i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


34. chapter 32

Fuck! I wasn’t even planning to come this stupid thing but fucken Jaden forced me. I didn’t know Amelia was going to be here, fuck who cares if she’s here she’s just a girl. I saw her there staring at Jaden and I kissing and I saw her in the corner of my eye looking. I pulled away from Jaden, I told her I was getting a drink and glanced at Amelia embarrassing her, she looked hot I couldn’t deny that, her dress was tight against her legs and it hugged her curves. I could see the way everyone was looking at her but I was looking at her the same way. When I got close to her I could already start to feel her tremble which made me smirk. She keeps denying me but the way she is looking at me now makes me think the innocent that rotates around her whole body had vanished into thin air. I talked to her but I could already smell the burning liquor on her tongue, she was slouching which she never did, her smile was big and large which made me feel lighter, when she’s drunk she seems to be more sassy and fierce and it was a new side of her but I liked it- what the fuck am I saying? This is not me I don’t talk about girls like this I fuck them then I move on, I don’t think of them as having a smile that made me feel lighter, what the hell does that even mean? Moments later the short brunette walks away from me and I am left with two red cups in my hand and a hell of a lot of thoughts. I need a distraction and the only thing I can think of is what I have used to distract myself throughout my life, sex. “Fuck now.” I tell Jaden already walking up the stairs, I didn’t even have to turn around I knew she would be right behind me, she was just as bad as me. I walk to the closest room and I’m delighted to see some guy didn’t lock his door. I open it and Jaden follows in moments later with a red cup in her hand. She gulps it down then begins to undress herself as I do the same. There’s no emotion behind the actions being done instead there is only boredom sure she is pleased with my work but her to me is nothing, just another girl to fuck. She tries to kiss me but I move my head not wanting her liquor filled mouth on mine. As she realizes and stay laying there waiting to come, finally I give up and stand up shoving on my clothes. “What are you doing?” Jaden groans “nothing.” I say pulling on my pants and slipping on my shirt before going down stairs. The room has gotten crowed and the sweaty drunk people stumbling around made me sick but even with the expansion of people I could still see her, her green eyes and her brown curled hair, she was with someone I could classify as Joe I had talked to him a few time and he was a lot like me, I watched as he danced with Amelia, grinding her making my blood boil. His fingers were tracing over her skin and before I could stop myself I was walking towards them. I could hear Amelia say “get off of me.” To him, he moved her dress, “you heard her let go.” I sternly tell Joe not giving a fuck about what he thought about me. He smirked at me like a challenge.  He was being difficult and Amelia seemed to be very drunk and the next thing the feeling of adrenaline kicks in and a punch is thrown at him, the feeling of my fist connecting with his nose fueled me, he tried to punch me back but I was too fast, I wanted to keep punching him but I wanted more to get Amelia away from the fuck. I grabbed her hand without her permission and dragged her up the stairs. Before I knew it I was letting her in my room somewhere I never let anyone in. I demand her to sit on my bed and she follows it without a single doubt. She rubs her neck and I feel the urge to ask “are you okay?” even  though this girl infuriates me to the maximum I still find myself worrying about her, what is wrong with me, my brain is a fucken mess. She tries to tell me she could have defended herself but we both know tats not true, it’s like she’s angry at me for helping her and I feel myself begin to get angry, I throw the truth in her face “if it wasn’t for me that guy would have had his way with you.” It quieted her from her argument because she knew I was right. I give her my water after to help her sober up and then as I give it to her I notice a bright red mark on her neck, a hickey, I am going to beat the fuck out of Joe tomorrow, “he fucken gave you a hickey,” I tell her trying to act like it didn’t bother me but it fucken did. Her face went red in embarrassment and her eyes looked at me before she began to get upset “I shouldn’t have come here.” She groaned and it made me anger to hear her say that because I told her long ago these parties went for her but being her fucken stubborn self she kept going, she shouldn’t of tried to rebel against me by dancing with joe. “You shouldn’t have danced with him.” I tell her anger seeping from the seams of me. I question her on why she drank and when she mentions harry everything inside me flips and I find it hard not to get up and punch him, I told him to stay the fuck ay from her, I know him, he would hurt her, fuck why do I even care if he hurts her? Because you like her my subconscious pitches in but I shake it out disagreeing no I want to fuck her and be the first one to do it, that’s why. As my anger spills out towards Amelia she begins to get anger, I say the things I know will hurt her but I can’t explain why, I comment on her dress that I state is too short and tell her she’s asking to be fucked with it on but really makes her look fucken perfect but still classy, then the next moment she is walking out of my room and I try to take back what I said but instead she cuts me off “don’t say that because we both know you don’t take anything back.” she barely knew me but in a sense she knew me better than most. She walked away and I wanted to go after her but I wouldn’t let myself, this girl has fucken take over my mind and I am not going to chase her, she will come back to me, like all the other girls. After fifteen minutes she still didn’t come back and my whole body was worried about her, that’s the thing about this girl she’s not just some girl she is Amelia, for the short time I have known her she drives me fucken crazy, so before even thinking I am out my door and searching for her. I see Liam and walk towards him “have you seen Amelia?” I ask him “ya uh she went outside, looked upset, why?” he asks and shrug “no reason.” “Are you the reason why she’s upset?” he asks sternly I shake my head “fuck off Liam.” I snarl and then quickly make my way outside. I immediately spot her leaning on the house wall and relief fills me “thank god you’re alright.” I sigh to her, “I’m fine.” She says with no emotion evident in her voice but disgust, “what are you doing?” I ask wanting to know why she was out in the cold summer air with just her dress, she looks me straight in the eye when she says “trying to get away from you.” She says, my body went stiff as everything inside me went cold, she makes me fucken crazy in every way and soon enough words shoot out of my mouth with no regret “I don’t even fucken know why I try to help.” She doesn’t seemed anywhere near fazed by my tone “you’re a fucken bitch sometimes.” I add trying to get any reaction from her but she does nothing and I find myself turning around and going back inside, I wish she would just agree to fuck me so I can stop having to fucken act like I give a shit about her. I went back to my room after and paced around, threw a few things then finally calmed down but she was still on my mind.
I was finally close to the hotel and I was relieved, I have walked for twenty minutes now and the thought of getting into bed is very appealing. I can see the bright hotel sign in the close distance and felt overjoyed. I continued to walk and finally I reached the front door and stepped inside. I probably looked like a mess, my hair was everywhere from the wind my high heel were in my right hand, in all I just looked like a mess. I walk to the elevator and press my floor and then wait patiently for the doors to open, when they did I turn right and as I walk to my room. As I got a sight line of my hotel room door, I did not expect niall to be sitting at the door with his phone, my blood boils at the sight of him I just want him to stay away from me. He looks up at me a few seconds later and stands up, “why are you, you said yourself I’m a bitch.” I tell him staring at him and he shakes “let me in and I’ll explain.” He says and I shake my head while taking my room card out of my pocket “no, leave.” I tell him not budging, “look” he begins but I cut him off “why are you even here?” I ask “because I couldn’t find you anywhere at the frat house and I asked Audrey where you were and she said you walked home, I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” He shrugs and I give him a confused look “why would you care?” I ask “because.” He says running his hands through his hair “because I don’t fucken know, my head is messed up but I’m sorry for what I said before okay?” he asks “why did you say it then?” I ask “because I wanted to hurt you, I know I’m fucked up.” He sigh running his hands through his hair in distress, I can’t say I feel bad for him but the look on his face makes my heart soften,  I take his arms to stop him from running his hands through his hair “you’re not screwed up.” I tell him and he stares at me “I don’t even know why the hell I’m here.” He tells me and I just look at him “Amelia I can’t get you out of my fucken mind.” He says to me and I don’t know what to reply with knowing that I can’t get him out of my mind. I unlock my hotel door and decide to let him in. As we both step inside, Niall looks at me and I look at him, I don’t know how I went from hating him to kind of understanding him “I wanted to thank you about yesterday at Ashtons.” Niall speaks up and I nod “no problem, do you remember any of it?” I ask him trying to see if he remembered telling me he loved me then taking it back “not much.” he says. He then takes off his shoes and as I begin to walk to the couch he tugs my arm turning me around and then crashes his lips on me. He pushes me on the wall and kisses me, I couldn’t deny that I felt something as my lips pressed against his. He sneaks his tongue in between my lips and I’m surprised but don’t pull away. His hands wrap around the back of my neck and I find my hands going through his blonde hair, he moves his lips away for a minute to whisper “you’re so beautiful.” Before reconnecting our lips, soon after we both pulled away needing to catch our breath. I stare up at him waiting for him to tell me he regrets it but nothing comes out of his mouth “let’s sit down ya?” he asks in that Irish accent I can’t get used to. We both sit on the couch, “so now what?” I ask he shrugs “tell me about your family.” He says yawning, I shrug “um I live with my mum and a half-sister, my dad left when I was six and I never saw him again.” I tell him “why’d he leave?” niall asks intrigued, I shrug “he wasn’t happy.” I say simply “so little miss perfect isn’t all so perfect?” Niall jokes and I shake my head “I never said I had the perfect life, you did.” I argue and he nods “true.” “How about you?” I ask “lived with my mum, dad left when I was twelve, he was a drunk and decided to leave.” Niall shrugs I nod “I see.” I say, and a question dawns on me “niall?” I ask and he looks at me “what are we?” I ask awkwardly wanting to know where we stood “I don’t know.” He shrugs and I frown a bit “I need an answer.” I say and he groans “I don’t know.” He repeats and I sigh “are you just going to kiss me then act like its nothing tomorrow?” I ask beginning to already have that undeniable feeling hurt “of course not, I just don’t want people to know.” He explains “why?” I ask ‘because then they start asking questions and I don’t need that.” He says and I sigh and nod “you should go.” I say standing up, he looks at me “please don’t tell me you’re upset over something this stupid.” He says I shake my head “I’m not.” I lie “it’s just late and I want to sleep.” I say and niall sighs walking to the door and puts his shoes on “I just don’t want to rush into things.” Niall tells me “or is it because you just want to play me and have no commitments.” I say as his half way out the door and he shakes his head “maybe your right.” He says with venom in his voice and I shut the door. I look down and once again I feel utterly stupid for falling for his trap once more. I walk to my bedroom and change out of the short dress and put on some cozy blue pajamas on. I close the light and go to my bed, I lay down and let the tears freely fall down my face, thinking about how Niall was the best con artist out there, and he made me believe maybe we could be something but like usual he lets his demons get in the way of something special.


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