i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


36. chapter 34

     “What did you want to talk to me about?” I ask as soon as he shuts the door,
      “Amelia.” He says stepping closer to me but I put my hand out,
      “Stop.” I say and he obeys my demand,
      “I’m sorry about yesterday.” He says and I wait for him to continue but he doesn’t,
      “That’s all you have to say?” I question “what did you think that you could just waltz into my hotel and say sorry and id forgive you because I’m so sick of this back and forth about nothing!” I say frustrated at him,
      “Then why do you keep letting me in?” as I’m about to answer, but he silences me with his finger “it’s because you want me, like I want you and we both fucken know that.” He says,
      “No I don’t and I know your just playing with me!” I yell “I thought I wanted you but you’ve screwed up to many times now and I got to stop.” I tell him and he steps one more step closer to me,
       “We haven’t even started.” He said,
     “And that’s exactly it! You don’t want anything with me, you want me to be your doll but I’m not like that.” I say,
 He looks at me but I look down not wanting to make eye contact with those blue eyes of his.
     “That’s why I came here.” He tells me and he lifts my chin up with his index finger“I don’t know why the fuck I can’t stop thinking about you and I need you.” He says, and I move away.
     “then stop coming back to my hotel and saying crap about everything!” I yell running my hands through my hair,
     “ I cant handle you. One moment you cant stand me then the next your saying you need me, what do you want from me niall! Just tell me already because I  am sick of this!”
     “Stop with your games and-“ he cuts me off,
     “Will you shut the hell up and let me talk?” he asks, I take a step back,
     “Fine say whatever.” I say rolling my eyes,
     “You’re not like any of the girl ive fucked with, you’re stubborn and you don’t shut up, but for fucks sake your all I can think about.” He tells me, and I shrug,
     “Then what are you going to do because I’m not being you’re sleeping buddy.” I say sternly,
     “Can you please let   me finish!” he says frustrated, I nod
     “You drive me nuts and if the only way you’ll even consider being with me is if I...” he freezes like the word are stuck in his mouth and I tap my foot impatiently,
     “fuck will you go on a date with me?” he spits out and I am taken back.
      This completely horribly rude man is asking me on a date and for some idiotic reason I have not even a single thought to turn him down but I know this can’t be true, it must be part of the game.
      “You don’t date.” I whisper,
      “ I don’t but im willing to try with you.” He explains and I smile slightly,
       “I don’t know.” I say pretending to think,
      “Fuck you.” He laughs as he kisses me hard and then pulls away and smiles slightly,
      “I guess I will.” I say,
     “good tomorrow be ready at seven.” He says,
     “is that a question or a demand?” I ask
     “it’s a demand, just be ready at 7.”
     “is there a please in that?” I tease,
     “please be ready at 7?” he corrects and I nod,
     “ill try, but can’t promise.” I shrug,
     “oh shut up, just be ready.” Niall says cracking a half smile,
     I nod, “alright I’ll be ready. This better be good.” I add
     “it will, but I got to go, I’ve got a party to go to.” Niall says,
     “Who’s party?” I ask curiously
     “frat house.” He shrugs and I nod,
     “well have fun with that.” I say as he stands near the door.
     “ya I will, see you tomorrow at 7.” He says smirking, I nod
     “bye.” I say as he walks out of my room.
     I hear the front door of the hotel close and then decide to go and see  what Audrey is up to I yawn as my feet touch the cold wood and I walk a few steps before reaching for the door knob and turning it to see Audrey resting on the couch with no Louis in sight.
      “Audrey?” I call and she looks up at me,
     “Hey, what happened in there?” she asks gesturing to the bedroom with a concerned expression,
     “Nothing really, we worked out our differences and he, he asked me to go on a date tomorrow.” I say still not able to believe that niall actually asked me the question, I’ve wanted to hear since he took me to the woods.
     “What!” Audrey yells standing up, I laugh a bit,
      “I know right.” I say
     “Amelia are you sure about this?” Audrey asks me apprehensively,
     "What do you mean?” I ask a bit hurt by her words,
     “I just don’t want him to hurt you. Your innocent, I don’t want him to corrupt you.” She says and I shake my head,
     “He won’t, you don’t know him like I do.” I tell her, and she runs her fingers through her hair,
     “Amelia, come on you barley know him. What happens if he is messing with you?” she asks and I shake my head this time,
     “I’m done talking about this, let’s just move on.” I say,
     “Fine. But you better know what you’re doing here.” Audrey says, I nod
     “I do.” I simply state,
     “I say this because I love you, and I don’t want you to get hurt you know that right?” She says but I’m still annoyed,
     “Just stay out of my life.” I say walking to my room and shutting the door.
     She knew nothing, she had no idea who he was and you do? My subconscious comes out but I ignore it. I know what niall does with other girls but like he said before I’m no other girl… right?
     I let these thoughts consume me and soon enough I become tired just because of thinking and soon my eyes slowly flutter shut.

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