i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


29. chapter 27

~~At the venue the boys and we sat down on two couches in Harry’s dressing room. "When do you think nialls coming?" Liam asks Louis, Louis shrugs "hopefully soon." he sighs, "he'll be here soon besides we have like three hours till the concert." Taylor says "ya but we have to get ready and get to sound check before." Liam says, and then the dressing room door opens and Niall peeks in before opening the door "there you guys are." he says strolling in "your almost an hour late." zayn tells him, and niall shrugs, and then I see platinum long hair following behind him and my stomach twists. "hey Jaden!" harry says, she smiles "hey." she says back as niall takes a seat on the couch and she follows, I was surprised that she didn't sit on his lap but instead she sat incredibly close to him. Jaden was wearing a pair of shorts that barley covered her butt and a tight black t shirt with her heavily black lined eyes. I shouldn't be annoyed that she’s here but I am. I look at niall trying to figure out what game he is trying play with me because only two hours ago we were together and now he’s with her. I glance at him and he seems to look completely fine, and I begin to feel unbelievably stupid. I don't feel upset, not even a bit but I do feel used. I look next to me to see harry, smiling at Hanna who just said something funny I assume as I wasn't paying attention to anything. I scoot closer to harry to see if nialls expression changes but it doesn't. Harry looks at me and smiles, "you okay?" he asks, and I nod not trusting my voice. "So Jaden are you staying for the whole concert?" Liam asks her "ya I figured I would because niall and me have a party after." she says and I roll my eyes at her,” I’m going to go to my dressing room." I excuse myself and before anyone can say anything I am already out the door. I walk to my dressing room and run my fingers through my hair regretting kissing him, regretting every second I had spent with him because he was using me. I will not be the type of girl who is used by someone like him. I then decide to put on my performance clothing and stop thinking about everything. I take a drink of water and sit on the couch. After fifteen minutes my dressing room door swings open and niall appears. He walks inside "you got out of their fast." he says "get out." I say to him not daring to look him in the eyes. "Why are you being so cold to me right now?" he asks and I am offended by his question, “please just get out and don't talk to me again." I say once again "this is about Jaden isn't it?" he questions I don't say anything instead I take a drink of water "your jealous." he smirks "don't be so full of yourself. Just go back to Jaden." I snarl, "Can you tell me what your problem is?" niall then harshly asks me, and I don't know why but I decide to answer "yes I can. My problem is that not even twenty four hours ago we were together kissing, and then now you’re with her." I explain, he laughs " why does that matter it’s not liking we are dating or anything." he says and at his statement I get annoyed "that's exactly the problem that you go around leading girls on and then you make them feel like an idiot because you go to another girl and probably make them feel the same way. You then make me feel like z fool because I think you might like me!" I yell at him, standing up as my fists are clenched "why can’t you just accept that I’m never going to date you and realize that your fucken not my type!" he yells back and I laugh “why do you think I want to date you now?" I ask "because you’re jealous of Jaden being my fuck buddy.  I gave you the opportunity but you didn't take it." he shrugs and before I know what I’m doing my hand fly's up and slaps him in the face, he looks shocked at first but then anger replaces it "what the hell?" he asks but I don't regret it, he was out of line for saying those things to me. "Get out now! And don't talk to me!" I yell at him “wasn’t planning on it you bitch!" he yells back at me and then slams the door shut as he leaves. I sit back down on the couch and put my head in my hands needing a moment to figure out what just happened. All the girls then walk into my room "what just happened?" Taylor asks frantically, I lift my head "nothing." I say "it didn't sound like nothing." Hanna says “I really don't want to talk about it." I sigh, "Ya well you are." Audrey says sitting down next to me. "It’s really nothing. Niall was just being a jerk and I stood up to him and he didn't like it." I tell them, "That’s not true. Niall came out of here looking really pissed off." Hanna said and I sigh I haven't told you much that has happened between us." I say “we may have kissed a few times and hung out together a bit." I say not wanting to mention the pond incident "Amelia!" amber says “I know I was stupid but I told him to never talk to me again." I say "good but there has to be more because he slammed that door."  Amber adds "well I may have slapped him in the face too." I say innocently and they all laugh "you go!" Audrey chers and i slightly smile.


Hours pass and we have twenty minutes before we go on stage. I haven't seen niall since our fight and I’m very happy about it. The boys came and wished us good luck except for niall and then soon after Paul was calling us on stage. We all walked on and did our introductions and sang a few songs. The crowds is loud and seems to enjoy or singing which feels very nice. "Who’s ready to see our friends one direction?!" Taylor screams to the crowd and a giant wave of screams happen "well thank you for letting us entertain you tonight. We are Mindless Thoughts and we hope you enjoy the rest of the concert!" I scream out to them and wave as we all walk off stage. We high five each other and harry, Liam and harry run towards us and engulf us in a group hug "second performance down!" they yell and we all laugh. Louis walks out of his dressing room "do any of you know where niall is?" he asks "no last time I checked he was in his dressing room." harry says "you don't think he left do you?" Liam asks sounding panicked “I tried calling him but he won’t answer." Louis say, "Maybe you guys should tell Paul about this and your manager and I’ll go look for him with the girls?" I suggest "alright sounds good." Louis smiles. Zayn then comes out from a hallway “I have looked everywhere for that boy and I can’t find him." he says and then the boys look panicked. "Does anyone have Jaden's number?" I question I do." Louis says "give it to me." I tell him and he reads out the number to me as I dial it on my phone hoping she may know where he is. The phone rings and rings and then finally I hear her voice "hello?" she says "hi its Amelia, I was wondering if you know where niall is?" I say hating having to talk to her, and then I hear loud music in the background "his heat that party?" I question “he was." she says "what do you mean he was when did you guys leave the venue?" I ask "we left half an hour ago, and niall left the party twenty minutes ago." she explains "where is he now?" I ask I don't know he drank a lot and when I asked him where he was going he fucken snapped at me." Jaden says, I groan "thanks for the help." I say "hope you find that ass." Jaden says to me “I do too, he has a show." I say and hang up on her. 'Well he's not here and he's not at the party but he's drunk." I say "shit." zayn says and then Paul comes up "guys three minutes." he smiles "Paul, niall left.” Harry tells him "what do you mean?" he asks "we don't know where he is but he is not here." harry says and Paul’s eyes go wide "alright boys, just tell the fans he wasn't feeling too well and he couldn't go on and we will go and try and find him before the end of the show." Paul says "but who sings nialls part?" Liam asks "just rotate around or sing them together." Paul tells them they nod "alright it’s time for you guys to go on just go with the flow and I’m going to go and try and find niall." Paul tells them before running over to management. "good luck." we all say to them I can’t believe niall would do this." harry sighs as they take their places on stage. I decide to call niall but he doesn't answer. I know I said I didn't want to talk to him again but this is urgent. I keep trying to reach him but he won’t answer. I groan in frustration then my phone begins to ring and I answer it quickly "hello?" I say "Amelia its Ashton." "Oh hey Ashton, I do really want to talk but I am a bit busy right now." I say "ya I know but niall is at my place and he is screaming and destroying my flat." he says "nialls there?" I question "ya and I was wondering if you could come over here and help me with him." he says " I don't think I would help." I tell him 'please the boys are on stage and I saw you two talking once and he looked like he generally liked you." I then hear something shatter on the floor and niall loudly curse "alright fine I’m coming now, where do you live?" I say without thinking too much," Oakers land flat building, the penthouse." he tells me "alright." I say "thank you Amelia see you soon." he says and I hang up. I inform the girls of what is happening and then I call a taxi who says he will be there in five minutes. I get changed out of my performance clothes and grab my bag then I wait outside for the taxi. I begin to think about why niall is upset and then it hits me that it could be my doing and I instantly feel guilty, I shouldn't go see him, he probably doesn't want to see me but something inside of me that was louder said go. The taxi then arrives and I hop in and tell him Ashton’s address, he says it should only take ten minutes but it feels much longer. As we get closer and closer to Ashtons flat I begin to think about what to say but nothing comes to mind. Then the driver pulls over in front of the flat building. I pay him then I go straight to the door and press penthouse, Ashton soon buzzes me in and I feel nervous as I head to the elevator and wait to get to the top of the floor. As the elevator stops at the penthouse I knock and Ashton answers “Amelia thank god you’re here.” He says “what happened?” I asked “he just came to my house drunk, he tried to fight me but I stopped him and now he is just throwing things and I don’t know what to do.” He says “where is he?” I ask “over there.” He says pointing to a room, “Whenever I try to talk to him he just tells me to get out.” He sighs “I don’t know if I can help but I’ll try.” I slightly smile at him trying to reassure him “alright call me if he does anything.” He says seriously “he won’t hurt me.” I say, I mean I know that he won’t hurt me physically ever it just seems like something he would not do but emotionally I can’t say the same.  I then walk towards the room Ashton pointed to and knocked “go the fuck away Ashton!” he yelled, I opened the door “it’s not Ashton.” I said and closed the door.

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