i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


43. chapter 40

~~“Sure.” I tell Leo and he smiles,
I look at niall to see his tense blue eyes stare at me,
“You’re not drinking.” He says and I look at him,
“Why is that?” I challenge him,
“Because last time it led to nothing good.” he spits and I shrug,
“You lead to nothing good but I gave you a chance.” I say with a roll of my eyes,
“Don’t roll your eyes at me.” he says grabbing my arm and pulling me towards him,
“You don’t scare me.” I lie as his intense eyes burn through my soul,
“Yes I do, now why the fuck are you here?” he growls in a whisper and I shrug,
“Thought I needed a bit of fun.” I say and tug my arm out of his grasp as Leo comes back with a red cup that I take gratefully and take a gulp of it feeling the burn of the vodka.
Niall stands up abruptly and grabs my hand dragging me upstairs,
“What are you doing?” I ask him,
 But he stays quiet and I pull my arm away from him,
“I said what are you doing?” I ask him again and he looks at me,
“I don’t want to cause a fucken scene so listen to me!” he barks and grabs my wrist tightly and continues to drag me to a room I have been in only a few times, his room.
He opens the door and drags me inside.
“Why are you here?” he asks me again,
“Because I wanted to have-“before I finish he cuts in,
“Cut the crap, you don’t go to parties especially dressed like this.” he says gesturing to my only short black dress I own,
“You don’t get a say in what I do and don’t do.” I say and take another gulp of the vodka, before niall rips it out of my hands,
“Why are you acting so immature?” he asks,
“I’m acting immature niall, me?”  I Scoff,
“Yes you!” he yells,
“You accidently dialed me and I knew you were with jade and I wasn’t going to sit back and let you screw me over with her.” I say
“What the fuck are you talking about?” he growls
“She was all over you when I got here!” I yell,
“She was kissing your neck and you let her!” I say frustrated,
“After you told me you don’t mean to hurt me! You do this!” I yell, and he just stares at me,
“I don’t know what we are but I’ve told you before I don’t want to be another of your play dolls!”
“Jade is a friend I have told you that before! She means nothing to me, we are fuck buddies alright? I’m a man I need sex and you’re not giving me that!” he yells and I’m taken back by his words,
“Excuse me?” I ask
“What Amelia? You expect too much from me! We went on one fucken date that doesn’t mean what we have is exclusive.” He spits with venom the words I hoped would not be said,
“I don’t think you get it.” I sigh,
“I know you felt something back at that forest and I did too and I’m sorry for not wanting the person whom I just shared some of the most intimidate moments I have experienced to go off and do the same things to another girl! I don’t know what this is but god knows I can’t handle it.” I say, tears falling from my eyes but I don’t bother to wipe them away,
“Amelia.” Niall sighs,
“No I get it, I’m the idiot. You don’t have to say it.” I say and he looks at me,
“I don’t know what this is either but just give me some time.” He then says,
“I can’t.” I say
“Why?” he asks,
” because I can’t handle knowing that no matter what we do you’re going to go off and do things with jade.” I say,
“I haven’t fucked jade in a while, baby.” He says with that damn pet name that makes me melt,
“I didn’t think about your feelings when she was kissing me but I swear that I won’t do anything with her if it hurts you this much.”
“I’m new to all of this and you know that. I don’t want to see you cry.” He says and I look at him,
“Niall what are we?” I ask and he shrugs,
“No, I can’t take that as answer I need you to tell me what this is.” I say and he sighs,
“I don’t know, I guess we are seeing each other?” he suggests,
“What does that mean to you?” I ask,
“I don’t know you tell me.” he says
“Can you not be with other girls?” I ask scared of his answer and he looks at me for a minute before answering,
“Yes, but I don’t want anyone knowing about us because it will just make things complicated okay? “He asks,
“I can deal with that.” I agree and he nods,
“I assume you want me to leave then, so you can get back to your party?” I question and niall frowns,
“I think I’m done with that party, do you want to watch a movie?” he questions and I shrug,
“Sure.” I say and he lifts his thumb to my face and wipes the remaining tears that had rolled down to my cheeks.
“I’m sorry for everything that just happened.” He said and I smile,
“It’s okay.” I say
“Do you want some clothes to change into?” he asks and I nod hating the tight fabric sticking to my body,
“By the way you look very good tonight.” He compliments,
“Thanks.” I say as niall looks through his drawers,
“This should be long enough, here.” He says tossing me a gray sweatshirt,
“Thanks. I smile catching the sweater,
“Don’t look.” I demand him as I slip off my dress,
“Fine.” He groans turning his head as I quickly throw the dress to the floor and slip on the big and baggy sweater that reaches above my knees,
“Done.” I say and he turns his head towards me and smiles.
 He grabs his laptop from his bedside and pats the spot next to him for me and I walk over and sit down, “are you cold?” he asks,
“No I’m fine.” I say and he nods wrapping an arm over my shoulder bringing me closer to him,
“Do you want to stay over tonight?” he asks,
“I don’t think I can, I have to pack tomorrow, and by the way I have a question for you.” I tell him,
“What’s your question?”
“Tomorrow after all of us are done packing we are going to Harry’s for a small little party and then we can all stay over, can you come?” I ask him hopefully,
“Maybe I don’t think I’m doing anything and I can drive you home in the morning tomorrow.” He says,
“I don’t know I told Audrey I wouldn’t be out for too long.” I say,
“Please?” he pouts and I sigh,
“Alright fine, anyway what movie are we watching?” I ask,
“What do you want to watch?” he asks and I shrug,
“You pick.” I say
“I don’t think you want me to.” He smirks and I shake my head,
“Your right, I really don’t want to watch porn.”
“What do you think I am, some animal?” he says pretending to sound offended,
“No a boy.” I say,
“Correction, a man.” He smirks and I narrow my eyes at him and laugh slightly,
“Alright let’s get back on topic what movies?” I ask and he smiles,
“Well if you look at my laptop you would notice Netflix on the screen along with a list of movies.” He explains and I laugh and then look towards his laptop, skimming through movies.
Two minutes pass and I am still looking through movies until I finally find one,
“The great Gatsby.” I say and he looks at me and groans,
“What?” I ask
“Why that movie?”
“Do you have something against the Gatsby?” I ask and he shakes his head,
“No I loved the book and I already know the movie is going to be shit.” He explains,
“I don’t think so, the book was good so the movie can’t be that bad.” I say,
“Have you watched the movie before?” he asks,
“No I’ve never been tempted to.” I state,
“Why was that?” he smirks,
“Because...” I say,
“Because you think they are going to ruin the book too right?” he questions and I sigh,
“Yes basically.” I say,
“Well then, why not see just how bad they ruined it.” He says and I smile as he presses play.
As the movie begins to play, nialls moves me closer to him but just before he is about to kiss my forehead a knock comes from his door and a low groan rumbles from niall,
“Go away!” niall yells still sitting on the bed,
“Bro I got a problem!” I can recognize the voice to be Leo,
“Figure it out yourself, I’m not in the mood!” he yells again,
“Get your ass out here, you little shit!” Leo then says back and niall sighs,
“Give me a few minutes.” He says agitated as he stands up and heads to the door,
He steps outside and shuts the door and I am left by myself. I take out my phone and check to see I have no messages so I place my phone back onto his bed and just stare at his grey walls.
Ten minutes pass and niall is still not back what could be taking him this long? I tap my fingers against the mattress trying to control my anxiousness and curiosity but I find it difficult. I sigh and close my eyes trying to distract myself but it doesn’t work.
I pick up my phone once again and entertain myself playing a simple game where I just taped the screen to control a bird to fly over little green pipes and although I cannot seem to get a score greater than fifty I am still sat here trying to beat the high score of one thousand and fifty. Somehow in-between my multiple attempts of trying to beat the high score I find that an hour has passed and I decide to go and find him.
As soon as my feet dangle from his bed, his door barges open and niall comes in looking beyond agitated.
“It’s been an hour.” I state and he looks at me tensely.
“What happened?” I then ask,
“Nothing.” He snaps,
“If you’re going to be moody, there’s no point in me being here.” I tell him and he groans,
“Don’t go and don’t ask questions, okay?” he questions and I look at him suspiciously, before finally nodding my head,
“Thank you.” He says taking off his shoes and jumping into the bed with me,
“Were you going to leave?” he asks me,
“I was just about to go and try to find you.” I tell him and he nods,
“So the great Gatsby?” he questions and I nod,
Niall then presses play on his laptop and I sit on his bed again.
No words are exchanged from both of us, the sound of the party going on downstairs and the voices on the film can be heard.
“Are you alright?” niall asks me, I nod,
“Are you?” I ask and he shrugs his shoulder.
I decide to keep quiet and not further my questions.
Soon niall wraps his arm around me to bring me closer to him and I stiffen,
“What?” he questions,
“I didn’t say anything.” I say calmly,
“Ya but your face is a bright red.” He taunts making my cheeks heat up even more,
“Do I make you nervous?” he smirks and I shake my head lying,
“Not at all.” I tell him,
“Really?” he questions moving me closer to him,
“Really.” I say hiding my giddy feelings,
“Why don’t I believe you?” he asks and I shrug, turning my attention back to the laptop screen.
Soon I feel nialls hot breath on my neck, surprising me, I turn my head to see his smirk,
“What are you doing?” I ask,
“Nothing.” He says and I groan, when his lips touch my neck, leaving small kisses.
“Niall.” I say,
“What?” he asks,
“What are we doing?” I ask, he shrugs,
“I don’t know. Why are you thinking about that?” he asks with an eyebrow raised, I shrug,
“Guess it just popped into my head” I sigh,
“Well then ignore it because, fuck I don’t know what this is.” He says,
“What do you know?” I slightly smirk and he chuckles,
 “Well I know you drive me crazy, and that your fucken beautiful and I know that you’re different from the other girls I’ve been with.” He says and, I sigh before turning my attention back to the laptop.


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