i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


22. chapter 21

my eyes slowly open as the sun seeps through the curtains I sit up slowly with a yawn escaping my lips and place my feet on the cold wooden floor. I rub my eyes of the tiredness when  I go into the washroom and brush my teeth quickly and shove my hair in a bun of some sorts. as I walk out of the bedroom door, i look over at the couch to see it empty. i see the blankets still on the couch and when i pick them up i can smell the sent of his cologne lingering, proofing  that yesterday wasn't all a crazy confusing dream. i sigh as i go to the kitchen and look in the fridge to see nothing. i decide on going on a jog to the closest store to buy some kind of food and to clear my mind from everything yesterday. i don't know if that kiss last night meant anything or if it was just a drunken mistake that he regretted in the morning. i walk to my room and put on my nike black shorts and an athletic tank top, i redo my bun into a high pony tail, put my headphones in my ears, grab a backpack and shove my running shoes on, then im out the door. i go down to the lobby and begin to jog when i step out into the warm air. i blast the upbeat music in my ears and focus on my breathing. i let my feet carry me to wherever and my mind wanders to a far away state. my heart  races after ten minutes and im heaving, to say the least, i don't really jog as much as i probably should. i finally make it to a small market a few meters away and slow down my pace until it turns into a walk and i go in the small building. i scan through the aisles getting a box of cereal a small cartoon of milk and a  water bottle and   a few fruits. i buy it and then place everything in the backpack i have. i put the bag on my back and walk out into the summer air. i begin to jog at a slow pace and see the coffee shop harry and i went to yesterday. i decide on stopping by and grabbing a coffee but as i walk inside the small coffee shop i regret it immediately there at the corner of the room with a coffee by his side and a muffin with a few bites taken from it rests next to the one person i didn't want to see, niall. as im about to turn around and leave his eyes meet mine, i quickly advert my gaze, to late to walk out of here. i begin to  walk towards the counter. as i walk i feel his stare on me, i order a small coffee with milk and take it gratefully as i sit down at the furthest table from him. i take a sip from my coffee and stare down at my fingers tapping against the table. I hear a chair slide and I look behind me to see niall walking out of the shop, I sigh heavily in my hands,what is wrong with him? I think to myself as I roll my eyes and go back to drinking my coffee. my phone starts to ring and I answer it without looking at the screen "hello." I greet "Amelia, where are you?" Audrey's voice rings through the phone "just a coffee shop." I say "are you with niall?" she asks in a obnoxious voice "of course not." I say with a roll of my eyes, she snickers a bit "alright get back here soon, I called Louis and told him to come over with food and the other guys." she beams "alright i'll be there in half an hour." I say "alright see you soon." she says "ya bye." I say and then we both hang up. I finish the rest of my coffee and throw out my cup and I begin on my journey home. I put my headphones on and take out my phone as I jog to turn on my music but then suddenly my body collides with someone else's, I fall to the ground "im so sorry, I wasn't looking." I say quickly as I pick myself up from the ground to look up and see, you've got to be kidding me, niall.  "you should watch where your going." he says rudely , I roll my eyes as I look at my legs to see nothing too bad but a few scratch's and a scrape, I lift my head back up to see niall walking again and I run up to him. "what?" he groans " whyd you leave so early this morning?" I ask him " I had stuff to do." he says simply "and yesterday you ki_" he doesn't even let me finish the sentence "I was drunk. that meant nothing." he snaps and I nod my head  "glad. don't ever do it again." I state sternly "why you didn't like it?" he questions with a smug look "of course not you are disgusting." I state  and a smirk crosses his lips "I might of been wasted as fuck but I do remember you kissing me back." he shrugs, I laugh "ya you must of been really drunk if you thought I kissed back." I lie smoothly, he shrugs "maybe I was." he says and I groan"you kissed me so shut up." I say "I was drunk whats your excuse?" he asks "I never kissed you back." I snap at him and he shakes his head slowly "well for your information your not really my type so glad you didn't like it." he shrugs "what is yout type? drunk, dumb girl with trampy clothes?" I question, he laughs obnoxiously "forgot to mention outgoing,wild and good in bed. "he smirks my nose crinkles up in disgust "eww." I say at the last one and he just continues that little smirk of his. "your unbelievable." I say and shake my head, "you love it." he replays back. I don't understand how his personality changes, first its all cold and mean and then minutes later he becomes flirty, then in between both of these personalities he still has his douchebag act. "by the way forgot to say loving the outfit." he says with a wink and I squint my eyes at him "shut up." I say starting to become a bit uncomfortable in my clothes and I cross my arms over my chest and niall laughs, "thought I wasn't your type." I snarl at him "you aren't but what im not allowed to say you have a nice body?" he questions and chills run down my spine "your such a douche." I say turning away from him "that's what im known for." he calls as I begin to jog down the sidewalk towards the hotel. I don't even turn on the music just talking to niall makes me frustrated. I jog until I make it to the door of the hotel. I slow down into a walk and step inside the hotel lobby and head straight for the elevator. I step inside and press floor ten and wait for the doors to open. I feel the elevator going up and then the doors open and I make my towards my hotel door. as I reach it I see harry, Liam, zayn and Louis "hey guys!" I greet them and they all look at me with a smile and greet me politely, harry gives me a sad smile and it doesn't take me long to remember niall kicking harry out of my hotel room yesterday and I instantly feel guilty. the door to the hotel opens and Audrey smiles at all of the boys before spotting me "oh hey Amelia, your back." she says, I nod "ya." I say as I follow behind the boys into the room. " I brought food!" Louis exclaims "yes, thank you." taylor beams at him and he pours out the contents of the bag which include cereal bars, Arizona's and cookies. I reach over for the cereal bar and rip it open "I also bought some things when I went out for a jog." I say taking off my back pack and placing the things on the floor. "il put the stuff away." amber says to me and I smile to her "thanks." I say gratefully. "so Amelia, you like jogging?" liam asks "kind of I guess I don't do it a lot." I answer his question and he nods. "so boys are you guys excited for the tour?" taylor asks as she plops down on the couch "its going to be fun to get back on stage." Louis answers with a bright smile. I look over at harry who is already looking at me and I know I have to talk to him "hey harry can I talk to you for a sec?" I ask him, he nods his head and rises from his seat and I do the same "why do you two need to talk alone?" zayn asks with an eyebrow arched " nothing important." harry answers as he begins to walk out of the room and I follow behind him. I close the door behind me and as soon as I do harry begins to talk "what happened yesterday?" he asks sadly "harry he was drunk, and it looked like he would of punched you if you didn't leave im sorry." I say rambling a bit "I can handle myself, what did he want?" harry asks with eyebrows knitted "uhh he wanted to talk to me I guess." I say "about?" he urges me to go on  "well he was saying he couldn't stop thinking about meand stuff like that but today he told me it meant nothing. it wasn't tha big of a deal." harry scoffs " I doubt that if he got all pissed when I was in your hotel." "well he said he was drunk so who cares?" I say "did he do anything else?" harry asks and I feel hesitant about mentioning the kiss but I decide to "he kissed me." I sigh and harrys eyes widen" did you kiss him back?" he asks surprised and I shrug "not really." I say looking down "oh please tell me you didn't." he says rubbing his face " I was shocked." I defend myself "you literally fell into his trap." he groans "whats that suppose to mean?" I question harshly " that's what he wanted you to do. he loves the satisfaction of knowing you want him." he says " first of all I do not 'want him' and secondly he was drunk he couldn't possibly of planned coming over and kissing me." I say putting air quotations in "want him"  "you really believe he was completely wasted? because I have known him for about three years now and the only time I have seen him completely wasted wad once." and I sigh " what a jerk and then today he tells me im not his type and crap like that, hes such a jerk." I groan rubbing my temples "does e remember the kiss?" harry asks and I nod "he also remembers me kissing back." I say quietly and harry shakes his his head "please tell me your not going be another girl of his, that he sleeps with and then leaves the next day?" he asks with pity in his voice "of course not. why would I?" I ask he shrugs "because he'll say anything to get you in bed with him?" he suggest I shake my head "im not really the kind of girl who sleeps around." I say and he smiles "good stay that way." and I slightly laugh. "by the way I had a lot of fun last night." say and he smiles brightly " I did to until niall had to come." he says "ya he ruined it though we should hang out again soon." I say, he nods "ya but this time at my place." he smiles and I nod as I begin to open the hotel door again. we walk inside and see everyone watching "friends" on tv "why didn't you guys call me in?" I ask as I quickly sit on the floor because there's no room on the couch, "didn't want to interrupt your talk with harry." Audrey shrugs and I shake my head "come on when friends is on you tell me right away." I demand and she rolls her eyes. I put my full attention on the tv and sit with my knees up to my chest and back resting on the bottom of the couch. I feel someone sit down next to me and look over to see harry looking at the tv, he turns his head towards me and gives me a giant smile tat reaches his cheeks and I return to with a giant silly smile where my eyes squeeze shut and he chuckles. I already know harry and I are going to become very close friends by the end of this tour.


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