i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


50. chapter 47

my eyes open to the sound of my phone ringing, I groan before rolling over and answering it,

“hello.” I groan,

“hey did I wake you up?” its Niall,

“no not at all.” I mumble and he laughs,

“your just woke up voice is very tempting.” he tells me and I groan,

“are you feeling any better?” Niall asks,

“a bit I think I can perform.” I say, sitting up,

“what time is it?” i ask,

“5:30.” he tells me and I rub the tiredness out of my eyes and grab a tissue and blow my nose,

“I can do this.” I tell him ,

“are you sure, you sound stuffy.” he tells me,

“I just need some more tea.” I groan,

“alright see you soon then?” he asks,

“ya of course.” I tell him and then hang up.

I slowly sit up from bed and pull my sheets off of me. I feel a bit warm but I guess thats because of all the blankets.

As I stand up I feel a bit dizzy but Ignore it and shut my eyes for a bit before opening them and feeling a bit better.

I take the pills from the table and take three pills with my tea.

I walk to the washroom and strip off all my clothes and take a quick rinse off.  After only five minutes I step out of the shower and wrap a towel around my body. 

I look through the room trying to find my bag and I see it at the front of the door I walk over to it and look through my bag for my underwear,bra and just some sweats. I put everything on right there too lazy to go walk back to my bed. I slip on my shoes and then go back to my room to grab my phone and mug of tea. I then grab my purse and before putting my phone in the purse I text Liam,

Hey I'm ready.”  and soon enough he responds back,

on my way.” 

I decide to bring my cold pills just in case and as soon as i slide them in my bag theres a knock on the door,

I open it to see Liam,

“ready?” he asks, I nod.

We walk out of my room and to the elevator and as soon as the door opens we both step out and walk outside to see Jack there. 

He opens the door for us and we both slide in.

“so your feeling better?” Liam asks and I nod my head

“ya I feel good enough to perform.” I tell him and he nods his head.

“by the time we get there we will have time to do some vocal warm ups and quickly get dressed but your on at 8 so hopefully your makeup doesn't take long.” Liam says 

“I hope it doesn't take long but considering I look like a mess i highly doubt it will take five minutes.” I laugh and Liam laughs,

“you look better then before.” he smiles,

“thanks.” I laugh and he nods.

I take a sip from my tea and then check my phone to see it is six forty already.

“Jack when will we get there?” I ask,

“we are actually just pulling up” he smiles, and I nod.

Soon enough Jack pulls up at the back of the venue after getting passed security and lets us out,

“have a good show!” he exclaims,

“thank you.” both Liam and I say before exciting the car.

Liam begins to jog into the back door while I walk feeling too tired to run, I wonder if they have any energy drinks in the dressing rooms.

As I open the door the girls come  running  up to me embracing me in a group hug,

“thank god your here!” Taylor exclaims, and I laugh,

“we were a mess without you like no one knew what do do!” Amber says as everyone lets go of me,

“well I'm glad I'm here, I really didn't want to miss this.” I tell them.

I then look them up and down and notice they are dressed and their faces and hair is done.

“should I go get my makeup done?” I ask them,

“probably makeup is in the third room.” Audrey says,

I make my way towards the third door and open it to reveal Lou, 

“hey darling how are you feeling?” she asks me guiding me into the chair,

“better, a lot better, how are you?” I ask her,

“I am great actually, Lux my daughter is here tonight and she's such a sweetheart I'm so happy she came.” she beams and I giggle,

“oh I would love to meet her.” I say,

“she's with Harry I believe, thats her best friend.” Lou laughs as she puts foundation on her hand and begins to dab it on my skin.

Lou and I continue small talk as she paints my face with all the products and soon enough both my hair and my makeup is done and all I have to do is get dressed!

Before I get dressed I decide to go find Lux and Harry.

As I walk down the hall I hear a little girls laughing coming through a door so I knock on it,

“come in!” Harry shouts and I turn the knob.

“hey Amelia, your feeling better?” Harry asks,

“ya I just came to meet Lux.” I tell him and he nods,

“Lux this is Amelia, can you say hi to her?” Harry asks and the little blonde girl looks at me then Harry and giggles.

“hi Amelia!” she exclaims running up to me,

“hey Lux are you excited for the show tonight?” I ask,

“ya! Harry told me after the show he’ll let me braid his hair!” she smiles and I laugh, taking a look around Harrys dressing room, Noticing a Red Bull.

“hey Harry can I have a Red Bull?” I ask and he shrugs,

“go ahead.” 

I walk over to the table and take the can pop it open and gulp half of it down. 

I look over at Lux and Harry to see Lux sitting on him and playing clapping games.

“Well I better go get dressed then get warmed up see you two later!” I say walking out of the dressing room and heading to my own dressing room.

I step in to see Niall on the couch, I smile,

“what are you doing in here?” I ask him from the door placing my drink on a table, he stands up and makes his way to me,

“well I heard you were here and I wanted to see you before the show started.” he explains and I nod, 

“well i have to get dressed so get out!” I tell him and he groans, he tries to kiss me but I take a step back,

“ I’m sick remember?” I question and he nods taking another step toward me, and putting his arms around my back,

“ why do you have to have a cold.” he groans kissing my head and I shrug,

“I’ll see you after I get dressed.” I tell him and he nods leaving the room.

I quickly put on my loose pale pink dress along with my nude heels. I then finish off my Red Bull and drink the rest of my tea before grabbing one more pill from my purse and swallowing it down, hoping it will help my stuffiness. 

I step out and see Christina,

“hey can I still get a quick vocal warm up?” I ask,

“of course!” she smiles,

We go through lip trills and humming scales to some breathing exercises and soon enough I’m ready to go out.

My energy levels have gone up and I can’t feel my sore throat anymore so the pills must be helping.

I then go and see Niall in his dressing room, I open the door to see him on the phone,

“okay, I got to go bye.” Niall says quickly and hangs up,

“who was that?” I ask,

“Jace.” he says and I nod my head unsure what to say,

“you ready to perform?” he asks me,

“Ya I've never felt better!” i smile,

“your legs jumping, you must feel a lot better.” he laughs and I nod.

“Girls!” I hear Christina yell,

“see you after.” I tell Niall and walk out of the room and near stage.

“alright everyone ready?” she asks,

“for sure!” Hanna beams and everyone nods,

“alright you are on in five….four……one!” 

“go!” Christina smiles as we all walk out in a single line everyone grabs guitar and goes to their spot and then Audrey begins to sing.


As we sing I begin to feel very hot, and my hands feel sweaty. 

I’m starting to loose feeling in my legs and I don't think thats good, but I keep going.

“Hello Berlin! We are Mindless Thoughts! I’m Amelia!” I announce as my ears start to ring from the noise.

Everyone introduces them selfs and then we go right into song three.

As I sing i begin to loose my breath and can’t catch it.What is wrong with me? As my solo is coming up I look at Taylor and hope she sees that I’m a mess but then its too late and I come in late.

As i sing each note the sweat builds up on me and then i begin gasping, everything in me goes numb and the last thing I remember is the girls running to me. 

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