i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


47. Chapter 44


“hey mate!” Liam smiles as Harry opens the door, 

“Liam, how’s it going?” Harry says inviting him in,

“its going well am I the first one here?” he asks as he steps in and takes off his converse,

“yup, you got here even before any of the boos or food got here.” Harry laughs and Liam nods,

“oh hey Amelia.” He smiles,

“hey!” I respond,

Liam walks to the couch along with Harry and I follow them,

“are you ready for Germany tomorrow?” Liam asks me and I nod,

“Ya what time are we leaving tomorrow?” I ask,

“At two our plane leaves so the car will be outside at probably 12:15 I believe.” He smiles I nod,

“And then when do we perform?” I ask,

“That night at seven so once we get off the plane management is taking care of our bags and sending them to our hotel rooms while we head into a car to get to the venue, then we just rehearse and hang around the venue until the show starts.” Liam explains and I nod,

“Alright that sounds good.” I smile and he nods, then the doorbell rings and Harry gets up.

He opens the door,

“Hey lad! Thanks for bringing the stuff.” Harry says revealing a young man around Harrys age holding boxes of pizza and bags of drinks, I stand up to help him.

“here I can take a few boxes of pizza.” I tell him lifting them from him and following Harry,

“So Patrick, how have you been?” Harry asks, 

“I’ve been good, you know just going up to the cottage a lot and throwing some parties.” He smiles,

“uh I wish I could stay here longer to make an appearance at one of those things. It could be like the old days in high school.” Harry smiles and Patrick laughs,

“Styles those were the days.” He smiles as he puts down the bag of drinks,

“I also have more drinks in my car, I’ll go get them and bring them up.” 

“do you need any help?” I ask, he shakes his head,

“na there’s only three more bags its fine, I’ll be back in two minutes.” Patrick says while jogging out the door,

“old friend?” I ask and Harry nods,

“ya he was one of my good pals in the early years of high school” he beams and I nod.

Soon enough Patrick comes through the door again and places the last three bags on the ground,

“well it was nice seeing you Harold ring me next time you come around, yeah?” he says,

“it was nice seeing you too and if you want you can stay for the night.” Harry says,

“as tempting as that sounds, I can’t, I promised my Lauren I would come and keep her sick ass company tonight.” He says with a roll of his eyes,

“you and Lauren are still together! Say hi to her for me lad will you?” he says and Patrick laughs,

“for sure mate.” He says and then waves goodbye.

“Liam come help me set up a drinks table and Amelia greet the guests!” Harry orders and I nod while Liam stands up from the couch and heads towards Harry.

Soon enough theres a knock at the door and I go over to open it to Louis, Audrey, Hanna, Taylor and Amber,

“Hey guys come in!” I smile and they step inside and take off their shoes and step in towards the living room.

“Well this is a jamming party.” Louis exclaims and I laugh,

“oh shut up not everyone’s here yet, how’s everyone been?”

“ we’ve been pretty good, ive been really excited for tonight!” Hanna smiles and I nod agreeing with her,

“Ya is Niall coming?” Audrey asks with a bit of venom,

“He said he would try.” I tell her and she scoffs and I sigh, 

“Audrey.” I groan and she looks away at me and looks at Louis instead,

“What’s wrong with you two?” Taylor asks,

“nothing.” I say quickly and head to the kitchen to check on Harry and Liam,

“How’s this going?” I ask,

“Good how are you going?” Harry asks,

“im okay Louis and the rest of the girls here and Audrey’s still kind of anger at me.” I sigh and he nods,

“Well after we get some alcohol in both of you it will be happy days.” Liam smiles and I laugh,

“ i don’t think I want to drink tonight.” I say,

“oh hush your drinking.” Liam states with a roll of his eyes and I laugh,

“okay then.” I simply say as he put down the final bottle of rum on the table.

Both boys then head to the living room and I trail behind,

“hey guys!” Harry smiles as he greets everyone and Liam follows in his steps. Soon there’s another knock at the door  and Audrey opens it to reveal Eleanor, 

“sorry im late I just had to pop into the store to pick up a bottle of wine for tonight.” She beams while stepping in.

Louis is the first to greet her, pecking her on her cheek and resting his arm around her.

“hey El how are you?” Liam asks politely,

“im very good, thanks, how have things been for you?” she ask,

“they’ve been brilliant.” He smiles, then theres a knock at the door again and Amber opens it to reveal Zayn,

“whats happening!?” he beams as he steps inside,

“zayn!” everyone exclaims and he smiles while taking off his shoes.

Harry turns on some light music and then announces, 

“food and drinks are in the kitchen help yourselves!” and then everyone heads over there  the kitchen except for me.

I take out my phone and check to see if I have any missed calls from Niall but I don’t, maybe hes coming later. I call him up only to be sent straight to voice mail, I sigh and slide my phone back into my pocket.

Everyone arrives back from the kitchen with red cups in their hands. Amber and Zayn are in a deep conversation while Liam and Taylor are laughing, Louis is whispering something into Eleanor’s ear that makes her blush and Audrey looks to be flirting with Harry? Really didn’t see that coming. It is hard not to feel left out in this arrangement so instead I just stay seated on the couch and let my nervous thoughts control my mind. 

I feel myself already become bored and all I wish is for Niall to come through that door and keep me company but I’d be stupid to think that would happen. I stand up and head to the kitchen and grab a slice of cheese pizza and nibble on it. I lean against the counter and stare at it. I then take a red cup and pour myself some of the fruity looking juice and sip on that. I can taste the alcohol present in it but I don’t mind. soon enough Liam comes up to me,

“amelia what are you doing?” he asks, I shrug,

“eating my pizza?” I question,

“join the party come on!” he says taking my hand and dragging me into the living room,

“ what are you drinking?” he asks, I look down at my drink,

“ I don’t know something fruity.” I explain and he frowns,

“here take my drink it’s the good stuff.” He says trading drinks with me,

“liam what is this?” I ask,

“drink it.” He smirks and I shrug and sip a bit of it and my face tightens,

“ew is that vodka and orange juice?” I ask and he nods,

“that’s nasty.” I say scrunching my nose and he laughs,

“you get use to it!” he smiles and I shake my head,

“ so do you think Nialls going to show up tonight?”

“hm I don’t know he may show up later on but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.” he says and I nod,

“ya I know it doesn’t matter if he comes or not at least all of you are here.” I smile and he returns the smile.

“im going to get another drink would you like anything?” he asks me and I shake my head,

“no thanks im good.” I smile and he nods and walks back to the kitchen, 

I pick up my fruity drink and begin to sip it again while I take a seat and take my phone out , scrolling through my text messages, board.

 I stand up again and go over to Amber and Zayn

“hey whats going on?” I ask them,

“not much, this party kind of sucks.” Zayn laughs and I agree,

“ya theres not much to do.” I say just as Harry walks up to us,

“so I hear you guys think my party sucks?” Harry questions and Zayn smiles,

“ya dude, this is not your best party.” He says,

“well what if I told you guys I was just on the phone with Patrick and he agreed to let all of us crash at his cottage, not to mention throw a even sicker party?” Harry says and I look at him,

“how are we going to get there?” I question,

“well Amelia, you see when your as fabulous and famous as me you get a few perks so I’ve ordered us a van to pick us up and all we got to do is pack up our stuff. I’ve called Paul and after some convincing he said it was fine and that a van would be at the cottage to pick us up.” he smirks and I nod,

“wow your good styles.” I laugh and he nods.

 Harry then gets everyone’s attention and explains the plans and everyone seems to like the idea. I gather my stuff together and place the boxes of pizzas next to the door.

I decide to call Niall and explain the situation but with no surprise he doesn’t answer so I leave a message,

“hey, I know im probably annoying you with all my calls but this one’s important, I know you don’t plan on coming so anyway we are all heading to Harrys friends cottage and we are crashing there so just meet us at the airport or I don’t know do whatever. Bye.” I say and hang up,

“amelia, you pump?” harry asks me and I smile at him,

“for sure.” I laugh and he gets a text,

“Everyone cars outside!” harry announces and everyone makes there way out of the apartment. 

As soon as we exit the apartment a party bus awaits us,

“harry?” I question,

“ya?” he says,

“ I thought you said a van was picking us up.” I say 

“well I guess it’s a bus instead.” He smiles as he runs onto the bus with his big black suitcase.

I follow in behind him and take a seat next to him,

“so is Niall coming tonight?” he questions,

“I don’t know and frankly I don’t care anymore.” I tell him and he nods,

“ you shouldn’t, this is typical Niall behavior.” He explains and I nod,

“so.” I say changing the subject,

“you and Audrey?” I ask,

“what about us?” he asks,

“you guys were like flirting before.” I say as Amber, Hanna and Zayn join us on the bus,

“bloody hell a party bus!” Zayn smiles taking a beer from the cooler and sitting,

Harry ignores zayn and looks directly at me,

“hm I didn’t know you paid so much attention to me.” he smirks him and I elbow him,

“oh stop it just tell me.” I urge,

“well if you must know she started flirting and I just went along.” He explains and I nod,

“good.” I blurt not knowing why I would say that.

I shouldn’t care about who Harry flirts with considering I’m with Niall but am I really with Niall? I do like him but whenever I start to think he cares for me he pulls something like this not showing up.

I look up at Harry to see him smirking at me and then I look to the door to see Taylor, Eleanor, Louis, Liam and Audrey coming on with their suitcases. 

“I got the boos!” liam exclaims taking out the bottle of vodka and taking a swig.

Everyone then begins to drink and laugh. 

“Amelia have a drink!” Zayn says passing me a shot and I shake my head,

“ I don’t want to drink tonight.” I say and Zayn nods.

“how long is this ride?” louis asks,

“about an hour.” Harry says and Louis smirks,

“well then why not a drinking game to warm us up?” he suggests,

“ I’m in on that.” Taylor smiles and everyone nods except me,

“I”ll be the ref.” I smile and Louis shakes his head,

“no your taking shots with us he says passing me a shot glass and I groan,

“fine just a few.” I say

“lets play a good old fashion game of never have I ever.” Harrry suggests and everyone nods,

“ I’ll go first!” Liam announces and we all nod,

“never have I ever been drunk and high at the same time.” He smiles and Harry, Zayn and Louis take a shot,

“oh my god how did you feel the next day?” I ask them,

“absolute shit the next day had the worst headache.” Harry says and I laugh,

Taylor goes next,

“never have I ever gone skinny dipping.” She says and Harry gasps,

“how have you never skinny dipped?!” he exclaims and I choke in laughter,

“what Amelia?it’s the most freeing thing in the world.”  he smiles as he takes a shot along with Louis and Eleanor,

“hm Louis and Elenaour have skinny dipped? Strange.” Zayn smirks and Eleanours blushes as she shakes her head, 

Amber is next, 

“never have i been proper drunk like the whole hangover in the morning thing.” She says and almost everyone takes a shot for that except for Amber, Taylor, and Eleanor, even I take a shot and Harry laughs,

“vodka pong!” he laughs looking at me and I nod,

Louis is next,

“never I have I ever gone to a strip club.” He says and Zayn and Harry take another shot of vodka,

“ew!” Audrey exclaims while laughing,

“it was for a friend!” Zayn defends.  Eleanor is next,

“never have I ever I under aged drink.” She smirks and everyone takes a shot except for her, next is Zayn,

“never have I ever snuck out of the house when I was young.” He says and Louis, Audrey and Liam take a shot, 

“wow what rebellious children you were.” Hanna says,

“Never have I ever traveled to more than five countries.” She smirks as all the boys plus Eleanour drink,

“soon you’ll have to drink with us.” Liam says to all of us and we laugh,

“what a dream.” Audrey smiles, Harry is next,

“hmm I got to get Amelia to take a shot so never have I ever grown up in Canada.” He smiles and I scoff,

“how original.” I say and take a shot along with Hanna, Taylor, Amber and Audrey.

I can feel the effects of the alcohol going through  my body, I feel relaxed and goofy. 

“go Amelia.” Harry says,

“okay never have I done drugs.” I smile and all the boys take a drunk and harry leans his head on me and moves his lips to my ear,

“if I didn’t know any better id have to think your trying to get me drunk.” He says and I look at him and whisper back,

“your crazy.” 

“alright never have I ever had more or less then one boyfriend or girlfriend.” She says and Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, me, Amber and Hanna take a shot and then the bus pulls up to the driveway of the cottage.

Everyone grabs their suitcases and some boos and runs out of the bus,

“thank you!” I yell to the driver as we all race inside and drop our bags in,

“last one to the water has to strip!” Louis yells and everyone dashes out of the cottage and to the water as im about to reach the water I feel two arms wrap around me and I scream as im held in place, 

“nope I will not be last!” harry says,

“harry let go!” I laugh and then he drops me behind him and runs to the water making me the last to reach the water. 

“Amelia lets see it!” Liam laughs,

“in your dreams. Harry cheated!” I laugh and Harry looks at me and gasps ,

“ I did not cheat!” he says and I shake  my head running up to him, feeling a bit tipsy,

“yes you did!” I exclaim as I tug his shirt,

“amelia your just too short to get my shirt off of me.” he laughs,

“take it off!” I yell and I hear everyone laugh,

“hey amelia?” liam questions, I look at him,

“yes?” I say,

“how you feeling?” he asks,

“great! But you guys have to help Harry strip, he lost!” I pout and everyone laughs.

Soon after I feel Harry pick me up again and I look at him,

“what are you doing!” I laugh at him,

“ throwing you in the water.” He says and I grip his neck tightly,

“no let go of me!” I scream,

“help!” I yell and I see Zayn,

“Zayn!” I yell and he laughs,

“let go!” I say to harry and he sighs,

“fine but will you come in the water with me?” he asks and I shake my head,

“im not wearing a bathing suit.” I say and he groans.

 Everyone sits in a circle on the sand and passes some coolers and beers to everyone I take a cooler and begin to sip on it.

“Taylor you up to go in the water with me?” Liam asks and Taylor shrugs, to say the least Taylor had drank a bit already.

“why not?” she says taking Liams hand,

“taylor!” amber calls,

“ya?” she asks,

“your wearing clothes what are you doing?” she laughs,

“going swimming.” She says taking off her shirt to expose her bra and I shield my eyes,

“taylor!” I scream in shock and harry looks at me and laughs as Taylor stands in only her bra and underwear while liam stands in his boxer,

“Ew you guys are disgusting!” I yell as they jump into the water.

I look over to louis to see him and Eleanor making out, while Amber was talking to Zayn and Audrey.

“how are you?” harry asks me,

“fine thanks, you?” I ask him,

“good.” he says taking a gulp of his beer.

I lean my body on harrys not wanting to hold my body weight anymore,

“what are you doing?” he asks,

“leaning on you.” I simply tell him and he nods,

“im okay with that.” He smiles then his phone begins to ring and he answers,

“hello?” he says,

“who is it?” I ask not hearing whos on the other line,

“calm down.” Harry then says into the phone and I try to grab the phone from him,

“give me a moment.” harry tell me and I pout,

“I’m getting bored.” I groan as Harry stands up and moves away for a bit to finish talking on the phone.

I take out my phone to see I've missed two calls from Niall but I brush it off, not bothering to even call back. I stand up and make my way into the cottage to get a glass of water. I find the kitchen and after looking through the cupboards I find a glass and fill it with water and chug it down. 

The water makes me feel less dazed so I fill the glass again with water and walk back outside to see Harry building a fire.

“hey.” I say,

“hey where’d you go?” he asks 

“to get some water, I felt way too unsteady.” I tell him and he nods,

“are you making a fire?” I ask and he nods,

“yup.” He smiles as he gets the flames to erupt,

“nice job.” I tell him and he smiles.

“I think I'm going to go jump in the water with Taylor and Liam.” He tells me,

“no then ill have no one!” I exclaim,

“then come with me.” he smirks,

“I can’t.” I say,

“why?” he asks,

“that’s not my thing.” I tell him and he nods

“its okay.” He says,

“Audrey!” he calls and she stumbles over to him,

“hey!” she giggles,

“Audrey, how much have you had to drink?” I ask her and she shrugs,

“will you come in the water with me?” he asks,

Audrey looks towards Louis and Eleanor snuggling and nods her head, picking up a vodka bottle from the san and taking a gulp,

“lets go!” she says taking off her shirt to expose her white lace bra, and then she slides off her pants to show her black thong and I quickly advert my eyes.

Harry takes off his clothes except for his boxers and lets Audrey walk in front of him, I barf a little in my mouth and take a seat on the sand.

She’s obviously this drunk because of Louis and Eleanor and when I look at them I see Louis staring at Audrey’s back instead of paying attention to Eleanor. 

I groan wanting to join in on the fun but being too self-conscience to do anything. 

I look at my outfit and pull my undershirt as far down as it can go but still I didn’t feel comfortable, I watch as harry and Audrey are all over each other, I try to ignore it.

After five minutes Harry runs out of the water and I look at his perfectly sculpted body walk towards me,

“hey.” He smiles,

“ your no fun.” I sigh,

“oh come on just come in the water with me.” he begs as he cracks open another beer,

“sit with me instead.” I try to reason and he takes my hand and pulls me up,

“ what are we doing?” I ask,

“have a sip.” He says, I shake my head.

We get to the water and he lets go of my hand and starts walking in the water,

“come on!” he calls and I groan, stepping into the shallow water with my jeans,

“my pants are wet!” I pout,

“not so bad right?” he asks,

“yes bad at least let me on your back so I don’t get soaked?” I ask and he shrugs,

“ hop on and hold my drink.” He smiles

He crotches and I jump on his back and take a small sip of his beer,

“this is better now.” I say 

“glad.” He laugh and we go over to Audrey,

“why don’t I get a piggy back? This isn’t fair!” Audrey pouts at Harry and he laughs,

“maybe later.” He smiles and Audrey nods,

“hows the view from up there?” Audrey asks,

“very dry I like it!” I laugh as I take another sip of the beer.

I then hear a quiet voice coming from behind me,

“Amelia!” I hear, I know that voice, Niall.

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