i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


24. chapter 23

the dressing room door opens and in comes four boys looking about the same age as the rest of us "Ethan!" Luke says  to the boy with dark brown hair and icy blue eyes, he has lip piercing and  I can see tattoos peaking out from underneath his shirt,   he's attractive but more in that don't get to close way. Luke stands up and walks over to the group of boys "how are you mate?" he asks them "fine how are you boys?" Ethan asks " great, you guys here for niall?" he ask the group of boys nod "ya we're throwing him a party figured he may want to be there after this crap." Ethan laughs. I just stare at the group of boys not knowing if I should say hi or just ignore them. Ethan catches me staring "aw you guys have those girls on the tour now too." he says and steps towards me "im Ethan." he says with that signature smirk "Amelia." I reply and he gets the other girls name "whose your friends?" Audrey asks him "oh guys come on introduce yourselves." he says to them "sorry im Alex" a boy with green eyes and blonde hair introduces, he has an eyebrow piercing and I can see the traces of ink underneath his white t-shirt, "Leo." one with brown wavy hair and brown eyes says, this one had no piercing that I could see body his arms were covered in ink, the last boy smiled at us and then went on to introduces himself as jace his hair was longer then the rest of the guys it was brown and his eyes were a green and blue color, he had a lip and eyebrow piercing, I couldn't see any tattoos. they all sat down on the couch with us, Ethan sat right beside me which made me shift closer to ashton. "how's the show been so far?" Alex asks "loud and fun." Michael smiles. "when does the concert end?" Ethan asks "in another half an hour." Taylor answers him "any of you coming to the party after?" Leo asks there's a mix of I cant, and sures, I stay quiet "what about you?" Ethan asks looking at me "not really into it." I shrug " you should come it'll be a fucken blast." he laughs I shrug uncomfortably wanting to leave the room. I think up a excuse to leave the room and then wait by the wall for harry and the others. the dressing room door opens and out comes Audrey. she walks towards me "too blah for you?" she says referring to Ethan, Leo,Alex and jace "too many tattoos for me." I say "i know I had to get out of there when they started taking about this girl that Leo hooked up with, I was like alright then and then left." she says I laugh a bit and then the boys walk off "are you guys done?" I ask Liam he shakes his head "we have an encore of two songs then we're done." he smiles and walks quickly to the dressing room "Amelia and Audrey come here." harry says as he walks to his change room "why aren't you guys with everyone else?" he asks "niall's friends came." I simply state "well niall's going to be happy to hear that" harry says as he throws on a different shirt in front of us. "I've got to change my pants so ill talk to you guys after the show." he smiles and we both nod "have fun." Audrey calls as he closes his door. We see Louis waiting by the stage "your already ready?' Audrey asks, "i know im like lightning." he says striking a pose "more like a mix of an idiot and a tornado." Audrey laughs. "hey I wanted to ask, are nialls friends here yet?" Louis asks us "ya there with everyone else why?"  "because Paul told all of us to watch niall when his friends come because he thinks he's going to leave with them when we come to this part of the show." he explains "i could see that happening." I say and he nods, soon after that the boys had to go back on stage. Audrey and I stayed leaning against the wall and then Taylor came out of the dressing room. " hey guys!" she says "hey tay!" we both say "how are you two?" she asks "very tired." I say sighing, Audrey nods " I figured I was going t go pack up all my stuff. most of us are about to actually." she says "il get mine after the concert ends." I shrug and Taylor walks away. ashton, Luke,Michael and calum along came out of the room along side of Amber and Hanna.i hear the boys say goodnight and when they come backstage I congratulate them all "one show down guys!" I yell. "good job nia-" I don't even finish my sentence instead he walks right by me and goes to meet his friends. "woah!" harry yells and I laugh "that was so much fun!" he cheers and I nod "so now what are you doing?" I ask him "probably just going to head home.my mum came tonight so I think she'll want to see me." he smiles "aw that's cute." I say with a bit of a laugh "what are you going to do?" he asks "I think im going to go to the hotel order room service, snuggle up with my blankets and watch some movies." I say "sounds fun I would of asked to join you if it weren't for my mum being here and all." he smiles dimples poking out "maybe next time. I got to go get my stuff so ill see you tomorrow." I say as I start walking to my dressing room "bye!" he calls behind me. I step into my dressing room to be greeted by the people I least want to see. I think about leaving my stuff but its too late they saw them. "Amelia." ethan says "hey." I say walking towards the desk where I put my stuff. "where'd you disappear to during the show?" he asks, I glance at niall whom is on his phone "figured I needed some quiet." I shrug and swing my bag over my shoulder. "have you changed your mind about the party?" Leo asks, niall beats me to the answer with a loud obnoxious laugh "you guys invited her to the party? obviously she wont come, she probably cant stay up anymore." niall laughs, my annoyance for this boy rises and before I know what im saying I blurt out "actually, you know what I'll come." I say with a slight smirk, niall looks amused by my answer "really your going to come?" he asks that same stupid smirk apparent on his face "ya sure i'll swing by." i say regretting every word. "niall can pick you up." ethan smirks at me before i can respond niall says "ya i can drive you to the hotel now." he states staring at mr amusement written all over. "its fine." i say "whos driving you to the hotel then?" jace asks " i was going to get a taxi." i shrug leo laughs slightly "you'll never get a cab at this time." he says i roll my eyes then say "fine." and nialls lips twitch up a bit. i begin to walk out of the dressing room with niall following behind. "wheres your car?" i snap at him, he points to a black range rover and we both walk towards it not saying a word. we drive in silence to the hotel, me looking out the window while he stares at the road. we get to the hotel "il be back in about fifteen minutes." he says "what why?" I ask " I have to pick up some other people too." he rolls his eye at me, and I step out of the car and niall drives off while I make my way into the hotel and go to my room. I open the door to my room and Audrey greets me "what took you so long?" she asks "long story short your coming to a party, get ready." I say throwing my bag down 'what did you get yourself into?" Audrey asks " I may of said I was going to that party Ethan told us about." I say walking to my room "what?!" Audrey exclaims "oh and nialls coming to pick us up in fifteen minutes." I add and grab the light blue simple fit and flare dress out of my suitcase and put it on, the sleeves go just above my elbows and the dress fall just above my knees. I dig through my luggage to find the small heeled nude shoes, I slip them. I go to the washroom and brush through my hair quickly and just swipe a fresh coat of mascara on my top lashes.as I go to grab my purse Audrey looks me up and down "you cant wear that!" she exclaims, I look down at my outfit confused "why?" I ask "because I have a feeling all the girls are going to be wearing black, red or close to nothing."  she explains " I like this outfit, it looks fine." I say she sighs then nods and walks to our room to get changed. I grab my small brown purse and shove my cream colored toms just in case my feet cant handle these heels. I wait for Audrey to come out of the bedroom and five minutes later shes out wearing a black straight dress that covers just below her thighs and she wears small black open toed heels "you look good." I say, she laughs "thanks. you look cute." she tell me with a smirk "shut up."i say shoving her shoulder. we make our way to the lobby to wait for niall."i cant believe im doing this for you." Audrey groans as nialls black  range rover comes into sight " I wish I said no." I say as the car pulls over and we begin to walk towards it. I open the back seat to see new faces a girl blue dipped hair, heavy eyeliner and barley any clothes sits in the middle of the car, next to her is a girl with platinum blonde hair, a nose piercing through her nose her lips colored red, her eyes lined in dark eyeliner and a short black dress that seems to not fit her. in the passenger seat there's one face I recognize, Louis. niall looks at me in the rearview mirror and smirks, judging me in every way. I jump into the car with Audrey hoping in behind me." niall probably wont introduce us so im Jaden." the platinum blonde girl says "Amelia."  "Audrey." we both say "ash." the blue haired girl says I give her a polite smile. "hey Louis." I say "hey Amelia and Audrey!" Louis calls from the front seat. we get to the giant house and I see the groups of kids drinking, and laughing,  i can hear the heavy bas of the music. I never understood what was so good about parties. We all get out of the car. "you should come hang out with us." Jaden smiles at Audrey and I "uh sure." I say before thinking and we follow her inside. Louis walks behind us quietly "Louis!" Audrey calls "ya?" Louis asks walking up to her "never thought of you as a party goer." Audrey smirks at him "im not just figured that I had nothing to do so why not?" he says "i get that." she smiles "you don't seem the type either." Louis tells Audrey "im not I was dragged here by her." she says glaring at me, Louis laughs and then we reach the middle of the crowed house and I see jace, Ethan, Leo, Alex, niall and Ash. "Amelia you made it!" Ethan says standing up "ya I did." I say with a polite smile "take a seat." he smirks I shake my head "im good with standing." I say "im here too you know." Jaden states with a roll of her brown eyes and takes a seat on nialls lap. "ah I see you brought a friend." Alex states "nice to see you Audrey." " ya you too." she says sounding unamused. "Louis how are you? haven't seen you in forever." Alex smiles "ya i missed you guys." he jokes and they laugh. red plastic cups are handed to us "i don't drink." i tried to tell the person but he just ignored me. i look to the group of people to see them laughing "miss perfect doesn't drink? no surprise." Ash says "excuse me?" i ask her, i look at niall thinking he would maybe stand up for me but he just sits there having Jaden on his lap too occupied to care about what's happening. Audrey doesn't say anything she just holds her cup in her hand.i look to her to see Louis saying something to her "il be back." she declares leaving with Louis "Audrey." i say "il be back." she promises again and i sigh. i look around the room to see im the only one who has actual clothes on and begin to feel self conscious. "what to do?" says leo "anyone up for some truth or dare?" suggests ash. of course even at some college kid parties truth or dare is a thing. I scoff and Ethan looks at me "what was that for?' he asks and everyone in the small group looks at me, even niall who has a smirk plastered on his face "i just find it funny that even at a college party, truth or dare is still a thing, isn't that more middle school?" everyone laughs "its no middle school thing if you play with us." Alex states "so who's in?" Ethan asks I shake my head and I her niall scoff "actually i change my mind im in." I say and give niall a quick glare that he doesn't catch because he's too busy sucking Jaden's face, I roll my eyes." I'll start ."ash exclaims "Amelia!" she says I look at her "truth or dare?" "truth." I immediately say ignoring the everlasting smirk niall gives me "okay, hmm, have you had any boyfriends?" "not really." I say not ashamed, I never understood why it mattered if you had a boyfriend. I for one rather focus on myself then on someone else. "are you serious?" Jaden laughs " I nod my head doubting she's ever had a boyfriend longer then a week." Amelia your turn."  ash says "Jaden, truth or dare?" I ask with the fakest smile "dare of course."  she says I think for a minute I dare you to take a drink out of that bottle." I say pointing to the bottle of what seemed like beer which Ethan was drinking she scoffs "that's challenging." she says as Ethan passes her the bottle and she chugs the whole thing down. Jaden looks around the room then points to Ethan." truth or dare?" she asks, he smirks "dare." " I dare you to take Amelia upstairs for seven minutes." she smirks my mouth falls open and I stand up abruptly from the position I have taken on the floor, I look to niall who has a neutral expression on his face at what his girlfriend just said " im not some object." I state "oh come on let loose, he'll show you a good time." Jaden smirks, Ethan says nothing "that may be something you're fine with but I don't sleep around." I say full of disgust and sharply turn around and begin to walk away but I don't get too far without a drunk guy getting pushed into me and spilling his half full drink all over my dress. I groan and I hear the laughter and begin to search for a bathroom. I want to leave now  but I don't know where Louis and Audrey are. I walk around the house in search of a washroom and all that I have found is the information that this house is a frat house and there are too many people. I walk upstairs and see doors upon doors lining the wall. I don't want to open any but I know I have to. my dress is starting to stick to me and I can smell the alcohol coming from it. I walk along the doors until I see a the fifth door to the right. I decide on trying this door. I knock a few times and hear nothing. I slightly open the door and then as I open it wider im more then surprised of what I see jaden in only her bra groping a half naked Niall, they see me and Niall smirks and jaden doesn't even put in the effort to try and cover herself, I close my eyes tight" I'm sorry I didn't mean to." I say and quickly turn around shutting the door. The image of the two is I engraved in my mind the way she was sucking on Niall's shoulder and he was pulling her closer, the image will never leave. I continue to try and find the bathroom and though I don't want to I open the door in the corner and thanking God I walked in and shut the door. I grabbed paper towel trying to dab off the moisture on my dress but it's not helping, I sigh and then sit down on the floor and put my face on my hands for a minute. I take my phone out of my purse and call Audrey wanting to go back to the hotel now. The phone rings and rings and rings with no luck in an answer but only a beep of an answering machine " Audrey, where are you I want to go back to the hotel call me when u get this." I say and hang up tears begin, To spill from eyes. I want to leave, I wish I never came to this party. I should of known parties aren't my thing but I still went because of the annoying blue eyed boy. Tears continue to slide down my checks as my dress becomes even more uncomfortable. I pick up my phone and dial hanna, she picks up on the third ring " hello?" She says half asleep "hanna?" I ask "Amelia,hey what's wrong?" She asks sleepiness leaving her voice " I went to this party and I don't know where Audrey is, I don't know where to go and I want to go back to the hotel." I weep "calm down, just call a taxi." She says I don't have any money with me right now." I say " why would you go to a party, this is not like you." She says " I know I thought it would be fun buts it's not." I say " I'll try and get a hold of Audrey for you okay?" She says I nod my head " I've tried already she won't pick up." I sigh " don't worry just hang in there, il talk to you later." She says "bye." I say and hang up I sigh once again. I stand up and look to the mirror to see my mascara running I grab a piece of toilet paper and sweep it under my eyes. I take a deep breath and run my fingers through my hair until I'm interrupted by s loud knock on the door. " hurry up I've got to piss." I hear a muffled voice say I open the door to be greeted by Niall, he looks at me for a minute and I try to push past him not in the mood for him but he grabs my wrist "we're you crying?" He asks gently, to gently for him " no I'm fine." I say and i take my wrist out of his hand. I decide to go outside and maybe get some fresh air. I go to the front of the house wall and lean against it, looking around at everyone hoping I'd spot Audrey or louis which I can't. I see Ethan walking towards me and I can't help but begin to walk again "Amelia!" He calls and I stop and turn around " I didn't know Jaden was going to pull that shit." He says " it's fine." I lie "im sorry about her."  "i just want to go home." I groan and he smiles " I can drive you if you'd like?" he offers considering he makes me nervous and uncomfortable I decline his offer." have you seen Louis or Audrey?" I ask him changing the subject, he shakes his head "not since you saw them." he says "thanks I have to go find them." I say and begin to walk around more. I scan the outside of the house and see no sign of them. I decide on going back inside that dreadful house and looking more. I check each room and then finally I see Louis tall figure in the kitchen and walk towards him. as I get closer I see Audrey next to him. "what happen to coming back?" I yell at Audrey "ive been trying to find you." Audrey says looking over at Louis " I called you ten times!" I say annoyed thst my so called friend left me with that group of idiots "my phone died and then Louis got drunk and I don't know what to do." she says, I look up to Louis to see his eyes red and him gripping the counter "he can handle himself, o really just want to get out of here." I say running my hands through my hair "his girlfriend broke up with him, that's why he started drinking, he looks sick." she says I groan and look up at him "Louis?!" I call, he glances at me "Amelia, hey where have you been?" he slurs I groan again "fine lets find him a room." I say and Audrey grabs Louis wrist as I walk up the stairs. Louis rambles off as we walk the stairs I cant believe that fucken bitch broke up with me." Louis swears sounding miserable "fuck! she said she wasn't sure about me but I begged her to stay with me." he says "lou stop it." Audrey says softly, as I search for an empty bedroom. I open an door and see two empty beds. "in here." I call and Louis stumbles into the room and falls onto the bed in a heap of tears. "god must of been a bad break up." I quietly mumble. "she dumped him over the phone." Audrey whispers to me and I begin to pity Louis the boy who obviously was in love with this girl. Louis stands up now and begins to pace the room, running his hands through his hair "why would she do this!" he yells completely insanely. I guess hes passed the tears. "shes probably with fucken Robert, hes why she dumped me!" he growls. Audrey and I just watch Louis not knowing what to say. we knew nothing about him. before I can even think I find myself walking out of that room to find niall, I don't know if him and Louis are that good of friends but he probably knows more then me. I walk downstairs to see him in the living room sitting on the couch without Jaden for once. I walk up to him, "Louis needs you." I say sternly to him he stares at me for a minute "what?" he asks "his girlfriend broke up with him and hes drunk and anger, and I was hoping you could talk to him." I say, he laughs " I don't comfort people." he scoffs "come on please can you just go see him, he's a mess." I say, and then a thump comes from upstairs and niall stands up "for fucks sake." he growls standing up I begin to quickly walk upstairs to where I left Louis and Audrey and when I open the door I see the small dresser in the room tipped over. Audrey is trying to stop him from smashing the lamp onto the floor but she fails. "for fucks sake Louis stop it!" niall groans stepping up to Louis and pushing him to sit down on the bed "calm the fuck down." he states "screw Eleanor she was a bitch anyway." he says to him, Louis stares at niall and I watch from behind as everything unfolds. "three years with her!" he yells " ya shit happens, destroying a room and getting wasted as fuck is not going to help you." he growls and Louis looks just a bit scarred "you always told me she was a shit girlfriend but I never listened." Louis sighs rubbing the back of his neck "ya get some rest man, your fucken wasted." niall says as Louis lays down on the bed and niall begins to leave. "im going to stay the night here." Audrey tells me "what?" I ask "just in case tomorrow Louis is upset and all." she shrugs sitting on the other bed. "you don't even know the guy, well do you care so much?" I question "because im a nice person and I feel bad for him." she says I groan "well only one of us can fit on the other bed so I guess im stuck scavenging for a room." I groan walking towards the door "you'll be fine." Audrey insists "sure." I say and walk out of the room beginning to search the large house for an empty room.  I walk upstairs until I see the last door. I press my ear to it to see if I hear anyone, and in my surprise I don't. I tug on the door and it creaks open, I step in. the room is decorated with band posters a simple king size bed in the middle, the room was bigger then the rest. there were vinyl's  lying on the bookshelf along with a few books. I graze the books and see one that I recognize, the Great Gatsby, whosever room this is they don't have bad taste in books. I walk along the room more and see the desk with papers upon papers crumbled up along it and more books. as I begin to sit on the chair near the desk, the door opens and I quickly turn my head to meet nialls vibrant blue eyes turn a shade darker "Why the fuck are you in my room?!" he booms and walks toward me, I stand up "you cant live here, you told me you had an apartment." I say puzzled "get out!" he demands " I have no where to sleep." I tell him hoping he'd at least show me somewhere else to sleep "why should I give two shits about that." he growls "please niall." I say, he shakes his head " can you please just drop being a dick for a minute?!" I ask annoyed with the blonde boy "why were you crying before?" he says surprising me "you don't get to do this." I say as I begin to walk out of the room "what?" he asks  "you cant be a jerk to me one minute then pretend that you care about me the next minute." I state, " why do you find it hard to believe that I care? " he questi9ns "because your kicking me out of your room tough you know I have no idea where to sleep." I say and begin walking away, niall doesn't stop me all I hear is a door shut. I  begin to search for another room . the drink that had fallen on my dress had dried up and all I wanted to do was leave but I couldn't. I looked through room and room until I found one with just a boy passed out on one bed, deciding I have no other options I step in the room and close and lock the door. I look over at the boy  and poke him making sure he is out cold, when he doesn't stir in his sleep I smirk and take off my uncomfortable high heels and fall into the bed. the events of the day begin to catch up to me and I find myself wishing I never agreed to any of this, niall is the most confusing thing I ever met, he acts like he's so bad but his room says other words. I don't understand him,  but that's the thing I don't know if I want to know him. thoughts swarm my mind and I fall asleep with a hundred things rushing throughout my brain.


just wanted to say that I love Eleanor and I don't hate her you know just in case you assumed that or anything. Louis and el are my favorite one direction girlfriend but Louis and her had to break up because I have a plan for him. this chapter is also very rough I did not check it very well so dory for all the mistakes:)

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