i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


31. chapter 29

~~I wake up to the sound of Audrey in the next room. I stand up with a yawn and open my bedroom door to see Louis with Audrey. “Good morning.” I call to them “I don’t think its morning anymore.” Audrey obnoxiously sates “shut up it was a long night.” I sigh as I make my way to the kitchen “did you ever find niall?” Louis calls over to me, I turn towards him “ya he was too drunk to go to the show.” I tell him he nods “that seems like him.” Louis sighs and I nod. I then go to the kitchen and grab an apple. I sit down on the table as I eat it. I feel a lot better today than I did yesterday, nialls words have finally stopped repeating in my head and I could go back to ignoring him. Tonight there was no concert which I was grateful for because having a concert every night is tiring and I need to just relax. After I finish my apple I throw the core out then head back to my room for my phone. I sit down on my bed and scroll though my Instagram to see nothing exciting, I sigh and rest my head down looking up at the ceiling. What to do? The door to the bedroom opens and Audrey pops her head in “the girls are coming over.” She smiles, I nod “do you want to join us in the living room?” she asks “I would but I don’t want to interrupt you and Louis.” I say “louis left two minutes ago.” She says and I then sit up in bed and place my feet on the floor “well then let’s go watch some TV.” I say walking passed Audrey and going straight for the TV remote. I hear Audrey softly laugh behind me and then I hear her footsteps. We both decide on a show and then sit on the couch “so you and louis seem to be becoming good friends.” I say to her, “ya his nice and all but I don’t think I’m ready for a relationship with him.” She says “woah wait did he ask you on a date or something?” I question, she nods “but I told him I wasn’t ready for anything and that’s why he left.” She sighs “aw Audrey I’m sorry, he probably left because he was embarrassed.” I say “I don’t understand how he could be over Eleanor so quick, you know? Like they dated for a while. Yesterday he was telling me about Eleanor and how he missed her and then today he asks me out, I just don’t get it.” She groans “yesterday you listened to him and helped him through right?”  I say, she nods “well obviously that made him think you cared for him.” I say “I do but I don’t want to start anything, it wouldn’t be right.” She sighs “why?” I ask “because I don’t want another Josh in my life. I need to fully heal until I get into another relationship.” She says “does louis make you happy?” I question, she gives me a strange look “ya but I haven’t known him for long.” “It’s been three weeks since we met them, that’s almost a month.” I say “wow it’s been longer then I thought, it feels like we were in Canada only days ago.” She says I nod my head “but Audrey I just hope you don’t let Josh ruin any potentially good relationships for you.” I tell her, she nods “I won’t let that happen.” She tells me with a smile and with that there was a knock on the door “it’s opened!” Audrey yelled and then Taylor, Hanna and Amber walk in “hey guys!” Hanna greets with a smile “hey!” we say “sit down.” Audrey smiles at them. We all then sit on the two couches. “So what happened yesterday after you left to find niall?” Amber asks “well he was at Ashtons house completely wasted.” I say and think about if I should tell them about his family but I decide I should keep that to myself “then what?” Taylor asks “well I got him to calm down and then told him to sleep and I left.” I shrug also not mentioning his plead for me to stay. “Well do you know why he got drunk?” Hannah asks, I shrug “I think it was some family thing.” I say and they nod, “anyway enough about that, how are you guys doing?” I ask changing the subject “I’m really tired.” Hanna yawns “ya after the show we all went out to eat, ended up getting home at one.”  Amber explains, I nod “that would explain why Audrey wasn’t here when I got home.” I say and they nod “ya it was a bit tense because the boy were all worried about Niall.” Audrey shrugs and I nod, “so do we have any plans for tonight?” Amber asks “actually Louis said that him in the boys were thinking of going to one of Nialls friends party tonight, so he said we could all tag along.” She smiles, I groan “I never want to go to one of those party’s again.” I say “come on you’ve only been to one, I promise this one will be better.” Audrey says “Audrey.” I say “come on Amelia it will be fun, we will all stick together.” Taylor says, and I think for a minute, I think the only reason why I don’t want to go is because I can’t risk seeing nialls face again “I don’t think I should go.” I say again “what aren’t you telling us?” Audrey gives me a skeptical look, “I just don’t think I should put myself in a situation with niall when we had that fight.” I say “he won’t be there, the boys haven’t heard from him yet and I doubt he’ll go to a party today considering you said he got drunk yesterday.” She tells me, I know no matter what I say in the end I’m going to end up going so I just suck it up and say “fine but I don’t want to be there for a while.” I say and they all cheer “great!” and I sigh “I have nothing to wear.” I say as I think of what niall told me last time, sure I wasn’t going to change the way I dress because of him but maybe I should go for a more party like dress. “Well why don’t we go shopping and I’ll pick out what you can wear.” Audrey smiles, I shake my head “no offense but your style Is a bit out there for me.” I say and she laughs “ill pick out something Amelia friendly and Taylor, amber and Hanna can come to help.” Audrey says and I nod “fine just because I haven’t washed my blue dress, I’ll let you.” I say giving in, “ya we will leave in fifteen minutes.” Audrey says “we’re going to get ready.” Taylor says as her, Amber and Hanna get up, we nod. “I call bathroom!” I yell to Audrey “that’s not fair you got it first last time!” she pouts as I run in our room and straight to the washroom “too bad!” I call with laugh and shut the door. I take off my clothes and take a quick shower washing my hair and body. Ten minutes later I am drying myself up and pulling on a pair of gray sweat pants and a baggy black sweater. I shove my hair in a ponytail and walk to the door. “Audrey!” I call “I’m almost ready.” She says “are you taking a shower?” I ask “no ill take one tonight.” She says coming out of our room in a pair of skinny jeans and a black and white striped shirt. “Let’s go get the others.” Audrey smiles “I’ll call the taxi.” I say taking out my phone and dialing the number. We begin to walk to the girl’s room and Audrey knocks, I then tell the taxi driver where to come pick us up and he says he will be there in five minutes. Taylor, Amber and Hannah then walk out the door. “Shall we go?” Hanna questions as she finishes putting her hair in a ponytail, we all nod and make our way to the elevator. We stand on the elevator “so after the mall do you guys want to invite the guys over or something?” Taylor asks “sounds good.” Audrey smiles at her and the rest of us nod. The elevator doors open and then we all step out and I see the taxi waiting outside “there’s our taxi.” I tell them as we quickly walk over. We pile into the taxi greeting the man and telling him where we wanted to go. “Alright so the plan is we go dress shopping and accessory shopping or whatever then food shopping.” I tell them “do you always have to plan? Audrey questions, I nod “I like knowing what I need to get done.” I say and they all laugh, Audrey’s phone then starts ringing, I see her glance down at it and then the smile that was once on her lips disappears for a minute as she puts her phone back in her pocket “who was that?” I ask her as she looks down and then smiles up at me “josh.” She says pretending it doesn’t bother her “you did the right think with him.” I tell her “it doesn’t feel that way.” She mumbles and Taylor pats her on her shoulder “no need to think about him, remember he was the one who screwed up.” Taylor says and she nods and then smiles “your right.” She says and then the taxi pulls over in front of the mall and we all chip in some money to pay. We then all pile out of the car and go inside the mall. We go through store and store not finding anything that pleases Audrey, because it seems that every time I like something it’s not suitable for a party. We then reach the final store “I need to get something from here or else I’m just going back to The Bay and grabbing the black one.” I say “I have a good feeling about this store.” Audrey says “you said that about the past five stores already.” Hanna says and Audrey gives her a death glare and then begins going through the racks of clothing, “I found one!” she exclaims happily “Amelia get yourself a change room.” She demands and I nod “somebody is being pushy.” I whisper to Hanna making sure Audrey hears “I heard that and you should be grateful for me.” Audrey says and I laugh “Hannah come with me.” I say and go to the dressing room hall and then go in one “do you think the dress Audrey picked will be nice?” I ask her from in the room “hopefully because my feet are killing me and I want to go home.” She says and I laugh. I then hear Audrey “Amelia try this on.” She says throwing me a black piece of fabric. I examine it, it’s a plain black dress with lace fabric. I don’t know what I think about the dress but when I slip it on and look at mirror I know I don’t like it. Its tight fitting on me, it only goes up to my mid-thigh, it cover my chest and neck line with a sheer black lace. “Amelia let me see.” Audrey calls “I can’t wear this.” I tell her “come on just show us.” She says and I sigh and walk out pulling the fabric down to cover my body. “I don’t think this is my style.” I say looking up to see their jaws dropped “I know its short.” I say “you look hot.” Amber says and I laugh “woah Amelia you need to get that!” Audrey says, I shake my head “it’s too short and tight, I don’t have the figure.” I say “shut up you look stunning.” Amber says and I laugh “please get it, I’ll even buy it like you look so good.” she says, “ I-“ before I can finish Audrey interrupts “ just shut up your buying it.” She says pushing me back in the dressing room. I don’t say anything instead I get changed out of the dress and before I can even put the dress back, Audrey already has it and is at the cashier, I sigh. “Amelia you are going to look amazing tonight.” Taylor gushes as we all walk out of the store and I laugh. “So do you guys want to skip food shopping and just go home?” Amber suggests and we all nod “I think my feet are going to fall off.” I say. “Do you guys want me to call Louis to pick us up do we don’t have to call a taxi and then he can just come over now?” Audrey suggests, “That sounds good.” I say and everyone nods. Audrey calls up Louis and tells him “see you soon.” She finishes off and smiles “he will be here in ten minutes.” She says “alright, let’s just wait outside.” Hanna says and I nod my head. Ten minutes pass and Louis’s car then appears outside and we all hop in, Audrey takes the front. “Hey.” He greets us all “hey.” We say back. “So we all are just going to hang out before the party?” Louis asks “ya the boys are coming later on.” Audrey responds, he nods “well how was shopping?” Louis asks “it was good Amelia is going to look Fricke hot tonight.” Taylor beams and I hit her in the arm, Louis laughs “Amelia don’t worry I’m also going to look pretty hot tonight too.” He says and I place my head in my hands as everyone else laughs, “all of you shut up.” I groan as we pull up to the hotel parking.

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