i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


7. chapter 7

When I got to the front of her door I smile and knock and in a matter of seconds, the door flies open and a smiling Audrey is standing there,

"why are you so happy?" I ask as I slowly walk inside and take off my shoes, as soon as my shoes are off Audrey grabs my arm and drags me to her room,

"look." she states pointing to her laptop and I give her a strange look and then look  at her laptop to reveal an email,

'what's thi-"

"shut up and just read it!" she says excitedly and then I look down at the screen and begin to read.

dear mindless thoughts,

I am truly happy to tell you that you have been chosen to travel around the world with the surprise artist you will open for one direction! this trip will be all paid for and your shopping and food bills will  also be paid for. you will be exploring the world for the whole summer and you will not be able to see your families sadly but I hope that wont be a problem. a limo will come to get you on Friday and from there you will go to the airport and then fly to England which you will have four shows there but don't worry you have two weeks before your first show so there's plenty of time for your band to practise and prepare.

so hopefully I will get an email back from you and everything will be set!


Simon Cowell

 my mouth hangs open,

"what?" I ask with shock, Audrey smiles,

"I know! what do I respond back?" she asks,

"umm yes we would love to go." I say in a duh kind of voice,

"alright." Audrey says and then grabs her laptop and begins typing away as I sit on her bed with my phone in my hands fiddling around with it.

minuets later Audrey smiles at me and puts her laptop down,

"its official we are going to travel around the world." Audrey says and I find myself really happy ,

" I cant believe this." I state,

"well believe it because its happening." she states with a goofy huge smile and I smile back ,

"o my gosh!" I say as it sinks in that I Amelia Troian will be exploring the world with my four best friends.

I stand up and begin to jump up and down like a four year old on Christmas and then Audrey joins me and we jump up and down with joy together,

"this is going to be a pretty good summer!" I shout but I wasn't positive why I shouted I think it was because I was way too excited for the trip,

"its not going to be a pretty good summer, its going to be the best summer ever!" Audrey squeals and I laugh at her cheesy remark,

"just like the movies?" I question and she nods,

"definitely. "she says full of confidants and I laugh.

After about ten minutes we both sit down,

"alright now, what about that one direction band?" Audrey asks me and I shrug,

"I know they sing What Makes You Beautiful and One Thing but I know nothing of how they act." I tell he,

r "well that's the reason there's Google." she say.

She  grabs her silver colored laptop and search's "one direction" up and millions of results comes up. Audrey clicks the first  one and begins to read,

"well there all older then us." she states,

"how old?" I ask,

"um well it says there all different ages." she says,

"and those ages are?" I ask,

"well the oldest, Louis is twenty, niall, Liam and zayn nineteen and the youngest harry who is eighteen." she says,

"so their all older then us." I say,

"yup pretty much." she says,

"so what does media think of them?" I ask,

"why does it matter?" she asks,

"because what happens if their creeps or something." I state and she rolls her eyes,

 "of course, they're going to be murders." Audrey sarcastically remarks and then its my turn to roll my eyes,

"Audrey just look at some articles" I tell her,

"fine." she states and clicks something,

 "alright according to this, they are really Into partying. niall ended up being completely wasted at one of their shows. oh and the latest thing is the niall dude beat up the paps." she explains,

"alright so basically stay clear from him." I say,

"ya basically he's the blonde one." she tells me and I smile,

"got it" I say.

we decide to put the laptop away to talk for a bit and watch some movies, it is already ten at night and somehow time fly's by we talk about  how amazing our summer is going to be and soon we both drift off to sleep while discussing our final exam marks.

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