trial and tribulations

this book is about a girl who goes threw alot of things just to have the man she loves (one direction fan fic)


2. recording deal

Simon Cowell just called me and told me that he wants me to come in so I can record some songs, because he choose me to be one directions opening act. I wore this .

I walk in the building and I see 5 gorgeous boys who I think is One Direction, I'm staring at them when someone comes up and says"do I need to take a picture of them", "oh Mr. Cowell I didn't mean to stare their just so pretty", I  said. "Watever you say we need to start recording, Boys come on", Simon says. "Boys this is Britney she'll be your opening act for your tour", Simon says. "Hello love I'm Harry", Harry said. "and I'm Zayn", Zayn said. "I'm Louis",Louis said." I'm Liam", Liam said. "Finally Im Niall" Niall said.  "So how about after we record you come over m house so I can get to know you", Niall said. "Yea shure here's my number  so you can text me the directions", I said. I recorded Last First Kiss by one direction, This Kiss, by Carly Rae Jepson, and The A Team, by Ed Sheeran. "By boys we'll be heading out", Niall said. "And know we are not going on a date, were just trying to get to know each other, I said. "Well you two have fun, but not to much fun", Liam said. "so immature", I said while walking out.

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