i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


45. Chapter 42

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After looking through everything in the kit he takes out a disinfecting spray and a cloth and cleans off the cut. 

“does it hurt?” he asks me and I shake my head,

“no im fine.” I say,

“after we clean you up you can put some of my clothes on.” niall says quietly,

“ I will just wear my dress.” I say,

“it’s a bit dirty and looks uncomfortable, are you sure?” he questions,

As bad as I want to wear his big clothes I will not let him win,

“ya im sure.” I say and he sighs,

“Alright then.” He says putting a bandage on my scrape, 

“Let me see your elbow.” He demands.

 “Its fine I just want to sleep.” I say laying my body in his bed.

“Ameila why did you leave?” he asks,

“Why did you?” I counter and he sighs and as he’s about to go into his bed I stop him, he looks at me,

“Sleep on the floor.” I say


“Because I don’t want to be near you right now.” I explain and he sighs, 

“Fuck.” He groans under his breath as he takes a pillow and a blanket from his bed and lays it on the floor.

I get under his blankets and try to get warm.

“Did anything happen out there?” he asks me when its silence,

“No.” I say with my eyes closed,

“Don’t pull that shit again okay? It was incredibly stupid.” He says,

“Your incredibly stupid, how was getting gas?” I sass,

“It was fine, but it was not fine when I came home and you were gone.”

“hm you probably weren’t even thinking about me when you were out, you know that?” I say,

“Just shut up.” He growls,

“Don’t worry you won’t have to hear me anymore, tomorrow straight in the morning you’re driving me to my hotel, and I don’t want there to be an us.” I say and he scoffs,

“Whatever you say.” He says and it goes silent.

My eyelids shut slowly and soon I’m engulfed in sleep and everything in my mind freezes.

*6:30 am*

My eyes flash open to the sound of loud crying, I sit up and look down at Niall in a pool of his own sweat. “Niall?” I say but he continues,

“I’m sorry!”

 “No no no!”  He screams and I go down to him.

“Niall wake up!” I yell, sweat is dripping down his forehead, 

 I shake him and soon his eyelids pop open looking around with fear.

“Niall look at me.” I demand and as his eyes focus on me, relief takes him over and he grabs onto me like a child,

“Niall?” I question,

“Please don’t ask anything.” He says and I nod hugging him, 

After a few minutes he lets me go and stands up, 

“I’m going to go take a shower please be here when I come back.” He says and his blue eyes look scared, I nod my head.

He stands and leaves the room.

Once he’s out I sigh, distance, I was supposed to distance myself from him but how can I do that when something like this happens? His blue eyes clouded with fear, vulnerability was evident when he awoke, and whatever he was having a nightmare about must have been pretty bad to cause such a reaction.

As I ponder through what could cause a reaction like that, niall walks back into his room with just a towel. I don’t question his dream knowing the last time I did that he freaked out. Soon Niall lays back on the ground, with sweats and a t-shirt.  As I’m about to stand up he takes my hand, 

“I never did anything last night. I mean I wanted to but I couldn’t.” he says to me out of the blue,

“What?” I question,

“yesterday I don’t want you to leave here thinking I slept with someone yesterday, I didn’t, I mean I wanted to get a fuck from jade but when I got to her house we started kissing and I didn’t like it, I wanted it to be you so I stopped and drove home to see you gone, please don’t leave.” He says and I look at him, 

I should be mad about him kissing jade but I’m not, he was honest. He didn’t lie he didn’t make up an excuse, he was honest and desperate and I can’t help but appreciate that. Instead of saying anything to him, I just kiss him and he holds me close to him,

“I’m sorry.” He mutters in the kiss,

“Thank you for being honest.” I tell him while I take a breath before he pulls me closer to him and kisses me hard and I can’t help but feel the vulnerability in this kiss but soon he pulls away and looks at me.

“I want to tell you something about my past.” He says and I nod,

“I…I trust you.” He stutters and I smile,

“I’m glad, you’re finally giving me something.” I say and he nods,

“It’s about my nightmares, I think I want to tell you what there about.” I nod encouraging him,

“I have two little sister.” He starts and I nod,

“Clary and Effie, Clary was 4 and Effie was eight when my father started heavily drinking. When Clary was seven and Effie was eleven, my father was out drinking and my mother had her secret boyfriend over, I was seventeen and knew that when my father came home and found out my mother and her boyfriend were together he would go crazy and I was scared that he would hurt Clary and Effie so I snuck them out of the house, I was planning on taking them away from our bullshit house but when I was driving there was this car.” Niall stopped talking and took a breath, 

“It was my fucking drunk ass father actually and he smashed into us killing my sisters instantly.” He stops and wipes his eyes, 

“Ever since that day I have had nightmares about watching the two cars colliding into each other and hearing my sisters cry and scream for Me.” he says and I don’t know what to say.

I freeze and look at him, what can I possibly say to help the broken boy  sitting in front of me, nothing, I can’t say anything, so instead and move closer to him and put my head on his chest,

“It wasn’t your fault.” I simply tell him,

“I should have been dead, not them.” he says and I shake my head,

“Don’t say that.” I tell him but he shakes his head,

“I hate my dad, I can’t stand him, and he never even went to his daughter’s funerals.” He growls and I nod,

“I would hate him too, have you spoken to your mom?” I ask him, he shakes his head,

“She stopped talking to me, she blames me for everything.” He sighs and my heart breaks.

“Look at me.” I tell him pushing his face to mine,

“None of that was your fault, you were just trying to help your sisters.” I tell him and before he can say anything, I crash my lips onto his.

Running my hands through his hair, tugging at the root, he takes control of the kiss and wraps his arms around me and gently lifts me onto his lap, without breaking the kiss. He holds me close to him and all I want to do is take away his painful past.

We get so hung up in the moment I don’t even realize him pulling off my dress from over my head, exposing myself to him, in my black panties along with the matching bra, he groans in satisfaction and I feel a boost of confidence.

He bundles my dress up and throws it the side of the room as he connects our lips again. He rolls me over so he hover over me. He kisses my neck and I tug him towards me, wanting, no needing him closer.

His sinful mouth leaves light bruises along my collar bone and makes its way down to my stomach. He stops when he reaches where my panties start and he looks at me, I nod wanting him to continue with what he is doing.

He smirks as he slides my black underwear down my legs and I feel myself go weak already. 

“look at me.” he demands and I move my neck up to see his blue eyes looking at me, his mouth then gets close to my sensitive area and then I feel his tongue dart inside me, and my eyes squeeze shut with pressure. 

“Baby, please look at me.” he draws out as he removes his tongue and I open my eyes again.

“Do you like that?” he questions,

I nod my head wanting more and he obeys.

He continues to dart his tongue in and out licking around my center, my mind goes wild and my pleasure sky rockets to a high level.

“Niall.” I groan as he continues to work his tongue around me.

I fist up my hands and wait to reach my high. Soon my legs numb and my whole body feels like it’s on fire,

“Niall!” I shriek as I feel myself come undone into his mouth.

My eyes slowly open and I see niall wiping his mouth,

“You taste so good.” he muses and I blush.

He comes back to lay down with me as I try to contain myself.

“Was that okay?” he asks,

“It was perfect.” I tell him beginning to rid myself of my moment of paradise.

“I want to do something for you, but-“I start and he cuts me off,

“Amelia, I know you’re not ready for that, don’t worry.” He tells me, wrapping his arms around me,

“Thank you.” I say snuggling into him.

Somewhere in between the time he kissed my head and held me I fell asleep to the sound of his steady heart.


My eyes open to see niall sleeping peacefully. I yawn as I stretch my arms up. I look beside me to see Nialls phone, I turn it on to see the time, “9:30” it reads, I groan I’ve got to get back to the hotel to pack. I nudge niall a bit to get a groan out of him,

“Fifteen more minutes.” He groans,

“I don’t have fifteen minutes, I need a shower.” I say and he groans, I shove him,

“Get up!” I say and soon his eyes slowly open,

“mm.” he sounds as he yawns, 

I sit up remembering I’m only in my panties and bra I pull the duvet closer to me, 

“Can I borrow some clothes?” I ask him, he glances at me,

“hm, I kind of like this look on you.” He smirks and I roll my eyes,

“Okay, I’m going to go prance outside then in this.” I say pretending to get up, niall pulls me down,

“No, stay here.” He says and I chuckle.

Niall then stands up and goes to his drawers pulling out a pair of long black sweats and a gray hoodie, he throws them over to me and I catch them.

I stand up bringing the duvet with me, niall chuckles,

“Babe I don’t know if you remember or anything but I think I’ve seen you without that duvet before.”  He smirks, and I blush.

He comes up to me, his height towering over me, 

“Don’t be embarrassed.” He says leaning down and kissing my neck a bit, I laugh due to his stubble tickling my neck,

“Go shave, your fuzz is tickling me.” I say pushing him away, he pouts, and I laugh. 

He then holds the white duvet in his hand the, 

“What are you doing?” I ask him, he smirks,

“this.” he says pulling the duvet right off my body,

“Niall!” I screech as I use one hand to cover my bra and the other hand to cover my plain underwear. 

“Give me that back!” I tell him, he shakes his head, stepping closer to me, 

“You’re so fuckin beautiful.” He sighs coming closer to me,

“So stop covering yourself to Mm.” he says removing my hands from hiding my parts. 

As he’s about to kiss me, I put my hands in front of me,

“Nope!” I say as, I pull over his sweater onto my body and then I quickly pull his sweats onto me.

He groans, “Amelia.” He says, 

“shh, where’s the washroom?” I say, 

He then shoves on a pair of sweats, 

“I’ll show you.” He says opening the room door and walking out with no shirt.

He guides me down the hall,

“Lock the door.” He says, I nod.

I step inside the bathroom and close/lock the door. 

I strip off Nialls clothes and turn on the shower, and step in.

I rinse my hair and body and decide not to use the supplies in the washroom fearing the worst.

After five minutes I step out of the shower and look around for a towel.

I find nothing, oh no. how do I dry up my wet dripping body? I groan. I’m not going to walk out of here naked, I can’t, there’s too many guys here!

I sigh as I grab Nialls clothes and do my best to wrap them around my body, and soon they work as a substitute towel. 

I unlock the bathroom door and then quickly walk down the hall but with my luck a guy walks out of his room and I turn bright red, he whistles at me and I roll my eyes, and keep walking.

I get to Nialls room and try to open it, its locked, idiot. I knock and then niall opens the door slightly to see who it is, as soon as he sees my attire, he whips me inside,

“What the hell?” he asks 

“You didn’t give me a towel, I had no choice!” I say,

“You could of texted me!” 

“My phones in here!” I say,

“Did anyone see you?” he asks,

“No.” I lie, and he looks at me with his death eyes,

“Okay, one guy came out of his room, no big deal, just give me a towel, my hair is dripping.” I groan

“Amelia.” He growls,

“How can you be so stupid?” 

“It’s not a big deal please just get over it.” I groan not being in the mood,

 He throws me over a towel,

“Thank you, turn around.” I tell him,

“If you could walk down the hall in that, you’ll be just fine with me watching you dry off.”

“Niall stop making a big deal out of nothing, just turn around.” I say with a roll of my eyes,

“Someone could of ripped of those clothes and then what Amelia? I wouldn’t be able to help you.” He says,

“But it didn’t happen, I would have been just fine defending myself if it did happen, I need to get back to the hotel, so please just turn around.” I sigh and Niall rolls his eyes as he sits on his bed, looking at his phone, scrolling.

I quickly dry my body off then I slip on my bra and underwear, I turn my back to Niall,

“Can I have a new set of clothes? I’m sorry I wet the other ones.” I say and Niall sighs as he throws a pair of gray sweats and another gray hoodie with brown details, 

“Thank you.” I say sliding on the clothes. 

I grab my phone from the bed side and grab my heels,

“I’m ready.” I say and niall nods, slipping on a pair of shoes and a black zip up.

He grabs his keys and opens the door, leading us out.

As we get close to the stairs, niall takes my hand in his own, surprised, I look at him but he doesn’t look at me. 

As we reach the bottom of the stairs, I see many college kids and I recognize Leos face, he smirks at me and I look away. As we get out the door, niall lets go of my hand and then I figure out why he held my hand inside,  he wanted to warn his friends that I was his, like I was a piece of property, there was no affection in his gesture.

We both go in his car in silence and he begins to drive.

“I’m not your property.” I tell him, he glances at me then back at the road,

“What do you mean?” he asks,

“You held my hand in there to show your roommates I was your property, you were warning them to stay away.” I say and he doesn’t say anything and I sigh.

We were doing so well before and now we are back to this weird fighting thing, should I even call it a fight? It’s more of him distancing himself from me.

“What’s wrong?” I ask after five minutes,

“You not seeing my point from before.” He says,

“Niall why does it matter if one guy sees me in my towel? I didn’t mean for it to happen.” I say,

“It matters because I don’t want any guys looking at your body, your mine and no guy is allowed to stare at your body but me.” he says 

“Niall, no guy wants to stare at my body, okay? No one looks at me like you, and I get why you’re mad and I’m sorry.” I tell him and he looks at me,

“At least you won’t have to shower there again.” He sighs and I nod.

We reach the hotel and I unbuckle my seatbelt,

“Will I see you tonight?” I ask him, he shrugs,

“I may drop in.” I nod.

I look over at the front of the hotel and notice paparazzi, oh shot. 

“There’s pap’s in the front of the hotel, where should I go in?” I ask him.

He looks around, 

“Go through the side.” He tells me and I nod.

And open the car door and slide out.

I walk with my head down as I walk the opposite way of the paps. I find a door and step inside.

 I go to an elevator and quickly press my floor.

When I reach the floor I step outside and unlock my hotel room door. As I step inside I see Audrey sitting on the couch, 

“Where the hell have you been all night?” she exclaims,

“I was at Nialls.” I say and she runs her hands through her hair,

“for the whole night? You slept over?” she asked worriedly, 

I nod,

“its no big deal Audrey.”

“yes it is, you stormed off yesterday night wearing close to nothing to see Niall, Amelia what are you doing?” she asks,

“nothing I was anger so I went to the frat house and Niall explained himself, we watched a movie then I fell asleep.” I say leaving out the more personal things,

“ I don’t believe you. But can I remind you that Niall isn’t a good person and,  you can not sleepover at his flat.” She demands,

“you don’t know him and I don’t have to listen to you, your not my mother.” I say and Audrey rolls her eyes,

“you don’t know him either, and I cant let you make a mistake with him.” She says,

“what are you trying to say?” I question,

“I was talking to Louis last night and Niall came up and he had nothing good to say about him. I just don’t want him to mess you up more. You can’t handle someone like him in your life, you have Justin and your mom and all them, I don’t want him to hurt you.” She says,

“Audrey, I’m glad you care about me but I know him and right now at least we feel right. Right now I don’t have to deal with my family. Don’t worry about me, im fine.” I reassure her,

“Amelia can you just promise me one thing.” She says and I nod,

“promise me you won’t let him take advantage of you.  No matter what please don’t let him force you into anything, your only 17 and he’s 19 it just woundt be right.” She says and I freze.

If only she knew what we’ve already done, she would flip. However niall never forced me into anything, I always wanted whatever he wanted to offer, but before I can tell her I promise she adds,

“Oh my God! He gave you a hickey!” she says horrified and I look down at my neck to see the bruise, shit.

“Amelia!” she yells,

“it’s nothing.” I say pushing his sweater up to my neck,

“That is not nothing, what have you done with him?” she asks defeated,

“Nothing! And if I did do anything that’s none of your business.” I groan,

“I’m your best friend.” She says hurt,

“Audrey, please stop worrying about me, I’m fine okay? Niall and I kiss, and sometimes he likes to do that, its fine.” I explain and she nods,

“Okay I trust you.” She says hugging me,

“but you can cut the shit with me, I know you going over to Nialls wasn’t that simple and I also know you’re not telling me stuff, and I’m fine with that but I don’t want to be with you right now so I’m going to head over to Louis.” She then says taking me by surprise.

She puts her shoes on walks to our bedroom grabs her suitcase,

“I’ll see you at Harrys.” She says walking out and I groan

I get to the couch and fall onto it, 

“uhhh.” I groan knowing I have to pack with the thought of Audrey being anger with me.

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