i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


44. chapter 41

 ~~ We watch the movie with little to no noise and the party outside the door is beginning to quiet down, I take out my phone to check the time, 3 am. My eyelashes feel heavy as we are on our third movie now, niall was right about the Great Gatsby,  it is nowhere as good as the book and I got to hear niall continuously tell me how he was right.
Soon enough my heavy eyelashes close over my eyes and my head falls over on niall,
“Amelia?” he questions,
“Hmm,” I hum,
“Are you comfortable?” he asks and I nod my head, letting my head fall further on him.
“Goodnight.” He says and it goes quiet.
The movie ends and I decide not to watch another one, I feel lonely without Amelia’s small chatter during the movies and her reactions.
She’s the type of girl to really get into a movie, she immerses herself into the film, and I can’t help but take glances at her during a movie just to see her face.
I find myself looking at her as she sleeps peacefully, her head on my chest and her hair is a mess in her face. She looks youthful when she sleeps, she’s less tense, more relaxed. She’s beautiful also, like a perfect angel and it puzzles me why a girl like her is even in my bed-
 Shit!  What am I even saying! It’s all ridiculous, how the fuck does someone look youthful in their sleep? I’m in too fucken deep already, and I can’t let her get to me. Fuck, fuck, fuck. What am I even doing?
 I’m Niall Horan, I sleep with girls and then never see them again what am I doing? Fuck, none of this was in my plans, why would I ask her to stay? Didn’t I want her to stay, of course I did but I shouldn’t have told her of my wants, shit.
As thoughts cloud my mind I decide a drink and fresh air could help, I move my hand on my bedside table and feel for my phone after taking it in my grasp and clicking it on, 3:15 it reads. I quietly and gently move Amelia from on my chest and slowly get up from the bed. I slip on my sneakers and quietly open the door. Before leaving I take one more glance at Amelia still sleeping then I leave. As I step outside, I can hear people still here from the party and as I step down the steps, I see Jace,
“The fuckin bastard has come down again!” he announces and I roll my eyes,
“What?” I growl not particular in the mood for him,
“What?” he questions,
“mate, your fucking leaving tomorrow and you ditched us to go with that prude bitch?” he questions, and although it shouldn’t bother me that he called Amelia a bitch, it does, In fact I wanted to smash his face into a fuckin wall for calling her that but I hold myself,
“There’s tonight, right?” I tell him and he scoffs,
“You’re going to have time to get smashed tonight?” he asks I smirk,
“Mate I always have time to get fucked up.” I tell him and he smiles patting me on the back,
“Don’t bring Amelia tonight, okay?” he questions and I scoff,
“No shit.” I say and he smiles and goes back to a group of girls whom begin to feel him up.
I finish walking down the steps and go to the kitchen. I grab a cup and fill it with a cheap excuse for whisky and slide the brown liquid down my throat enjoying the burn. As I pour another cup I already feel my mind clearing and I sigh.
I take the cup outside with me and take a breath of fresh hair. It’s still dark, no star in the sky, over the horizon you can see the sun awakening slowly.
What the fuck have I gotten myself into? There’s a girl in my bed right now, sleeping, someone who I haven’t even fucked yet and she’s still around. I need something to clear my mind because the alcohol isn’t helping enough. I take my phone out of my pocket and I scroll through my contacts before I find her name,
This is fucked up and even I know there is no excuse for this but I’m a fucked up shithead who needs this, without a second thought, I click her name and she answers on the third ring,
“Niall, its 3:30 in the fuckin morning what do you want?” her voice comes in high pitched, and whinny nothing like Amelia’s,
“I’m coming over.” I say,
“Why? Your bitchy hoe wouldn’t like that.” She says and I can hear the smirk clear in her voice,
“Just shut the fuck up, and don’t call her bitch.” I snap,
“Alright fine, get your ass over here quick before I fall asleep.” I scoff and hang up.
What kind of fucker am? I go back inside the frat, jog up to my room and open the door quietly.
I grab my car keys with little noise but then they slip from my fingers and I see Amelia’s body stir, shit.
“Niall?” she questions lifting her head up, her green eyes peering up at me,
“What are you doing?” she asks sitting up, shit, shit, shit,
“Nothing, go back to bed.” I tell her,
“Are you going somewhere?” she asks nodding over to the keys in my hand,
“I’m getting gas.” I say bluntly and she looks at me,
“What time is it?”
“Doesn’t matter, I’ll be back in a bit, go back to sleep.” I tell her and place my hand on the doorknob,
“You’re going to leave me in your room alone, again?” she sighs and I turn to look at her,
“Amelia.” I groan,
“Niall.” She sighs,
“Please just go back to bed I got to go get gas.” I say and turn around and swing open the door before shutting it quick.
Fuck, what did I just do? I run my fingers through my dark roots and walk down the steps. Why do I feel so wrong doing this? It’s not like this would be new for me. As I hop into my car and turn the engine on my mind is clouded with her. Her sad eyes and her pout but I push the image away as I drive over to Jades. I just need a quick fuck, I’m a man, I can’t live without sex and if Amelia won’t give it me, jade will have to do.
 As the door shuts my body stiffens, I’m not going to chase after him because, all that will cause is an argument, but he has to be crazy to believe that I will still be here when he comes back. I sit up from his bed and wipe the tiredness from my eyes, I take my phone out and call him just once to see if he’ll answer, my call goes straight to voicemail.
  I stand up and pick up the black short dress from the floor and stripe nialls stupid gray sweater from my body, I put on the dress hating the clingy materiel, I then curse under my breath for only bring those stupid high heels, I shove them onto my feet, grab my phone and walk out of the room.
 As I walk down the stairs I see people passed out from the party and I see Leo and the rest of Nialls friends drinking a clear liquid. I sneak pass them and walk outside, to feel a cool breeze hit my skin, I shiver, why didn’t I bring a jacket?
 I begin to walk, not my smartest decision but I’m not going to call Audrey or any of the other girls, and I don’t have money for a cab so this is my best bet.
  I think about the directions from the frat house to the hotel and I calculate it to be at least an hour walk, I groan and begin treading. After ten minutes I decide to take off my heels and just hold them in my hand.
 I shiver as the early morning draws on and I feel tears brim my eyes, tired tears, I just want to go home and sleep. I take out my phone as I walk and notice no calls, guess niall is still getting “gas” or he’s just too much of a jerk to care about my whereabouts.
 Half an hour passes and I have lost feeling in my legs and my teeth chatter, its four twenty in the morning and I’m exhausted and not quite sure where I am anymore. The slightest noises puts me off and tears start to run down my cheeks, my phone vibrates in my hand and I look to see its Niall, I decline, he should of called half an hour ago, I am not giving him the satisfaction of knowing where I am, knowing I’m lost and knowing I need him right now.
 My phone begins to vibrate again but I ignore it and continue to walk, soon I hear rustling through a dumpster and I freeze and look around to hear more rustling, oh god.
 I begin to walk again and soon the rustling stops and something pops out from the corner of an alley and a shriek leaves my lips and fear takes over me to just see a cat, i breath and take a moment,
 “It was just a cat.” I whisper and breathe in and out.
 I then continue to walk again but at a faster pace and I pray that cat will be the only one out tonight to scare me. I look at my phone to see ten missed calls from niall and even though I am even more tempted to call him I won’t, I can’t. 
 After another fifteen minutes I start believing that sleeping on a bench is a good idea but I force myself to make it home. My feet are cold plus my exposed arms are numb I just keep walking.
 As I walk a car starts to slow down next to me so I pick up my pace, today is not the day for me to be murdered. I pick up my pace and feel the car pull over. Soon I hear the door shut and I go into a full on sprint.
 My legs carry me as fear takes over my body, my chattering teeth seem to stop and then I hear his voice,
 “Fuck, Amelia!” he yells,
His voice should make me want to stop, run into his arms but instead it makes me sick to my stomach and it pushes me to run faster, I don’t need him, I don’t want to see his face. Soon I hear heavy footsteps behind me,
“Amelia! Please!” he exclaims but I don’t stop.
 My body begins to tire out but my legs don’t stop moving and then one foot gets in the way of the other and my body collides with the cement in a flash of a moment.
 I feel his presence near me,
 “Are you okay?” Niall asks and I don’t look at him, I don’t say anything, instead I stand up and begin to walk again but he has my arm already,
 “What the fuck are you doing?” he says and I finally look at him,
 “Let go of me.” I say, but he doesn’t listen.
 “You’re a mess just get into my car.” He sighs,
I shake my head,
 “No you don’t listen to me, so why should I listen to you?” I growl,
 “Amelia your pushing my patience just come on.” he threatens,
 “I don’t need your help, I just want to go home.” I sigh,
 “I’ll bring you just get in my car, your freezing.”
 “Do you promise?” I ask him, he nods,
 “Yes just fuck lets go.” He says and I give in.
 Maybe because I really just don’t want to walk anymore or maybe because him being here makes me feel protected no matter how hard I fight it.
 I pull my arm out of his grasp and begin to walk with him in silence. He takes off his sweater and without one word he puts it over my shoulder, I try to shrug it off but he stops me,
 “You’re freezing, just leave it.” He says and I don’t fight back.
 Soon we are at his car and I get inside the passenger seat while he takes the driver. He turns up the heat and puts the car in drive.
 He drives down the road and soon enough we are at my hotel. I unbuckle my seat belt and then so does niall.
 “I don’t want you to walk me up.” I tell him but he shakes his head,
 “I’m not going to leave you on your own to take care of that scraped knee and bruised elbow.” He says
 “I can manage.” I say unlocking the door but soon niall locks it again,
“Why would you try to walk home?” he asks and I sigh,
 “I don’t want to talk to you right now, okay, please just let me out of this car, and we will talk another time.” I sigh sniffling
 “Amelia.” He groans and I unlock the door again.
 I step out and try to open the hotel door to notice it was locked, what? For the love of god no! This cannot be happening. I sigh and walk back to Nialls car.
 “Don’t say anything, just drive.” I say sliding into the passenger seat to see his smirk.
 He put the car into drive and we drive in silence, no radio or anything.
 Soon enough we reach the frat house and niall steps out of the car and I follow. We step inside and I walk a few steps behind him.
 “Go to my room, I’m going to grab some things to clean up those cuts.” He tells me , I nod and walk to the far room and open the door walking in, shutting it behind me and taking a seat on his bed.
 I look at my bleeding knee just beginning to feel the stinging sensation. I look at my wrists to see a few scratches but nothing major.
  All I want to do right now is snuggle up in bed and sleep but with niall here I’ve got to keep my distance.
 Niall then walks inside his room, with a first aid kit and he comes close to me.
“Alright let’s see what we’ve got here.” He sighs.

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