i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


56. Chapter 53

Nialls P.O.V

“Mallory, come on give me another shot!” I whine to the attractive girl,


“Niall your so wasted no!” she exclaims laughing and I pout,


“do you have weed then? I can go for a good joint.” I tell her and she smirks,


“tell you what, you wait for me to finish my shift and I’ll get you some.” she smiles and I smirk,


“you smoke weed? your fucking with me, right?” I laugh she shakes her head,


“you can think whatever but it doesn't matter to me, more weed for me.” she smirks and I laugh.


The bartender and I have indeed became friends through the day, maybe it was the alcohol that made me have a liking to her or maybe it was just her good tits but here I am seven hours later, having a nice chat with her and talking about smoking weed.


“If I buy you a drink can you drink it?” I ask and she shakes her head,


“I don’t think thats allowed.” she says and I shrug,


“Well I think you could use a drink so fuck your management and have a drink on me.” I say tossing out ten dollars and she laughs looking around,

“fuck it, the boss isn't here anyway, thanks for the vodka and gin.” she smirks and I laugh as she turns around to make it for herself before turning towards me,


“how old are you anyway?” I ask,


“22.” she smiles and I nod my head approvingly.


The evening goes on like this for the rest of her shift and I manage to get two more shots of fireball in me and I am feeling fuckin fine. Beyond wasted but anything to make her disappear from my mind for one night.

“I’ll be back.” she smiles and I nod as Mallory walks to the back.

I chug down the rest of my beer by the time she comes back with a backpack on her back,


“give me thirty dollars, I got us a bottle.” she whispers and I nod taking out a fifty instead,

“keep the change.” I say and she laughs taking the money and giving it to her coworker.


“where should we go?” she asks,


“to my room.” I smirk and she nods and we walk out of the hotel bar.


We go to the elevator and I look her up and down,


“what?” she asks,


“your really fucking hot.” I drool and she laughs,


“your not too bad yourself.” she smirks as I get to the floor and go to my spare bedroom, the one I was supposed to have to myself. I unlock it and let her in. I fall onto the couch and she follows and opens her bag, taking out a big bottle of vodka that she quickly opens and chugs down a quarter of the bottle and smiles,

“ I fucking needed that.” she groans and I can see her body tension decreasing,


“weed?” I ask and she smiles taking out a little container along with a small bong,


“fuck. this is good.” I smile and she laughs, setting it up, but I take it from her hands already knowing how to use it,


I set it up and then put my mouth towards it and put the lighter at the end, taking in as much as I can and then I pull it away passing it to her, the smoke filling my lungs feels amazing and as I release the smoke it calms me and makes me feel lighter, Mallory then inhales it then exhales and laughs, standing up already affected by it.


She begins to laugh and spin around and I take another hit at it needing more and  as I exhale it Mallory is on me wrapping her arms around me,


“Niall?” she laughs her plump lips sucking on my neck,


“ya?” I ask,

“your the first person I’ve ever shared my weed with even though I haven't even known you for a day.” she says, as her lips continue to suck on my skin and I smirk. 

Soon her hand goes to my crotch and begins to rub and I feel so fucking wasted and high that I go with it imagining it’s Amelias touch.


Amelias P.O.V


I woke up fifteen minutes ago due to a bad dream and ever since I couldn't fall back asleep, he was on me again, but this time he got his way and I was helpless. Tears fall from my eyes and then I begin to hear banging on the door and I freeze,


“open up the fucking door!” its him, I begin to cry hysterically as the knocking and yelling doesn't stop, I feel myself drowning in my own sweat,


“Leave!” I cry out 

“We didn't finish before, open up baby!” he yells again and I am frozen in fear, I run to my bedroom and go into the corner and cry and scream for someone, 


“help me!” I scream.


I then feel someones hands on me and I scream,


“Amelia!” it wasn't him and my eyes suddenly open again to see Niall.


It was a dream? but it felt so real. I look around seeing myself curled in the corner,


“he was trying to come in.” I panic,


“it was only a dream.” Niall repeats and I’m too scared to ask him where he's been, I grab onto him and close my eyes,


“please don't disappear again.” I cry into him as I can smell the alcohol mixed with the stench of weed.


“Its okay.” he whispers to me as I continue to cry, I feel him pick me up and put me into the bed,


“your soaked, I’ll run you a shower.” he says leaving me for a minute and I cry as he goes to the washroom and then comes back to me.


“Amelia, he’s not here, its just me.” he says and my tears slow down but my breathing is still uneven.


“lets get you into the shower, ya?” he asks and I nod my head as he guides me up and brings me to the washroom. and then I look at him properly and take in his appearance, ruffled messy hair, bloodshot eyes, and then I spot all the hickeys covering his neck and my heart shatters and I push him away from me,


“where were you?” I ask weakly,

“no where, lets focus on you.” he says,


“Niall you have hickey’s all over your neck!” I accuse and tears spill from my eyes,


“Its nothing.” he says trying to undress me but I push him away,


“Get out!” I yell at him and he stares at me,


“lets talk about this tomorrow right now lets just get you in the shower.” he sighs,


“I was home, scared out of my mind you were with some other girls? How could you?” I begin to cry,


“You said you loved me.” I say beginning to crumble,


“I do, please just let me help you.” he says and I shake my head standing straight,


“I can’t look at you right now please get out!” I yell at him and he sighs,


“fuck fine, but I’m not leaving.” he says as he walks out of the bathroom and as soon as he shuts the door, I slump to the floor.


My body shakes uncontrollably and I can’t move, the betrayal mixed with the bad dream make me so messed up.

I try to breath but I can’t as I begin to picture Niall with a girl on him leaving those marks on his neck. 


I slowly stand myself up and walk out of the washroom, feeling completely and utterly numb to the touch.


This isn't real. As I walk into the bedroom, Niall is sitting on the bed staring at me and I stare at the bruises that take over his neck, and feel stabbed. 


“I can’t do this.” I say quietly and he quickly stands up and comes to me,


“don’t say that.” he says rubbing my arms at the side of my body.


“Niall.” I say 


“Amelia, look I wasn't thinking okay? I drank a lot and then I was smoking and I didn't feel her touch, okay?” he says,


“who was she?” I ask,


“you don't need to know that.” he says,


“who was she Niall?” I ask,


“the bartender.” he says and I gulp,


“did you have sex with her?” I ask.


Niall P.O.V ( before the breakdown)


Her touch is rough and not gentle like Amelia’s, but my mind is too fucked to stop her. I hear her giggle and I look at her,


“can you make me feel good?” she asks bitting her bottom lip and I groan, annoyed by her voice.


Mallory then begins to climb onto me and tries to kiss me but I dodge her lips,


“don’t fucking kiss me.” I growl and she rolls her eyes. She sits up and takes off her work shirt, exposing her red lace bra, and she grabs my hands and places them on her boobs and I begin to squeeze them, feeling them as she moans.


“I need more weed.” I groan to her as I stop my motions and she groans standing up and grabbing a joint, passing it me,


I quickly light it and take a drag, feeling my head on fire, 


“fuck me.” she then says and I groan,


“not in the mood for that.” I slur, and she pouts taking off her pants, and coming back onto me,


“how about now?” she asks and I groan, flipping her on the couch before ripping off my shirt, not wanting her but wanting the sex in my intoxicated state. She tries to pull my mouth towards her but I scowl her,


“hurry up.” she groans as she tries to unbutton my pants and as soon as she does, I slide them off.


She puts her hand into my boxer and grabs my member, playing with it,


“fuck your giant.” she gaps and I smirk, liking the compliment.


Soon enough she begins to slip off my boxers, and I’m too slow to stop her and then she kicks off her underwear,  and Amelia’s face pops up into my mind, she’d never forgive me.


“Shit! I’m not going to fuck you.” I exclaim grabbing my boxers, and getting up,


“why not?” she asks,

“your too fucking easy, go get some other guy.” I yell and then I hear her voice,



its faint but enough to know she's screaming,as soon as I hear that I begin to hear her faint screams and I’m already shoving on my pants and shirt


“what are you doing?” Mallory says confused as I jog out of the room and go to her.


As I step out of my door, the screaming sounds louder and I stumble into our room and look around not seeing her. 


I go to the bedroom and they’re she lays in the corner, curled up crying and screaming in her sleep. I go over to her and start shaking her, still intoxicated but sobering up every minute her body jolts, a scream escapes her lips.


“Amelia, wake up.” I say continuing to shake her and her eyes suddenly open, and her body jumps awake but she cries,


“get off of me.” and it makes my heart break, she's not supposed to be like this,


“Its me, Niall, your okay baby, no one is here, just me and you.” I tell her and she looks at me for not even a second before she grabs onto me like a child. I can feel her body, shaking into me.


“Its okay.” I say and she continues to cry telling me what has happened, and I feel the alcohol and weed in my body be replaced with utter worry and pain for her, She's going to hate me if she knows what I was doing before. 


Amelias P.O.V


no.” he says but something in his voice doesn't tell me thats true.

“your lying.” I argue and he sighs.


“ sit down with me and I’ll tell you what happened.” he states and I roll my eyes and sit on the bed as he stands in front of me,


“I was anger that you didn't want me to stay with you, I went to the hotel bar and had some drinks, I stayed there the whole day, drinking because I couldn't stand thinking about you not wanting me. I fucking hated that you thought you could kick me out when I was trying to help you. So I drank and drank and then I ended up going to my room with the bar tender because she had weed.I…I got so fucking high, I promise you I did not touch her or fuck her. She went onto me and gave me those hickeys.” he says,


“you let her do that!” I say running my fingers through my hair,


“you probably let her touch you too right?” I ask afraid of his answer knowing I’m right,


“She came onto me.” he argues and I sigh,


“please get out.” I say weakly,


“Fuck Amelia, I’m not leaving you especially now.” he says,


“you should of thought of that when you were with her.” I growl and he kneels in front of me,


“please forgive me, I love you.” he says and I roll my eyes.


“You don't love me Niall! Someone who loves me wouldn't get fed up because I needed some time to figure out myself, because someone fucking tried to touch me!” I yell frustrated,


“ You told me you would never leave me for a whole night again but you did!” I scream,


“you did and you let some other girl touch you! If I did that you would of killed me! Completely went off on me, but if you do it, its alright? No Niall thats not how this works, get out of my hotel room now!” I continue to yell ridding every little piece of strength I have,


“Fuck Amelia I’m sorry I messed up, I know that, forgive me.” He says and I stare at him, needing him now more then ever but he betrayed me, before I can say anything he stands up and puts his hands on my cheek,


“I know I screwed up, but I can’t loose you. I think I need you.” he says kissing my forehead and then he moves to my lips and looks at me, but I just stare into his eyes, 


“you can’t keep doing this.” I tell him and he nods,


“I know.” he says,


“I don’t want to have to worry about us fighting and then you getting drunk and flirting with girls, promise me you won’t do that again.” I sigh, he nods,


“ the only reason I let her touch me was because I couldn't get you out of my head, and I’ll work on it, I promise.” he softly says and I let his lips touch mine and I sigh, as he wraps me in his arms, but I know I am letting him off too easy. I step away from him and look at him again, the bruises on his neck, his bloodshot eyes and I know I can’t let this discussion end here.


“ Theres no work on Niall, you need to be certain to yourself and me that, you arent going to do this again.” I tell him,


“Amelia.” He says but I cut him off,


“ I want you to promise me, I don’t want any bullshit, I need something certain.” I say,

“I promise, please forgive me.”  he says and I can’t help but let a tear fall from my eyes,


“I don’t think I can forgive you yet, but I want to, I really want to.”


“then do it.” he says,


“ I can’t Niall, you screwed up, and I need you especially now but I can’t be the girl, I can’t” I   say running my fingers through my hair and Niall steps closer to me and takes my hand,


“Don’t say that, Amelia, please don’t say that. I’m sorry, you know how I get but I want to and I will work on this. I am still trying to figure out this whole relationship thing and its hard and I’m sorry.” he says and I can’t help but begin to sob breaking at the seams with not just one but two things ripping my heart out.


“I think I need to be alone.” I tell him taking a deep breath trying to pick up the pieces of myself, but Niall grabs me and pulls me to him.


“I am not leaving you, especially not tonight. I don’t fucking care what you say right now because your scared and I’m a shit head who's making this worse but just for tonight let me hold you and love you like I do and tomorrow we can discuss everything, please.” he says to me, holding me tightly not allowing me to move from his arms and his touch brings around serenity.


“Niall.” I say,


“Amelia, I’m not leaving.” he says once more,and his words make me hug him back and I cry into his shoulder for a minute while he comforts me,


“your safe, I promise I won’t let him hurt you, and I’ll make sure to not hurt you ever again, I promise, please just let me stay.” he says and I hear a break in his voice.




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