i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


23. chapter 22

two weeks have come and gone, finally its the day of the concert. I can feel the nerves in the room as well as  the excitement coming from the boys as we all get changed into our stage clothing. I sit in a makeup chair as a girl named Lou styles my hair and applies light makeup to my face "so are you excited?" she asks "ya a bit but more nervous then anything." I say "don't worry you'll do great, if you mess up just go with it." she shrugs and I smile "thanks for the advice." I say as I close my eyes so she can put eye shadow on them. after twenty minutes which feels much longer my hair and makeup are done to perfection, I thank Lou and sit in our dressing room staring down at my phone. the other girls still had to get their makeup done and I had to get my outfit on but Christina told us she wants us to put our clothes on fifteen minutes before the show because apparently she has no faith in us actually keeping the expensive clothing clean for too long. I lift my feet up onto the table in front of me and lay my head down on the back of the couch cushion. my eyes feel heavy with sleep "hey Amelia!" i hear Harrys British voice loud and clear, i smile "hey harry." i say as he sits down "how do you feel?" he asks "fine bit nervous but pretty good, how are you feeling?" i ask "very excited. this is my favorite thing to do." he smiles and I return it, "so where are the 5 seconds of summer boys?" I ask "you haven't met them yet?" harry questions "once briefly." I answer "well then lets go find them." he smiles while putting out his hand for me to grab, I take it softly and he pulls me up from the couch. we make our way through the halls until we come to a door that says "5 Seconds of Summer" as harrys about to open the door I swat his arm "shouldn't you knock?" I ask "na I've known them for two years now knocking isn't our thing." he says and swings the door open to find a blonde boy only in his boxer, I quickly look away and the boy who has a lip ring, faces me with his mouth open "im so sorry." I stumble while trying to walk backwards towards the door, harry begins to laugh "where's your clothes?" he asks him, I glance one more at the boy to see he is really attractive "im changing." he says "oh well then we'll wait outside, tell us when its save." harry shrugs and guides me out of the room while closing it " that's why you knock!" I say embarrassed feeling my cheeks heat up "don't worry about it, he doesn't care." harry says and I hit him on the arm "he was only wearing boxers!" I say a bit loud and harry laughs "you know he probably can hear us talking right now, there's only a door between us." he says and I run my fingers through my hair "I hate you." I say and he smiles "I hate you too."  then the door opens and the boy comes out "im good." he says and smiles at both of us "im luke by the way" he introduces himself to me with a charming smile "Amelia." I smile shyly "so what up harry?" luke asks his blue eyes now focusing on harry "well I figured youd want to meet one of the girls from Mindless thoughts." he says "oh ya excited to sing with you girls. actually I don't know if they told you yet but you and the band are coming out to sing with us at the end we changed our set list." he smiles "I didn't know that so thanks." I say, then three other loud boys come walking towards us "harry!" they yell in Australian accent "boys!"harry greets them, one has light brown hair and blue eyes, another has dark almost black hair with brown eyes and the last one has curly light brown hair and hazel eyes like mine. " who might you be?" the curly haired one asks "Amelia, we met, last Friday I think." I say " ya I knew I saw you from somewhere." he smiles "Amelia that is ashton." harry says to me and I nod "you both have the same curly hair." I laugh "ya he stole it from me." ashton states "ha no." harry says and I laugh "im calum." the browned eyed boy greets, I smile at him "and uh im Michael." the blue eyed brown haired boy states, I slightly wave. "so are you guys excited for the show?" harry asks "of course, its going to be sick!" Michael exclaims, I smile at his enthusiasm  "ya and we are really excited to have you and your friends singing she looks so perfect with us." calum smiles at us "ya we're excited too, its going to be fun. we've been practicing for a while now." I say "for she looks so perfect just run around the stage, that's what we basically do expect for ashton of course." Luke says and I laugh "ya I think it would be just a tad hard to run around and hit drums at the same time." I laugh and ashton nods "wouldn't that be something." he says. a bald man then stops in front of me "Amelia your on in five minutes Christina wants to talk to you." he says quickly and walks away looking quite busy. "well I better get going then, good luck!" I tell the 5 seconds of summer boys "and harry your coming with me." I say and grab his wrist beginning to walk left "wrong way its right to your dressing room." he smirks, I stop and turn the other way hearing ashton and lukes laugh behind "I knew that." I say "sure." he says sarcasm clear in his British voice. when we arrive at my dressing room he wishes me luck and I give him a wishing him luck but knowing he wont need it. I step into the drrssing room to see the girls sitting on the couch with chtistina. "alright girls, good luck. get through this and you'll be fine and then we wont have to rehearse anymore." Christina smiles and we nod our heads, and soon enough a man walks in "girls time to go." he smiles and we all stand up "lets do this." Audrey states, we all nod and walk out of the dressing room and see the guys. we exchange hugs and words of encouragement from all the guys but niall, he's leaning on the far end of the wall. Audrey, Hanna, amber Taylor and I all grab hands, I take one last deep breath before we walk on the stage one by one, I take one last glance at back stage then begin walking being the last one on. Taylor and Hanna head for the acoustic guitars at the side of the stage and the rest of put our mics to our face and when Taylor and henna start strumming and drums begin to be hit Audrey starts singing. I begin to walk around the stage and look around not notices too much people. we continue to sing and when it comes to the end of the song, we all join together. "hello Wembly Statium!" Audrey yells "we are mindless thoughts and are going to entertain you for a bit!" taylor yells into the mic and the response is a scream "but before that we better introduce ourselves!" I say loudly " I am amber, and really excited the boys are going to be amazing tonight!" she yells and everyone screams loudly "im hanna." hanna introduces with a wide smile "my name is taylor!" taylor says and giggles as people scream a bit " hello im Audrey!" Audrey waves and finally its my turn "and im Amelia and I hope you guys enjoy the show. the next song we are singing is the a team by ed Sheeran and we hope you enjoy."i say and then we start.i have to say we sound amazing and im really proud of everyone. times flys by and before I know it we are saying goodbye to the crowd and telling them five seconds of summer is next. as we walk off stage people high five us and congratulate us giving us compliments and harry gives me a hug with a smile "look it that, you did it!" he says happily I laugh a bit " your right I did!" I say excitedly starting to jump up and down and hugging harry back. I see niall in the distance looking at us and I quickly advert my gaze. I remove my arms from harrys and wish him good luck before I head for my dressing room, passing niall who looks at me as I open the dressing room and step inside. i take a bottle of water and take a few sips before beginning to change out of these sweaty clothes. i lift up my shirt and as the shirt is over my head i hear the turn of a door knob and my head snaps over to see niall a shrill scream escapes my lips but he just smirks at me while i quickly shove my shirt back on "what are you doing!" i yell at the blonde boy with the smooth smirk " i came in here to tell you, you were alright but i got something else." he smirks "shut up your such a pervert." i say shaking my head "don't flatter yourself i didn't want to see all that." he shrugs and im a bit hurt by his words but i shake it off "ya well get out of here." i groan and he steps closer to me, his mouth just inches from mine, and i cant help the goose bumps that come "do i make you nervous?" he asks with that same stupid smirk "no." i lie and he steps one step closer and i step back and hit the wall " i think i do." he smirks and i push him away and he chuckles a bit and walks out the door without a single word and im left there confused. what was that? i walk to the door and this time lock it then i begin to change into my clothes and sit down on the small couch with my hands on my face. there's a knock at the door and i stand up and open it to see all the girls. "hey!"  i smile brightly "where were you?" Audrey asks me "what?" i ask "after we got off stage you disappeared." hanna states "I've been here, where have you guys been?" i ask "chatting with the boys." amber smiles "we are going on soon again so make sure your ready." taylor tells me "do you think Christina will care if i wear this." i  state pointing down to my outfit which was a mid thigh floral dress with a white cardigan "i wouldn't see why not." taylor shrugs. theres another knock at the door and then it opens "girls your on now." Christina beams we nod. we all walk out of the dressing room and wait by the stage to be announced "so for our last song we thought we would change it up a bit and invite the girls from mindless thoughts to join us in singing it." micheal says looking towards us and screams erupt "alright so that's fine with all of you?" ashton asks from the drums and then theres more cheers. I laugh a bit and then we all walk out again and the boys start singing and we just join in on the chorus. song seems to go by fast and by the end im sweating and hugging each boy while waving to the crowd as I follow the group back stage. "that was awesome!" Michael yells and everyone  chants  "woah"  and "great crowd"  Louis pops up out of the corner of backstage and smiles "hello boys! how was that?" he asks them while hugging each of them "good crowd tonight, you guys are going to have a blast." ashton says while readjusting his red bandana on his forehead "good to know!" he says brightly. "Louis when do you guys go on?" I ask him "like in half an hour they have to set up the stage" "oh then do you want to hang out with us?" I ask him he smiles and nods and then we go inside my dressing room and sit on the couches. we fill the room with laughter and conversations, we joke around and all too soon Louis is called to start getting ready. we wish him luck and he leaves the room. I can hear the one direction boys outside of the door talking and cheering. I can hear there excited and nervous banter. harry pops his head into the dressing room and we all yell good luck to him loudly. I decide to stand up and give him a quick hug considering I already feel close to harry though we haven't known each other long. he sees me getting up and then he opens the door and steps in, I wrap my arms around him and in a second he wraps his lengthy arms around me "have fun out there." I say with a smile, "i will." he says and we both pull away "do you want to come and hang out with the rest of the boys and I before we go on?" he asks me, I think back to niall in my dressing room and I immediately shake my head "i don't think that's a good idea." I shrug "why?" harry asks concern clear in his voice "well niall cant stand me and I don't want to ruin his mood before he goes on." I say "don't worry about it. niall will be fine." he argues "its not a good idea." I say "please?" he pouts "for me." he says "i think il just stay in here." I reply "no niall is a cunt, he wont bother you, I promise." harry says I know this is a bad idea especially because im still a little embarrassed by niall and mines encounter, I suck it up "alright, fine." I groan, a smile showing Harrys dimples appears and I cant help but smile because of it. we walk out the dressing room door and immediately I see niall leaning against a wall talking to zayn, his eyes meet mine and a smirk makes its way across his face but I quickly advert my gaze." are you excited?" I ask harry, "ya its been a while since I was on stage and I was starting to miss it." he says I nod "that must be amazing,  to be able to perform at places like this every week." I say "ya and now you and the other girls get to join us which makes it better." he says. liam walks towards us "Amelia!" he says excitedly "Liam!" I say  in the same tone of voice"how was your first time on a stage like this?" he asks "incredible. are you excited to get back on tour again?" I ask he nods " of course, sure I miss my family and all but seeing the fans and getting to have a good time with these lads makes up for that." he says. "boys two minutes before you go on!" paul yells to the boys. "we should probably get in our circle." liam suggests and harry nods "lads circle time!" harry cheers. "should I go?" I ask him "na you can join our circle tonight." he smiles down at me. all the boys huddle up plus me "i is she in the circle?" niall asks glaring at me "shut up niall." Louis says hitting him on the shoulder. I can feel nail's hateful stare on me the whole two minutes before they line up. I give the boys a thumbs up as they walk on stage and im granted with four wide smiles and a glare, of course coming from niall and then they are all gone and the cheers and screams begin. I go back into the dressing room and join the conversation.

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