i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


32. chapter 30

~~We all sit on the couches in Audrey and mines room and Taylor turns on the TV. “hey Louis how are you going to get dressed for tonight?’ Audrey asks “I shoved some clothes in my car before I came to get you guys and let’s be honest my hair is perfect already.” He smiles and I roll my eyes “so confident.” I laugh and he laughs too. “So what shall we do now?” Amber asks we all shrug and Louis takes out his phone “do we bore you that much that you have the need to take out your phone?!” Audrey asks him pretending to be offended, Louis chuckles and shakes his head “well you guys are a bit boring to be honest.” He shrugs and Audrey swats his arm “you’re the boring one, going on your phone and not giving ideas.” She says “alright then let’s play uh truth or dare.” Louis says “no that’s stupid.” Audrey argues and louis puts his hands up in surrender “well you know what if you’re going to shoot my ideas down right away what’s the point of suggesting?” he says jokingly offended “ I only shoot down stupid ideas.” Audrey smiles and he shakes his head. “Do you think one of the boys can bring twister or something over to play?” I ask everyone “I feel like Liam would have board games.” Taylor adds and Louis nods “ill text him.” He states taking out his phone and tapping away “alright great, the guys should come soon then.” Amber says and we nod “want me to tell them to come now?” Louis asks and we all nod. Two minutes later Louis declares “Liam is bringing twister over and all the boys will be here in fifteen to twenty minutes.” He smiles and we smile. “I’m so excited to play twister!” I exclaim “it was like my favorite game when I was younger but I was never any good at it.” I explain “I remember when we were younger and we played it you were always first on out.” Audrey laughs and I shake my head “I’m sorry that my arms are weak and can’t hold my weight.” I tell her using my hands and she laughs more, “Not trying to brag or anything but twister was my shit when I was younger. I was the undefeated champion in doncaster” Louis pipes in and we all laugh “of course you were louis.” Hanna says and he smirks “just watch I’m going to beat all of you.” He beams, “you may beat Amelia but I’m not me.” Audrey says back and he laughs “whatever helps you sleep at night, love.” He tells her with a laugh and I mentally awe at the way love rolls off his British tongue, “guys let’s be honest here I think I’ve got this win in the bag.” Amber tells everyone and Audrey laughs “amber you don’t even come close.” Audrey says and amber frowns at her “look at you being all mean today.” Amber says and Audrey laughs “I love you amber.” She says blowing a kiss and amber shrugs, “hmm well this is awkward because I don’t feel the same.” Amber smirks and Audrey laughs “that hurts.” She says smiling and I let out a small laugh. Minutes later there was a knock at the door “I got this guys.” I tell them and stand up, I don’t even look before swinging the door open to reveal Liam with the twister box tucked under his arm “Liam!” I smile gesturing him in “hey Amelia.” He says stepping in and closing the door behind him, he slips off his shoes and walks to the couch “hey guys!” he smiles taking a seat on the floor due to the lack of room on the couch. “Liam I’ve got a question.” Louis says “what’s up Lou?” he asks “do you think I’m the best twister player you’ve ever met?” he asks him and Liam laughs “of course though I think harry will be better then you considering his long limbs.” Liam says and Louis pouts “harry is not better than me is stupid long legs and arms make it harder for him to control his body.” Louis says crossing his arms dramatically and we laugh “speaking of him, where the hell are him and zayn?” Louis asks “they’ll probably be here soon.” Liam says and Louis sighs “I want to play.” He whines “stop whining you child.” Audrey playfully says “last time I checked I was three years older than you.” Louis smirks “more like an eight year old stuck in a twenty year olds body.” Audrey smirks back and he shakes his head and smiles down at his hands before looking back at Audrey “haven’t heard that one before.” He says and Audrey just smiles. I hear a knock on the door and I stand up and open it to see harry and zayn “finally.” I tell them and gesture them to step inside they smile “hey Amelia.” They both say, “You two are late.” I say and shake my head “you made us all wait to play.” I say and harry smiles “sorry.” He says and unties his brown boots “it was harry fault he wasn’t ready.” Zayn says “zayn blaming others will not help you.” I tell him and he shakes his head as I walk back to the couch. Soon later both boys come and sit on the floor and greet everyone.  Liam sets up twister and then we have to decide who the spinner for the round is. “Not me!” I call out loudly first, “I’ll do it.” Taylor says taking the spinner from Liam’s hand and sitting on the couch. “Okay players find your spot.” Taylor announces and we all grab a spot, having to squish around the small plastic twister mat, I was in the middle of harry and Hanna. “alright because there’s so many people playing group one,  Amelia, harry, Hanna and Audrey you guys are going to do one set of instructions while group two Zayn, Amber, louis and Liam you guys do another thing, do you get it?” she asks and we nod, she spins the spinner then calls “group one right hand yellow.” We do the action and then she spins again “group two left foot green.” And they did that. Taylor continued to spin and call instructions out and soon enough the game got pretty messy, butts were in peoples face and arms had to twist under people and in all there are some pretty weird positions. Taylor continues to call out directions but it becomes hard to hear when Louis keeps yelling “harry get your fat ass out of my face!” and then harry just laugh every time, and then I get nervous because my foot/ leg is right under harry do if he falls my leg is going down with him. “Shut up louis!” amber yells back and Taylor laughs as she call out the next direction and shockingly enough no one has fallen yet. Minutes passed and my arms were getting tired but I was determined to win. Taylor spins it again, right foot blue, I try to move my foot but harry seems to be stepping on it with his giant monstrous feet “harry get off my right foot.” I tell him and he just looks at me with a clueless expression, I tug my foot from under his causing him to slip but to my disadvantage because he tumbles down my way and ends up taking me down with him. “That’s unfair!” I say loudly as everyone shuffles a bit and harry stands up “you’re the one who pushed me.” Harry says “you were stepping on my foot!” I argue and he laughs “don’t be a sore loser, come on.” He says stepping off the mat, I sigh and then take a seat on the couch and Taylor smiles my way “finally two down.” She says “oh shut up of it wasn’t for the tree over here I would of still been in the game.” I say glaring at harry and he smiles down at me innocently. “I got a picture of all of you playing twister by the way.” Taylor tells harry and I as she spins the spinner and then calls out the two different instructions “let me see.” I tell her and she slides her phone to me and I slide it and see the picture, it looked like a bunch of mad men, we were basically a messed up ball of people but in all the picture wasn’t that bad. “You should post that to twitter.” Harry suggests, Taylor shakes her head “no thanks your fans will go crazy on me.” She says and he laughs “true text it to me and I’ll put a cool caption and post it on mine.” Harry smiles big “alright fine but you need to add your number.” Taylor says passing her phone to harry, he nods and takes her phone and begins to type his number and send the picture. Another ten minutes pass and still nobody except harry and I are out of the game. “Guys fall already.” I grumble “no not until louis drops and everyone else!” Audrey says and then zayn drops “I’m done.” He says standing up and I clap “thank you zayn.” I say and he joins harry and I on the couch “don’t thank me I just want the game to end.” He says and I nod “me too.” I say “I’m rooting for louis!” harry cheers and I scoff “I think ambers got this in the bag!” I cheer “thanks for the support!” amber smiles and I give her thumbs up “well I guess eleven years of friendship means nothing to you!” Audrey exclaims and I laugh “nope.” I say and then Liam tumbles down at the instruction right foot blue, “dammit!” he exclaims and stands up “Liam is out!” Taylor exclaims and Liam grumbles “I hate this game.” As he walks to the couch “there are too many people on that mat.” He says “quit complaining it’s not like harry almost fell on top of you!” I exclaim to him and he laughs “that’s why I stayed away from him.” He explains and I sigh “next time I’m standing next to Audrey.” I say and harry pouts “you’re the one who made me fall.” He says and I scoff “you were on my foot.” I retort and he just shakes his head. Twister continued to go on becoming more intense when Hanna had her arms and legs twisted “Hanna you don’t look comfortable, just drop!” I cheer to her and she shoots me a dirty look “I will not give up!” she exclaims heaving and I laugh “Hannah your my inspiration!” Liam jokes “I try!” she says, “Hanna come on you’re not going to beat me just drop out.” Louis encourages and she shakes her “shut up louis!” she says and Taylor calls out some more instruction and Amber falls “no! I lost my balance!” she exclaims standing up “amber me down.”  I say to her and she frowns “I’m sorry I lost my focus.” She sighs and I smile at her “your still a winner to me.” I tell her and muster up the cheesiest smile possible and she laughs and sits down on the other couch. “we are down to the finale three with Hanna in a dog position, Audrey in a crab walk and louis has that push up position in lock!” Taylor announces and Louis lifts one of his arms for a second to give Taylor a thumbs up and then places his arm back down. Taylor spins the spinner and gives each of them a certain instruction “Audrey right hand green.” She says and Audrey does it with ease, Taylor spins again and tells Hanna to move her left foot to red and as she begins to move her foot, her balance falters and then she’s down “dang!” she says standing up “so close.” She sighs walking and sitting on the floor “you are in the finales, who will win Audrey or Louis?” she announces and then begins to spin the spinner and call instructions out to them “Audrey fall.” Louis groans after five minutes of them two still standing “no chance you fall!” she says and places her foot yellow, “I can do this for hours.” Louis smirks and I see Audrey roll her eyes, Louis moves right hand red and then it keeps going back and forth. “Guys one of you just fall!” harry whines as he rests his head down, I check the time on my phone to see its seven, and we started this game at six thirty.  “Come on we have to leave at eight and it’s seven.” I groan “all of you shut up I’m trying to focus!” Louis says. Taylor keeps spinning the spinner over and over again, “alright louis right foot yellow.” She says, Audrey’s two feet were already on yellow and her arms were right in front of her so Louis would have to put his foot down at an angle. He slowly lifts his right foot “dammit this I going to be hard!” he groans trying to place his foot on the yellow circle, as he places his foot down he begins to wobble and then he falls down on the mat “NOOOOO!!!!!” He yells “this is rigged!” he screams as he stands up and we all laugh and Audrey cheers “look at that I beat the do caster champion!” she says happily standing up louis gives her a dirty look and she just smiles, Taylor gets up from her seat and grabs Audrey’s hand “Ladies and gentleman the winner of the twister game is Audrey West!” she exclaims putting up her arm we all clap except louis whom is booing loudly “I let you win.” Louis shrugs and Audrey laughs “of course you did Lou.” She says and he shakes his head and we all sit on the couches except for Audrey, Louis and Liam whom sit on the floor. “That was the longest game of twister I’ve ever played.” I say “I know gosh we went for a long time.” Hanna says stretching her arms. “What time our leaving for the party at?” Zayn asks “uhh probably around seven forty or something there.” Harry says and everyone nods “its seven fifteen I think we all need to get ready.” Audrey says pointing to the girls “what do we do?” Liam asks “just sit on the couch and talk or something, we will be in the bathroom and our bedroom.” I say standing up with the rest of the girls, the guys nod “fine.” They sigh and amber, Taylor and Hanna make their way to their hotel room while Audrey and I step into our bedroom.

Hey guys I know im really late on this but I thought I updated a authors note on this topic before but it got deleted but as you guys know zayn left one direction and I don’t really know how to feel about it like im incredibly sad by the news because one of our five boys wont being on stage anymore and theres no more of those heart warming zayn high notes which really does suck but I get his choice of wanting to be normal though I don’t understand why’d he realise a song a week after he left, though the songs good and everything I just feel so betrayed by him like he says everything in one direction didn’t feel real to him and he wants to be a normal 22 year old guy but then he does this song?, that’s what hurts that he basically lied to us and still hasn’t said anything to us on twitter, like I was really hoping for a tweet from him that told us everything was going to be okay and that he is sorry but he will always love us and we are like family but instead he just ignores us. I will always love zayn but I just hope he says something to us you know? Anyway hope you enjoyed this chapter and if you read this whole author note thank you, and goal for this week 60 favorites ,40 likes and maybe some more comments and all telling me what you thought. Sorry for not updating much its just that school has been busy and im sorry about that, I love you all and I hope you have a amazayn day!<3

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