i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


27. chapter 25

we stop at the beginning of the woods. I look at him for a second "you do realize how shady this looks right?" I question, he  slightly smiles biting his lip slightly. "shut up and come on." he says getting out of the car, I shake my head slightly and unbuckle my seat belt. I step out and see niall a meter ahead, I sprint up to him "so where are we heading?" I ask again "you'll see." he says. we walk throughout the trail and then niall stops and begins to walk where the tall grass is, off the trail "what are you doing?" I ask "just follow." he says "what happens if there's snakes in there?" I say overthinking like usual, he turns towards me "you don't like snakes?" he asks "its not that I don't like them its just that I don't want them in my life." I state "well there's none in here so hurry up." he says turning around and beginning to walk through the grass. I squeeze my eyes shut and step by step I catch up to niall. "was that so bad?" he asks, and I open my eyes a bit "well nothing has bit me yet so its fine right now." I say, niall takes one step  to the left and I follow behind and then we are out of the grass and instead greeted by big willow trees,bright green grass and in the center a little pound, in all it was beautiful breath taking actually. "what is this place?" I ask "the first time I came to England, when I was fifteen I found this place and I come here to think a lot." he says looking at the pond as he sits on the grass. I couldn't sit on the grass due to the fact I didn't want to ruin my dress anymore then I have so i stand watching niall. "are you just going to stand there?" he asks i nod " i cant ruin this dress more then i have." i say, niall rolls his eyes  and takes off his shirt and places it beside him "what are you doing!?" i ask adverting my eyes from his stomach, he laughs "i was getting warm and your being a wimp so now you can sit on that." he says " i was not being a wimp." i pout and take a seat on the shirt adjusting my dress. "why do you wear things like that?" he asks "like what?" i ask offended "you dress so innocently. like fuck you've got an amazing body but you wear clothes like that." They are two sizes too big ." he says "rather not dress like the girls your used to seeing." I say " for someone who has this whole misunderstood attitude you are really judgemental." I tell him "really?" He questions I nod "because I'm not the one who said what my friends wear is negative." He states staring right at me "never mind." I say standing up " where are you going?" He asks sounding concerned " why would you care?" I snap at him, he stands up " your so defensive." He says with a roll of his eyes "well I'm sorry that you just told me that I don't dress to your level." I say beginning to prepare myself to go through the long grass, niall grabs my wrist and pulls me back "just sit down." he says and leading me to the grass once again "fine but if you make fun of me once more im leaving." I say sitting down on his shirt once again and pulling my wrist away from nialls hand and place it on my dress. "so why'd you bring me here?" I ask, he shrugs "i don't know." he says looking towards the pound "you have to have a reason." I say, its silent for a minute before he says" to show you that im sorry for being a dick this morning." he says not looking at me "well then I forgive you." I say slightly giving him a side smile. I look up to the sky  and slightly squint my eyes as the sun almost blinds me "its beautiful out here." I say, niall nods "its warm out here." he says standing up and beginning to tug at his zipper on his pants "what are you doing?" I ask "im going to go cool down in the pound." he says "you can join me if you'd like." he says with a slight smirk as he unbuttons his jeans, I shake my head and advert my eyes "are you crazy, that pound cant be clean." I try to reason with him but he doesn't answer instead I hear a splash and a few drops of water land on me. I look in the pound to see niall  shake out his hair. "your crazy!" I exclaim, "come in." he tells me I shake my head "no thanks." I tell him, "at least put your feet in." he tells me, I shake my head im good here." I say "come on Amelia Troian live a little." niall laughs "you should know Horan that I never live on the edge." I say "Horan?" he questions , I nod "yup." I say popping the p. "just dip your feet in the water." he urges, I sigh and move nialls shirt closer to the pound and sit down on it and place my warm feet in the cooling water, it was warm out here I have to admit. niall swims around the pound "how deep is it?" I ask him, "not that deep I can reach the bottom." he tells me, I nod "you should join me." he urges, I crinkle my nose "its too mucky." I say "its not that bad, its refreshing." he defends "na im not the type of person to take my clothes off." I say "ill turn around." he says, I laugh "no im not swimming in there." I say shaking my head "please?" he begs I shake my head. niall then begins splashing water on me "stop." I exclaim "my dress is going to be ruined." I tell him "then come in here and ill stop." he smirks "you do realize I can just get up." I give him a questioning look and then he grabs my ankles with his wet hands "now you cant." he says, I stare at the blue in niall eyes and in that moment he didn't look as scary as he usual did "fine." I say finally giving in. niall lets go of my ankles and I stand up "turn around and don't look please. " I say sternly, he rolls his eyes and tightly closes his eyes and turns around. I walk over to the willow tree and keep my back towards the pond as I carefully take off my dress. I realize im wearing booty shorts underneath the dress and decide to keep them on. my bra is plain just a simple white one nothing special. I turn around in only my booty shorts and my simple bra and already feel self conscious. niall then suddenly turns around "niall!" I shriek wrapping my arms around my chest "turn around!" I yell "fuck." I hear him say under his breath " close your eyes." I say as I go to the edge of the pond and sit down to slowly dip myself in the water, niall groans and closes his eyes. I slowly slide myself into the water but my feet cant touch the bottom, im half in the water when I call niall "niall I need a bit of help." I say, he turns around and I am embarrassed that he can see my bra a bit but I ignore it and say "i cant touch the ground and I don't want to jump." a smirk crosses his lips and I regret asking him for help "here." he says sliding his hands on my waist and slowly places me in the water "jez its cold." I say with a shiver "can you touch the bottom?" he asks "kind of thanks." I say, he lets go of me and I stand on my tippy toes and then begin to swim around "is it that bad?" he asks I shake my head no, and niall begins to splash me while I splash back, we laugh and I end up slipping on a rock and fall forward into niall who catches me instantly, he stares at me and I do the same "sorry." I say his bright blue eyes captured my attention, he stared at me for a while until he glanced down at my lips and I did the same with his and without a single decent thought I crashed my lips on his, he was shocked in the beginning but then merged into it, he licked my bottom lip for access and all I wanted to do was be closer to him, his touch was addicting and from the first time he kissed me I knew it would be that way, I gave him access and he placed his hands on my waist. I knew this kiss wasn't going to end soon, us  both couldn't stop wanting it, niall pressed me closer to him and picked up my thighs, my first reaction was to wrap my legs around him. I was terrified to think how far this would go because I couldn't stop, I wanted to but my body fought hard with my mind, niall moved his lips away  and uttered "fuck your so hot." before pressing his lips back to mine. I knew I couldn't let this get too far, before I completely melted under his lips again I lifted my head "we cant." I say catching my breath, "yes we can." he says trying to connect our lips, I shake my head "your going to tell me this meant nothing tomorrow." I state remembering what happened when he kissed me back at the hotel only two weeks ago, his face goes stern and he lets go of me. I knew this was going to become a war between us so instead of fighting I climbed out of the pound and went towards my dress to find it soaking wet. niall followed me out and grabbed his white shirt. he sees my dress and throws me his white shirt "wear this." he mutters "its fine I can wear this." I say picking up the dress, "just wear the shirt, I don't want my car to be filled with water." he says i nod and don't say another word as I shove on his white t shirt. its big on me but only a bit, he rests just bellow where my shorts are so I tug the shorts down a bit and pick up the folded dress. niall has his pants on in a minute and I shove on my shoes quickly as niall does the same. we walk to his car in silence, I wanted to talk to him but I knew it wasn't the time. we got in the car In silence and he drove me back to the hotel. when we got the parking lot I unbuckled my seat belt and before opening the door I said "why cant you just tell me you may want to be me with me?" I blurt out the question that's been bugging me lately " I don't date." he scoffs "then you cant lead me on." I state "i don't your the one who kissed me twenty minutes ago!" he exclaims and my blood boils "you are such an ass. your the one who was staring at me and don't forget you kissed me in the elevator!" I said annoyed "Amelia just drop this." he sighs, I don't say another word instead I storm out of the car and into the hotel.

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