i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


8. chapter 8

i wake up to the sound of Audrey talking on the phone, I groan and stretch out  letting  out a slight cough and Audrey turns her head towards me and smiles sweetly,

"alright, I got to go, I'll talk to you later." she says into the phone,

"love you too, bye." she says and hangs up,

"guessing that was josh?"  I question and she giggles and nods with a huge smile on her face,

 " I realised that whenever you get off the phone with josh your always more giddy and giggly." I tell her and she laughs,

"sorry, I just feel so happy after we talk. "she states and I laugh ,

"God I wish I could be in a relationship like that except I dot think I would be as giggly as you." I say and she smiles,

"you say that now but when you love someone so much everything changes." she says and I roll my eyes,

"when you two get married In the future, you better make me your Maid of Honor." I tell her and she looks at me with a huge grin on her lips,

"do you really think so?" she asks and I nod knowing what she meant,

"of course, josh is one of the sweetest boys and he is lucky to be with you and you guys are perfect together."  I tell her and she looks out the window for a second and then looks at me,

"anyway so what are the plains today?"

"I don't know how about we sit around and watch Netflix all day?" I suggest,

"brilliant idea that means I don't have to change." she smiles and I nod.

Audrey's phone buzzes meaning she has a text and she reaches over and grabs her white IPhone five off the table and looks at it,

"who is it?" I ask and she furrows her eyebrows,

"its Maggie she told me she wanted to see me to talk about josh."

"why?" I ask and Audrey shrugs her shoulder,

"im not sure but I am going to breakfast with her to find out." she says pulling out a pair of dark blue jeans and a white plain t-shirt,

"so im guessing no more Netflix day?" I ask and Audrey frowns,

"sadly not but we will do it another day." she states and I nod my head beginning to pack my backpack with my stuff.

Audrey brushes her hair out and grabs her purse,

"do you want me to drive you home?" she asks,

"sure." I smile and swing my bag over my shoulder and walk with Audrey to her car.

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