i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


33. chapter 31

~~“I call bedroom you get bathroom.” I tell Audrey grabbing the plastic shopping bag at the bedroom door, “Okay I’ll be out in fifteen minutes.” Audrey says and walk inside. I take out the small black dress from the bag and place it on my bed, I look at it for a minute before stripping of my own clothes then slipping on the dress. I walk to the mirror and plug in my curling wand. While waiting for the curling wand to heat up I pull at the bottom of my dress to make it longer then I brush out my hair and by that time the curling wand was ready. I begin to curl each strand of my hair letting soft light curls cascade down from the wand, I go around my head brushing my fingers through my hair lightly trying to loosen each one. It only took me twenty minutes and by the time Audrey got out of the washroom I was finished with my hair. Audrey smiles towards me “you look so good!” she beams and I smile “I still need to do my makeup.” I say looking at Audrey’s face to notice the eyeliner thinly lining her eyes while a light pink lip stick stains her lips and nude eye shadow can be seen with some long lashes “I love your makeup.” I praise, her smiles “thanks.” She says and then I notice she also straightened her dirty blonde hair and it looks very nice, “my hair isn’t finished yet I was hoping I could use your wand?” she asks I nod “of course knock yourself out.” I tell her walking into the washroom and closing the door. I go to the mirror and grab my light blue makeup bag and dump the content inside all over the sink. I start off with a light concealer on my red areas on my face, then I just put a few coats of mascara and I was fine. I washed my hands and then knocked on the bathroom door “Audrey are you wearing clothes?” I ask “ya come in!” she call and I open the door to see Audrey wearing a red skater dress that rests just below her thighs with a cut out triangle where her ribcage is making skin peek out and there was two cut outs at the sides of her body, it was a very nice dress and Audrey looks beautiful in it she had the figure and size to pull it off “Audrey you look so good.” I exclaim and she laughs “look at yourself.” She says and I shake my head “shut up, you look better.” I tell her then she looks at my face for a minute “Amelia where is your makeup?” she asks “I put on concealer and mascara.” I tell her, she shakes her head and grabs my arm leading me back into the washroom “sit.” She says pointing to the closed toilet seat “Audrey.” I protest “no I promise I won’t put much but I’m going to make you look hot tonight.” She smirks and I laugh “someone like me should not and will never be hot.” I laugh, she shakes her head “well tonight that changes.” She says grabbing my eyeshadow palette and a brush. She begins to brush on eyeshadow and line my eyes with eyeliner and bronze my cheeks because apparently I’m too pale, finally she stands away from me and smiles “one more thing.” She says going through her makeup and taking out a lipstick “lips.” She says and comes closer to me and lightly brushes the stick of color on my lips, “done.” She says smiling at her work. I stand up and look in the mirror my eyelids are a very light brown color with a darker brown, my hazel eyes are lined with a black eyeliner on my top lash line and my skin doesn’t have a single blemish and my lips are a dark light pink making them look bigger “is it okay?” Audrey asks “it’s a bit much but ill deal.” I say as we both walk out of the bathroom. Audrey looks through her suit case and takes out two pairs of heels and I groan “no heels.” I say “yes heels shut up and put them on.” She says passing me a pair of black strappy two inch heels. I sit on the bed and put my feet in them and strap them in and Audrey does the same. We both are done at the same time. “Ready?” she smiles at me “wait I forgot to brush my teeth!” I say “you’ll ruin your makeup just eat a piece of gum.” Audrey says and I sigh “fine.” I say grabbing my purse and opening it to grab a piece of mint gum and pop it in my mouth.  Before we walk outside to the living room I quickly spray my perfume on my neck then open the door and walk out to see the boys and as soon as we walk in the glance at us and I tug my dress down once again. “We can leave when the girls come.” Audrey says and I then look down beginning to feel uncomfortable under their stare “you two look really good.” Liam smiles and we both smile “thanks.” We laugh. We walk over and I take a seat next to Harry while Audrey takes a seat next to Louis. “Wow you clean up good.” harry says to me and I laugh “thanks, you do too actually your hair looks more curly than usual.” I tell him “that because I’ve been tousling it a bit.” A goofy smile crosses his face and I laugh. There’s a knock at the door and then it opens revealing Hanna in a red short dress that has lace details at the neckline with her brown hair straightened and her brown eyes looked beautiful, after her was amber in an black flowy dress that rests three inches before her knees, it was like a silky materiel and she looked so good her dark hair was just curled a bit and her green eyes were lined with mascara and eyeliner, lastly Taylor came in with her blonde hair pinned to the side wearing a skin tight short black dress with this black mesh fabric at the sides, her makeup was done to perfection and she looks flawless. They all walk in “hey guys!” they call “you all look very good.” zayn comments with a smile and they thank him “we should get going.” Taylor says and everyone stands up and makes their way to get their shoes mostly the boys. I opened the door and waited and in less than ten minutes we were all down in the lobby “so who’s going with who?” Audrey asks “I can take zayn, Audrey, Taylor and amber.” Louis says “and I can take harry, Amelia, amber and Hanna. “Liam suggests and we all nod “sounds good.” I say and we all walk to our assigned car. Liam goes in the driver’s seat with harry in the passenger seat and I take one window seat next to Hanna. I buckle my seat belt and Liam starts driving “Amelia you look amazing!” Hanna beams and I laugh “I hate this dress though, it’s too short.” I say “no its not you look amazing.” Amber argues with me “you two look really good though like wow.” I say to them and they smile “thank I’m so excited!” Hanna says “I’m not.” I mumble and harry turns his head towards me “Amelia you’re going to have lots of fun tonight.” He tells me with a reassuring smile and I smile back at him “I’m nervous.” I say “why?” everyone asks “I don’t know.” I lie, obviously it’s the thought of niall maybe showing up there or seeing him that makes me anxious beyond believe. We continue to drive in silence and finally we arrive and I can already see all the drunk kids. We all slip out of the car and right behind us is Louis and everyone else so we wait until they park. I see Louis has changed into a button up that looks very nice on him and he’s still wearing the same dark wash denim jeans that he was wearing before. “Let’s go!” Louis calls to all of us and I glance around my surroundings not even wanting to step another foot, this was a stupid idea I tell myself as I feel harry right beside me “come on.” He says grabbing my hand that I take gratefully and he drags me “nialls not going to be here.” He whispers in my ear “how did you-“before I could finish he said “I know he isn’t that nice to you.” He says and I nod grateful he thinks that’s the reason why niall makes me nervous. We walk inside and I can hear the loud beat of the music and I can see the dark room fill with people dancing “where did everyone go?” I ask loudly, harry shrugs “probably went with nialls friends.” Harry says and then I spot Audrey and Louis talking to Alex and the rest of them “I see Audrey and louis and I think zayn over there.” I say pointing to Alex “do you want to join them?” he asks, not really but I want to spend time with them so I just nod and harry does the same and we make our way over. Ethan looks me up and down and I tug at my dress once again and a smirk crosses his lips like usual “Amelia look at you.” Ethan says to me and I nod “hi!” I call and stay standing with harry. I look around the small group and notice Jaden isn’t there “where’s Jaden?” I call “she’s with niall I think.” Ethan say taking a beer from the table and drinking it “oh.” I say having my heart speed up for only a minute. “Amelia you came again!” Leo calls as he walks up “thought you wouldn’t come back because of last time, sorry about Jaden by the way she’s a bit fucked up in the head.” Leo then says and I cringe at the cuss and nod my head “ya she is.” I say and then sit down and I see ash, she smiles at me “hey Amelia.” She says “hi ash.” I say, “You don’t look half bad today.” She comments and I give her a fake smile “thanks.” I say and see Liam and Leo talking, “where’s jace and Alex?” I ask ash curiosity sparking in my mind, she shrugs “probably in the kitchen getting fucked or something. “She says. I glance at Harry who is talking to Ethan and then at Louis and Audrey whom are smiling and sitting very close together, I then see Taylor, Hanna and amber walking towards us with Alex and Jace. “Hey.” Amber calls to us as she gets closer “hey!” I say back and Jace looks at me “look at that last week you looked like a nun and now look at you.” Jace says stepping closer to me I nod my head feeling even worse in this dress, I then see a red cup in Ambers hand and glare at her “what?” she asks and I point to the cup and she laughs “come on its one cup.” She says taking a sip and I roll my eyes, “you need to just cut loose for one day Amelia.” Amber tells me and I shake my head “I can cut loose without alcohol.” I say and she shakes her head. Alex then walks towards me “Amelia.” She smiles and I politely smile at him “want a drink?” he asks and I shake my head and he scoffs and a question then pops into my mind “Alex?” I say and he looks at me “did niall come by here today?” I ask and he nods “of course.” He smirks “why do you ask?” he says, I shrug “I don’t know just wondering I guess.” I say and turn to Hanna “Hanna are you liking the party?” I ask “it’s boring nothing fun is happening except for a bunch of drunk ass kids.” She says and I laugh “that’s basically what a party is isn’t it?” I question and she smiles “true.” She says and sits down next to me. “WHO WANTS TO PLAY BEER PONG?!” Jace yells out. I stay seated “let’s play!” Hanna says and I shake my head “not my thing you go I’m just going to stay here.” I tell her and she nods. I watch as Jace, Alex, Leo and Ethan set up a table and put red cups in a triangle formation. I watch as everyone picks partners and see harry look around until his eyes fall to me and he walks towards me “I need a partner and I pick you.” He says and I laugh “I don’t think I’m good choice.” I tell him “please, come on I’m really good at this game you won’t have to drink.” Harry says and I shake my head “I’m not going to be any good.” I tell him, “How would you know, you’ve never tried.” He says and gives me and a pout, I groan and stand up from my seat and harry smiles wide and drags me to the table. “Alright first round Amelia and harry against Ash and Ethan.” Jace says and we nod “we are using vodka by the way because we are short on beer.” Jace says grabbing a bottle and pouring it into each cup. “We will let you two go first.” Ethan says “how do I play?” I ask harry “basically if we get the ball into one of their cups of beers they have to drink it if they get it into one of our cups then we have to drink it, got it?” he says “I think.” I say and Harry passes me the ping pong ball “you go first.” He says and I take the ping pong ball from his hands and direct my hand to try and see if I can get it I then toss it and Surprisingly it goes into the cup “I did it!” I cheer and harry gives me a high five, and then he throws the second ball and it lands in their drink. We high five each other and I smile. Ash and Ethan both take a cup and chug down the vodka and then it’s their turn.  Ash throws her first ball and it bounces off the table and then jaces throws it and it lands into the cup “I’ve got this one.” Harry tells me picking up the drink and chugging it down, I smile. I then get the ping pong ball and aim my body and hand towards the side cup and get it in “whoa!” I say cheering and harry laughs and takes his throw and ends up missing. Ash takes the cup and drinks it down then it’s their turn. Jace throws the ball and it lands in a cup then he passes the other ball to ash and she throws her and ends up getting in. “drink up!” Ethan cheers and harry takes the two cups. “I can drink them if you don’t want to.” He says and I feel bad for making him drink both cups so I shake my head “I guess I’ll drink one too.” I say and take the red cup in my hands “are you sure?” he asks, I nod and then take a small sip and absolutely hate the flavor “ew.” I say making a face and harry laughs as he drinks his, I see Ethan stare at me with a smirk “chug it Amelia!” he says and I roll my eyes and then I chug it down wanting to throw up after because it tastes so bad but I dealt with it. Harry smiled and tossed me a ping pong and I again made the shot and smiled. We kept going on me always making my shots and I had to drink two more cups. I looked to the door for a minute and I saw someone I didn’t think was coming, my mind was a bit fuzzy but I knew that face from anywhere, niall, he wasn’t supposed to be here. My nerves begin to act up and I take the cup of vodka that harry was drinking and chug it down hoping for it to help ease my nerves but it wasn’t enough, harry looked at me “what’s wrong?” he asks “nothing.”  I say with a flowy voice something that was not regular “let’s just finish this.” I smile and throw the ping pong missing the cup “dammit!” I say and harry laughs, getting his in. we are now down to their last cup and we have four cups left. It was their turn and they both got them in. I took a cup and harry did too and I drank up, the taste was becoming familiar and I began to welcome it into my system, harry drank his then passes me the ping pong ball “win this for us!” he says and I nod. I try and find a good position to throw and toss it up and it lands right in the cup. Harry hugs me tightly “we won!” harry yells loudly and I laugh loudly “this is bullshit!” ash says throwing her hands up in the air, I smile. “And you said you’ve never played beer pong before.” Harry says shaking his head “I’m just really good.” I tell him and unwrap my arms around his body. “Who’s next?” Jace asks “can we play again?” I call to him and he smirks at me before nodding. “Okay who will compete against the winners?” Jace says “we will!” Amber and zayn call. We play a round and zayn and amber are actually very good, I end up drinking three more cups of vodka and my vision begins to become fuzzy and I feel free, like all my nerves are gone. My aim ends up becoming very bad by the end of the game and sadly Amber and zayn beat us, they only drank five drinks together. I pout at harry “we didn’t win.” I say leaning into him for support “I think we should get you on a couch, no more beer pong for you.” Harry laughs taking my arm “it’s actually vodka pong.” I tell him and stick my tongue out and he laughs “of course.” He agrees and then he leads me to the couch and we both sit down, I groan “my feet are killing me.” I say looking down at the heels “why would you wear heels then?” harry asks I shrug “I’m short and Audrey told me too, speaking of which where is Audrey?” I question and harry shrugs “I have no idea.” He tells me “she’s probably with louis.” I tell him he nods. I take Harrys arm into my hands and examine his many tattoos “why do you have so many tattoos?” I ask harry suddenly, he laughs “I don’t know I guess I just like them.” he says “do they have a meaning or something?” I question looking thoroughly at the one of a name “Gemma”, “What’s this?” I ask him and he smiles “my older sisters name.” he tells me and I nod “I think I want a tattoo!” I blurt out and harry laughs “I’m not kidding when I turn eighteen I’m going to get something.” I say determined and harry laughs loudly “well I guess you’re drunk then I thought.” He says and I pout “I’m not drunkkk.” I say exaggerating the “k” and he laughs again “yes you are.” He smiles and I shake my head and look around the room. “I’m going to see if there’s any food in the kitchen because I’m starving.” I tell harry standing up and he laughs “don’t be long.” He calls to me as I walk over to the kitchen a room away. When I walk into the crowed kitchen I see a counter of red cups and many sweaty people. As I glace around I notice niall and Jaden making out against the counter and it makes my blood boil to a temputure too high, and my nerves kick in directly making me grab a red cup from the counter and chug it down trying to get the feeling of freedom back. Nialls eyes then suddenly make contact with me and I watch as his eyes scan up and down my body, he pulls away from Jaden which makes me weirdly happy and then he begins to walk towards me with a red cup in hand. As he gets closer to me I believe he is about to talk to me but instead he goes around me and grabs another red cup. I don’t even bother looking away from him, he smirks at me and I roll my eyes tugging my dress again. Then as he’s about to walk back to the slut bag Jaden he turns around and comes towards me “what are you wearing?” he asks and I frown “what?” I ask, he stares at me for a minute “are you drunk?” he asks “why does it matter?” I snap at him and he shrugs “it doesn’t, now tell me why you’re wearing this?” he asks me referring to my outfit “what’s wrong with it, Audrey picked it.” I slur and he shakes his head “doesn’t seem like your style.” He says “you blend in with the crowd.” He says and I roll my eyes “isn’t that what you wanted me to do?” I ask and he smirks “so this whole things for me?” he asks with that everlasting smirk and those blue eyes piercing into my hazel ones, I scoff “no I think it looks nice on me.” I tell him and grab anther red up but niall takes it “that’s enough for you.” He says and I frown at him “you don’t tell me what to do.” I say taking the cup from his hands and taking a drink “what do you mean?” he challenges “I can do whatever I want, you’re not the boss of me.” I say to him and begin to walk away but niall grabs my arm “for god’s sake Amelia don’t do anything stupid.” He tells me and I shrug feeling a sense of confidence when I say “you shouldn’t care if I do anything stupid, remember I’m just an uptight bitch.” I say quoting his words and then I rip my arm out of his grasp and walk out of the kitchen. I walk up to harry and see niall watching me from the kitchen door frame “let’s dance.” I tell him, grabbing his hands trying to get out of nialls sightlines, he nods and stands up. We walk to the crowed area where girls are jumping and guys are fist pumping. We go into the crowd and I begin to dance moving my hips, getting into the beat. As time goes on I notice I have lost harry in the crowd, I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around to see a boy with blonde tousled hair and blue eyes “want to dance?” he whispers in my ears, he looks about my age and even before my brain could process what was happening we were already dancing incredibly close to each other. At this moment I know for sure the alcohol has taken control of my body because this is something I would never do “what’s your name love?” he asks with a British accent “Amelia yours?” I ask “joe.” He says pulling me closer to him and grinding his hips against me, I take a step forward from him and he pouts “what’s wrong?” he says grabbing me and pulling me tighter, “ nothing.” I say shaking the doubts out of my head and take the drink out of his hands to drink it, I can do whatever I want, I think to myself as joe then begins to grind on me again and I let it happen, not being fully aware of anything, he begins to slide his hands on my waist and then he moves them down to my butt and then to my thighs where my dress lays, he begins to pull up the fabric of my dress and I swat his hands away and look at him “ I don’t like that.” I tell him trying to sound strict but my voice falters and he pulls me towards him again “cut loose baby.” He coos in my ear and grabs me again, I shake my head and try to get out of his grasp but I’m too drunk to actually use my muscles properly, he puts his hands back and I shake my head “get off of me!” I shriek and then try again and before he can say anything a deep Irish voice cuts in “you heard her let go.” He says and I didn’t even have to look to know who the Irish boy was, niall, I could tell just by how is Irish accent went deep “mate, mind your own business.” Joe says to niall and keeps his hands around me I try and push out of his grasp but he doesn’t loosen “what I meant was get the fuck away from her.” Nialls voice booms, as he pushes Joe away from me, I pull down my dress and niall punches Joe once “you fucken dick.” He says as he throws another punch at him, and Joe stumbles back and niall grabs my hand “come on.” He says emotionlessly dragging me away, I don’t say anything and he brings me upstairs, I don’t say anything. We end up walking to his room and he opens the door. “Sit.” He demands and I listen looking around. “Are you okay?” he asks and I nod my head rubbing my neck which felt sore, “I’m fine, I could have handled that on my own.” I tell him and he shakes his head “if it wasn’t for me that guy would have had his way with you.” He snaps at me and that silences me, he passes me his cup “drink this.” he says and I shake my head, feeling the headache already coming on from all the alcohol I have consumed “ I don’t think more drinking will help.” I slur rubbing my head “its water I don’t drink.” Niall says and I stare at him with disbelief “I don’t drink much.” he corrects himself and I take the cup and sip the liquid and taste the water. He sits next to me and then his eyes widen “that fucken prick.” He says lifting his hand and moving my hair to one side “what?” I ask innocently “he gave you a fucken hickey.” Niall grumbles with anger clear in his voice and I feel my face heat up “oh god.” I say placing my head in my hands “I shouldn’t have come.” I tell him feeling the alcohol in my veins slowly evaporate “you shouldn’t of fucken danced with him.
 Niall grumbles and I nod my head agreeing, “Now why did you drink?” niall asks me and I shrug “I was playing beer pong actually vodka pong.”  I tell him leaving out Harrys name because I didn’t want niall to get anger at him “whose idea was that?” he asks, I shrug looking down “tell me.” He demands “I don’t want you to yell at him.” I tell him “just tell me.” He says coldly and I finally let it go “harry wanted me on his team, but it was Jace’s idea.” I tell him and niall runs his finger through his thick blonde hair “for fucks sake.” Niall says “I’m going to kill harry, he probably was trying to get you drunk so he could fuck you.” Niall spits and I cringe at the word and I begin to get upset “harry wouldn’t do that, we are friends.” I defend and niall scoffs “your so fucken blind Amelia, he looks at you with fucken puppy dog eyes all the time.” He growls “please stop swearing so much.” I tell him and he scoffs “I’m fucken anger, I can swear if I want to.” He says glaring at me “why are you anger?” I question “I don’t understand you, I literally just saw you making out with Jaden and now you’re saying your anger why? I don’t get it!” I say beginning to become frustrated “I’m not in a relationship with fucken Jaden we are fuck buddies stop being so jealous of her.” He says and I stand up “this is useless, you don’t get it do you?” I say and shake my head beginning to pace “you say one thing to me and then another the next. You make me feel like a fool!” I yell at him and he then stands up and comes close to me making me stop my pacing “ your confusing too you know, you said you would never come back to one of these parties again, but here you are dressed like that!” he says gesturing to my dress “why do you hate what I’m wearing so much?”  I ask “because you’re just asking for someone to fuck you.” He yells and I shake my head “I’m done.” I state walking towards his door and opening it “Amelia wait.” He sighs “I didn’t-“before he could finish I turn around “don’t say that because we both know you don’t take anything back.” I say and open the door and walk straight downstairs, I felt like I couldn’t breathe and I was enclosed in a small space so I got outside quickly and took a deep breath, I ran my hands through my hair and leant against the house wall, tears were at the brim of my eyes but I wasn’t willing to let them slip down, I wouldn’t cry because of something niall said, I pulled my dress down feeling even worse about this whole situation and took a deep breath. I watched as drunk teens walked out of the house and then I saw niall and looked away praying he wouldn’t see me but minutes later he was in front of me. “Thank god you’re alright.” He says looking at me “I’m fine.” I snap at him “what are you doing?” he asks “trying to get away from you.” I say standing straight and nialls eyes went cold “I don’t even fucken know why I try to help.” He says emotionlessly and I roll my eyes as he turns around and walks back inside but before he does he decides to say “your such a fucken bitch sometimes.”, I don’t even react this words instead I ignore him as he stomps inside the house. I want to go home. I then decide the best thing to do is just walk back to the hotel, it can’t be that far. I begin to walk down the sidewalk taking my phone out to find directions and I follow.

Authors note
Wow I put a lot in this chapter!  Oh and heads up next chapter starts in niall P.O.V ;) so you know you’ll finally be able to kind of get a sense of niall and his character. If I can get 40 likes and 60 favorites I’ll post the next chapter sooner because I’m already in the process of writing it, anyway hope you all enjoy your Easter weekend unless you’re on spring break then enjoy that or in all enjoy your weekend!:)

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