i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


9. chapter 9


As I reach Amelia house, she opens her door and smiles at me before getting out,

"well I will see you later." I call to her and she waves to me.

 I begin to drive away as thoughts cloud my mind what was it that Maggie wanted to tell me about? Maybe josh is doing something special for me and Maggie found out. I get to the local coffee shop and park my car, I step out and feel the warm sun beating down on my skin, I smile slightly walking into the coffee shop and spotting Maggie sitting at a table near the window. I make my way to her and sit down on the chair opposite of her,

“hey” I greet politely,

“Audrey, how are you?” she asks me,

“very good actually.” I smile,

“well uh how are you and josh going?” she asks and butterflies erupt in my stomach at the sound of his name

“wonderful, he is everything I could ever ask for, I really think I’m in love with him.” I say, a sad smile crosses Maggie’s face ,

“what?” I ask and she looks at me with sorry eyes,

“um I don’t know how to say this. “She fumbles over her words and nerves begin to take over my body ,

“what is it?” I state beginning to feel worried,

“a lot of people at school know.” She says slowly,

“but um josh he has another g..girlfriends.” she stutters out and my body stiffens completely and I stare at her with my wide gray eyes and a sad expression on my face.

“ He has been with her for a year, he lives with her.” she says and as the words tumble out of her mouth my heart begins to pound against my chest and my breathing is heavy and unsteady,

I hold in the tears that are threatening to come out,

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.” She says softly and I stand up,

“no he can’t be.” I say and then run out of the shop and to my car.

I begin the engine and speed off, frustrated with everything and I know what I have to do, no matter how much I don’t want to I have to. I drive to his home and park at the side and see josh getting out of his car with a bag in his hand.

I walk out of my car and stand there waiting for him to spot me and he does,

“Audrey what are you doing here?” he asks me walking towards me,

“tell me its not true.” I tell him softly,

“w..what do you-“before he can finish his sentence a girl opens the front door and my heart shatters into a million little pieces,

 “who’s that?” she asks josh confused with who I am,

that was all I needed to see to know it was true, I look at josh and he looks pretty scarred I shake my head violently and then get into my car and lock the door. I look out the window to see josh walking towards the door of the house and I look at him as he glances over at me. I turn on my car and begin to drive home with my heart hurting and my head spinning.

As I am on the road home I can feel the wet salty tears coming onto my cheeks and they begin to affect my vision and I pull over and put my head on the steering wheel, letting it all out, letting all the pain and hurt I feel come out. He let me down, everything we had was nothing he cheated on a girl with me.

I feel awful for that girl and I feel anger at myself for not knowing his secret life and I feel like a complete idiot for letting him in my life and for falling so hard for him but like most people say falling in love means one day you will hit the ground, and god does it hurt. I clench my fists and begin to pound at the steering wheel trying to get my frustration out but it wasn’t working.

“Audrey you need to pull yourself together.” I tell myself wiping the tears from my eyes,

“you can survive.” I say and five minutes later i clean myself up and am ready to drive. There were tears falling from my eyes once or twice in five minutes but I am capable of driving.

When I get home I run up to my room and shut the door. I slide down on my wall to the floor at the corner of my room and pull my knees up to my face and begin to sob again.

It begins to get hard to breath and I feel like I am gasping for air and then I turn my head to see the once happy picture, the picture of josh and I, I remember this memory so well, I remember the way the words “ I love you.” came out of his mouth so softly and I remember I said the words right back. I remember the feeling when he kissed me ever so gently and I began to feel nostalgic, I wanted so badly to go back to this time where everything was so perfect, where I knew josh’s love for me was true and when I never even thought there was another girl in his live.

I begin to feel more and more tears fall from my eyes, and I try to shake them away but I can’t, no matter how hard I try to move my eyes away from the picture of me smiling wide as josh’s kisses my cheek, I can’t and then my phone begins to ring,

“hello?” I say,

“Audrey, look I’m sorry.” It was the sweet and charming voice of josh,

“do you still love me?” he asks and I didn’t know what to say,

“please Audrey, do you still love me?” he asks again,

“yes. “the word slips from my mouth but I don’t want to take it back,

“can you give me one more chance?” he asks and I look at the photo once more,

“no.” I say using all of my strength left, I hang up and stand up and grab the photo of josh and I.

 I shove it in my pocket. I walk downstairs and grab the match box and put it in my pocket. I shoved on my shoes and walk out of the house and through my neighborhood until I reach the place this photo took place at.

It was still beautiful and the sun was shining and everything was as perfect as I remembered it to be, I saw the little stream that was beautiful and walked over to it. I took out the match box and took one match and then I took out the picture and held it over the stream. I light the match and put the flame on the photo and as the flame got closer to my finger I dropped the now burning picture in the stream.

I sit on the grass and try to put a brave face on as I watch the picture disappear and I shake my head as tears fall on my check,

“its over.” I whisper to myself and take three deep breaths,

I have let go of that memory and I never want to be reminded of how the guy I thought was sweet broke my heart so much and now that its over I need to move on.. or maybe cry just a little more, before standing up, I take out my phone to call Amelia and after one ring she answers,

“hello?” she says,

“hey.” I say trying to sound happy,

“Audrey? What’s wrong? You sound sad.”  She says,

“I just need you to get to my house now with a big tub of cookie dough ice-cream and two spoons.” I say simply and I hear her laugh,

“anything for you, I will be there in like twenty minutes and be ready to watch romantic movies and make fun of them.” She says and I slightly laugh and it feels really good.

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