i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


41. chapter 38

*warning chapter involves a bit of smut*



~~“So I see you’ve been listening to the 1975, what are your thoughts?” I ask him, he shrugs,
“They are not very good.” he says and I scoff,
“Is that why you bought their C.D then?” I question and a small smirk spreads on his thin lips,
“nope.” He states and I roll my eyes and I can see his eyes on me for a second,
“Don’t roll your eyes at me.” he says and I shrug.
I take Hey out my phone needing to text Audrey what’s happening,
Amelia- I’m going to be out for a bit.
 I press send and not even a minute later my phone vibrates, I pick it up,
Audrey- Amelia! What are you doing?!
I text her right back,
Amelia- I’m okay don’t worry nothing is going to happen.
I respond and then nialls voice interrupts the silence,
“Who are you texting?” he asks me glancing over at me and then looking back to the road,
“Audrey.” I simply say and he nods,
“So where are we going?” I ask and niall shrugs not answering,
“I should probably warn you now, I hate surprises.” I state and niall smirks once again,
“Do you?” he asks and I nod,
“Yes even more now because of my attire, we better not be going anywhere with people.” I say
“Then my house?” he smirks suggestively and I crinkle my nose in disgust as I lightly hit him on his arm,
“No thanks.” I say and he chuckles,
“Well if not my house I can’t promise you that there will be no people.” He says with a raise of an eyebrow,
“No I’m good.” I tell him and he shakes his head and takes a right turn.
“Are we almost there at least?” I question and he nods.
After another right turn then a left turn he finally pulls over at the side of a large field,
“What is this?” I ask,
“I was walking around a few days ago and stumbled upon it, through those trees it’s nice.” He explains,
“Nice?” I question,
“Is that the only word you can come up with to describe it.” I smirk and he shakes his head,
“Oh shut up for once.” He smirks as he unbuckles his belt and I do the same.
He steps out of the car and I follow looking down at my gray sweats and my baggy white tee, I look like a mess in conclusion to that thought.
Niall goes into the back of his car and grabs a red and black plaid blanket,
“I thought we would sit and it’s cold so I didn’t want to take my coat off t let you sit on it.” He says and I laugh,
“So sweet.” I sarcastically joke and his lips twitch up. I walk towards him and look at the long grass,
“I wish you would have told me we were going to be walking in long grass, im wearing toms.” I groan,
“Oh quit complaining.” He says beginning to walk through the grass,
“Easy for you to say you’re wearing those stupid black sneakers.” I say and he turns around,
“Excuse me?” he questions,
“I love these.” He says and I laugh at his little expression that makes the tough boy act falter a tiny bit,
“You know what I’m going to ignore your comment about my shoes but hurry up,” he groans and I nod.
I step into the tall grass feeling my feet being touched by the long green strands. I reach niall and look up at him,
“Alright where to?” I question,
“Through those trees.” He says and I nod and follow his lead.
As we walk through the trees I look around to see we are surrounded my large trees all around with just a spot for the sun to shine through. The whole area was boxed in with trees but it was beautiful,
“This is amazing!” I say looking around,
“I know.” Niall says and I look at him,
“And there’s no one here who can see my attire.” I laugh and niall smiles,
“I think you look good.” he smirks and I laugh,
“hush.” I say and walk around to see more of this wide area, “where are you going?’ he asks,
I shrug, “looking around?” I question and niall runs up to me, 
“What’s to explore, it’s basically this the whole way.” He says and I look at him,
“How would you know?’ I ask,
“Because I already looked around a while ago,”
“Did you?” I question and he nods,
“hm well its beautiful.” I tell him and he nods,
“I thought you might like it.” He smirks and I laugh,
The grass here was still quite long but it feels easier to get used to because of the view.
Niall lays down the blanket and then sits down and I sit down next to him.
“So what should we do?” I ask and he shrugs,
“I don’t know I didn’t plan this far ahead I didn’t even know if your stubborn self would come to my car.” He shrugs,
“Not like you forced me or anything.” I joke and he looks at me,
“Do you not want to be here?’ he asks me, I look at him for a second,
“I don’t know, it’s beautiful.” I say,
“But you don’t want to be here with me?” he asks with no anger in his voice but rather sadness?
“I didn’t say that.” I tell him
“But that’s what you meant.” He states,
“Niall let’s not talk about this.” I tell him,
“Why?” he asks looking at me,
“Because I don’t know what to say,” I tell him,
“Tell me the truth.” He says,
“I don’t know what the truth is anymore.” I say and he looks at me,
“Whys that?”
“Because of you.” I admit and he raises his eyebrows,
“I can’t let my guard down because I know you’re going to hurt me but in another way I know you’re going to hurt me but I wouldn’t mind and that’s the stupid side of me saying that.” I tell him honestly and he looks at me,
“I wouldn’t hurt you, I haven’t ever done that nor will I ever.” He says leaning his forehead against mine,
“Not physically but verbally and emotionally you’ve done it more than once.” I sigh looking at his beautiful blue eye,
“I don’t mean to.” He explains,
“Then why do you keep doing it?” I question
“Because no one else can make me as fucked up as you can.” He tells me and I smirk,
“In a good way?’ I question.
“You tell me.” he smirks and smashes his lips against mine in one quick motion.
Soon my fingers run through his hair as he moves me closer to him but our lips never detach. He slips his tongue into my mouth something that feels foreign to me and new, he groans as we kiss and he pulls away slowly but still leads his forehead onto mine.
“Lay down.” He slowly says,
“Niall-“before I can finish my sentence he interrupts,
“I’m not planning to do that unless you want to?’” he smirks and I shake my head
“I want to do something else.” He explains and I look at him,
“Like what?” I ask,
“Just trust me.” he says and I lay down on the blanket and he smiles down at me.
     He moves his body over me and puts his elbows down on both sides of him to support himself and then he dips down and begins to kiss me again, I pull him closer to me as he slips his tongue into my mouth, soon enough he begins to move from my lips to my neck, leaving sloppy kisses over the area, and softly biting as he reaches my color bone he sucks making me moan in satisfaction.
I have never felt or even done this with anyone before, the feeling of warmth and satisfaction is overbearing. I can see a smirk pull onto nialls face as he hears me moan for him. He looks up to my face,
“Baby that’s not even the good part yet.” He tells me,
The way he calls me baby makes me melt inside, I look at him not trusting my voice that I know will be shaky. He lowers himself down towards my lower half slowly.
He lowers my gray sweatpants down a bit and my skin is exposed to the cool nip of the air but soon the coldness is warmed by the feeling of nialls lips pressing against the skin and soon I feel his fingers slip into my simple white underwear and come close to my area. 
 he looks at me and I nod at him wanting to have him closer to me, though I wish I would of wore nicer underwear considering niall has been with so many girls- before I can finish my thought I feel a finger inside me and a squeak comes from my lips as the feeling is unfamiliar and new like most of the things that are happening right now, he removes his finger from my clit and looks at me,
“Do you want me to continue?’ he asks and I nod my head,
“Baby I promise it will feel good once you get used to it.” He tells me and the way he calls me baby once again makes everything inside me melt and I nod my head again.
He goes back down to my area and sticks a finger inside of it, I suck in a breathe and then he begins to pump slowly making it feel uncomfortable but slowly it begins to feel good and I relax a bit squeezing my eyes shut, soon a moan falls from my lips and niall smiles at me,
“Look at me.” he commands and I open my eyes and look at his sinful eyes looking right into mine.
“Do you like that?” he asks,
“yes.” I moan and he smiles more
“Your so wet baby.” He moans.
I feel another finger slip inside of me,
“do you want me to go faster?” he asks and I nod my head eagerly feeling my whole body heat up and want more of him,
“Tell me then.” He smirks and I groan and shake my head,
“Come on baby.” He says slowing down his pumping to a tortuous pace making me want to kill him,
“Faster, please.” I beg and he smirks and begins to pump his fingers in and out of at a rapid pace making me reach a high I have never felt in my life and I watch niall as he watches me.
Moans and groans leave my lips as he quickens his pace,
“You’re doing so good.” he tells me and I then finally reach a point of complete bliss and soon my body falls limp and my eyes squeeze shut.
“Niall.” I groan as I feel myself let out something onto nialls fingers.
“Niall slips his fingers out of me and I open my eyes to see him slip his fingers in his mouth sucking off the cum that came from me,
“You taste so sweet.” He comments making me blush.
He moves my underwear back in place and pulls up my sweatpants and then lays next to me and looks at me,
“How did that feel?’ he asks,
“amazing.” I blush and he wraps his arms around my body,
“Has anyone ever done that to you? “He asks, I shake my head,
“Good I want to be the only one.” He says and I nod my head and move my head onto his chest.
I tremble before I say “what can I do for you?” he smirks,
“Nothing, I know you’re not ready for that yet.” He smirks and I shake my head,
“Well it’s not fair that you only pleasured me.” I say and he shakes his head,
“Baby being able to watch you crumble under my touch did enough for Me.” he says,
“Where did baby come from?’ I ask suddenly and he looks at me,
“You don’t like it?” he asks,
“No I love it but you’ve never called me that before.” I say
“That’s because I’ve never been able to.” He says and I nod my head and snuggle closer to him,
“Are you cold?” he asks me,
“A little.” I answer and he wraps me closer to his chest.
“Thank you.” I say and he nods.
We both look up at the sky to see the sun is starting to go down.
“We both should probably be getting back.” Niall tell me, and I nod my head,
“What time is it?” I ask,
“Almost five.” He says and I nod sighing.
 Niall unwraps his arms from my body and I sit up as well as he does the same. I adjust my hair a bit and pull my sweats higher onto my legs. I stand up and take one last look around the beautiful area as niall wraps up the blanket,
“Ready?” he asks and I nod,
“yup.” I yawn beginning to follow him between the trees,
“Niall?” I call and he turns around,
“Yes?” he asks
“You want to give me a piggy back the rest of the way?” I ask with pouting eyes and he stares at me,
“Why?’ he asks,
“Because I’m tired and don’t want to walk.” I say and he groans,
‘”fine.” He says,
“Really?” I ask and he nods his head,
“Thank you.” I say as he bends down so I can jump on his back.
I jump onto his back and wrap my arms around his neck, legs around his waist and lean my head on his shoulder as he continues to walk over his car only a few meters away.
“This was nice.” I tell him,
“It was.” He smirks and I laugh,
“are you comfortable?’ he asks me,
“Very, actually.” I say and he shakes his head and I smile.
We reach his car and I jump off his back and go to the passenger seat and open the door and jump inside while niall places the blanket in the back seat.
Soon he joins me in the front and turns the car on along with the heat. He turns on the 1975 album and I quietly hum as we drive back to my hotel.
“Are you happy you came with me?” niall asks as we reach closer to the hotel,
I nod, “I think so.” I say and he smiles.
Soo enough we reach the hotel and I open the car door,
“Bye I will see you tomorrow.” I tell him,
“bye.” He says with a slight smile,
I close the car door and run inside of the warm hotel lobby, not ready to face all the questions that would be asked once I get back to my room. Here we go.



SO guys I know I haven't updated in a while but school has really got me busy but I hope you all like this chapter and I was just wondering if you guys liked how the smut scene was written or do you want it more dirty  by the way writing that smut scene was so awkward and  feel like I have to bathe in holy water.






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