relaxed. The doorbell rang so I pushed Kelsey off my lap, letting her fall onto the floor with a thud and jumped up, jogging to the door. I opened it, the boys cheers and engulfed me into a hug "Happy birthday, mate!" they all chorused.

After a few minutes of hugging and thanking I plugged the camera into the computer, putting the picture onto Twitter, adding the caption 'I love my family!'. We all sat down on the couch, me and the boys and watched TV. Kelsey walked towards us, sitting on Harry's lap and giving him a peck on the lips "Hey babe" Harry said, nuzzling her neck with his nose.

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