i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


51. Chapter 48

My eyes open slowly to see a white room, I try to open my mouth but it feels dry. What happened? I try to lift my arm but I'm connected to some sort of fluid. I must be in a hospital room. I try to sit up but my body rejects the demand. Soon I see someone in a white coat walk in. 

“your up.” the women with short blonde hair says,

“Amelia, you are in the hospital right now, I'm doctor Shelby, your going to be okay. You took too many cold pills and mixed it with something with a lot of caffeine  you had a bad reaction to it.” she explains and I nod,

“ Will I be okay?” I ask

“Yes you've been out for five hours now, we just want you to stay for another three hours so we can make sure your all good” Doctor Shelby says before leaving the room.

I then hear Pauls voice,

“I am responsible for her during this trip so you have to let us see her, I have a contract and everything!” Paul argues,

“thank you.” he then sighs. Paul then walks into my room,

“oh my gosh, Amelia how are you?” he asks me

“ I’m okay, I’m so sorry about this Paul it won’t happen again, please tell me I am still part of this tour.” I say

“Amelia don’t worry, we would love for you to stay on this tour, sometimes things happen but we did have to call your parents to inform them of what happened and they aren't so happy, they are coming to see you” he says and my heart beat fastens.

“I’m going to get Niall, alright? He's been a mess since you collapsed, sit tight.” Paul says and leaves the room and not even a minute later Niall bursts into the room and looks at me.

“fuck.” he sighs as he comes beside me and grabs my hand,

“your okay.” he sighs and I look at him,

“my parents are coming.” I cough out and he looks at me surprised,

“why?” he asks,

“Paul called them.” I tell him beginning to panic again,

“alright don't worry, okay? It won’t be so bad.”

“there going to take me back.”I whimper and he shakes his head,

“they won’t don't worry.” he says gripping my hand harder and reassuring me.

“ How did the show go?” I then ask Niall and he shakes his head,

“I don’t know I came with Paul to the hospital as soon as the ambulance had you.” he tells me,

“you didn't have to do that. Its my fault this happened.” I groan,

“true but I couldn't go on stage knowing you were in here.” he says and I nod.

“how are you feeling?” he asks and I shrug,

“ I feel okay, they have me drugged me I think so I’m feeling decent.” I say and Niall smiles,

“are you trying to tell me your high?” he smirks, and I shake my head,

“no! I just can’t feel my insides.” I tell him and he shakes his head and then feels my forehead,

“what are you doing?” I ask,

“well apparently your cold was actually a fever and I don't want your temperature rising.” he explains,

“how sweet.” I smile,

“Niall.” Paul says poking his head in the room,

“ya?” Niall asks,

“Amelia's parents are here, lets give them a bit of space please.” he says and Niall shakes his head,

“tell them to fuck off.” Niall groans and Paul rolls his eyes,

“Niall now.” Paul demands and Niall looks at me and I nod at him. 

Niall then sighs and follows Paul out of the door and soon after my mother along with Justin steps inside.

“oh my gosh Amelia.” my mother cries looking at me,

“I’m alright mom, I just had a bit of a accident.” I explain,

“this is why I told you, you weren't allowed to go on this tour, your too young!” she says and i shake my head,

“I’m not mom. I just had an off day, you can’t bring me home please.” I beg then Justin butts in,

“Amelia no arguing, your coming home.” Justin argues and I shake my head,

“I agree with Justin, I can’t let you continue this if things like this will happen.” she says,

“mom this was a one time thing, I just got sick thats all.” I say and both of them shake their heads,

“Just please let me stay, please!” I say annoyed,

“Amelia your out of control, listen to me.” my mom says,

“no! you never listen to me so why should I listen to you?” I spit and her eyes fill with anger,

“Amelia that is enough” she shouts 

“ your coming home and thats it.” Justin yells and a tear slips from my eye,

“please just let me finish this and I promise after I come back I’ll do whatever you want anything.” I plead,

“anything?” Justin asks and I nod,

“well honey.” Justin says looking at my mom,

“we did discuss Amelia living with me so why not when she gets back we put it into action?” Justin suggests and I look at my moms broken eyes along with her frail  hands and I already know she won’t argue the idea,

“you know I think that would be a good idea,I can’t handle you anymore, your just like your father.” she sighs and I think for a minute, 

I can either go home now and go back to my old life, forget about Niall and the rest of the boys or I could postpone my boring life for a little longer and be with people who don't give me a headache just to pay the price of living with Justin, either way I have a feeling I’m with Justin so I guess my second option is better.

“fine.” I sigh,

“I’m sorry I’ve been such a trouble to you mom and Justin.” I grind my teeth,

“see you in a while.” 

They both just stand in my room looking at me,

“please go.” I say closing my eyes and they do with no words. 

My eyes open again to see Justin's smirk and a tear spills from my eye but I quickly brush it away and brush it off.

Niall comes back into the room,

“How’d it go?” he asks and I muster up a smile,

“great actually, I’m staying!” I exclaim and Niall smiles,

“fuck getting sick.” he says as he smashes our lips together and I laugh into the kiss.

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