i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


40. chapter 37


~~As I finish my goal for the night, Audrey us laying on her bed with her head dangling off,
“Can the girls come over now? “She sighs,
For the past few hours since Audrey got home she’s wanted to invite our friends over but I told her to wait until I finished my homework so she keeps asking me because she is bored out of her mind.
“Yup I finished my stuff today so they can come over.” I smile standing up from my bed and stretching my muscles a bit,
“YES!” she exclaims whipping out her phone and I laugh.
I walk to the kitchen to get myself a cup of water. I take a glass from the cupboard and then put it under the sink to fill it up. I watch as the water reaches the brim of the glass and then I close the water taking a gulp.
My hair was in a messy bun from yesterday and now that I’m examining my outfit, I look like a slob. I’m wearing an old baggy stripped top with some baggy black sweat pants, I look like a potato in all honesty but only Hanna, Amber and Taylor are coming over and considering they’ve known me for years now I think they can expect how I’m dressed.
I walk over to the couch and sit on the couch with my water still in my hands. Audrey walks out of our room,
“They should be here in ten minutes.” She beams and I nod,
“What are we going to do?” I ask and Audrey shrugs looking out the window,
“Well actually considering its raining out I think we should just stay inside and watch a movie or something.” Audrey then adds and I nod,
“That’s a good idea, what movie?” I ask,
“I don’t know we will check Netflix.” She suggests and I nod.
Audrey turns on the television and the PS4 and goes to the little Netflix app and then the there’s a knock at the door.
“I got it.” I tell her placing my water on the little coffee table and walking over to the door.
As soon as I open the door I am engulfed in hugs,
“I feel like I haven’t seen you for weeks.” I hear Hanna say and I smile at her comment.
Soon everyone lets go of me and I smile up at them.
“Come in!” I tell them and they slip off their shoes and go over to Audrey to greet her.
As we all get comfortable on the couches Audrey says,
“So what movie should we watch?”
“I have an idea!” Amber announces,
“The spectacular now, I swear it’s one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while.” She says.
Everyone agrees and Audrey finds it and flips it on.
“So what’s been happening in this room?” Taylor smirks and Audrey laughs along with me,
“Well there’s been some movie watching times, scavenging for food to eat and not much more than that.” I say and Audrey scoffs,
“Oh shut up, where’s the, “oh ya niall came to our room and asked me on a date part?”” Audrey asks and I was planning to not tell the others about that but because of stupid Audrey here I think I’m going to have to,
“What!?” Hanna yells loudly and I shake my head,
“Nothing happened really, it was no big deal.” I explain and Audrey scoffs again and I roll my eyes at her,
“Audrey do you have something to add?” I ask her and she smirks,
“Well he came into our hotel angrily-“before she finishes I cut in,
“Louis asked Audrey on a date did you know that?” I ask with a smirk and everyone adverts their eyes from me to her,
“No… what? Isn’t he dating Eleanor?” Amber questions and Audrey groans,
“It was when they were broken up I told him no and then a few days after him and Eleanor got back together.” She explains and they nod and interrogates Audrey instead of me,
“Do you like him?” Taylor asks and Audrey furrows her eyebrows,
“I don’t know I think I need time to get over josh before I jump into a new relationship.” She explains,
“I didn’t ask you if you were going to date him, I asked you if you liked him.” Taylor says with a raise of an eyebrow and Audrey shrugs,
“Well he’s really sweet, and I love being around him but I don’t know right now.” She says and it’s my turn to scoff,
“The way you talk about him to me seems like your fond of him.” I say and Amber laughs,
“You know what maybe I do alright, but like I said before I’m not going to do anything with them I need time.” She explains and everyone nods.
“So that whole niall situation, what’s going on with that?” Hanna asks and I shrug,
“It’s not even a situation anymore.” I tell her,
“Anymore?” Amber questions,
“Yes anymore, he asked me out and I it was stupid of me but I said yes but it’s cancelled now.” I explain and everyone looks at me weirdly expect Audrey,
“What?” I question,
“Why is it cancelled?” Taylor ask and I shake my head,
“I rather not talk about this, why don’t we talk about maybe something different?” I suggest,
“No, Amelia what happened?” Amber then asks and I sigh,
“I realized who he was.” I explain not wanting to say anymore,
“Alright how about we talk about you guys now?” Audrey suggests,
“Well we have done nothing really, we are either with you and the boy or in our room.” Hanna shrugs and we nod,
“Well let’s just watch the movie then?” Audrey asks,
“Actually why don’t we play head bands on my phone?” I then suggest and everyone agrees.
I stand up from the couch,
“I will be back!” I exclaim,
 Running over to my room, I grab my phone from my bed. I then run back to them and sit down and unlock my phone while touching the app,
“Alright who wants to go first?” I ask,
“I will!” Audrey exclaims and I toss the phone to her,
“Alright we are doing animals.” She says and we all nod and then she begins.
After acting out as lions, monkeys, tigers, fish, birds as well as awfully acting out sloth’s, grasshoppers and a hawks we decide that we have played enough of the game  and it’s time to just cool down from the intense app.
I feel a vibration come from my phone and I check it,
Niall- I’m coming, come to the parking lot of the hotel.
Amelia- why are you doing that?
Niall- you’re going on that date with me.
Amelia- no
Niall- I’m two minutes away be ready.
I groan frustrated, I’m not going, no matter what he says, I can’t go.
Time ticks by and I am anxious to hear the bang at the door I know will be from niall. My fingers fidget with my loose shirt and my eyes lock onto the action,
“Amelia is everything alright?” Taylor asks me, I look up at her and force a smile,
“Ya everything’s perfect.” I lie and she nods diverting her eyes back to the movie.
I begin to try and watch the movie too but then I hear the knocking I hoped would not come,
“Its niall, no one answer.” I tell them and they nod,
“Why?” amber asks,
“He’s trying to get me to go on that date.” I say and she nods.
Soon enough there’s another loud *thump* from the door and I glance over,
“Amelia!” I hear him call from behind the door but I block it out. 
“I’m not leaving until you answer, you know, I’m just going to sit outside here and wait!” he calls and I sigh.
“Maybe you should go talk to him?” Hanna suggests and I nod my head,
“I guess your right I can’t just ignore him.” I groan standing up and redoing my hair into a more suitable looking high pony tail. I shove on my cream Toms and take a deep breath and let it out as I open and shut the door.
“Niall, what are you doing?”  I sigh and he looks at me, he looks a bit dazed and his eyes are glossy with red around them, the only explanation is he’s drunk,
“What do you mean, what am I doing?” he questions,
“You fuckin cancelled on me four hours before our thing happened!” he grumbles,
“Thing?” I question,
“Don’t make me say it.” He glares and I nod,
“Why were you drinking?” I ask and he groans,
“None of your business.” He snaps and I nod my head not wanting to test his limits,
“I can call harry over to pick you up if you’d like?” I suggests and he shakes his head standing up from the floor,
“No I came here to take you out.” He fumbles and I shake my head,
“Well you’re too drunk for that.” I tell him,
“Why won’t you just go with me?” he slurs and I shrug my shoulders,
“I don’t want to talk about it when you’re this drunk.” I tell him and he scoffs,
“Tell me.” he says darky leaning closer into me making me step back,
“I had plans I told you before.” I say,
“Bullshit, why don’t you want to do something with me?” he asks,
“I wasn’t thinking straight yesterday, I’m not ready for anything.” I say and he shakes his head,
“It’s like you don’t get anything.” He groans,
“I tried to do something nice but you being the prissy bitch you are took advantage!” he begins to yell and I panic,
“Lower your voice there are other people on this floor.” I tell him and he shakes his head,
“I don’t care they can all fuck themselves!” he yells even louder and I sigh,
“Please can you go?” I ask him not wanting to be near him,
“Why?” he asks,
“Because I’m not going to stand here and listen to your drunken talk and I’m not going to let you keep screaming rude things at me.” I state and he scoffs,
“Just tell me.” he says looking at me with those blue eyes and I groan,
“Did you sleep with Jaden yesterday?” I come out and ask and I catch him shocked for only a brief second before he recovers,
“no.” he says simply,
“You’re lying.” I tell him,
“That’s why I’m not going on a date with you because you can’t even tell me the truth when someone saw you.” I tell him,
“We fuckin kissed a bit that’s it. Stop overreacting.” He groans and I shake my head,
“How do you want me to react?” I question,
“Not care at all?”
“We aren’t dating or anything it shouldn’t matter!” he yells and I shake my head,
“How don’t you see that doing something like that can hurt someone?” I ask already feeling that ache in my stomach from the information,
“Because we aren’t dating or anything so it shouldn’t matter if I kiss anyone.”
“Then what do you see for us niall?” I ask frowning,
“Am I just going to be someone you play with? How do I even know if you remotely care for me when you kissed another girl after you asked me out, what do you want me to think!” I exclaim raising my voice only a bit feeling like I want to cry but I won’t, I won’t give him the satisfaction of my tears,
His hard face seems to soften a bit when he says,
“I do stupid shit sometimes but I never mean to hurt you ever.” He tells me and I shake my head,
“Your drunk and you’re lying to me.” I argue and he shakes his head,
“I have sobered up a bit from yelling.” He says and I shake my head,
“How do I know?” I ask and he shrugs,
“My slurs are a bit better.” He mumbles and I shake my head,
“I don’t think I can say anything else, please can you just go.” I choke out a bit and he looks at me for a minute,
“Amelia…” he starts but I stop him,
“Like you said before we are nothing so let’s just leave it alone.” I tell him,
“I don’t want to leave it alone, I’m sorry okay?” he asks stepping closer to me and moving his thumb to my cheek and wiping of a tear I didn’t know had even fallen,
“You’re not sorry.” I tell him not moving his hand,
“I don’t say sorry often so please just believe me, I don’t mean to hurt you, yesterday was just a stupid thing for me to do.” He says rubbing his eye with one hand and I nod knowing that since the start of our argument he has sobered up tremendously.
“Okay.” I simply say I don’t forgive him but some part of me wants to give him another chance,
“If you want I still have that….date planned.” He smirks and I shake my head,
“I’m not in going out clothes.” I argue and he shakes his head taking my wrist into his large hands,
“That’s alright just come.” He says with pleading eyes and I can’t help but say,
A smile spreads on his lips as he leads me towards the lobby and to his expensive black car.
I set myself in the passenger seat and niall takes driver and we listen to the soft sound of the 1975 and it makes me smile a bit knowing he had gotten there cd from when we talked before.


~~Hey guys so I finally updated! I know it isn’t perfect but I really wanted to put something up so thank you for being so patient with me! I hope you enjoy the chapter and have fabulous days! Love you all!



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