i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


30. chapter 28

~~“Why are you here!” he slurs angry “Ashton called me.” I say, “I’m going to fucken kill him.” He growls, I then notice he is holding a bottle of Scotch in his hand and he takes a swig. “Amelia I don’t fucken want you here.” He says, “Ya well I’m not leaving so you should probably just tell me what going on.” I say calmly to him, I don’t make a single move closer to him until I can figure out how much he has had to drink “you wouldn’t fucken get it!” he yells smashing a frame on the bed side table on the floor, I jump back startled by the action and Niall looks at me “do I scare you?’ he asks coming close to me, “no of course you don’t.” I tell him looking in his eyes but he then turns away “I know you’re upset about something but drinking and destroying everything isn’t going to help.” I say quietly to him “how would you know you’ve got the perfect fucken life!” his voice raises and he takes a big gulp of the Scotch “you’re going to pass out soon from drinking that.” I tell him “I don’t fucken care.” He says and drinks more, I know I need to get it away from him but I can’t figure out how and then an idea crosses my mind “can I have some?” I ask him “of the Scotch?” he questions I nod and a half drunken smirk crosses his lips “be my guest.” He says passing me the bottle, he looks at me and I take a small drink of it and, it burns going down my throat in all its disgusting, Niall laughs and I don’t give him the bottle back. “are you upset because of our fight today?” I blurt out and he shakes his head “not every fucken thing is about you.” He snarls and I nod “then what is it?” I question, ~~Instead of answering he just sits down on the bed next to him “fuck!” he yells and though I can hear anger ring through his voice I could hear a hint of vulnerability and I instantly felt guilty for it. “niall.” I say and put my hand on his arms, he doesn’t look at me instead he looks down “your just hurting yourself by acting this way.” I tell him and his eyes meet mine and the hard stare he once held softened “please just tell me what’s wrong.” I sigh “you wouldn’t care.” He says yanking his arm away from me “but I do.” I say “just go back to the fucken concert.” He says I shake my head “I’m not leaving here without you.” I tell him “what’s your family like?” niall asks out of the blue, I give him a confused look “tell me.” He says harshly “they’re pretty messed up.” I tell him honestly and he laughs “fucken doubt that. Would your father who you haven’t seen in fucken two years call you and say he wants to reconnect, how fucked up is that?” he yells the truth behind his anger, “says he has a fucken girlfriend now and a step son. The fucken perfect life he could never provide for his first family!” he spits and rips the bottle of scotch out of my hand before gulping it down. “He says he has changed and that he’s sober but hell is he fucken late!” he says angrily as he throws the bottle to the wall and it shatters loudly. I didn’t know what to say or do to help him without making him mad so I just watched as he ran his hands through his hair “maybe your father has changed and he wants to fix whatever happened in the past.” I tell him “I’ll never forgive him for what he did, he will always be a drunk asshole of a father!” he yells and I do something before thinking I wrap my arms around him, and embrace him, not sure if I will help or not but I can’t watch him like this. “You should be anger about this.” I tell him and he just stands there as I hug him, I pray to god that he won’t s reject my hug, that he won’t say something hateful and my prayers are answered when he doesn’t say anything “If I was you I would feel the same way. I would never want to see him.” I agree with him, and then I begin to feel his anger tensed body loosen. “I fucken hate him.” He slurs and I nod. “Are you good?” I question, I feel him nod his head and then I remove my hands from him. I look at nialls eyes to see their bloodshot from all the drinking he has done tonight. “I’m going to see if Ashton has a room for you.” I tell him as he sits down. I walk out of the room and to Ashton “hey.” Ashton greets me the minute our eyes meet “hey do you have an extra room for him tonight. He’s really drunk and I don’t think he should go to his apartment alone.” I tell him “ya there’s one two rooms down from the one you’re in. is he alright?” he asks me I nod “ya but I still don’t understand why he came over here.” I say and Ashton sighs, “I doubt Niall wants me to tell you this but in his father’s girlfriend kid.” He says, my eyes widen “what?” I say shocked “I know he came here trying to get me to drive him to his father but it was eleven at night and he was drunk so I figured nothing good could happen from that so he tried to fight me.” Ashton explains “how does Niall know you’re his father’s girlfriend’s son?” I question “I told him, two months ago. His father asked me to try and get him to come over but he wouldn’t.” he says “and then finally his father calls him and he goes crazy.” I say nodding “I guess.”  He says “niall hates me also, guess he thinks that his father replaced him for me.” Ashton then adds with a sigh “that’s horrible.” I say “I know anyway it’s late, so just get niall in his room and I can drive you home if you like?” he says, I nod “that would be great.” I tell him gratefully and then go back to where I left Niall. As I walk in the room I see niall still sitting on the bed. “Alright Aston said you can stay the night, get up.” I tell him and he gets up slowly and I lead him to the room two doors over, he is tripping over his own two feet as we reach the door. I open the door “alright lay down, you need sleep.” I tell him “I’m not tired.” He sighs “well you need to.” I tell him back “can you stay?” he blurts out and I look at him “I don’t think that’s a good-“before I can finish my sentence he interrupts “please?” he asks, I know this cannot turn out well, though I just finished telling him that I never wanted to see or talk to him again here I am actually having to think about staying or leaving. His voice was so vulnerable and soft but I can’t do this, it’s not good for me “I can’t, your drunk and you don’t know what you’re saying.” I tell him “but I love you.” He says and I freeze “what?” I ask “you heard me.” I know he’s lying to me, I know he is just playing with me, he can’t be serious “your just saying that, you don’t mean it. Your drunk and you just want me to stay” I tell him “it’s going to be like every time you have kissed me.” I add and turn towards the door. I glance at him and his eyes go hard “your right I don’t love you, I take it back” He says harshly to me and I wince at his words before walking out the room and closing the door and walking to Ashton, “in ready.” I breathe out as I feel my head begin to pound. “Alright let’s go.” He says shoving his black converses on and grabbing the keys to his car. We make our way to his car and every step feels surreal, as I sit down on the passenger seat my mind keeps replaying the scene in the bedroom, your right I don’t love you, I take it back, it shouldn’t hurt I knew niall to well, this was typical behavior and it shouldn’t affect me because I was the one who told him I wanted nothing to do with him. As we drive Ashton speaks “so what did niall do?” he asks “what do you mean?’ I ask “well considering you were the one to calm him down I was expecting him to convince you to stay.” He says, I look at him “how do you know him so well?’ I question “we used to be pretty close friends before I told him about my relations to his father’s girlfriend.” He says and I nod “so what idiot thing did he do this time?” he question, “he was drunk but he said he loved me then took it back.” I say running my fingers through my hair “well that’s a new one.” Ashton says furrowing his eyebrows “he was playing me like usual.” I sigh “no but I have never heard him use that one before. “He says and I nod. He then stops the car in front of my hotel. I smile at him “don’t take what niall said too deeply, he can get messed up sometimes.” Ashton says and as I unbuckle my seatbelt I think about all the things that pop into my head when I think of niall and messed up never crosses my mind, sure he could be  anger, tense, unintentional, annoying, stupid, unpredictable and ignorant but messed up didn’t describe him one bit, “he’s not messed up.” I tell Ashton “he just has had a hard time.” I say, sure I didn’t know most of his past life, but from the small part I did know I could tell his father’s drinking must have been hard for him. “I’m sorry.” Ashton says looking guilty “its fine I just think there’s more to him then just being the player who party’s too much.” I say and he nods. “I’ll see you later.” I tell him and step out of the car, he waves and I walk inside the hotel. I go straight to the elevator and press my floor and wait for the elevator to go up. I reach my floor and head straight to my room. No one is in my room so I assume that after the concert everyone went to hang out for a bit. Too exhausted by my day I just fall into to bed and let sleep take over my body still confused by why Niall said what he did.


~~Look at that I actually updated sooner! This chapter took me a bit of time but look at me writing these long chapters! I already know when my March break is over I won’t be able to update much because well in all French is a killer and most likely I will be stressing over that. But anyway I hope you’re enjoying the story! Also hope you all are having a good march break and goal for INSYC 40- likes, 60- favorites and maybe some comments on how the story is going or like comment something about yourself because it would be cool to get to know you guys!:)


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