i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


4. chapter 4

       I woke up extremely tired the next morning which is probably not a good thing because I have exams but we will see what happens

     . I stand up slowly from my warm bed and open my drawers and grab a pair of track pants and a t shirt, I wasn't going to put much effort in my outfit today due to the fact that all I have to do is write my last exam and then I am done grade 11 and finally it will be summer. I don't even bother to take a shower or do anything to my hair except put it up.

     I walk downstairs and see no sign of my mother so I go to the kitchen and pour myself some cereal and milk and quickly eat it. as I eat my cereal I study a bit more and try to jam more things into my head. when I finish the last bit, I see my mother walk down the stairs with Selena in hand, I roll my eyes,

       "good morning." she greets as she sees me but I don't say anything back still anger at her for having Justin over yesterday.

      I put my bowl in the sink and then grab my school bag and put on my navy blue keds and walk out of the door, even though I have half an hour I rather be anywhere else.

      I walk slowly to school with my heavy bag on my back killing my already sore shoulders.


     when I get to school I just sit down on the grass and rest my back on the brick building, I take out my history book and continue to study for exams, I really need to ace this exam!

      as I sit there studying I feel someone's stare on me, I look up from my book to see josh, Audrey's boyfriend a few feet away, he smiles and comes and walks up to me,

      "hey Amelia, why are you here so early?" he asks,

      " I think I should be asking you that." I respond 

     "well if you must know, I have an exam and Audrey texted me telling me to meet her here early. "he states,

      "hmm interesting." I state "now if you don't mind I need to get back to studying." I tell him looking back at my history textbook,

      "you never told me why your here early." he says, I lift my head and look at him,

      "why would that interest you?" I question

     "nicely played. "he smiles, I look back down at my history binder.

       josh was one of those really cute guys, he had the tousled dark brown hair, warm brown eyes and the perfect smile and Audrey always tells me that's why she fell hard for him but I completely understand that because he's not just cute, he also cares so much about her and its incredible. I then hear Audrey's voice,

      "hey." she says and I lift my head and see josh embrace her in a hug and kiss her  on the cheek.,

      it was a pretty awkward few seconds for me but then when Audrey saw me she smiled,

      "hey what are you doing here?" she asks

      "long story, I will tell you later." I state and she nods

      "alright. anyway so how long until school starts?" she asks, I check my phone and see there's only five minutes until teenagers begin to come,

      "about five minutes."  I reply

      "alright then I have five minutes with you." she smiles to josh,

      I begin to pack up my bag with my history stuff, I feel really ready and prepared for this exam. as I put the last thing in my bag I hear josh say

      " I love you." to Audrey and it just sounds adorable, and I find myself saying "aww." very quietly.

      I stand up and put my back pack straps on my shoulders and then the bell finally rings and I open the school doors and walk in and get to my history class for exams feeling confident and ready.


      I find myself on the last question of the exam and I circle "a" I quickly check over my work and then hand it in, I am finally free to go and now summer as began for me. I walk out of that classroom relived and ready to start my summer. as I am about to begin walking home I see Audrey sitting on a picnic table and I wonder why she is just waiting there, I begin to make my way towards her,

      "why are you waiting here?" I question

      "because when josh gets out, we are going to hang out a bit." she smiles a bright smile

     "so your waiting for him? why don't you go home and then come back in an hour?" I tell her,

      "because what happens if he gets out early? I want to be the first to give him a congrats on finishing another year, he did the same with me yesterday." she says and I roll my eyes,

      "you guys are adorable together." I sigh and she laughs

     "you do not know how much I love him." she says and I shake my head

     "I probably don't." I state and then begin to make my way home.


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