i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


42. chapter 39

   ~~ unlock the hotel door and step in to see all the girls still there,
“Hey.” I greet them all as I slip off my shoes, they all look at me,
“Yes?” I question going over to them,
“You were gone for a bit.” Audrey states and I nod,
“Ya I texted you that I would.” I say,
“With niall?” amber questions and I nod my head, as she shakes her head,
“Amelia, what are you doing?” she asks,
“Nothing I’m completely fine.” I laugh and amber gives me a skeptical look,
“What did you and niall do?” Hanna asks me and I slightly smile at the fresh memory,
“Well he brought me to this little park thing, it was beautiful.” I tell her and she nods,
“That’s sweet what did you guys do?” she follows up,
“Not much really, we kind of just sat on a blanket and made small talk.” I say leaving out the most exciting part,
“Nothing else?” Audrey asks raising an eyebrow,
“EW no.” I lie tensely but Audrey takes it and I’m thankful.
“I’m going to take a shower I will be back.” I state turning towards Audrey and I’s room, everyone nods as I get to the doorknob and twist it.
I step inside the room and got my drawers and pull out pair of flowy black shorts and a baggy maroon shirt along with a simple white bra and underwear.
I go into the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror for a minute, my pony tail had strands of hair dangling down. I examined the area of skin where niall had lathered with sweet kisses to notice a light purple mark, a hickey, I sigh knowing I will have to keep my hair over it and I’m relieved that none of the girls noticed it.
I stripe my clothes off and step into the shower. As the pressure of the water hits my back memories of what happened back at that beautiful forest crosses my mind and makes m slightly smile.
What are you doing?! Stop thinking about him!” my subconscious screams at me and I groan, what am I doing?
I rinse my body and wash my hair and soon I am finished and step outside of the shower and pat myself dry with a towel and slip on my clothes.  I spritz myself with a sweet smelling body spray move my hair over the hickey and walk through my room to the living room.
I sit down on one of the couches and smile at everyone. I pick up my phone hoping to see a text from niall but my heart sinks the smallest bit when I have no new messages. I place my phone on my lap and look up at all of them,
“So I think after we all finish packing tomorrow, us and the boys should do something fun like go to a party or something.” Taylor says,
“A party?” I question,
“Well we can’t get into a club so it’s our best option.” Taylor explains,
“Well then why don’t we just arrange a get together with all the boys and there can be drinks and stuff?” I suggest,
“That’s a good idea Amelia.” Audrey adds in and everyone nods,
“Ya I can text zayn and Liam about it.” Amber says,
“You have their numbers!” Taylor exclaims and she nods
“Ya I asked them for it.” Amber shrugs and Taylor gives her puppy dog eyes,
“Can you give me Liam’s number?”
Amber laughs before saying “sure.”
“I can text harry and niall.” I say getting excited because I have a reason to text niall- what is wrong with me?
I take out my phone and decide to text harry first,
Amelia- hey harry tomorrow after everyone is all packed we are planning a party with all of us, are you in?
I press send and wait for a response as I wait I decide to text niall,
Amelia- hey tomorrow after everyone is packed the girls and I want to have a small party with everyone, can you come?
I press send and then feel a vibration, to see Harrys name flash onto the screen along with a message,
Harry- sounds like a plan Stan! It can be at my flat and everyone can sleep over also!  
I smile at his text,
Amelia- alright I will inform every one of the plans, this will be fun!
I respond and place my phone in my lap,
“What did they say?” Audrey asks,
“Harry is in and said it could be at his place and everyone can stay over the night.” I tell her and she nods,
“Louis said he was in and told me to text him details.” Audrey says and I nod,
“Liam and zayn are in I will text them that it’s at Harrys.” Taylor smiles and we all nod,
“so now we are just waiting on nialls response and I  think we can all assume he’s going to say no.” amber states and everyone nods including me but I think that now that niall and I have made some kind of progress he will come.
Hours pass along and soon it becomes late, Hanna, Taylor and Amber go back to their hotels leaving Audrey and I sitting on the couch,
“Has niall texted you back yet?” she asks,
I take out my phone to see I have no new messages before answering,
“No not yet.”
Audrey sighs before crossing her legs,
“So louis texted me while you were out with niall.” Audrey says and I smile,
“What did he say?” I ask,
“He wants me to come get a coffee with him and Eleanor, tomorrow morning.” She explains,
“Hm are you going?” I ask, she nods,
“Ya Louis and Eleanor are picking me up at nine in the morning.” She sighs and I nod,
“Do you think you’re going to third wheel?” I ask,
“No last time we went for coffee I wasn’t third wheeling so I think it will be fine.” She explains and I nod, feeling my phone begin to vibrate,
I pick my phone up to see nialls name flash across the phone,
“Nialls calling me I will be right back.” I say standing up and heading to the bedroom.
I press talk and place the phone to my ear,
“Hello?” I say,
My ears are bombarded with loud music playing from the phone,
“Niall?” I question,
I hear giggling, may I add it was a high pitched and my blood boils, no one has a distinct laugh like jade, high pitched and annoying.
“Niall!” I call once more, feeling a punch in my heart, I sigh and hang up the phone.
I sit down on the bed and let my blood boil and anger thoughts take over my racing mind,
Why is he with Jade? What are they doing? Won’t hurt me again, my ass.
I run my fingers through my hair trying to figure out an approach I can take to this situation, and then an idea pops into my mind, I’m going to that stupid frat house.
I pull off the first dress I see in my closest and slip it on. I put my hair in a high pony tail and swipe some mascara on my eyelashes and grab those stupid black heels and shove them on, I grab my phone and call a taxi and then take my purse in the hallway,
“Where are you going?” Audrey asks confused,
“Out I will be back in a bit, don’t wait up.” I tell her and walk straight out the door, blood still boiling.
I’m not going to let that jerk step over me, he better have a reasonable explanation on why the hell he is with Jade and why he wouldn’t answer my text.
As I get to the lobby I see the taxi pull up and I run straight inside,
“Where to?” the young man asks,
“I don’t know the exact address but it’s the frat us about twenty minutes away do you know that place?” I question,
He ponders the idea for a bit then says,
“I think so.” He says and begins to drive.
“So why is a smart looking girl going to a frat party?” he asks and I shrug,
“Just to see someone quickly.”
“Well considering the way you stormed into my taxi I assume you have nothing good to say about them?” he chuckles and I smile,
“Sorry about that.” I blush and he laughs,
“Hey it’s all good. You probably have a good reason for whatever you’re doing.” He says and I nod.
Soon he pulls up at the familiar house,
“Thank you so much.” I tell him handing him ten pounds,
“No problem, make sure to really give whoever your about to attack some shit.” He smirks and I laugh,
“Oh I will.” I say shutting the taxi door and walking towards the door.
As soon as I get close to the house, the music seems to get louder and louder and memories from last time I was here flash before my eyes but I keep my focus on my anger and partial hurt towards niall.
Soon enough I see him, jade sitting on his lap kissing his neck while he holds a beer in his hand. All I see his red and I march right up to him and stand right in front of him, he doesn’t react he just says,
“Amelia?” and I stare at him then jade and for once he pushes the platinum blonde girl away,
“What are you doing here?” he questions taking in my appearance,
“I should be asking you the same thing.” I say glaring at him and I then notice Leo,
“Amelia nice to see you again, you’re looking a little tense can I get you a drink?”  And I think for a minute there’s two ways I can play this,
One, just yell at niall straight up and call him out but that may just lead to him hurting me even more then he has already done or,
Two, I can take that drink that Leo is offering and act like everything is good and do exactly what he does to me, ignore me in front of his friends, hmm
I think the second will work the best.

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