i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


38. chapter 36

~~I wake up to the sound of pacing assuming its Audrey, I groan quietly feeling exhausted I think I only fell asleep a couple hours ago and being awoken from my short slumber had to be one of the worst feelings. I sit up and see Audrey rummaging through her drawers,
“What are you doing?” I yawn getting her attention, she turns to face me,
“Oh sorry I’m getting ready for a lunch date with Louis and Eleanor.” She explains and I nod my head,
“Is this your first time meeting her?” I ask and Audrey shakes her head,
“No she ended up dropping by the party yesterday.” She shrugs,
“What’s your thoughts on her?” I then follow up and Audrey shrugs,
“She’s sweet I guess but I don’t think she cares too much about Louis.” I raise an eyebrow,
“What do you mean? “
“Well she doesn’t appreciate Louis, she treats him like a dog she seems to expect too much from him she kept demanding things from him.” She explains and I nod,
“Does Louis love her?” I ask and a frown takes Audrey face,
“He adores her you can see it in his stupid eyes. He looks at her likes she’s the only girl in the room. He does everything she asks, and even when I can tell that he’s annoyed with her he still gives her all his attention.” She sighs making me frown,
I stand up from bed and wrap my arms around her swiftly,
“Don’t worry too much about it alright? He obviously didn’t adore her all that much considering he asks you on a date once they broke up.” I reason and she nods her head, and I step back,
“Your right I was the one who said no to Louis so why am I complaining?” she then smiles,
“It’s mostly my fault they got back together because if I agreed to that date this wouldn’t be happening, I just got to let it happen.” She adds and I nod,
“Yup him and Eleanor won’t last long, I promise.” I tell her and she nods pulling out a light blue flowy tank top,
“What do you think of this?” Audrey asks holding up the shirt,
“I like it, if you have your black jeans with the knee rips that would look good with it.” I tell her and she thinks for a minute before her eyes light up,
“Your right!” she says in realization while looking through her drawers for the pants I chuckle as she finds the pants,
“So let’s get off the subject of Louis and Eleanor and focus on you for a moment, how are you feeling?” she then asks and I shrug,
“Well I think I got over that 24 hour flu thing so I feel pretty good today.” I tell her and he gives me a puzzled look,
“What about the niall thing?” she asks and the little sliver of hope that it was just a dream vanishes in mere minutes, and a small frown seems to come over me before I wipe it away,
“I was hoping it was just some sick dream, guess not.” I sigh and Audrey shakes her head,
“What are you going to do about the whole date thing?” she then follows up and I shrug,
“My best option is to just cancel on him.” I say and Audrey gives me a strange look,
“You’re not going to confront him?” she questions and I shake my head,
“I mean if it comes up I will but I don’t think I should otherwise he will just make up an excuse.” I shrug and she nods,
“Well tonight we should have a girl’s night then, I will text the girls later and tell them to come by.” She states and I nod,
“That sounds like a great idea.” I tell her with a small smile and she nods,
“Now if you excuse me I got to finis getting ready I’m leaving in approximately twenty minutes and I have nothing together.” Audrey says and I laugh,
“Go right ahead.” I tell her and she smiles heading to the washroom.
I go back to my bed and pull out my laptop. I look through my emails and notice one from my high school, I click it to see that my online writing course I took for extra credit is starting today, and I sigh and press the link to the website.
Before I begin to explore my assignments I decide to first text Niall cancelling our plans so at least he can make new plans for himself. I scroll through my contacts noticing I don’t even have him in it, I sigh why don’t I have his number?
“Audrey!” I call and she pops her head out from the washroom,
“Yes?” she answers,
“You have Louis number right?” I ask and she nods,
“Can you text him and ask for nialls number for me?” I ask,
“Ya sure but you really don’t have his number?” she question and I shake my head,
“I thought I did but apparently I don’t, I don’t think I have any of the boys number, I guess ive never asked.” I shrug and she sighs,
“Here do it yourself.” She says tossing her phone to me and I smile and catch it.
I go on her messages and compose a new text to Louis,
Amelia- Hey Louis this is Amelia, I was just wondering if you could send me nialls number.
Louis- Hey Amelia! Here you go 2892357125 you text that boy up! 
 I shake my head with a giggle and type his number into my contacts.
I begin to write the text message,
Amelia-Hey its Amelia, I have to cancel our date tonight, things came up.
I stand up to put Audrey’s phone on her bed and then return back to my own. I look down at my phone to see niall has replied,
Niall- I know it’s you and what kind of things came up?”
I decide its best not to answer him though I have no idea how he knows my number, I will ask him about that another time right now all I want to do is not contact him in anyway and I don’t want him to get any ideas.
I place my phone down again and begin to start my course forgetting about niall and focusing on writing a reflection for the first chapter of Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice. Audrey steps out of the bathroom and grabs her phone,
“Bye Amelia I’m late!” she exclaims rushing,
“Have a nice time!” I shout as she begins to run out the front door.
I chose to take a break from my assignments to go to the kitchen to get a snack realizing I haven’t eaten yet and its 12.
As I reach the kitchen I decide the best thing to eat would be the donuts that somehow appeared in the fridge, I guess Audrey must have picked some up this morning or something. Anyway I take two good looking donuts and grab a glass of water and head back to my bed.
I place the water on the bed side and begin to eat my first donut I decide that while I eat my donuts I should watch some YouTube to entertain myself though I know its procrastinating at its best something I suffer from tremendously. As I take the last bite of my first donut I grab m other one and take a bite of that, savoring the flavor. I eat it extra slow knowing after I finish it I will have to get back to my course.
Once the donut disappears I close the tab and get back to my course. I think tonight I need to at least finish three assignments before I decide to do anything else/ before all the girls come over. I got to focus but I find it hard when I have so many things going through my mind, it feels like I’ve been reading the same passage of Pride and Prejudice forever though I can’t seem to understand it at all.
I pick up my phone and look at it to see a ton of texts from niall,
Niall- why won’t you answer me?
Niall- Amelia?
Niall- AMELIA!
Niall- you can’t just cancel our plans without giving me a reason on why you can’t come.
I groan at his texts, cant he see I don’t want to go! Why doesn’t he ask the girl he was kissing to go on a date because she must have been something for him to go ask me on a date then decide to go make out with a girl.
I can’t keep thinking about it, I got to finish these assignments. I turn my phone off and relax my mind and read more knowing I will have to make a character chart for assignment two and then read and write a reflection on chapter two and add characters to assignment two.
As I flip through online pages I hear the hotel door open and I yell,
“Hey Audrey!”
Then who I rightly guess to be Audrey strolls into our room,
“Hey!” she smiles at me,
“How was your lunch?” I ask,
“It was good I got this bacon sandwich thing and it was delicious.” She beams and I scoff,
“I’m glad your food was god but how was Eleanor and Louis?” she shrugs,
“It was okay Eleanor was asking me about josh most of the time while Louis tried to change the subject but failed.” She explains and I furrow my eyebrows,
“How does Eleanor know about josh?” I ask,
“ well she asked me if I was in a relationship and I told her I recently got out of one and she became very nosy and kept asking questions about why we broke up so I just told her we weren’t working but she wouldn’t take it.” Audrey says and I shake my head,
“That was your first time talking about josh to someone.” I tell her and she nods,
“How did you feel? Was it easy?” I ask,
“I felt numb, I felt like every word I said cut me deeper and deeper until I couldn’t feel anything. It felt like I was just telling some made up story because I keep thinking that josh didn’t do that, he couldn’t do that but he did.” she sighs and I give her a sad smile,
“Well at least you’re able to talk about it now without crying. I remember when it first happened you couldn’t talk to me and when you screamed at the T.V you cried so obviously you have progressed.” I explain and she nods,
“I know that it just that I’m so scarred that I will never be able to get over him Amelia, I spent two years with him loving him but I don’t even know if he loved me as much as I loved him because he was with someone else.” She says and I frown,
“I don’t even know why it bothers me that Louis is dating Eleanor because if they weren’t I wouldn’t be able to date Louis because of this josh thing you know? Until today I never had one thought of josh but talking about him today opened my eyes.”
“Audrey I think right now you shouldn’t worry about anyone but yourself. I think that if you take some time for yourself and have a little fun time will help opened my eyes.”
“Audrey I think right now you shouldn’t worry about anyone but yourself. I think that if you take some time for yourself and have a little fun, time will help you with this all.” I tell her and she nods.
Audrey’s phone then buzzes and he takes it out and looks at it and a small smile crosses her lips,
“It’s Louis.” She simply says,
“What did he say?”
“He just texted me saying sorry for Eleanor’s questions today.” She starts and then a small smile crosses her face,
“And he said that no girl as kind and sweet as me should have had to go through what I did with him, not to mention he called Josh a complete idiot for everything.” She says and I smile,
“That was nice of him.” I smile and she nods,
“Ya it was.” She nods putting her phone away,
“So what have you been up to?” she asks me and I shrug,
“Well I signed up for this writing course so I can get a head start with grade 12 writing so I’ve been working on that mostly.” I tell her and she laughs,
“Only you would do something like that.” She sighs and I laugh,
“I regret it in all honesty but I need to get back to it so give me like half an hour and we can come back to this conversation.” I explain and she laughs,
“Alright I think I am going to change into comfy clothes then take a nap for a bit.” Audrey says walking to her drawers and I nod my head.
I go back to my course and as minutes go by it feels like hours but I still manage to submit two activities to the teacher on time.


hey guys so last chapter got a pretty good response but I think this one can do even better though I know this is a filler chapter I promise next chapter will have more to it so the goal for this one is 65 favs and 40 likes and it would be awesome if you all commented more or whatever and I hope you all have the best day! <3

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