i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


48. Chapter 45


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I turn around to see his blonde hair in the distance,

“Harry can you bring me back to shore?” I interrupt him as he talks to Audrey,

“ya sure.” He says,

“ill be right back love.” He says to Audrey as he walks us to shore, 

I jump off his back as soon as I know only the bottom of my jeans will get wet,

“thanks Harry.” I tell him and give him a quick hug before walking the rest of the way to shore.

As I reach the sand Niall is scowling, 

“what the hell are you doing?” he asks,

“its not what you think Niall.” I tell him and he shakes his head, 

“for fucks sake, first the phone call now this.” he cusses and I notice everyone on the sands attention has been diverted to us.

“can we just not make a scene?” I beg him and he sighs as he takes my hand and we go near the cottage,

“so your fucking Harry is that it?” he growls,

“no of course not.” I defend,

“and how much have you fuckin drank you smell like a mini bar.” He says as he runs his hands through his hair,

“ please calm down Niall, Harry and I are just friends!” I exclaim,

“that’s not how it looks like, you were on his naked body, if I didn’t show up you would of fucked him.” 

“can you please just believe me when I say that was not anywhere near what was happening!”

“you cant even play innocent you didn’t show up tonight!” I say annoyed,

“Really Amelia because where am I now?” he asks,

“What time is it Niall Three in the morning? That’s a bit late to show up!” I stress and he shakes his head,

“Stop putting this on me, you are the one fucking with Harry, I’m going to kill that bastard!” he growls and I sigh,

“please just let me explain.” I beg and he sighs,

“go on then.” He says,

“ I have been drinking but not in the past hour, I stopped. Harry wanted me to go in the water but I didn’t want to strip or get my clothes wet so I just went on his back. We haven’t fooled around with each other he was the only person I wanted to hang out with because you didn’t come tonight. Niall I swear we have been strictly friends and I was anger at you for not calling me and making me look like a fool in front of everyone but I wouldn’t fool around with your friend I promise.” I sigh looking straight at him,

“what about the phone call?” he asks calming down,

“what phone call?” I ask

“the one where you were trying to get the phone and saying you were bored and all that shit.” He explains,

“ I was drinking at that time and being stupid I’m sorry.” I tell him,

“this is fucked up Amelia, why the hell were you drinking with him?” he asks,

“because I was anger at you!” I yell,

“why didn’t you answer my calls? Why didn’t you even come!” I say frustrated,

“ I was busy.” He simply says, I shake my head,

“Thats the problem with you, you never apologize and you never explain yourself ever. Niall at least tell me why.” I beg.

“Fuck! Okay I had to go to a party at the frat house.” He says,

“you had to?” I question,

“it was my going away party, which I didn’t want to go to but Jace and Leo told me I better be there and I couldn’t bring you so I didn’t tell you. I was planning on going to this thing when I was able to escape.” He sighs and I nod.

“why didn’t they want me to come?” I ask him and he shrugs not looking at me,

“I don’t know Amelia.” He says and I nod not wanting to pry,

“was Jaden at the party?” I ask,

“yes but I wasn’t with her, can this be over now?” he asks and I nod my head and he steps forward and kisses me and I kiss back.

I hug him tightly and slightly smile up at him.

“can we go back with everyone?” I ask,

“ya sure.” He says and we both walk back to the shore.

We take a seat in the sand and I lean my head on him,

“I’m glad you’re here.” I tell him and he nods.

Soon Liam and Taylor come out of the water along with Audrey and Harry and Niall doesn’t even look at Audrey or Taylor twice instead he kisses my neck and I giggle due to the ticklish feeling.

Audrey comes up to me and Niall and shakes her head,

“Niall, I know so many guys like you and you’re no good for her. You’re going to get your way with her and then-“she slurs, only to be interrupted by me

“Audrey.” I warn and she turns away and I see Louis stand up and go and talk to Audrey.

“Don’t listen to her.” I whisper to Niall, and he nods.

“its fine.” He says, picking up a beer,

“what are you doing?” I ask,

“having a beer.” He says,

“please don’t?” I suggest,

“why?” he asks,

“Because I like this moment right now I don’t want it to be ruined by alcohol.” I say,

“fine.” He sighs

“I think we should all probably get to bed its getting late.” Zayn says then and everyone nods.

“ya lets decide bedrooms.” Harry says looking at me and Niall.

We all stand up and head inside the cottage. 

“everyone just find a room. “ Harry groans heading for the couch in the living room.

“will you share a room with me tonight?” Niall asks and I nod. 

We go to the basement and claim the room near the bathroom and after ten minutes everyone is settled.

I sit on our bed looking at my phone.

“ I’m not very tired so do you want to go for a swim?” he asks me,

“let me see if I have a bathing suit.” I tell him looking through my suitcase,

“hm although you do look amazing in a bikini I was thinking more of skinny dipping.” He smirks and my eyes bulge,

“i..i umm.” I stumble and he laughs

“its okay if you don’t want to, bathing suit is good to.” He says and I nod just finding my navy blue polka dot one.

Finding it makes me think I need to buy a new one, Niall looks through his suitcase and takes out black swim trunks.

I decide to just change in the room and I can feel Niall's eyes on me, 

“stop staring.” I scowl as I pull up the bottoms,

“sorry babe.” He smirks and I laugh. 

After he is all changed we go to the kitchen and he grabs a bottle of water,

“do you want a drink?” he asks,

“water is good.” I tell him, he shakes his head and take out a blue cooler instead,

“lets go.” He says taking my hand and guiding me outside.

We walk over to the stand and sit ourselves,

“I don’t want to drink in front of you.” I tell him,

“its fine, your allowed.” He smiles and I shake my head,

“ I’m underage.” I declare and he pops the bottle open,

“Your fun when you drink, I’m not so fun, take it.” He smiles and I kiss him before taking a sip of the fruity beverage,

“good?” he asks,

“my kind of drink.” I smile and take another sip.

 He pulls me closer to him and I smile.

After I drink half the cooler we decide to go in the water. I don’t feel tipsy or anything just a little less tense. 

Niall goes into the water first and I follow behind and as soon as our bodies are emerged in the water he wraps his arms around me and pulls me close to him,

“wrap your legs around me.” he says and I do and we slowly begin to kiss deepening the kiss, my hands are combing through his hair.

He moves his lip to my neck and begins to suck and continues the action, his kisses get sloppy and I  want his lips on mine again so I readjust my lips onto his but before they meet,

“your so beautiful.” He groans and I tug him closer, wanting to feel more of him.

I move my hands from his neck to reach for the top of my bathing suit wanting to feel more of his skin on mine, I have trouble getting my hands to unclasp it,

“I've got it” he whispers as he carefully unclasps the top of the bathing suit and I slide it off my arms.

He looks at my body gasping,

“fuck.” He says under his breath and it gives me confidence.

I close the gap between us and kiss him fiercely as his hands massage the new part of me I trust him with, I hum in pleasure as he rubs circles into them, before using his thumb and middle finger to touch the sensitive part.

We continue like this for a while before he steps away.

“I can’t handle any more of this, I got to stop before I have my way with you.” He sighs and I nod unwrapping my legs from around him.

He gives me my bathing suit top and I decide to just leave it off as we walk back to shore with his arm around me,

“all mine.” He whispers as he kisses my cheek and I smile as we go back to shore.

“I want to do something to you.” I shyly tell him and he smiles,

“like what?” he asks,

“you’ll see.” I smile to him as we get to shore.

“lay down.” I tell him and he does what I say.

I sit on his stomach and he stares up at me,

“you look so sexy right now.” He compliments and I smile.

I begin to kiss him slowly but then with  more passion as I trace his abs with my fingers and soon reach the hem of his swim trunks, I slowly dip my hand in and begin to rub his friend, slowly at first as I hear Niall groan, looking straight at me, I then take it and rub up and down quickly.

His moans encourage me as he says,

“your doing so good.” 

“Amelia.” He groans as my pace quickens and he reaches his high and  I quickly remove my hand.

I lay down next to Niall as he looks up at the sky for a minute,

“fuck.” He simply says and looks at me.

He rolls on top of me and balances his weight on his elbows as he kisses me with fire and I smile into the kiss,

“your incredible.” He sighs as he rolls next to me and I smile,

“did I do it right?” I ask him and he smiles,

“more then right.” He smiles and I move closer to him.

“ this is perfect.” I tell him looking up at the stars. 

My phone begins to ring beside me and Niall frowns,

“who's calling you at four in the morning?” he asks, I shrug and press accept.

“hello?” I say met by the sound of loud music,

“Amelia!” its Justin, I sit up, sliding on my bathing suit top

“why are you calling me at four in the morning?” I ask, 

“I was thinking about you and your pretty face.” He slurs and I cringe,

“I've got to go.” I say,

“no hold on a second missy!” he exclaims,

“what?” I ask,

“your not allowed to fuckin step  a foot inside our house when you get back here, you got that?” he asks,

“its not your house for starters-“ he cuts me off

“your right its your mother’s house but your mother and I thought you should move in with me when you get back for a bit.” I can hear his smirk,

“Over my dead body.” I spit standing up feelings Niall's eyes on me.

“Well just called to give you the news, enjoy your trip you little slut.” He laughs and then hangs up.

 I run my hands through my hair before taking a seat again,

“who was that?” Niall questions,

“don’t worry about it.” I say, laying down next to him again,

“tell me.” he demands and I shake my head,

“I'm not ruining this moment.” I say giving him a small smile,

“Amelia.” He warns,

“it was just my mom’s boyfriend.” I sigh,

“What did he want?” he asks,

“Well according to him, my mom and him decided that once I get back to Canada I have to go live with him.” I sigh,

“is he a good guy?” Niall asks, I shake my head,

“not really.” I state, 

“whats bad about him?” he asks me,

“well um, he hit me once and um he has hit on me a few times.” I say uncomfortably not looking at him although I feel his eyes on me.

“did you tell your mom about this?” He asks sitting up and I do the same,

“ I told her he hit me once but she didn’t want to believe it. Its been hard for her since my dad left I guess." I say and he nods his head, pulling me towards him,

“have you thought of living with your dad?” he asks,

“I don’t know where he is. My mom blames me for him leaving so I don’t think he would really want me.” I explain with not much to my voice.

“I doubt that’s true.” Niall says and I shrug,

“lets just talk about something else, okay?”  I smile and he nods,

“ I think we should go back in and get some sleep.” I say and Niall nods 

“ya we probably should.”

We both stand up and I clasp my bathing suit back on as we walk to the cottage.

“ my dad tried calling me again.” He says,

“did you talk to him?” I question,

“ya I told him to stop calling me, and that I want nothing to do with him.” He says and I nod as we reach our bedroom.

I go through my suitcase and grab a pair of shorts along with an undershirt and quickly put it on while Niall puts on a clean pair of briefs and goes into bed. I join him and lay down.

Niall wraps his arms around me and I play with his fingers,

“Niall?” I ask, he hums,

“how the heck am I going to get out of living with Justin?” I sigh,

“Well I’ll tell you one thing, if he ever lays a hand on you again, hell he better not because I will fuckin kill him.” He tells me and I kiss his knuckles,

“ I think you should see your dad.” I then tell him turning over to see his face,

“oh yeah?” he questions,

“maybe you would get some comfort from it.” I tell him and he shakes his head,

“ I don’t think so.” He says and I nod.

He kisses my forehead,

“Goodnight, get some sleep.” He whispers as my eye lids become heavy.


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