i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


35. chapter 33

~~My eyes open to the feeling of my head pounding, I groan. I sit up in bed to see Audrey in the bed beside me, I don’t even remember her coming in yesterday night. A yawn escapes my lips and I stretch out my arms as I recall my night from yesterday and just the thought of all the alcohol I consumed makes my stomach knot and my headache become stronger. “Audrey?” I call to her and she groans, I step on the floor and walk over to her and take a seat on her bed “Audrey.” I say again shaking her body, her eyes squint open “what?” she groans “I need to get something off of my chest.” I tell her, my thoughts were everywhere in my mind and I just had to say them out loud, I know Audrey will think I’m such an idiot for maybe liking niall but I need to get it out of my system “what is it?” she asks sitting up and rubbing her eyes and giving her full attention to me, I then explain what happened yesterday not leaving out anything, sure at points I felt pathetic but still just telling her made me feel ten times better than before and at least my headache was starting to become tolerable. After I was done Audrey looked at me for a few minutes before saying “well I missed a lot.” I slightly laugh “you did.” I say “I think you need to not get involved in niall like I told you before, he’s no good for you.” She tells me “but-“I say immediately but she stops me “Amelia you even said yourself that you hated him. He’s not the type to have a girlfriend and you’re not going to change that.” She tells me and I look down knowing that deep down that’s really what I wanted, I wanted him to give me a shot and let me be the first girl to mean something to him but that was a hopeless dream. “Your right.” I tell her and she nods “maybe I just got to keep my distance.” I sigh and Audrey nods “that’s the spirit!” she cheers and I slightly smile until my head ache kicks in again and I groan “do we have any Advil?” I ask, Audrey shakes her head “I could call Louis and ask him to pick some up for you?” Audrey suggests and I lift an eyebrow at her “you and louis, what’s happening there?” I ask she shakes her head “last night Eleanor called him and they ended up getting back together but I still enjoy hanging out with him so this just gives him an excuse to come over.” She beams “aren’t you sad Louis and Eleanor got back together though?” I ask “of course I am she seems shady.” she explains “then why don’t you tell Louis that?” I ask “because I don’t want him to get angry at me, he loves her a lot.” Audrey says trying to sound unaffected but the small crack in her voice showed me the truth “you don’t have to be okay with this you know, at least not in front of me.” I tell her and she sighs and gives up on her act “I won’t lie it kind of hurts considering he asked me out on a date then flirted with me yesterday until Eleanor called.” She explains and I shake my head “well you know what he probably will come to his senses and realize that you’re the better choice rather than Eleanor.”  I tell her and she shakes her head “I was the one to tell him that I didn’t want a relationship but anyway ill text him.” Audrey says taking out her phone, minutes later she speaks up “he says he’ll be here in fifteen minutes. “Audrey smiles and I nod my head groaning as I feel the urge to throw up but I push it down. “So what shall we do?’ Audrey says yawning, I shrug laying down on her bed “sleep some more.” I hum as I close my eyes and Audrey scoffs ‘I can’t do that you woke me up already.” She says shoving me up and I groan “fine, let’s just watch some television or something.” I suggest and Audrey nods stretching out her arms as she throws her legs over the side of the bed and stands up.  I get off her bed and head to the living room and plop down on the couch as Audrey follows.  “Do you know how to turn on the TV?” I ask her she shrugs “give me the remote and we will find out.” She says and I pass her the remote control right beside me, she takes it in her hand and examines it then presses a button and the screen shots with brightness. “Got it!” she says proud of herself “alright do you know how to change channels?” I ask and her excited face falls down “dang it!” she pouts looking down at the remote again. She presses buttons but nothing seems to happen but then the guide comes up finally. “I got it.” She smiles and I nod “good job, now what’s on?” I question looking at the TV seeing nothing that catches my attention. “Ah tinker bell is on we should watch it, remember those days when we watched them together?” Audrey questions I nod “which one of them is it?” I ask “the first one.” She tells me and I smile “sounds good.” I say and then she presses the number and a blonde fairy and her friends come on the screen. I haven’t seen this movie in ages but even now it’s still one of my favorite movies. The front door of the hotel suddenly opens and Audrey throws the tv remote in surprise and my head snaps to the door to see louis. “Hello!” he exclaims prancing in, I glance at Audrey to see her rushing to the floor to pick up the remote to change the channel. “What are you guys watching?” he asks as he takes his shoes off “nothing.” I tell him and Audrey then retrieves the remote and turns the tv off and then sits back on the couch. “Did you bring the Advil?” I ask him and he nods throwing me a bottle, “thank you.” I say turning the cap and swallowing a pill dry. Louis then comes and sits next to Audrey, “hey.” He tell her “hi.” She replies “so what were you two watching that you didn’t want me to see?” he then smirks and Audrey shakes her head “nothing.” She says and I see her move the remote slowly behind her, hiding it “really?” he asks raising an eyebrow and she nods her head “Amelia?” he questions and I shrug “who knows.” I say and Louis scoffs and grabs Audrey’s hand trying to grab the remote, “no!” she exclaims and he moves her hands and she laughs and I have to admit they look cute fighting with each other though it was making my head ache come back. “Come on please?” he asks laughing and she shakes her head, he moves his hand behind her where she put the remote “louis!” she exclaims and soon enough he has the remote “how the hell do I use this thing?” he asks staring at it and Audrey begins to reaches her arms. “As you two do this I’m going to go in my room because I feel awful.” I groan standing up and heading to my room “hope you feel better!”  Louis calls “thanks.” I call back and step inside my room and close the door. I jump on my bed and begin to scroll through my phone.

“Louis I am going to kill you!” I exclaim as I try and grab the remote before he turns on the TV to discover Amelia and I watching tinker bell because what seventeen year old girls still watch Tinkerbell? His phone then begins ringing “wait pause!” he call to me and I laugh still trying to grab the remote, louis takes out his phone from his pocket and then says “be right back in five minutes.” I nod and he stands up “can I have the remote?” I ask “not unless you tell me what you were watching.” He says putting his hand on his hip “why?” I ask “because I want to know.” He says as his phone still rings “you should probably get that now.” I tell him “oh yeah right.” He says pressing answer and putting the phone up against his ear “hey babe.” He answers it with and my heart hurts just a bit as he walks to the washroom to keep talking to who I assume is Eleanor. I take out my phone and then go on Instagram, scrolling through what’s new and then Louis walks back inside, “sorry about that Eleanor was calling about some fashion thing she wants me to come to.” He explains “wait is Eleanor a model?” I ask confused and he laughs and nods “ya but she doesn’t do much of it.” He says and I nod “anyway while outside I found the power button.” Louis says and then before I can protest Disney junior’s commercials are playing “what were you watching on Disney junior?” he asks raising an eyebrow “just some cartoons and such.” I lie and he laughs “you’re a shit liar, you know that right?” he laughs and I swat his arm “shut up.” I say and then the commercials come to an end and tinker bell begins to play again and I face palm and Louis laughs, “I was not expecting this but it’s cute I guess.” He laughs and my heart flutters at the way he calls me cute “shut up” I groan and he laughs some more and I grab the TV remote from him and turn it off. “You know I’ve been thinking.” Louis says to me and I look at him “you were thinking? Oh no this won’t be good.” I say and he smiles “anyway you should meet my girlfriend I think you two would get along well.” He says and I shrug “why me?” I ask “because we’ve become pretty good friends already.” He tells me and my blood boils inside, friends? Did he really just use the word friends? He asked me on a fricken date! I want to yell at this boy and tell him how stupid he is but instead all that comes out of my mouth is “ya I think so too.” And then he smiles. “So what should we do now?” Louis asks and I shrug my shoulders “come on!” he says and then there’s a knock at the door. I stand up and open the door to reveal niall wearing sweats and a white beanie “where’s Amelia?” he asks right away “I don’t think she wants to talk to you.” I tell him and he shakes his head “let me in.” he demands “no.” I say then Louis walks over “hey mate.” Louis says to niall but he ignores it “for fucks sake I need to talk to her.” He says “she’s sleeping.” I tell him, and he pushes through me “what is happening?” Louis asks “nothing just mind your dam business.” Niall snarls and then the bedroom door opens and out comes a tired looking Amelia “Amelia hey.” I greet “why are you here?” she ignores my question and goes straight to niall “I needed to talk to you.” He says in an unusually soft voice “we talked enough yesterday.” Amelia tells him “please.” He tell her grabbing her arm, Louis comes up to me “what is happening?” he whispers to me “I’ll tell you later.” I say and he nods. “Niall I think you should go.” I tell him and he shakes his head “please just let me talk to you.” Niall says looking at Amelia and her eyes fill with guilt and then the words “alright fine.” Fall from her lips. Amelia and niall then walk to our bedroom and Louis and I take a seat on the couch. “I can’t believe she’s doing this to herself.” I sigh “what?” Louis asks “niall has been playing with her feelings for almost a month now and he won’t stop.” I tell him “wait Amelia and niall have something going on?” Louis asks clueless and I nod “kind of.” I say and he looks shocked “well I have been missing a lot.” Louis says and I laugh.

Hey guys! So I just wanted to let you know that I think in between updating I’m going to go back to other chapters and fix the format and make it look better so the next chapter will hopefully be like that and I will slowly make the rest of the chapters like that and also I’m going to edit the story so far and all so next update may be a little late. Anyway I hope your day has been amazing and I hope your all still into I.N.S.Y.C I promise I’ll get better at updating!

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