i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


46. chapter 43

~~I stand up and head to the bedroom. I begin to throw my clothes into the suitcase not even caring about the wrinkles but rather craving sleep.
How the heck did so much happen? I check my phone to see the time, 10:30, hm perfect so my morning managed to be ruined by Audrey. I continue to throw my clothes inside and cringe each time, I walk to the washroom and pick up my essentials and store them in my travel bag.
Soon I find myself zipping up my suitcase and then I fall onto my bed, curling up in a ball. What am I suppose to do about Audrey? She's never done that before, sure we’ve had our arguments but she's never been so stressed over me that she has to leave.
I should of just told Audrey everything, but I can’t, no way can I tell her that her best friend has been allover niall, we promised each other before this trip that we wouldn’t get involved with him, but I cant help it, there's something about him that pulls me to him.
Its wrong and I know it is but I’m to into figuring out his story that I cant resist him. I decide that a nap would help ease my mind so I close my eyes and let my buzzing brain slow down.
My eyes open to a knock on the door, I yawn and sit up, half tired. I stand up and head out of my room,
“coming!” I yell at the front door as I walk quickly to the front to open the door to see Harry,
“did I wake you up?” he asks, I shrug,
“not really I was just napping, why are you here?” I ask him,
“well I need help with setting up my flat for the party and Louis told me you and Audrey are in some sort of fight so I figured I should get your mind off it.” He smiles,
“alright come in, I need to get dressed.” I yawn again opening the door wider and Harry steps inside.
I go into my room and grab some leggings from my suitcase along with a light pink baggy long sleeve, I quickly shove those over my body and pack my dirty clothes away, I go to my travel bag and take out a cleansing wipe and mascara and wipe my face and then swipe some mascara on. I finally braid my hair and im done. I grab my bags and walk out of my room.
“ready.” I say to Harry and he nods taking my suitcase out of my hand.
I put my shoes on and open the door for both of us,
“do you got everything?” harry asks,
“ya I think so.” I smile as I close the door. We take the elevator down and and I hand my room key to the lady at the desk,
“thank you.” She smiles,
“no problem the room was great.” I compliment before following harry out the front door to see paparazzi and fans surrounding us,
Screams are heard,
“Harry!” a girl screams and harry takes my wrist as we walk through them,
“harry is this your new girlfriend?” a reporter asks,
“nope just a good friend.” Harry responds and continues to walk, then a bunch of questions are thrown our way,
“Amelia how does it feel to be around One direction alsmost every day?”,
“ do you have a fling with one of the members?”
“theres a –“
Before I can hear the rest of the question I am shoved into harrys car and he runs to the drivers seat.
He waves his hand to get everyone to leave and security is on top of making sure no one gets run over.
“that was stressful.” Harry says as he begins to drive,
I shake my head,
“ya that was something I did not see coming.” I say shaking my head,
“You get used to it after a bit.” Harry states and I nod,
“So are you excited to be going to Germany tomorrow?” Harry asks, I nod
“Ya I’ve never been before so it will be fun!” I smile and he nods,
“Yes the fans in Germany are very loud and super sweet, last time we were there they had this whole fan project, it was absolutely mad.” Harry smiles as he turns right.
“that sounds pretty amazing.” I say and he nods.
“so what have you been up to lately?” harry then asks and I shrug,
“not much really, I haven’t been outside in the city much.” I say,
“Have you seen Big Ben? Hit the malls?!” he asks surprised, I laugh,
“Nope I’ve been too preoccupied.” I say,
“with what?” he exclaims,
“just life you know.” I sigh and he nods,
“ya but you have to see London its brilliant!” he smiles,
“maybe another day.” I sigh,
“what time is it?” he asks,
“two thirty, why?” I ask,
“because I am going to show you the best of London in four hours.” Harry smiles,
“really?!” I ask kind of excited,
“yup lets start with going to the mall to get some new clothes and a disguise!” he smiles and I laugh, beginning to forget about my hectic morning.
Harry turns on the radio to some pop station and lets the music drain out the silence as he drives. Soon we reach the mall and he parks.
I unbuckle myself and jump out along with him. He puts his hood up and begins to walk and I follow. We reach inside the mall and we look around,
“oh my god, I wish I brought money!” I pout and harry looks at me with a confused face,
“im paying today.” He simply says and I scoff,
“oh shut up im not taking your money.” I state, as we continue to walk,
“Amelia i don’t mean to brag or anything but I make a fairly good pay so paying for a few things for you won’t kill me, it would make me happy.” He explains and I shake my head,
“ I don’t want you to think I’m only here for the money.” I tell him,
“Amelia I don’t think that and besides even if I did pay and had a problem with it management would pay me back because your contest says they pay for your shopping things so just let me pay for everything.” He smiles and I smile,
“Alright thanks harry, this is really nice of you.” I say and harry smiles,
“alright lets go to Nike to buy me a disguise now.” He exclaims and takes my arm and drags me to Nike. He grabs a black hoodie along with black track pants and a blue snapback along with this he grabs a pair of giant sunglasses to cover his eyes.
“want anything?” he asks I shake my head,
“oh come on hos about a sweater?” he asks showing me a gray zip up sweater with the words Nike at the corner, it looked very nice and cozy but I still felt bad,
“Its okay.” I say,
“well i'm going to buy it for you so you better like it.” He jokes adding it to his pile,
“harry!” I exclaim,
“shhh its fine I need to pay now.” He says as the cashier begins to ring him through.
After he pays we leave and he decides to go to the washroom to put his disguise on, when he comes out I laugh,
“you like?” he ask trying to hide his slow accent,
“you look like a dad!” I laugh,
“ya well my name Is James so i'm the most hip dad out there.” He smiles and I laugh some more,
“where to next?” he asks, I look around and my eyes light up when I see Lush,
“lush!” I exclaim and he laughs,
“never pegged you as the baths kind of girl but hey I’m not judging.”
When we walk inside I go straight to the bath bombs and I squeal in excitement and harry laughs,
“did you just squeal?” he questions,
“so many new bombs!” I smile big,
“pick as many as you want.” He smiles and I give him a quick hug,
“thank you so much, you don’t know how much this means to me.” I tell him,
“its just bath bombs no big deal.” He laughs as I begin to pick out some bath bombs along with bubble bars and soon I’m done and he pays.
We leave Lush and harry goes into an expensive men’s store and picks out some weird patterned button up shirts and pays for them.
After that we decide to leave the mall and start the big adventure. We walk to Harry’s car and he smiles as we put our bags in the back.
“So how about Big Ben first, then the prince and princesses palace, then the London Eye and we will see where that takes us.” He says
“So how are you feeling?” harry asks me as we drive,
“I’m really good now, earlier today I was feeling so drained but thanks to you I feel a lot better.” I smile,
“really? Well I’m glad I could help.” Harry says as he parks at a side road and takes the keys out,
“Big Ben isn’t far from here.” He smiles as he unbuckles his seat belt, and I do the same and step out.
As we walk I can see Big Ben getting closer and closer and it is something to see, its beautiful! As we get to the building I gasp in astonishment,
“wow.” I say and harry nods,
“here I’ll get a picture of you in front of it.” He says taking out his big iPhone,
I stand in front of it with my hands out smiling and he snaps the picture. we stand by the clock for a bit longer before heading back to the car and going to the next destination.
“that was amazing!” I say happily as I step inside of Harrys flat and he smiles,
“ im glad you enjoyed the sights.” He smiles as he takes his shoes off,
“so what time is everyone coming?” I ask,
“Sometime after seven.” He says and I nod.
I look around his flat noticing it being spotless,
“Harry your apartment is spotless, why did you need me to help clean it?” I question,
“well while we were gone I got my maid to clean it up and get beds set up upstairs so I just need to order some food and get dressed.” He smiles and I nod,
“Oh and Amelia I have a question for you.” He says nervously,
“Ya what’s up?” I ask,
“would you want to go get dinner with me or something?” he asks me and my body tenses, oh no,
“um I would love to but just as friends, I’m kind of with Niall.” I say and harrys eyes go wide,
“niall?” he questions, I nod,
“ya we are kind of dating I guess?” I say more like a question,
“you guess?” he says piping an eyebrow up,
“you know Niall hes confusing.” I tell him and he nods,
“well im going to get ready if you want you can grab your bags from the car and find something to wear in there.”he suggests and I nod.
I unlock the front door and step out of the apartment and go down to the garage to nialls car. I take his keys out from my pocket and unlock it and take a suitcase out of the car and my new Nike sweater and close the door and lock it.
I head back upstairs to Harrys flat and lock the door. I look around for a washroom and when I find it, I look through my suitcase to find a pair of skinny jeans and shimmy them onto my short legs, then I find a black undershirt and put it over my head and then zip up my new sweater on me. I look in the mirror and decide to put it in a simple bun.
I then look through my suitcase and take out my mascara and my little vanilla smelling body spray and use them.
I step outside the bathroom and head to the big room where I see harry on the phone,
“ya can you pick me up five pizzas four pepperoni and one cheese then some drinks, whatever you can get.”, “alright thanks man, see you soon.” He says and hangs up.
“you have someone picking up the food?” I ask,

Ya if I go out or anything I will be mobbed so I figured I’d get a friend to pick me up some stuff.” He smiles and I nod my head,
“ya that sounds like a good idea, what time is it?” I ask,
“ its about to be seven.” He responds and I nod,
“so what are the plans for this party?”
“Well the guys are coming plus the girls and Eleanor.” He smiles
“Will there be music or just a little hang out?” I question,
“Well there will be drinks so ya also I’ll put some music on.” I smile.
Soon enough there was a knock at the door and Harry got up to answer it.

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