i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


20. chapter 20

I look at nialls messy blonde hair and bright blue eyes turn dark. " why are you here?" I ask again frowning at him "I wanted to talk to you." He says stumbling over his own feet. "Answer the question, why is he here?" He asks staring at me his height towering over me in an intimating way, his eyes turn dark blue and I go on my tippy toes to try and equal the height out "answer me. Why are you here?" I ask once again, I can feel the liquor lingering on his breath, I stand on my tippy toes and look up at him " why are you here?" I ask once again " and I want an actual answer." I state sternly to him, he turns his attention to harry and snarls at him "get the fuck out of here!" He yells at Harry, Harry stands up " mate we were just hanging out." Harry says calmly,niall glares at Harry "then where the fuck is your shirt! And why are you both wet!" He says his voice is filled with annoyance and anger " calm down." I tell him grabbing onto his arm lightly "hell with that! Why the fuck is he here?" He asks once more " he just came over and we went on a walk and it started raining and that's why we are wet." I explain, niall glares at Harry " get out!" Niall yells, his fist clenched as his jaw tenses, I look over at Harry to see him looking at me pleading for me to say something, I look back at niall," Harry I think you should leave. I'll see you soon." I say looking down while showing Harry to the door " sorry" I whisper as he walks out the door. " niall, what do you want?" I ask looking at him,he stares at me " why was he here?" He asks me " why does it matter? And why are you drunk!" I say starting to get annoyed by him " and how did you get here?" I ask " I drove." He grumbles while stumbling to the couch and sitting down " your drunk! Why would you drive here!" I yell at him, he shrugs " niall why are you here?" I ask once more, he stares at me " is there anything between you and him?" He asks quietly referring to harry " no of course not." I sigh as I rake my fingers through my hair in frustration. Niall stands up and comes towards me " he grabs my arm, "what are you doing?" I ask as my breath hitches when he puts his hands on my cheek " Niall?" I say, he shakes his head and stares at me, he removes his hands from me and "fuck." he groans "what?" I ask confused "I need to go." he grumbles while making his way to the door, I stand in front of him "I may not like you much but im not letting you in a car drunk." I say "im sorry."he says looking at me I raise my eyeborws at him "for beng so cold towards you." he says out of the bloom "I cant stop thinking about you and its fucking annoying." he slurs his words and I stare wide eyes at him "niall, your drunk you don't know what your talking about, I think you need some sleep. take the couch, il grab a blanket and pillow." I sigh as I walk to my bedroom and grab one pillow and a blanket from the king size bed and place it on the couch as I am about to places the pillow down niall grabs my wrist and in one quick motion he places his lips onto to mine, im to shocked to pull away though i want to my body is stuck in place, my mind is screaming at me to pull away but my whole body argues against it, leaning towards him, he wraps his arms around me bringing me closer to his body. i cant find it in me to pull away electricity rushes through ever fiber of my body and i find myself wanting more, but i know this is wrong and finally my brain takes over and i push his chest slightly on his chest making him back away. he smirks at me "it feels good to finally be able to do that." he sighs and i step one step back from him and stare at him for a minute "im going to go to bed." i say quickly as i turn around to my room "goodnight."  he calls with a slur, nd i scurry to my room and shut the door tight. what just happened? i pace the room for a bit, "why would you do that?!" my inner voice yells in my ear, i run my fingers through my hair in frustration at myself. i groan and grab my pillow and throw it to the floor completely confused with everything. i fall to my bed and stare at the wall and grab the pillow from the floor and place it back on the bed. i take a deep breath and close the bedroom lights and lay down in bed, maybe i just need to sleep and figure out what to do. when i close my eyes i cant help but remember the taste of his lips though. as hours pass and finally i feel as if im drifting off the door to my room opens "why is niall here?" i hear Audrey say as she comes in,  groan "he came here drunk and i told him to sleep on the couch." i sigh "oh well then." Audrey says as she lays down in bed beside me "anything exciting happen?" she asks i shake my head "hey Amelia." i hear taylor "why is niall sleeping on our couch?" she questions,  groan "hes drunk." i state a i roll over and pull the blanket closer to me and then finally my eyelids begin to feel heavy and sleep takes over my entire body.


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