i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


55. Chapter 52


After I left the room I decided to go to Louis and get him to come for a drink with me this early in the morning. She didn't want me there with her. She was sick of me and I don't know why but that makes me fuckin crazy. I didn't want to start anything with her because I know she's suffering right now but all I wanted to do was comfort her and help her, but no of course instead it leads me to the bar.


I knock on Louis door and he answers,


“hey man.” he says as he answers,


“come to the bar for a drink with me.” Tell him and he checks his watch


“Its eleven noon.” He says looking at me weirdly,


“your point?” I ask annoyed, he shrugs,


“no point, lets do it.” he says,


“come in.” he gestures opening the door wider and I step inside.


“let me just get dressed.” Louis explains and I nod.


I walk around his hotel room and then spot a little black bra in front of his couch and I smirk, knowing that bra was too big for Eleanors breasts. 

As soon as he walks outside his room, I pick up the bra,


“whos is this?” I ask him with a smirk and his face goes red,


“Eleanor's.” he says, and I scoff,


“even I know Eleanor wouldn't fit into this.” I say and Louis shrugs,


“come on who did you fuck?” I ask,


“lets just go get a drink ya?” he asks and I shrug, not even caring anymore but more interested in the promised alcohol,


“alright, ya lets go.” 


We both walk out of the door and go down to the hotel bar where no one was, considering it was now eleven fifteen.


We sit at the bar chairs and I order a beer along with Louis.


“ mate, you going to tell me about that black bra?” I ask him again and he puts his head in his hands,


“Its a fucked up situation with that.” he groans, I laugh patting him on the back,


“who did you fuck?” I ask,


“I didn't have sex with anyone but I did make out with Audrey last night, and we almost fucked.” He sighs and I laugh,


“oh shit.” I say and then the bar tender gives us our glasses of beer and I take a gulp,


“I have to tell Eleanor but I don't want to hurt her.” he sighs,


“who cares? she's the biggest bitch I know.” I shrug,


“hey thats my girlfriend your talking about!” he growls,


“you mean the girlfriend you cheated on?” I question and he sighs,


“I love Eleanor man, I just messed around with Audrey because she was there and she was looking nice and she sat on me and the rest is history.” he sighs


“why did she sit on you?” I ask,


“could of been the fact that we both were drinking and she was very friendly and she sat on me and just started talking.” he says and I nod,


“are you going to break up with Eleanor?” I ask him, he shrugs,


“I don’t want to,but I think she’ll want to break up with me.” he groans,


“Then don’t tell her, just fuck her and everything will be behind you.” I tell him and he looks at me,


“I can’t do that, I’m not you.” he laughs and I shrug,


“well if you tell her she's going to bitch on you so hard.” I tell him and he groans chugging down is beer,


“why did you want to get a drink?” Louis asks me, I shrug,


“nothing better to do.” I say gulping down my beer and then waving the bar tender over. 


It was a different person then before, a female with dark wavy hair, along with intense blue eyes, plump lips and a good set of tits.


“what can I help you with?” she asks leaning her body onto the table, giving me a good sight of her boobs slipping out her low cut shirt,


“how about a round of whisky.” I demand her and she nods,


“dude we can’t get drunk now, we have a show.” Louis reasons,


“I got out of the show tonight.” I tell him,


“how’d you do that?” he asks,


“had some stuff with Amelia come up.” I say,


“why aren't you with her right now?” he asks,


“hell stop with all the questions, let me just drink.” I growl and he puts his hands up in defeat,


“alright so whats your plans for tonight?”


“being here, drinking.” I say and he nods,


Soon the bar tender comes back to me and places the shots in front of me and I hit each of them back giving one to Louis to do.


he quickly drinks it and wipes his mouth,


“fuck, I feel buzzed.” he groans and I laugh,


“you drank two beers and a shot, how are you buzzed?” I ask,


“well not all of us can be Niall Horan and have such a tolerance of it!” he says wit a roll of his eyes and I laugh,


“Its a gift I guess.” I say and Louis stands up,


“I got to get back to my room and sort out things with Eleanor can you manage without me?” Louis asks,


“you’ve been here for half an hour.” I say,


“ya well now I’m buzzed and ready to call Eleanor so I got to go, see you later mate.” he says walking away and I shake my head as he walks out of the hotel bar.


I turn towards my empty glasses and decide to get another beer, and before I have to call the girl over she's already by my side.


“get me another glass of beer, thanks.” I tell her and she nods refilling my cup and then I notice her name tag,


“ Mallory eh?” I say and she nods,

“how long is your shift today?” I ask her,


“twelve to twelve why?” she asks,


“well because I think me and you are going to be pretty good friends today.” I smirk and she nods,

“call me over if you need anything.” she says turning around and I drink my beer, distracting myself with her very small yet very noticeable bum.


Amelias P.O.V

I wake up having a lump in m throat, I cough before grabbing the glass of water next to me. I take a good sip of it and feel the lump disappearing. I check the time noticing that its already three o clock, 

“Niall?” I say out loud, wondering if he came back while I was sleeping, no answer.


I stand up and grab my phone calling him up, feeling bad for kicking him out before.


As I wait for him to answer I bite my nails, wondering where he could be, soon the phone goes to voice mail and I sigh hanging up.


I think about going out of my hotel room but as I step towards the door, everything inside me freezes and fear takes over my body and I sigh turning around going to the couch again and sitting down.

I worry about where Niall is and want to go out and find him but my body won’t let me, I feel trapped. Just as trapped as when he was holding my body so tightly, a shiver runs through my body and I begin to shake, breath Amelia, Breath, Niall is probably just with one of the boys or exploring he will be home soon, you are safe he is not coming, breath.  I sigh running my fingers through my hair.

I bring my knees up to my face and look around, I call Niall again and this time leave a message,


“hey I’m sorry I kicked you out before,its just hard right now… anyway please call me back, I’m worried.” I say and hang up and groan putting my head in my hands.


I don’t feel sick anymore just emotionally drained but my sore throat and stuffy nose has gone away finally.


Hours pass along and I begin to reflect on the events of the past four days, I’ve been hospitalized, threatened by my parents, sexually harassed and now here I am stuck to this couch too scared to move and worried about Niall,I don’t feel like myself, I feel empty, very empty and I don’t like it, I feel weak and not in control of my body and I need to find the strength inside of me to get back on my feet. This isn't who I am and I hate how I put myself into this situation.


I take a deep breath and stand up pushing away the fear,ignoring it, I walk to my room and slide into my shoes and slowly walk to the door needing to do something on my own. I walk to it and my anxiety in my stomach builds up taking over my body but I trudge through it and unlock the door feeling terrified. I open the door my breathing picks up as flashbacks from yesterday begin to spin around in my head.

I quickly slam the door shut and lock it again heaving for air, in my head I can hear my cries, my helplessness. I could see myself banging on the door from the other side praying for it to open but it never did. I get my breathing under control and begin to pace the room anxiously. I go into the kitchen and scramble for something that will help me find my sanity but theres nothing, I sigh. I gulp as I find myself sitting on the floor with my legs tucked up under my chin, gasping and soon I catch my breath but stay like that, feeling completely pathetic. 

Tears fill at my eyes but I blink them away don’t you dare cry! your stronger then that, your fine, its just a bad day thats all tomorrow you’ll be better. my subconscious tells me and I sigh. 

I see a pair of scissors and grab them looking at them, focusing on them trying to focus on anything but myself. I look at the blade guiding my fingers along it, knowing that with enough pressure I could draw blood. I put the blade against my arm and press it on but I don't glide it along instead I just hold it their and it grounds me in a odd way, it gives me a control and I slowly remove it and breath. 

“I can do this.” I whisper to myself standing up  and going to the hotel phone and calling room service,


“hi can I get a number 22 and a ice tea please?” I ask 


“of course honey, it will be up in less then hour.” the person on the other line says,

“thank you, see you soon.” I breath and hang up. 


I fall onto the couch and take a deep breath and focus on my breathing instead of everything around me remembering someone told me that meditation is a good skill for feeling better.


As I continue to do this for five minutes, my mind feels clearer and I open my eyes and feel okay again. I begin to wish Niall was with me to see my progress instead of seeing me as a broken doll. 

I decide to call him again with no answer and I begin to get annoyed with his lack of communication.


Theres a knock on the door and I stand up, taking a breath before walking towards the door, I look at the peep hole and see someone carrying a tray. My heart exhilarates as my hand turns the door knob to see a smiling women,


“here you go, enjoy.” she says and I nod before she walks away and I shut the door and release a breath I didn't know I was holding. I walk to the couch with my food and turn the tv on, putting on Friends, and digging into my food.

I emerge myself into the show and find myself laughing and it feels good, I finally am distracted from the constant fear of yesterday.


My phone begins to ring and I quickly answer,


“hello?” I ask, its Amber,


“hey Amelia I was just calling to see how you are and tell you we all miss you at tonights show.” she says and I slightly smile,


“I’m fine, thanks and I miss all of you guys too, hopefully I can start performing soon.” I say,


“ well your off until our next stop but we don't sound the same without you.” she whines and I laugh,


“well I bet you guys are amazing, break a leg out there, maybe I’ll try to come to the venue in two days.”I say,


“that would be so great! anyway I’ve got to go, we are on in ten minutes, talk to you soon!” she exclaims,


“bye.” I say and hang up, checking the time to see its almost eight o clock and I still haven't gotten in contact with Niall, I sigh, feeling upset with him, he knows what happened yesterday and I know I kicked him out because I needed to be alone for a bit, but that doesn't mean he can disappear for the whole night and not call, thats not fair.


I finish up my food and then snuggle up with the couch, finding my eyes getting heavy and soon enough sleep takes over my worried mind.

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