i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


49. chapter 46


My eyes open to loud knocking on the door,

“wake up Paul’s coming in an hour!” Louis calls and Niall grumbles,

“Shut up!” he yells as he grips me tighter.

“Niall.” I say,

“shhh.” He grumbles as I wiggle out of his grasp and sit up dangling my feet off the bed, I yawn,

“Niall wake up.” I tell him,

“no.” he mutters as he stuffs his head deeper into the pillow and I shake my head standing up.

I comb through my hair with my fingers then look in my suitcase for something to wear,

“is it hot in Germany?” I ask Niall,

“I don’t know.” He groans and I nod.

I just decide to put on light grey sweat pants, a light yellow t-shirt and a black lose cardigan, I decide to skip the bra today wanting to be comfortable on the plane I slip on some slide on shoes and exit the bedroom.

I go upstairs to the kitchen to see Audrey sitting on the table falling asleep while, Zayn was eating an apple.

“is there anything to eat?” I ask them, mostly Zayn,

“no just this apple but when we get to the airport we will get something.” He says and I nod.

I walk up to Audrey,

“hey Audrey, how are you feeling?” I ask 

“ fine.” She says seeming off,

“just fine?” I ask softly and she stands up from her chair,

“just leave me alone.” She sighs walking away,

“whats wrong with her?” I ask, Zayn shrugs,

“bad hangover?”

I go back to the basement and decide to get Niall up.

“Niall!” I say shaking him,

“no.” he says and I sit next to his tired body,

“wake up you got to bring our bags up.” I tell him,

“you do it.” He sleepily says,

“I don’t want to.” I say laying next to him, he slightly smiles.

“you want to join me?” he questions and I shake my head,

“no but wake up.” I say then lean over him, and his eyes slightly open and then widen,

“fuck.” He grunts,

“Why aren’t you wearing a bra?” he asks and I laugh, sliding off of him,

“Nope come back.” He says taking me and bringing me to him, I lean down and he lifts his head so our lips meet, and I pull away,

“wake up.” I tell him getting off of him and standing he groans and sits up. 

He stands up shoves a white shirt and black jeans on. he puts his stuff in his suitcase and swings a back pack on his back and grabs mine and his suitcases,

“thanks.” I smile and he nods as we both step out of the room.

He drags the suitcases to the front door and drops them.

“Where is everyone?” Niall asks Louis who is sitting on the couch,

“In their rooms still.” 

“where’s El?” I ask,

“She had to leave early had something with modelling to do.” He says and I nod.

Soon Taylor, Liam and Amber appear,

“good morning.” Liam smiles at everyone,

“good morning.” I respond back,

“does anyone have an aspirin?” Taylor groans and Louis laughs,

“I should.” Liam says,

“ I don’t remember anything from yesterday, except for drinking.” She groans and Liam blushes a bit,

“ ya you were pretty wasted.” Amber laughs, and she nods,

Liam then passes her the aspirin and she takes it dry.

“I do remember being with you Liam most of the night though.” She says and Liam laughs,

“ ya we went for a swim.” He says casually,

“how I don’t have a bathing suit.” She says,

“you may have stripped a bit.” I tell her and she turns bright red,

“oh okay, we didn’t do anything, did we?”  she asks Liam and he shakes his head,

“ I don’t think so.” He says,

“think?” she questions,

“ I don’t remember to much.” he says and she nods.

Soon the car arrives and everyone appears from their room. Niall grabs mine and his things while everyone else grabs their own things,

“look at that boys, Niallers actually helping someone for once, this is a milestone.” Louis cheers,

“oh shut up Louis.” Niall says with a slight smile. We all pile into the van and Harry and Audrey say nothing.

“hows everyone feeling today?” Liam asks,

“dying.” Audrey sighs and everyone laughs,

“ya Aud you were fucked out of your mind.” Louis laughs and she forces a smile, 

“last night was fun actually, I don’t feel too bad today.” Hanna says and Zayn smiles,

“ya it was a good goodbye London party.”  He then says and everyone nods.

I look over to Audrey, to see her looking at her hands, I’ve got to figure out what’s wrong.

“so last night Harry bud, you and Audrey eh?” Zayn smirks, Harry laughs,

“to be completely honest I was drunk off my ass that whole night I don’t remember a thing.” He laughs and Audrey looks uncomfortable,

“what did you guys fuck or something?” Niall abruptly says and I elbow him but he ignores it. 

I look to Audrey who doesn’t say anything,

“none of your business.” Harry says and Niall nods,

“hey better Audrey then Amelia right?” he smirks and I hit his arm,

“Niall.” I warn,

“I'm not starting with you.” Harry says rolling his eyes,

“let’s not start anything here okay?” Liam demands and Niall scoffs,

“whatever you say.” 

The rest of the drive was silent with no one looking at each other but rather their phones.

Soon enough we arrive at the airport and everyone stumbles out grabbing their bags. Audrey takes her bag quickly and then jogs inside before everyone,

“Audrey!” I yell but she doesn’t stop, 

Paul gets out of the front seat,

“whats going on?” he asks as more security guards come and watch us,

“Audrey went somewhere.” Hanna explains and Paul nods,

“alright maybe she's in the washroom come on.” he groans annoyed.

We all walk in a group and soon enough crowds are around us snapping pictures. I see the washroom sign,

“you guys go up ahead!” I call to Paul and he nods leaving one security guard with me.

I walk next to the man and we reach the washroom. I step inside and hear gasping. 

“Audrey?” I call, no response,

“I know your in here.” I say and I hear sniffling. 

I look at the bottom of the stalls recognizing Audrey’s shoes,

I knock,

“Let me in, or come out!” I call and I hear the door click and Audrey steps out with tears streaming down her face.

I wrap my arms around her and she lets out everything, 

“I’m so stupid.” She cries and I look at her,

“your not stupid, tell me what happened.” I say.

“ I made an absolute fool of myself that’s what happened.” She sighs wiping at her eyes.

“I made a mistake and I cant take it back.” She pouts and I nod,

“its no big deal, things like this happen all the time.” I tell her,

“ ya but I acted like a idiot! I gave myself to him to get Louis attention.” She then begins to cry again.

“ I cant breath.” She gasps,

“its okay, your going to be alright. Just clear your mind think about home.” I tell her and she is still gasping,

“it’s not working.” She coughs and I look at her and I can’t even imagine how she feels right now.

“I don’t even know Harry.” She cries,

“he doesn’t even care enough to come see me the next morning, Amelia I want to go home. I cant do this.” she weeps and I rub her back,

“yes you can, don’t say that you are so much stronger then you think, just don’t overthink this, okay?” I say and she sighs nodding.

“ I was so drunk last night but I remember everything I did. I remember letting Harry have his way with me and I remember stripping for him, and oh god!” she panics,

“Audrey, its okay it will get better.” I say and she nods.

She goes up to the sink and splashes water on her face. She takes deep breaths and soon enough her rigid body calms down.

“I’m sorry for getting anger at you, I just didn’t want you getting hurt but I know I can’t control you. If I cared about you I would support and love you no matter your decision so we are fine.” She then says,

“I’m sorry for not being honest with you with him, I promise I’ll fill you in instead of pushing you away.” I tell her and she slightly smiles before hugging.

“so want to get on that plane now?” I ask her and she sighs,

“no but I have no choice .” she says and I smile as we both step out the door.

“how did it happen?” I ask her as we walk with the security guard in front of us.

“Well after we went inside, Harry passed out on the couch and I went to my room like everyone else did. I could hear Eleanor and Louis, they were obviously doing stuff because I heard her moan his name and all that and it made me pissed. So I left my room and went to Harry, we drank more and soon enough we went to my room.” She says and I nod,

“that wasn’t your firs-“

“no Josh.” She simply says as we reach the plane.

We both climb on board and I see Niall sitting alone but I decide Audrey needs me more than him especially since he called her out and all so I sat next to her.

Louis then comes up to us,

“You okay?” he asks Audrey,

“Ya never been better.” She says with a fake smile that I know Louis can see right through but he doesn’t say anything instead he goes and sits next to Niall

I look over to see Harry sitting alone sleeping peacefully and it makes me sick to see him so calm while Audrey freaks out. 

I look around the plane to see Amber and Taylor sitting together while Liam sits alone and Hanna and Zayn sit together.

“Anything new?” I ask Audrey, she shakes her head,

“If you want you can go sit with Niall, I think I need some sleep and time to process everything.” She tells me and I nod,

“Oh okay talk later then?” I ask and she nods. Before I can go to Niall the plane begins to rise and I deicide to stay seated for a bit longer.

As soon as the plane is soaring smoothly through the air I stand up and walk to where Niall and Louis are sitting and  I sit across from them,

“Hey guys.” I say, 

“hey Amelia! Im guessing you came here to steal my seat?” he questions and I smile big,

“if you don’t mind.” I say as I glance over to Niall watching us talk with  smirk.

“well mate it was nice talking with you!” Louis says standing up from the window seat and heading over to my old seat.

I slide into the window seat and look at Niall,

“so should we talk about your rudeness on the way here?” I ask him,

“do I have a choice?” he asks,

“no.” I say

“Then I guess we have to.”

“why would you start with Harry, I chose you to be with to begin with, what were you trying to prove?” I ask,

“that your mine.” He simply says,

“well I’m not some property that you need to show off, or something you use to get Harry jealous. Our relationship is between us don’t go trying to show up Harry please.” I say,

“ If I didn’t show up last night you would have been the one he fucked and I wanted him to know he would have been dead if he tried anything on you.” he says,

“well then you need to trust me that I won’t let him because I have you.” I tell him and he nods,

“okay I get it anyways I was thinking and I think I came up with a nickname for you.” He smirks,

“oh deer.” I say

“Ames.” He smiles and I cringe,


“oh why not Ames?” he ask,

“because it sounds stupid.” I say and he smiles,

“well I like it.”

I groan as he wraps his arm around me,

I look out the window still amazed by the blue sky and the white clouds,

“ Its so beautiful up here.” i tell him and Niall nods his head slightly.

only after a good ten minutes Niall was fast asleep and I am left awake. I stare out the window for a bit before the flight attendant comes over and tapes me on the shoulder, I look over at her,

“would you like something to eat?” she asks and I feel my stomach grumble,

“yes please, thank you.” I smile at her and she nods,

“I will be back in ten minutes.” she says and I now nod my head.

I look at Niall to see his child like face. He looks less tense in his sleep, when he sleeps he looks five years younger and more peaceful, I just wish he would be peaceful and calm when he's awake.

As promised ten minutes later the flight attendant comes back with a cheese sandwich and a salad at the side. 

I thank her quietly then dig into my food excited to actually eat something today. 

As I finish my sandwich Niall's eyes squint open and I look at him,

“how’d you sleep?” I ask him and he shrugs his shoulder,

“what are you eating?” he rasps out,

“a salad, it is delicious.” I tell him and he reaches his grubby fingers onto my plate and grabs a cherry tomato as he pops it in his mouth.

“get your own!” I grumble and he shrugs before sitting up and taking a cucumber this time,

“Niall.” I pout and he chuckles. 

The flight attendant then passes us again and Niall stops her 

“can I have a water and a chicken sandwich?” he asks the girl and she nods,

“coming right up!” she says and turns around and makes her way to get his food.

“how much longer until we get there?” I ask him,

“not long Its a short plane ride.” he tells me and I nod.

The flight attendant comes back and places Niall's food and water on a little table and Niall opens his water first and takes big gulp of it. 

“you didn't even say thank you!” i gasp at him and he shrugs,

“its their job to provide me with things its not like there doing it out of the goodness of their heart.” he says and I roll my eyes at him.

“can I have a bit of your water?” i ask him and he nods his head giving it to me,

“thank you.” I tell him while unscrewing the cap and sipping on the water. I didn't notice until now how dry my throat is and how stuffy my nose was until I tried to sniff the air.

“oh my gosh, I think i have a cold.” I tell Niall and he looks at me,


“ Well I don't know but my throat is kind of scratchy and my nose is stuffed up, maybe its just the air plane?” I suggest and he shrugs,

“don’t worry you'll be fine, worse thing is you may have to sit it out tonight.” he tells me,

“no that can’t happen, I don't want to sit out.” I panic,

“just drink lots of tea and i’ll see if they have chicken noodle soup.” he says,

“ i don’t eat chicken remember?” I tell him,

“oh yes, innocent Amelia doesn't eat innocent animals, I forgot.” he smirks and i lightly smack his arm,

“oh shh.” I say as he stands up and goes to find a flight attendant. 

I continue drinking Niall's water assuming he won’t want it back anytime soon. I lean my head back on the seat and sigh, why did I have to get sick? Its summer how the heck does someone get a cold in Summer?!

Before my mind could finish its rant Niall came back with two more water bottles. 

“here.” he says giving me another water bottle,

“thanks, do they have tea and soup?” I ask him,

“ya they have this vegetable soup and there making you peppermint tea right now.” he tells me,

“how did they know peppermint?” 

“I told them, I remember you mentioning you like it.” he says and I smile, liking how he remembers a small thing about me.

my tea and soup arrives very soon and I quickly drink/eat my soup knowing we will be landing soon. 

“is it good? how are you feeling?” Niall asks,

“my throat is less dry and scruffy.” I say 


I sip the hot tea slowly and then the intercom comes on,

“we will be arriving in Berlin in fifteen minutes, please sit tight.” they announce.

“ I’m going to go tell Paul about you, sit tight.” Niall says and I nod as he stands up.

I watch as Harry walks a few feet forward and then sits next to Paul. I try to listen in on the conversation but I can only hear bits of the conversation.

“I’ll take her to our hotel and stay with her until she feels better.”  Niall says

“what do you mean Liam will bring her to the hotel and stay with her. no.” 

“this is fuckin bullshit!” Niall then spits and gets up. 

He comes back to me and sits down,

“what happened?” I ask,

“ your going straight to the hotel to rest up and rest your voice and if you feel up to performing tonight then you will.” he says tensely, I nod

“are all of you guys going to the venue?” I ask him and he nods,

“So Pauls driving me?” I ask and he shakes his head,

“fuckin Liam is and he's going to stay with you. “he grumbles 

“can you?” I ask him,

“Paul wants me at rehearsals because I've missed so many, he's fucked.” he says,

“its alright. I’ll see you after the show or just before it.” I say and he groans

“I don’t want Liam with you I want to be with you.” he growls,

“well it can’t happen so its okay.” I say,

“maybe if you kiss me I’ll get a cold then they’ll have to let me stay with you.” he smirks leaning towards me but I push him away,

“nope your the main act in the show, can’t risk that.” I smile and he groans.

The plane lands and everyone unbuckles their seatbelt and stand up. 

As i stand i feel a bit dizzy and grab onto to Niall's shoulder to steady myself,

“are you alright?” he asks concerned,

“bit dizzy but I can deal with it.” I tell him and he rubs my back with his hand while keeping me up. 

We all get off the plane single file and then security gather around us to make sure we are safe but as we step into the airport, there are no fans or paparazzi anywhere.

We all walk in silence as we go into the elevator,

“so is it always this quiet in Germany?” Amber asks,

“sometimes, last time it was mad though, lots of fans.” Louis says and Amber nods,

“So Amelia, you and I are going to the hotel first?” Liam asks and I nod.

“yup although before we go to the hotel can we go to the store?” I ask and Liam nods as Niall tightens his arm around me.

I then lean my head on Niall hoping it will reassure him and I guess it worked because his grip loosened and he kissed the top of my head. 

As the elevator door opened we were greeted by a few fans along with only two reporters with cameras. 

The fans were screaming, 

“Harry! we love you!” and Harry looked over at the girls and waved to them.

“Louis! please! I love you so much!” another girl cried and Louis stopped and gave the girl a hug and i heard him say ,

“thanks love will you be at the tonight?” making conversation,

“louis!” Paul yelled,

“give me a minute, I’m talking to Sydney.” he yells back and then soon after waves goodbye and catches up with us. 

“alright everyone in there you go!” Paul directs as he opens one van door, 

Everyone piles into the van except for me, Liam and of course Niall,

“go.” I tell him, and he shakes his head before slipping into the van.

Paul shuts the door and goes into the front seat with the driver but before leaving he tell us,

“your driver will be here in a few minutes sit tight.”

The van then goes off and ,Liam, and I are left,along with airport security 

“ how are you feeling?” Liam asks me, shrug,

“ I’m very stuffy.” I groan and Liam nods,

“well we will quickly go to the store grab some tissues and medicine, water and then we will go to the hotel and get you some room service of soup, is that good?” he asks,

“ya but I need tea so at the store we will pick up tea bags and a travel mug as well.” I say and he nods.

Soon our car pulls up and we thank the airport security and then jump into the back.

“hello my name is Jack and I’ll be your driver for the next few days so are we just going to the Circus hotel?” he asks,

“actually we need to stop off at a store and buy a few things.” Liam explains and Jack nods,

“alright I know a store close by the hotel.” he smiles 

“thank you.” I tell him with a smile.

“so this morning was pretty dramatic, wouldn't you say?” Liam asks and I nod,

“ for sure, I don't think any of us should have one night stands together after this.” I tell him,

“I agree, it adds too much drama with all of us. I don't even think I should of been fooling around with Taylor.” he sighs,

“what do you mean?” I ask him,

“ I mean we didn't have sex or anything but I do remember a pretty heated make out session and I think both of us or just me wanted to go all the way but we didn’t.” he explains,

“do you like Taylor?” I ask him, he shrugs,

“ I don't think so. I mean we get on together well but I don't want to complicate anything with this tour unless I want to be with her fully. I just don't know though.” he explains 

“ Well I’m glad you've thought it through.” I smile and he nods,

“is Taylor a virgin?” he then asks taking me by surprise,

“I mean you don't have to answer me but I'm just curious.” he then adds,

“uh I think she is, she's never really been in serious relationships or anything so probably.” I tell him and he nods,

“ I see.” 

We arrive at the store and Liam puts his hood over his head and opens the door and steps out, I follow behind,

“we will be out in hopefully ten.” Liam tells Jack before closing the door.

We both jog into the store and review our mental list,

“alright tea first and mug.” I say and Liam nods as we explore the store.

We find the tea section and I grab a big pack of Peppermint tea along with a small honey container and then I see the travel mugs and pick up the only one there which is a pink with orange poke dots one.

“medication next then tissues.” Liam says and I nod.

We find the pharmacy section and I pick up some Tylenol along with some Hals and then we head to the tissue section and grab a three pack of tissues.

“want to get some quick snacks?” Liam then asks,

“sure!” i exclaim and then we find the snack section and I grab a pack of almonds while Liam grabs a bag of chips.

We head to the checkout and Liam pays for the stuff telling me he doesn't mind.

I grab two bags and we both walk back to the car and Jack unlocks the door for us.

“have everything?” he asks,

“yes we can now go back to the hotel.” I tell him and he nods and begins to drive. 

My phone then vibrates signalling I have a text. I take it out to see its a text from Niall,

how are you feeling?” 

“I’m okay haven't even gotten to the hotel though so no sleep yet :(“  I text him,

and only after about a minute he responds,

where are you?” 

“just leaving the store, had to pick up some medicine.”  I respond.

“so what are the plans when we get in the hotel?” Liam asks me,

“well I just want to sleep, eat some soup and drink tea, you can do whatever you want.” I tell him and he nods,

“alright if you want I can stay in my room and you can just text me if you need me?” he suggests and I nod.

We arrive at the hotel and we both get out of the car,

“Thanks jack!” I say before closing the door and walking into the hotel.

“ah hello, you must be apart of One Direction right?” a man who wears a uniform asks Liam,

“ya just here to check in, are our bags in our rooms already?” he asks,

“of course they just got here only five minutes ago.” he says and Liam nods and the man leads us to the front desk.

“alright Payne, room 455, top floor, rooming with Harry.” he smiles while passing him the key,

“Amelia Troian.” I cough,

“oh yes your room 445, top floor with Audrey and Amber.” he explains passing me the room key, 

“thank you.” I tell him.

Liam and I then make our way to the elevator and it opens up with no one in it and the doors shut. I press top floor and we wait,

“how are you feeling?” Liam asks,

“ tired.” I sigh and he nods.

After five minutes we reach the top floor and Liam helps me find my room, I slide my card through the door and it clicks open.

“alright you get to bed I’ll call room service and get you all set up.” he says and i smile,

“thanks Liam.” I tell him, he looks at me,

“no problem.” he shrugs.

I look around the hotel room amazed by the size and the views. When I went into the first room there was two bed and a bathroom that look very luxurious. I sat on the one closest to the window and found a remote on the bed side table that i assumed controlled the tv.

I tucked myself in the bed and then pressed the power button the remote and the TV turned on. I smiled as I clicked through the channels before I found the movie “13 going on 30” and decided on that I clicked it and laid my head down. I placed my phone on the bedside table and soon enough Liam walks in.

“here I've got you a pill and some water, room service will be up in a bit so I’ll stay here until then and I asked them to bring up a kettle for the tea.” he explains and I nod,

“sounds good.” I tell him and he sits down on the other bed,

“what are you watching?” he asks me,

“13 going on 30, have you seen it before?” I ask,

“ya years ago though.” he laughs.

We both watch in silence until theres a knock on the door, 

“got it.” Liam says and gets up and jogs over to the door.

“thank you.” I hear him say as the door closes. 

I hear footsteps in the distant and then before I know it Liam stands before me with a big bowl of soup, and my eyes light up.

“what kind of soup?” I ask him,

“vegetable soup with a bunch of spinach and stuff, it may be spicy.” he tells me and I smile,

“thats okay, pass it over.” he smiles and gives me the bowl with a spoon, 

“the water is boiling for the tea and heres your almonds.” he says,

“thank you!” I exclaim blowing on my soup.

As I eat my soup i hear the click of the kettle and Liam gets up to prepare my tea for me, he's such a sweet guy.

I continue to eat my soup while enjoying my movie and then I check my phone to see Niall didn't text me.

Liam comes back in and gives me my mug of tea and then he opens up a tissue box and puts it next to me,

“alright are you good?” he asks and I nod,

“text me if you start feeling better or if you need anything , I’m leaving for the show at 6:30 and its three right now so just tell me if anything is wrong and all that.” he smiles,

“will do thanks Liam, I’m so thankful for you.” I tell him and he blushes,

“ don’t worry about it, your a good friend.” he smiles and closes my bedroom door before leaving.

Once Liam leaves I put my  soup on the bed side table and sip on some of my tea before falling asleep.

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