i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


53. chapter 50


I wake up to the feeling of soft lips pecking my cheek, I groan, swatting at the source.


“wake up.” he mumbles  out and my eyes slightly open to meet blue eyes and I slightly smile,


“why are you up?” I ask him


“Its one in the afternoon.” he says and I turn over and look at the clock, confirming the time.


“oh jez.” I say sitting up in bed.


“whats the plan for today?” I ask him, he shrugs,


“I got to go see some people, make some calls, so I’ll probably be out all day and then go to the concert venue at six hopefully.” he says,


“did you run this through Paul first?” I question,


“of course not, he wants us to stay here for the day and go to the venue at four, I’m not doing that.” he rolls his eyes,


“Niall.” I start,


“bye.” he says leaving the bedroom and soon I hear the door slam, I sigh.


I stand up and rub my eyes, feeling better today. I walk over to the kitchen and take an bag of tea and find a kettle and boil water.


I call room service and order some fruit as I take a seat on the couch and put my feet up. I turn on the tv,surfing through channels, settling on one of those cooking shows. 


Theres then a knock at the door and I stand up and open it for room service to come in and give me my tray of fruit,


“thank you.” I smile at him as he leaves the room.


I dig into my fruit and think about what I should do to waste time today. I did see an outdoor pool and an indoor pool here and it looks pretty warm outside, maybe I can go for a swim and lay out in the sun? I think that could be a good idea. 


I stand up again and prepare my tea and sip it as I continue to eat my fruit.


After I finish that I walk back to my room and put on my swimsuit. I grab a towel from the washroom and find my sunglasses in my messy suitcase. I wrap the towel around my body and slide on my sandals and walk out the door. 


I go to the elevator and see Harry,


“hey Harry.” I greet as I walk up to him,


“hey, what are you up to today?” he asks me,


“I was just going to go to the pool and try to relax, what are you doing?” I ask,


“ I was going to go and explore Germany a bit, I mean maybe I’ll last ten minutes but I’ll make it quick.” he says as the elevator opens and we both step inside,


“so I heard about you and Audrey, how are things?” I ask him, he shrugs,


“things are the same, I mean I don't talk to her too much, she tries to avoid me at all costs.” he says and I nod,


“you should try and talk to her about it, she's pretty shaken up I think, I mean your the first person she's been with since her ex.” I tell him and he nods,


“ya but Amelia come on, we are adults, it was just a good old one night stand, she's overreacting.” he says and I roll my eyes,


“think what you want, but she was drunk, 17 and your 19, its also considered rape in other cases.” I snap and the elevator door opens again and I leave quickly, shaking my head.


I read the signs to get to the pool feeling frustrated with Harry that he didn't get it, that he didn't get that Audrey was hurt by that whole situation. As I reach the door to the outside pool, I huff before opening it and seeing the sun shinning along with a few people tanning along with a few in the pool. 


I find a chair and sit down in it, I place my stuff at the side and put a bit of lotion on my body and lay down.


I look up at the sky and smile, embracing the feeling of the warm sun beating down on me. 

I close my eyes to take a nap but sleep doesn't come and I groan.


I sit up from my chair and look at the pool, debating if swimming a few laps around would do me good or just make me sore. I decide to just do it. 


I stand up and head to the stairs and slowly make my way into the pool, tensing up due to the coldness. I continue to make my way down the stairs, wishing I didn't go into this freezing water and instead bask in the warm sun.


I then just do it, I dunk my head along with my whole body under and come up with a shiver. I begin to slowly swim around getting used to the water, and soon enough I’m already on my second lap. 


I continue to swim laps, liking the exercise that I lacked most days. I stop for a minute in the shallow water to catch my breath and in this time a group of guys and girls came outside and all the guys and a few of the girls jumped in abruptly, splashing me in the process, and I was not happy to say the least. 


As soon as I caught my breath I decided to do two more laps before getting out of the pool and drying off.


When I got back to my chair, I dried myself off and then laid back into my seat, feeling tired and needing a nap from that activity. 


As I closed my eyes, not even two minutes later, my sun is blocked and I open my eyes to meet the body of a tall muscular boy,


“hi.” he says,


“hello.” I tell him looking at him strangely, unsure why he's talking to me,


“whats your name?” he asks,


“Amelia.” I say,


“pretty name, for a pretty girl.” he says and I nod my head,


“thanks.” I tell him and then he sits in the chair next to mine, Oh gosh.


“so Amelia are you here with anyone?” he asks, I shake my head,


“no not right now, but my boyfriend should be coming later.” I partially lie, wanting to mention that I had a boyfriend.

“boyfriend? a serious one?” he asks,


“I don’t know  why you would need to know that.” I tell him and he nods,


“ I don’t need to know, I was just curious.” he says and I nod my head,


“shouldn’t you get back to your friends?” I ask him and he shrugs,


“na I like you better.” he smiles and I notice his wavy brown hair along with his dark brown eyes,


“thats sweet.” I joke and he nods,


“do you want something to drink, my friends over there brought some beers and stuff.” he offers, I shake my head,


“I’m only seventeen.”  I tell him hoping that would make him leave,


“your young, are you here with your family?” he asks, I shake my head,


“your boyfriend?” He laughs 


“how old is he?” he says,


“ why?” I ask,


“because how are you seventeen and on a vacation with your boyfriend? When I was seventeen I wasn't even allowed to go camping with a group of guys and girls.” he says,


“well, I’m actually here for my band and we are just getting some shows and stuff.” 


“oh ya?” he asks,

“when are you playing next, I’d love to come see you.”  he says,


“you don't have to do that.” I say politely,


“oh come on, a beautiful, nice girl like you, I think it would be fun.” he says


“maybe but we only have one show here and its sold out.” I lie,


“then why don’t you get me back stage passes then.” he says coming closer to me and I slightly push him away,


“I’m sorry but I think you should go, I just want to take a nap, and your friends look like they miss you.” I tell him and he sighs,


“alright Amelia, when you wake up you should join us.” he says and I nod my head having no intention to do that.


He then leaves and I close my eyes, letting sleep take over me.


**** Half an hour later***

My eyes shot open as I feel someones hands squeezing my boobs, and my hand flies up to slap the pervert and I see the guy who was talking to me before, I sit up quickly.


“what are you doing!” I say alarmed,


“nothing, relax, it was just a dare.” he says rubbing his red cheek,


“get away from me now and don’t touch me or anyone like that again!” I warn standing up collecting my things, as I stand up I here him laugh making me want to punch him straight in the face.


Before I can walk away he wraps his long arms around my waist and picks me up, and I yelp,


“Let go of me!” I yell at him trying to elbow and kick him but he doesn't listen. He walks to the edge of the pool,


“Get off of me now!” I scream as I slap his back, squirming. I look around noticing only the group of friends around, and I know I’m on my own, his hand squeezes my butt making me feel even more uncomfortable and terrified. 

We get to the edge of the pool and he throws me into the water and I hit it hard before being emerged in water, before I have a moment to get out of the pool, he's already grabbing me again. His friends are cheering him on and I can not be more disgusted,


“be a man Matt!” they yell and he laughs, I push and shove him but I cant get away from him. He forces himself on me and I haven't thought of a good way to get rid of him yet, his lips are inches from mine, His one free hand starts to explore my body and I don't like it, it reaches the bottom of my bathing suit and he places his hand there, kind of grabbing it and about to slide his hand down the fabric, 

“ I’m going to make you feel good.” he coos in my ear.


 I can not let this happen to me, I go into full fight mode and begin to flare my legs,


“calm down baby.” he says inching closer and closer beginning to rub my area and I squeal not liking the feeling at all,

I then feel his finger in contact with my entrance and thats when I flare as hard as I can and push myself off of him.

 I  quickly swim to the shallow like my life depends on it and he follows closely behind,


“Don’t be like that.” he smugly says and too I reach the pavement and begin to run.


“Matt stop, your going too far! Asshole!” I hear a girl yell and then he stops chasing me and I run out of the pool, not even caring about my stuff and I run out of there to the elevator. 


Tears fall from my eyes and I feel like everything is closing around me, I can’t breath all I could do was gasp for air. I let out a yelp as I waited for the elevator to open to my floor. 


As soon as it did I ran to my room, and thats when I remember I forgot my room card at the pool. I wasn't going back there, I couldn’t. 

**Back at the pool**


“your such an ass!” I yelled at Matt as everyone laughed about him harassing a girl!


“You guys are all fucking messed up, you raped her! That wasn't even a joke!” 


“relax Mallory, its not big deal.” Dean says and I shake my head looking at her stuff still there.


She ran out of here so fast, she didn't even look back, she just ran.


I walk over to her stuff and notice a room card on her towel. I grab the room key and see the number on it, deciding to go give it to her, thats the least I can do after that hell she must of endured for that short time. 


I walk inside the hotel and go to the elevator, going to the top floor, as soon as the elevator opens I search for the number, but I didn't need to see the number to know which room she was in, she was leaning at a door,


“hey.” I call and she looks at me fear is all i see in her eyes,


“here.” I tell her,


“I’m sorry for all of that, I know that doesn't help but I’m sorry.” I tell her, she takes the card and doesn't say anything and I just turn and walk away.





She hands me the card and I want to thank her, but I can’t, I can’t talk.


As soon as I get into my room, I go to the washroom and strip off all my clothes and put the water on close to boil before I step inside and I cry, everything comes out and soon I cant find the strength to stand anymore and I fall to my knees and push them to my face and let the water drown out my cries as I keep seeing him and feelings his touch on my body.






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