i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


54. chapter 51

It felt like hours that I sat in that shower, before, I stood up, dried up and then walked to my room, feeling nothing, but my feet hitting the cold ground. I put on a t-shirt and sit in my bed beginning to rock myself back and forth wanting to calm myself. 


Niall wouldn't be back until around twelve so I had until twelve to get myself together.


I began to cry once again,feeling everything again. I closed my eyes and when I opened them I saw him again coming up to me so I ran off my bed and went beside my bed crying more, not being able to control it. The words rape keep crossing my mind and I can’t get it out of my head.



Nialls P.O.V

I get to the hotel by three in the morning after a good night of partying with some new German friends after the concert. I go up to the my room and unlock the door making sure to be quiet not sure if Amelia is up still. 


I see the light on in the bedroom and prepare myself for her to bombard me with questions, I knock on the door before entering.


When I do Amelia is sitting up on the bed, she looks at me,


“hi.” she says her voice sounding raspy and almost gone, the same voice she has after she's cried for a while,


“whats wrong?” I ask quickly coming to her making her flinch,


“nothing, I’m fine.” she says with a smile,


As I reach my hand out to touch her, she tenses up,


“are you angry at me?” I ask her, she shakes her head,


“no of course not.” She says and thats all it takes to make me know something is bothering her,


“Amelia, why are you so distant?” I ask backing away from her to get ready for bed,


“I’m not its just been a long day, I haven't been feeling too well.” she explains,


“ do you know what time it is?” I ask her as I take my shirt off,


“three in the morning?” she questions and I nod trying to get her to get angry at me, but she doesn’t.


I get into bed with her and examine her, she looks different.


“ baby, I know something is bothering you.” I tell her, trying to bring her in my arms,


“Please don't touch me.” she quietly says and I look at her,


“okay, Whats wrong?” I ask her again,


“I just don’t feel good today, I’m tired and I missed you.” she tells me but she doesn't fool me but I let it go until tomorrow.


“lets go to sleep, ya?” he says and she nods, and I stand up and and turn off the light and Amelia goes under her covers right away.


Its weird how she's acting, this isn't her, something is on her mind and I need to find out. 


Amelias P.O.V

Its around five in the morning now and my eyes haven't shut, at around four thirty Niall wrapped his arms around me, making me stiffen, I stay still trying to get comfortable but all I feel is that mans hands and I don’t like it.


I try to take in Nialls unique smell, to reassure me that its him but I can’t, still the images of him are still in my head. 


Tears start to fall from my eyes again but I blink them away quickly, trying to brush what happened off but its harder then I think,


“ Amelia?” Niall rasps out and I quickly close my eyes not wanting to deal with him,


“I know your up.” he says but I don't flinch, 


I soon feel his body hovering over mine making me open my eyes,


“yes?” I ask him,


“ I was going to bring this up tomorrow but, I don't think it can wait, you need to tell me what happened today, did I do something?” he asks and I stare blankly at him, not knowing if I wanted him to yell at me about a situation I couldn't control.

“no everything fine, I’m fine.” I say giving him a small smile,


“I don’t believe that bullshit, tell me now.” he says sternly,


“Its nothing, okay?” I say and he shakes his head,


“it is something and I’m not going to stop asking about it until you fucking tell me.” he demands and I sigh knowing, he won’t let it go.


“ I went to the pool today.” I say and he nods his head as I talk,


“and there was a group of like college students there and one of them was talking to me and wouldn't take a hint.” I say and his face tenses up.


“ did you make a move on him?” he asks, I shake my head,


“no, he left and I took a nap.” I say as I relive the moment in my head,


“but, I woke up when he grabbed my boobs.” I blush embarrassed by it, and Nialls face goes red,


“who was this guy?” he asks with his fist tightened, I shrug


“I..I don’t know.” I said,

“did he do anything else?” he asks, and I slowly nod my head gulping,


“I was yelling at him and getting my stuff to leave but he grabbed me.” I shiver, as a tear falls from my eyes again and Niall try to hold me but I shake my head, not wanting anyone to touch me,


“he threw me into the water and before I could get out he jumped in to and held me,.” I say biting my lip, as a whimper comes from my lips and I can’t finish before I’m a mess of gasping and shaking,


“hey, its okay babe, he's not here, alright? go on.” Niall says softly for once,


“he touched me.” I choked out finally saying it out loud,


“he forced me to kiss him and he, had his hand on my…” I don't finish what I’m saying before Niall stands up and runs his hands through his hair,


“Tell me who this fuck head is please.” he spits, 


“I don’t know, he was with his friends.” I say not wanting to reveal the boys name, knowing Niall would hunt him down.


“ Fuck, I should of been there, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, Amelia, please let me hold you, please?” he asks and I shake my head,


“I can’t feel anything but him on my body.” I cry sitting up straight and bringing my knees to my face.


“ Baby, no one is ever going to do this again okay?” he asks and I nod, looking at him.


“do you trust me?” he asks and I nod,


He sits next to me and I can feel his stare on me,


“I’m not going to the show tomorrow, I want to stay with you okay?” he asks and I shake my head,


“no the fans will be suspicious.” I tell him,looking straight ahead


“I don’t fuckin care, I love you.” he blurts out and he catches my attention, I look at him,


“what?” I ask him,


“you heard me.” he says looking right in my eyes and my heart leaps out of my chest.


love fills my body finally instead of fear,


“ do you still love me?” he asks and I nod my head,

“I love you.” I whisper out and he smiles slightly, and something inside of me turns, and I latch onto him


holding on like a child holds on to their parent on the first day of pre school, I cry into him and he places his arms around me,


“Niall.” I cry into him and he hushes me, rubbing my back,


“I love you.” he says again,


“and I promise, I won’t let this happen again.” and I just cry,


I take in the scent of him really take it in, griping onto his skin.


“I can’t close my eyes.” I say trying to calm down and he rubs my back and holds me in his arm as I try to breath normally again,


“If i see this guy, I am going to kill him, I promise you that Amelia.” he says and I nod into his skin.

“Lets get some rest, ya?” he asks and I nod my head as he lays my body down on the bed and wraps himself around me,


“baby, its going to be okay, I promise.” He says and I snuggle up to him and soon enough the feeling of his steady heart beat calms me down,


“why didn't you come home earlier?” I ask him,


“I wanted to go for a drink.” He says, I nod,


“why?” I ask, he shrugs,


“it was a stressful day today, Ashton told me that my father went to the hospital today, due to a heart attack.” he says and I look at him,


“Oh my gosh, I’m sorry.” I say and he shakes his head,


“don’t be and I don't care about anything but you right now so please lets keep it that way.” he suggests and I stare at him with a concerned face,


“Amelia, I want to be there for you, for once, please let me.” he sighs and I don't say anything instead, I snuggle into hime again and close my eyes,


“I don’t think I’ve ever been more scared in my life today.” I sigh and he nods kissing the top of my head,


“just get some sleep.” he sighs and I nod, laying my head down and Niall does the same.


I can’t sleep a wink but I stay quiet not wanting to bug Niall, and soon enough the sun begins to come out.



I look over at the clock to see its nine in the morning. I slip out of Nialls arms and stand up. I go to the washroom and brush through my messy hair and brush my teeth.


I go back in the bedroom and look through my suitcase to find something to wear for the day. 


I take out a pair of leggings along with a big baggy sweatshirt. I place it on a chair and look over at Niall to see him fast asleep. I grab a pair of black underwear and a white bralette  and begin to undress myself. I get the bra and the sweatshirt on before,


“I can get used to this.” Niall hums and I turn around quickly to see him looking at my naked bottom half, and I squeal, covering my area before quickly shimming on my black underwear, Niall laughs.


Soon enough he is right behind me wrapping his arms around me, kissing the back of my neck,.


“Niall.” I groan but he doesn't stop,


“I love you.” he muses and I smile,


“and I you.” I say, and he turns my face towards him,


“just stay in this for the rest of the day.” he suggests, I shake my head,


“no thanks, its cold.” I say and he groans kissing the top of my head.


“how did you sleep last night?” he asks as I pick up my leggings.


“good, you?” I simply say and he doesn't say anything and I begin to pull up my pair of black pants,


“I can see the dark circles under your eyes.” he says and I shrug,


“well I’m fine.” I tell him and he nods, going back into bed.


“What are you doing?” I ask him,


“relaxing.” he shrugs,


“start getting ready, you have to get to the venue.” I scold him and he shrugs,


“what I said yesterday still stands, I’m not going today, fuck them.” he says and I shake my head,

“ you have to, I will be fine.” I sigh,


“you say that now but the moment I leave, I know your going to panic and think that bastard is going to come here and even though those are crazy things to think, I want to be there.” he says and I groan,


“ I can come to the venue with you then.” I suggest and he shakes his head,


“don’t worry, I will talk to Paul and work everything out, okay?” he says and I nod,


“fine.” I say and he stands up leaving the room with his phone in hand.


I take a seat on the bed and sigh picking at my nails, a nervous habit I have developed in the past few months. 

I take the elastic from my wrist and tie my hair up in a high ponytail, feeling exhausted already and soon Niall walks back in,


“alright its settled, Paul said just this show I could miss.” he says and I nod as he sits next to me,

“everything okay?” he asks,


“ya of course.” I smile kissing his cheek, he gives me an unsure look but doesn't continue.


“what do you want to do today?” he asks,


“watch a movie?” I suggest and he nods, standing up to turn the tv on.


I make myself comfortable in bed as Niall grabs the remote and tucks himself under the covers.


“What do you want to watch?” 


“anything.” I say,


“hm, step brothers?” he suggests,


“sure, thats a good one.” I say and he nods, pressing down on the movie.


“I’m going to order us some food, what would you like?” 


“nothing, I’m good.” I smile,


“alright, how about a tray of fruit and some eggs and pancakes?” he suggests,


“whatever you want.” I smile,


“will you eat any of it with me?” I ask,


“I’m not really hungry.” I sigh,


“well I haven't seen you eat since yesterday, so you got to eat.” he says taking the phone and calling up room service, 


As Niall is on the phone, theres a knock at the door, and my body tenses up, getting anxious, /Niall places his hand on my back, and I look at him as he hangs up the phone,


“don’t worry, I’ve got it.” he says standing up from bed and going to open the door,


“Hey Niall, is Amelia here?” its Harry,


“why?” Niall demands,


“I just got to talk to her about something that happened yesterday.” 

“She doesn't want to talk.” Niall sternly says,


“oh bloody hell just let me in.” Harry groans and then I feel footsteps coming towards my bed room and my heart beat rises,


“Amelia, I had to talk to you.” Harry smiles and my anxiety reaches a new high,

“whats up?” I ask trying to ignore the feeling,


“I thought about what you said yesterday, and I talked to Audrey after and told her, that I was sorry and everything and now we are on good terms, hell even friends now!” he exclaims and I force a smile,


“Harry!” Niall growls,


“Niall this conversation doesn't involve you.” Harry says and Niall stiffens,


“get out.” he says and Harry looks at me but I can’t say anything, instead I stand up,


“I’ve got to pee.” I blurt and I walk to the washroom.


I shut the door and try to steady my breathing. tears are brimming at the bottom of my eyes, and I take a big breath in trying to calm myself.


I don’t know whats wrong with me, just seeing Harry made me feel completely embarrassed and naked. It made me panic, it made me think back to yesterday. Maybe I just wasn't really ready to see other people, just yet?


I grab the sink counter hoping it will help me steady my mind, but it doesn’t, theres a knock at the door,


“Amelia?” Niall asks,


“one minute!” I call to him taking one deep breath and splashing myself with cold water before stepping out.


“sorry about him.” 

“Its fine.” I smile going back into bed and then theres another knock at the door, and I groan,


“Its probably room service.” he says and I nod.

Niall jogs to the door and opens it up taking the plates of food in his hands and coming back to me. 


He gives me a plate and puts some fruit and a pancake on it,


“eat it.” he sternly says and I roll my eyes taking a bit of a strawberry as I turn my attention back to the movie.


I pick at my food for a bit and then finish all my fruit but don't feel hungry enough to eat the pancake. I put my plate on my bedside table and lay my head down.


Niall continues to scarf down all his food, eating two pancakes along with two eggs and a piece of cantaloupe. 

“ you only ate the fruit?” he questions, I nod,


“I told you, I’m not too hungry.” I say and he nods his head as he eats his last pancake and then places his plate at the side.


“How’s your cold?” he asks,


“I think its gone now.” I smile and he smiles too,


“good then you can finally start performing again.” he says and I nod,


“I miss performing, I hate feeling so useless.” I groan,


“well your sick what do you expect?” he asks, I shrug,

“well I didn't expect to go to the hospital for almost overdosing and I defiantly did not expect-“ I stop myself from finishing the sentence,

“I just didn't think I would be so drained.” I sigh and Niall nods. 


The movies plays out and I find myself getting board of it, I look up at the ceiling craving to be alone again, to figure out what I’m feeling.


“everything okay?” Niall asks, I nod.


As the movie Niall turns to me and tugs me into his arms making me feel sick?


“maybe you should go see Liam or Louis or something?” I suggest, and he lets go of me,




“I think I need some time to sleep and think.” I tell him and he looks at me for a minute, and then stands up,


“alright, I’ll be back later.” he says getting a bag and shoving his shoes on, not evening waving goodbye or saying a word as he slams the door shut.


I think he's anger at me. I roll my eyes and sit up and grab my phone to see all my social media apps, just to be greeted by overall a lot of love and worried tweets directed at me.


I decide to tweet saying,

“thanks everyone for your love! I’m okay now, I just got dehydrated, is all!” I tweet out lying a bit not wanting the fans to know that I accidentally almost overdosed on cold pills and a monster energy drink.


I click out of the app and put my phone down. I stand up and go to the washroom and splash water on my face feeling exhausted. 


I walk towards the front door making sure it was still locked and nod when I notice the latch sealed. I go to the couch and fall down onto it. I let myself sink into it and close my eyes taking a deep breath before opening them again feeling anxious like usual. I groan as I flip my stomach onto the couch and close my eyes again, keeping them shut, needing to sleep. 

You are okay Amelia, its just you in here, the doors locked everything is okay, just sleep. I try to talk myself down and I manage to slowly but surly fall asleep.

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