i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


25. chapter 24

i feel the blanket that covers me being ripped away and my eyes pop open. "what are you doing?" I ask confused adjusting my eye sight to the figure, "what's your name?" the boy who was passed out yesterday says with a smirk. "uh Amelia." I say sitting up slowly and carefully, it is very evident that this boy is hung over just by his bloodshot eyes. I look over at the clock on the bed side table seeing it read "4:00 am". I better get going." I say feeling uncomfortable in this boys present. I begin to stand up but the boy grabs my wrist "no stay a bit, its not every day a man wakes up to find a hot girl in his room." he says "let go of me i need to go." I say pulling my wrist out of his hand but he doesn't budge. i push him using my body and i guess it was unexpected because he loses his balance and lets go of my wrist. i run over to the door "you bitch!" he yells and i begin to rethink my supposedly smart decision to lock the door. i fiddle with the door and finally unlock it and I bolt out of there. "come back!" i hear him yell after me. i run to the only place my feet can bring me. i run as fast as i could to the door at the end of the hall and begin to bang and bang but he doesn't answer "please let me in!" i bang harder as i can hear the boys voice getting closer. i continue to bang as hard as i can and then the door opens a bit and a tired niall appears "what the fuck?" he asks "please let me in." i beg and turn my head to see the boy running towards me in the distance," get in." he say opening the door wider and i gratefully go inside. i put my hands to my face to feel wetness on my cheeks, i didn't even notice i was crying until now. "what the fuck is happening? its four in the fucken morning." niall curses " after you kicked me out of your room i went to find another and i found one but there was this guy passed out in it. he woke up and i don't know but i think he was trying to..." i cant even finish my sentence without a shudder going through my body. "who was it?" niall asks his jaw tense " i don't know, he had shaggy brown hair and he had a hangover." i say and i pace his room. "please don't make me leave." pathetically scarred to have to encounter that guy again. " i wont." he says and he grabs me by the shoulders to stop my pacing. "did he touch you?" he asks me, i shake my head, "did he hurt you?" he then follows up "he just grabbed my wrist but its fine just a bit sore." i say and unexpectedly niall pulls me towards him and wraps his arms around my waist. im too terrified to even care that hes niall when i hug him back, all i need is comfort right now, im terrified of what would of happened if i didn't wake up and I need this and i don't care who it's from. He pulls away and sits on his bed. "thanks for that." I say quietly. he doesn't say anything instead he just lays back in his bed. "are you just going to stand or do you want to sleep?" he asks "ill take the floor." I say and he laughs "just sleep on the bed." he says "no im not sleeping in the same bed as you." I state, he glares "fine enjoy the floor then." he says tossing a pillow and a blanket onto the floor. I lay down on the pillow and cover myself up with the blanket.my eyes close in a matter of minutes and Im in a whole new world.


a horrifying scream is the first thing I hear as my eyes open, I sit up and then there's another scream, I realize its coming from niall. I stand up and see his eyes shut as beads of sweat drip down his face "niall." I say shaking him awake, his eyes pop open "fuck!" he yells as he wipes his face "god are you okay?" I ask him " just a dream." he says. I sit on the bed "what was it about?"  I ask, and his expression changes in a beat "mind your own fucken business." he snaps "im sorry I wont ask." I say. "get out of my room." he says staring straight "what?" I ask "get out of my fucken room!" he yells I stand up "i don't know where to go." I say " I don't care just get your fucken prissy ass out of my room." he says, im confused by his quick change of feelings but I guess it had something to do with the dream. I go to the door. "how do you expect me to get home!?" I ask "i dont fucken care just go." and then I leave his room and go in my purse and grab my toms, I guess im walking home. I walk thourgh the house terrified that the boy will be out of his room and still looking for me but I disregard that fact as I try to recall what room Louis and Audrey are in. i cant seem to remember until a door opens and out comes Audrey and Louis.  i go up to them "thank god, i was trying to find you guys." i say looking at both of them Louis wears a sad heartbroken look on his face as Audrey slightly smiles at me. "we've go to go now." i say "ill get niall to drive us home." Louis groans rubbing his head "hes not in a good mood." i tell him "ya well he drove us here so hes driving us home." Louis states. Audrey takes in my appearance "what happened to you last night?" she asks "long story." I say and show Louis nialls room. Louis bangs on the door "niall get your ass up." he says and I can hear footsteps and then the door opens. niall has his sneakers and beanie on "lets go." he grumbles walking passed us not giving me a single glance. we follow him out of the house and to his car. we all get in silently as niall starts the car. "ill drop you off first." niall says looking at Louis and he nods. the drive to Louis flat is not long.we get there in about five minutes "thanks mate." Louis say "bye Amelia and Audrey thanks for helping me yesterday."he says with a sad smile "no problem." Audrey smiles at him and he walks up to the door of his flat apartment. niall says nothing as he drives to the hotel and Audrey and I just awkwardly sit there. it feels like twenty minutes before we get to the hotel. Audrey slides out of the car "thanks niall." she says and begins to walk up to the hotel, as im about to slide out of the car too niall speaks "stay." he says to me, looking at me in the rearview mirror, I look at him for a second "what?" I ask confused "stay." he says "no!" I say annoyed "half an hour ago you were shooing me out of your room and now you want me to stay with you? I wont let you toy with me." I say with one foot out of the car "go then." he spits at me his attitude changing once again and I don't say another word instead I slide out of his car and say "you should really get your mood swings checked out." I snarl "really thanks you should get a drink or something to calm your hormones down." he fires back, I slam the door shut and walk angrily to the hotel entrance. I hate him, I know hate is a strong word but all he's every done is mock me and im tired of it. i wait by the elevator doors waiting for them to open, as they begin to open, i turn around swiftly to see niall coming towards me, i get into the elevator and try pressing the closing button but im too late as his body stops the closing doors and he stands in the elevator. "you made your point clear there why do you-" before i can finish my sentence im pressed to the elevator wall and niall smashes his lips onto mine, i fight him trying not to melt in the way his lips fit perfectly with mine but im too slow my body takes over and before i know it my hands are running through his hair. my brain is screaming to stop to push him just get away but my  body thinks differently. the kiss is electrifying and every fiber of my body is awoken niall groans as i pull a tangle from his blonde hair, and he pushes his body closer to mine. i cant stop, i want to but i cant stop. i pray that he will pull away before this goes to far. the elevator door opens and niall moves his lips away "i want to show you something." he says my mind screams at me to run away from him to say no to his offer but my head nods. he presses the lobby button and i stare at him. his hair is disheveled  from when my hands ran through his hair and i cant seem to control the constant beating of my heart. how could it be that not even five minutes ago we were yelling at each other and now here i am kissing him, what is wrong with me? the elevator door opens and i follow niall out of it in silence. we walk to his car and i take the passenger seat as he takes the driver. we both put our seatbelts on and he starts the car when he says "sorry i kicked you out this morning." "its fine." i say " where are you taking me?" i ask, he shrugs "you'll see." he says with a smirk.  i look at him as we drive and he moves his hand from the steeling wheel and puts in a cd and turns up the volume. the noise is ear piercing, its a heavy beat with screaming. i put my hand on the volume button and turn it off. "what is that?" i say scrunching up my nose "good music." he reply's moving his hand to the volume knob "no that's screaming." i say "really then? what kind of music are you into? john legend?" he laughs "no i like the 1975, the fray, ed Sheeran." he laughs "thought so." he says "what's that mean?" i ask offended "you listen to the sappy songs." he says "they are not sappy they have good lyrics and sound nice." i defend my favorite artists, he chuckles "sure." he says and puts his screaming racket on medium volume. throughout the journey we both say nothing until he pulls the car over "we're here." he says pulling the keys out of his car.

******-not edited


so hey guys long time no note right? so how's it going im finally writing more which is good i hope. it feels amazing to get back to this story like its been too long. i just finished my exams and i have had a few days off so figured i would write a bit. so i have goal for the next chapter! if INSYC gets 40 likes, more comments answering what you think about the book so far and who you want to learn more about, and get this one 60 peoples favorite lists i will update quicker! that would make me so happy. i want to try and get to 50 likes and 90 favorites by the end of may hopefully! so i hope you all have a beautiful rest of the day and also one more thing what do you think nialls dream is about and last thing i promise do any of you guys watch Red Band Society because GOD only 3 more episodes left and that makes me really sad :(.


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