i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


52. Chapter 49


I sit at the edge of my bed about to stand up. Doctor Shelby had just came in and cleared me only five minutes ago. I was so ready to go home, all the boys were in my room,

“thank goodness your okay!” Liam exclaims and I smile. 

I slide my shoes on and stand up easily.

“do you need any help?” Harry asks and before I can say anything Niall buts in,

“I’ve got her.” Niall tells him and as he's about to take my arm I say,

“I’m fine.” I tell him and he nods.

“thanks guys for coming here.” I tell everyone,

“the girls are outside waiting for you, they were a mess after you passed out.” Zayn says,

“aww I can’t wait to see them.” I smile as I begin to walk out of the room. 

As I step out of the door Paul is there,

“well I heard that you will be staying with us on tour.” Paul smiles giving me a hug and I smile,

“I’m happy you let me stay on this thing.” I tell him as he pulls apart,

“the tour wouldn't be the same without you but I don't think you should perform tomorrow. I was talking to Christina and she thinks you need to rest for a bit and just do a bit of practising thats all.” he says 

“alright that sounds reasonable.” I nod as I follow him out the door, Niall stays close by my side as we walk the halls ,and as we reach the front foyer they all come running up to me.


“thank God!” Amber smiles and I laugh,


“you scared us shitless!” Audrey sighed,


“sorry mom.” I joke as we all just stay hugging for a little longer.


When we all take a step back Paul says,


“theres  a limo outside waiting to take you all to the hotel. Me and some of the other lads will be staying in the same hotel but no leaving rooms tonight please. Its been a stressful day and you guys need some rest.” he explains and we all nod. 


As we exit the hospital, people surround us with camera,


“Amelia! why did you pass out?” 

“Are you okay?”

“Will this be your last concert day with the guys.”

“Are you and Niall dating now.” They all scream out and I ignore them as I slip into the car along with the rest of girls and guys.


“how are rooms working today boys?” Louis asks and all the guys shrug,


“Louis me and you roomies?” Liam asks and Louis nods,


“I want my own room.” Niall says,


“so Harry and I then?” Zayn questions and Harry nods,


“Audrey, Amelia and Hanna and then Amber and I?” Taylor asks us and we all nod,


“Amelias with me.” Niall says and Taylor nods,


“when did I say that?” I ask him, but he ignores me and I roll my eyes. We soon arrive at the hotel and everyone piles out and runs inside. 


A man greets us and gives us keys to rooms,

“have a nice night.” he politely says pointing us to the elevators.


“wheres Paul?” I ask,


“probably just pulling in.” Liam says and I nod. Soon we reach our floor and we all pile out. I walk to the room I was in for most of the day today and unlock the door and step inside along with Niall of course.


“I don’t remember you asking me to share a room with you.” I tell him,


“I told you in the car.” 

“told.” I scoff not wanting to get into it.


“do you not want to share a room with me?” he asks and I shrug,


“no, but I don't want you demanding me to do stuff. Just ask please so I can at least tell my friends whats going on instead of you.” I explain and he nods,


“fine.” he says taking a seat on the couch,


“thank you.” I tell him going to my room to get changed.


I change into a oversized t shirt and put my hair up. I wipe off all the remaining makeup from my face and jump into my bed, tired from the events from today.

Soon enough Niall comes into my room,


“are you anger at me or something?” he asks and I shake my head,


“no, just tired, maybe I can sleep this thing off.” I say


“ can I join?” he asks,


“ I’ll get you sick.” I say and he shrugs jumping into the bed with me.


He sits up and turns on the t.v before wrapping his arm around me to bring me closer,


“I was so worried about you today.” he sighs kissing the top of my head,


“I’m fine now.” I say,


“ya but if you weren’t, fuck Amelia you stopped breathing! you were close to a heart attack. When you crashed I was the one who carried your  body away and I tried so hard to get you to wake up before the ambulance came but you were turning blue. It brought back so much shit with my sisters” he says his tone building with frustration and I look at him and position myself in between his legs,


“look at me.” I tell him and he does,


“ I’m okay, I’m breathing and this like everything else you blame yourself for isn't your fault.” I say as I softly kiss his lips quickly.


“I love you.” spills from my lips all at once,but I don't take it back as I look into his guilty eyes,


“you don't have to say it.” I quietly tell him as I remove my body from his and he's still looking at me, as I’m about to sit next to him again he tugs me back to him and he kisses me pulling me into him with his long arms.


His hands then begin to explore my body as we kiss and I wrap my hands behind his neck. His lips travel to my neck then my collar bone and he begins to to suck and I groan,

Soon enough he flips me over, hovering over and his lips continue to go down my body.


“I want all of you.” he groans, my arms reach around him to get him closer to me, he continues to leave sloppy kisses and I find myself loosing control of my mind. 

He then takes off his shirt in one quick movement and my hands are quick to feel his toned stomach. 

He removes my hand as he guides my shirt off of me leaving me with just my bra and panties, and then he goes for his jeans but I stop his hands,


“we need to stop, before it gets too heated.” I gasp, out of breath, and he obeys pulling away from me.


“I’m sorry.” I tell him,


“don’t be, I can wait, just tell me when your ready and I’ll stop everything to fuck you.”he says and I cringe at his chose of word.


“wash that mouth out of yours.” I scowl him and he smirks,

“I think you want me to do other things with that mouth of mine.” 


“sh.” I hush him as I begin to sit next to him again, and reach for my shirt,


“stay like this please?” he asks,


“I need to put my shirt on.” I tell him and he shrugs,


“why” he says pulling a blanket over my body, and I shake my head while I position my body so my back is leaning on his chest and my body is in between his legs.


“better?” he asks and I nod. 


He begins to rub my shoulders releasing some of the tension and I moan in pleasure.


“feels good?” he asks,


“yes, keep going please.” I smile and he chuckles.


“what time is it?” I ask and Niall reaches for his phone,


“almost two a.m.” he says,


“you’ve got to go to sleep, its a show day tomorrow.” I tell him and he shrugs,

“I’ll be fine.” he says and I shake my head rolling over and shoving my shirt on, laying down,


“Oh come on.” he says reaching for me but I squirm away,


“shh go to bed.” I say and he huffs before, going quiet. 


My mind replays the moment Niall and I shared only a few minutes ago, I can still feel his touch on me and the way our bodies felt together, I don't think I was ready to go all the way but I wanted to I mean I don't want to be ill when we go that far with each other, I do love him though, I mean he makes me feel excited and young, less tense and more free and I love it, I love him, I wish he would of said it too though. I get though, it is probably harder for him.

Before I can let anymore of these thoughts cloud my mind, I force myself to take one deep breath and close my eyes before I realize how tired I actually I am, I'm on the verge of sleep.

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