i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


37. chapter 35

~~I wake up to Audrey hitting my shoulder, I rub my eyes and hit her back on the arm,
” what do you want?” I yawn,
“the girls and the guys are coming over in a bit, just thought you may want to hang out with us.” Audrey shrugs and I stretch my arms out,
“maybe, im not feeling the greatest right now so I might come and join you guys in like half an hour or so.” I tell her feeling a small ache in my head,
“Alright sounds good, hope you feel better.” Audrey smiles and I nod.
She goes towards the door and as she’s about to open it she turns back to me,
“By the way I hope you don’t still hate me from before, I don’t take back anything that I said but if you’re sure about this then I guess I’ll learn to live with it.” She says with a slight smile, I smile in return of her words,
“thank you.” I tell her and she smiles,
“Don’t mention it.” She says as she opens up the bedroom door and walks out.
I stay in bed and my headache seems to worsen, I groan and take the cup of water next to me and take a sip from it. I pull my blankets higher up to my chest and grab my phone from the bed side table and unlock it. I go on Instagram and look at what my classmates were doing but nothing excited me much.
I began to feel dizzy and decided my phone was not a good option. I sit up in bed and lay my back on the bed border and sigh. What is happening to me?
I think sleeping may be helpful so I decide to close my eyes, but to much fail, I cannot fall asleep and to make matters worse I am beginning to overheat as well. I think I have caught something because I don’t think hangovers are like this.
I place my hand on my forehead to not be surprised that I was burning up. I rip off all my blankets and rub my face. I take out my phone and call harry knowing he’s coming here soon.
The phone rings twice and then I finally hear the goofball’s voice,
“Hey Amelia how are you?” he greets
“Very sick right now so can you please bring me some sort of flu medicine or something, I would very much appreciate it.” I say and harry chuckles,
“Well I’m glad you’re interested in my life.” He says,
“Sorry I just feel awful and I’m sweaty but cold and it’s a very messy situation but how are you harry?” I ask
“ I’m fantastic thanks for asking and ill be by your hotel in like fifteen minutes so just hang in there, I’m on my way to the store now, be there soon.” He says
“harry you are my lifesaver.” I tell him
“I get that a lot.” He says and I can practically see his signature smirk
“Well I better go because I feel like I’m going to vomit so I’ll see you soon?” I say having the pressing feeling in my stomach,
“Ya of course.” He says and with that I hang up the phone.
I can’t seem to find a comfortable position on this bed and my stomachs contents still have not made their way back out into the world. I feel worse and I have seemed to develop a scratchy throat, err I hate this. I may even have to cancel my date with niall tomorrow if I am still in this condition.
Thinking about him now, I wonder what he’s doing right now. I know he’s at a party which shouldn’t make me nervous but it does, knowing that he’s probably with Jaden makes me uneasy though it shouldn’t matter because he is not mine but why would he be with Jaden when he asked me on a date. I should just stop thinking about this.
Ten minutes passed and there was a knock at my bedroom door, I heard the front door open so I assume harry is here.
“Come in!’ I call
Harry then walks in with a plastic bag in his hand,
“Wow you look awful today.” He says pulling a face and I roll my eyes,
“Thanks that’s what every girl wants to hear when she’s sick.” I tell him, he laughs
“I’m sorry I brought you some flu medicine.” He then smiles,
He looks through the bag and takes out a small bottle and walks up to my bed and gives it to me, I take it gratefully,
“Thank you so much.” I say opening the bottle and swallowing one with water. Harry takes a seat on my bed,
“How are you now?” he asks
“Still awful I don’t think the pill is working.” I groan and harry chuckles,
“I don’t think any medicine works in ten seconds.” He says
“True but I’m dying and I hate feeling sick, is my face red?” I ask and harry nods as I groan.
“Harry you do know you don’t have to be here, I can manage on my own and besides I don’t want to get you sick.” I then tell him and he shakes his head
“Don’t worry about it, I’m fine. I almost never get sick.” He smiles and I nod,
“It’s not my fault if I get you sick.” I tell him and he smiles,
“So any who how’s your day been going?” he asks and I shrug,
“well it started off quite weird because niall came over here and we talked a bit, then he left I took a nap, woke up and felt awful and that a catch up to now, how was yours?” I ask him,
“Wait niall came over here? What did he say?” harry asks
I know I don’t want to tell harry what niall confessed to me because I feel like that’s not my place to say what he told me and i don’t even know my position with niall right now, sure he asked me on a date and all but maybe he doesn’t want people to know? Thinking like this makes my head ache more so I just decide to say,
“He just came by to tell me he was sorry for being rude to me.” I say half telling the truth and harry nods,
“Well that’s a first for him.” I hear harry whisper under his breath,
“What do you mean?” I ask and harry looks at me,
“He’s never really said sorry to anyone no matter how rude he can get.” He says and I nod my head, flattered but confused that Niall decided to apologize to me of all people,
“Anyway no more about him, what have you been up to?” I ask him and he shrugs
“Not much really, I’ve been catching up with my family, today my sister came over and we went out for lunch.” He smiles,
“You have a sister?” I ask “what’s her name?” harry smiles,
“Gemma, she’s older than me though I’m taller.” He says proudly and I laugh,
“Tell me more about your family.” I say now interested and harry nods
“Well I just have a sister my mum is a sweet lady I’ve always been close to her, my dad has been in and out of my life but even though I didn’t see him much when I was young we are still close and my step dad Robin is a good guy makes my mum happy and basically raised me during the age of nine and up.” He says,
“Your family seems very sweet.” I tell him and he nods.
My headache seems to disappear with the simple conversation but then my throat becomes raw and I begin to cough… I don’t think I’m getting any better.
“Amelia, you okay, would you like me to make you a cup of tea?” he asks concern and I respond in a cough,
“You know I’ll take that as a yes.”  He says standing up and walking out of the room.
I begin to feel myself choke and my hand fly over my mouth as my breaths come out rigid, I hate being sick I really do. I grab the luke warm water from my bed side and take a sip from it but it only helps for a few seconds before I find myself unable to hold in the cough. Minutes later Harry rushes over to me with a cup of tea in his hand as he gives me the mug, I straighten myself up before drinking the smooth hot beverage,
“Did it help?” Harry asks with worry on his features, I nod my head in response as I chug down half the cup and then place it down, I cough once more and I don’t have the urge to cough again,
“Thank you that helped a lot.” I tell him,
“No problem I figured I didn’t just want to sit here as you seemed to be dying.” He tells me and I laugh,
“So everyone else has decided to go to a party in a bit, do you feel up to it?” he asks me and I scoff,
“After having a coughing fit like that who knows what this flu will do to me next so I better pass, but you should go with them.” I tell him and he shakes his head,
“Its fine I wouldn’t want you to cough some more and no one be here.” He tells me and I shake my head,
“No it’s a Friday night and we are only in England for two more night so go have fun with everyone, in all honesty I will probably sleep for the rest of the night and maybe watch some Netflix.”  I tell him and he looks at me with for a minute unsure,
“Are you sure?” he asks and I nod,
“Come on look at you in a low button up shirt with your skinny black jeans you look like you’re ready to party.” I say raising an eyebrow trying to convince him he laughs,
“Amelia come on if we are being honest here when don’t I look flawless?” he ask boasting and I scoff,
“Alright now you’re pushing it.” I laugh and he does too.
I take another sip from my tea and then begin to wonder where the heck he got the bag of tea from,
“Hey harry, where did you get this bag of tea from?” I ask him furrowing my eyebrows and he shrugs
“I don’t know.” He says sounding strange and I look at him,
“Really you don’t know?” I ask and he shakes his head
“Come on harry, where did you find this tea bag? Did you find it in a very sketchy place?” I ask worried now that my tea bag was found in a trash can or something, he laughs,
“No I got it from my car.” He quickly says,
“Your car?” I question,
“Ya I like to keep some tea in there because sometimes people run out of tea when I go places and I think is man I wish I had some tea so I now keep a box in my cr.” He explains and I laugh,
“You know that news would surprise me with anyone else but harry it really doesn’t surprise me with you, your one strange soul.” I laugh and he groans,
“I just like my tea alright? And also strange soul? What is that supposed to mean?” he asks with his eyebrows furrowed and I just laugh at his expression.
Before I can answer his question Liam interrupts with his voice coming from the other room,
“We are heading out to the party would either of you like to join?” he calls,
“I am coming!” harry responds and stands up from the edge of my bed,
“Hopefully you get better soon and I will see you later.” He tells me waving,
“Bye hope you have a good time tonight.” I smile at him as he reaches the door and pulls it open.
He gives me one more glance before walking out of my room and soon later I hear the front door of the hotel close and I know I am now home alone.
My headache isn’t as bad anymore though I do feel very strange and still kind of off. I stand up from bed and head over to the kitchen to grab something to eat. As I stumble out of my room my vision begins to clear up and I yawn wiping my eyes and stretching. I go to the kitchen and decide to order room service because I am starving and I’m too sick to even try to put something together. I grab the menu from on top of the fridge and look through it.
After ten minutes of looking through all the options and debating whether to have fries with a salad or pizza and fries, I decide to pick the second choice because I feel awful so why not just eat awful?  I call up the number on the menu and say my order, they tell me it will be at my room in twenty minutes and I decide to lay on the couch.
I flip on the T.V along with the ps3 attached to it. I go on Netflix and decide to watch friends to pass time. Soon I hear a knock at the door and before answering I check myself in the mirror to see I look like a disaster, I retie my hair neatly and then proceed to the door and open it to reveal a man with a tray filled with my food,
“Good evening mam.” He smiles stepping inside,
“Good evening.” I smile at him,
“Where should I place this?” he asks referring to the try
“Oh just over there.” I say pointing to the coffee table, he nods and does what I say.
“Thank you so much.” I tell him as he walks to exit the door,
“No problem mam, have a nice night.” He smiles,
“You too, don’t work too hard.” I tell him as he exits the room and closes the door behind him.
 I sit back on the couch and take off the top of my food and grab the greasy cheese pizza first stuffing my face with it and moaning in satisfaction from the amazing taste. I press play on friends and sing along to the theme song and laugh along with the show. I eat my pizza and I have to say I feel a lot better now than an hour ago. I continue to munch on my pizza and pop a few fries in my mouth savoring the taste, I don’t think I’ve eaten much today in all honesty. As I pop the last fry in my mouth and wipe my mouth with the napkin I get up and walk to my room to grab my phone and a blanket and then I head back for the couch.
Hours pass and I find myself consumed in Rachel and Ross’s drama, I lay myself on the couch and snuggle the blankets as my stomach goes all over the place and I groan taking out my phone and checking Instagram to not see much, I go on my message app and decide to text Hanna,
Amelia- how’s the party going??
Hanna- it’s alright but it would be a lot better if you were here ;)
Amelia- ya I doubt that but anything fun happening?
Hanna-not much but I got to go, see you later!
I close messages and turn off my phone and decide to turn off Netflix becoming too tired. I close the T.V and the ps3 and head back into my room with my blanket and phone. I take another head ache pill to cease the throbbing in the temple of my head and lay down on my warm bed. As my eyes are about to close my phone begins to ring and I yawn and answer it without looking at caller I.D.
“Hello?” I say tiredly,
“Amelia.” It was Audrey,
“Hey what’s up? Are you having fun?” I ask her
“Ya but I just walked into something and I don’t think you will like it.” She explains and I furrow my eyebrows in confusion,
“What do you mean?” I chuckle and I hear her sigh on the other end of the phone,
“Alright so I was walking upstairs trying to find a room to sit in for a bit when I stumbled upon niall and another girl making out.” And I feel a blow to the stomach at her words,
“Are you sure it was Niall?” I ask knowing the answer,
“Amelia I’m positive, I’m sorry I just thought you should know.” She sighs and anger builds up in my chest,
“Its fine Audrey don’t say sorry, I should be sorry for earlier tonight when I got anger at you over him.” I sigh, I feel very stupid for thinking he may have not been that bad,
 “Are you still going to go on that date with him?” she asks and I think for a minute, and then run my fingers through my hair,
“I don’t know.” I sigh,
“Well don’t stress over the dick alright?” she asks and I nod my head,
“I’ve got to go Audrey, I hope you have fun tonight. “I tell her trying to sound happy but I can’t how could anyone pretend to be happy when a  guy makes you think your special and then just completely flips and makes you feel like a complete fool?
I hang up the phone and sit on my bed angrily. I throw my phone on the bed and sigh frustrated with him. Should I even be too upset by this it’s not like we are even dating or anything but why does it hurt the same?
How could a man who has lied to me through his words so many times still somehow manage to have my trust, maybe there’s a reasonable explanation for this but then again its Niall and his only motive is to mess with me because like I believed before he is just playing me and I’m letting him… but not anymore, my thoughts take over my mind preparing me for a sleepless night.
~~Authors note
Hey guys! I know I haven’t updated in literally forever and I’m so sorry about that I guess I was just trying to organize the next few chapters so updating wasn’t mandatory to me but I have missed writing for this and I swear things are soon going to pick up with Niall and Amelia very soon so I really hope you all stay to finish reading this book but there are like fifty more chapters in this before it ends. So anyway I really hope you enjoyed this chapter I know it was a bit boring but next chapter hopefully will be better and obviously something is going to happen between Amelia and Niall. My goal for this chapter is to get 65 favorites and 40 likes and if this happens I will update lot sooner then I plan and also remember to comment because I literally love reading through what you guys think and it makes me feel like I’ve got people to write for which makes me super happy! So just comment anything like if there becomes more comments in this story soon I will start asking questions for all of you oh and if any of you want me to make an updating schedule then tell me in the comments. Alright so this author’s note is getting super long so I love you all and I hope you all have amazing days!
-Annabella <3

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