i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


2. chapter 2

~~When we get to the big boring looking building known as school I spot our other friends talking near the side of school,
 "Audrey look." I say
 Pointing to Amber, Hanna and Taylor, a smile spreads across her face and she sprints towards them as I walk at a normal kind of slow speed, it’s a Monday give me a break. When I finally get to where they are, I smile,
"Hey." I say to them
 "Hello." Hanna and the rest of the girls greet.
 Hanna is wearing her wavy brown hair in a ponytail and her barley wears any makeup just some mascara to make her greenish brownish eyes pop out, I could tell she was wearing contacts because well she didn't have her glasses and she's a bit blind without them.
 Taylor had her long blonde hair straightened down, her outfit was a lot different from the rest of ours because well she tries to looks good and achieves it, the rest of us, let’s just say we wouldn't care if we came to school in a tracksuit and barley any makeup, her eye makeup was pretty light just some eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow that made her blue eyes really show.
 Amber had her dark brown hair that was almost black just down with a bit of waves but not much, she was just wearing mascara and her warm brown eyes really showed.
 "So how was your weekends?" Taylor asked
"Short." I answer,
 "Stop being a downer only a few days until summer starts." she says
 "O my gosh yes! I am so excited for summer it’s not even funny, it’s going to be awesome." Audrey says happily,
 "Well the only thing I’m looking forward to is watching Lost all night and being lazy." I smile and all the girls give me a disapproving look,
 "What? Cant a girl finish a Lost marathon during the summer?" I question
 "You can but come on its summer who does that?" Taylor asks
“I do and I am very proud of it, what else is summer good for?" I question,
 "Um hanging out with friends, going places and having fun." amber states,
 "Ya well Lost is pretty fun." I state and Audrey rolls her eyes
"Only you would think that. “She says and I slightly laugh
 "Well it’s true!" I say,
 Then the bell rings signaling classes would begin in five minutes.
 "Alright see you all later." Hanna says,
 "Bye maybe we can hang out at mine after school? “Audrey suggests and we all nod
"Sounds good." I say as all of us make our way into the building and go our separate ways.
 I go to the library due to the fact I have my last exam tomorrow and I need to finish studying, now that I think about it tomorrow is basically my last day here because after exams I don't have to come so yay!
 Anyway as I study hard for history, the one subject that bores me to death I hear the library door open and in comes Hanna walking towards me with a huge smile.
 "How did you know I was here?" I ask her,
 "Because I figured you had no exams today so you had to be studying in here." she tells me,
 "You know me so well." I smile,
 "Ya I do, finally I am done with this year. “Hanna sighs with relief
 "How do you think you did on the exams?" I ask
" I think I did pretty good, but the fact it was French kind of makes me feel I only got a high seventy or a low eighty because I suck at French and I literally studied for a whole week." she says,
 "Well if you ever move to the states you won’t even need French." I tell her
 "You know what? I now really want to move to the states." she says,
"Good choice." I smile,
"Ya who needs Canada right?" she questions and we both laugh,
 "Well it is pretty boring here, and it also sucks that we live in such a small town like there is absolutely nothing to do." I say and Hanna nods in agreement,
 "Well I have two choices here I can help you study or I can go home, which one?" she asks.
 "Help me please, you’re good at history right?" I question
 "Ya it’s easy. “She states,
 "Great then quiz me and give me some study tips." I tell her and she smiles and starts.


When the bell rings signaling school was over, Hanna and I got up and made our way out of the building and wait for everyone else.
 When we spot Audrey, Taylor and amber we make our way towards them.
 "Hey!" we both said at the exact same time,
 "Hi so are you all coming to my house?" Audrey asks,
 "sure." we all say and begin to walk to Audrey's.
 As we walk we talk and laugh
 "So Audrey, how are things with you and josh?" Taylor asks,
 "Pretty good I think." she smiles,
 "More details would be nice." I say and she laughs.
 "We talked a bit today and he said he wanted me to come with him to hang out with his friends." she shrugs,
 "It’s funny because out of all of us you’re the only one with a boyfriend and personally I was expecting Taylor to have one before you." Hanna laughs,
"Thanks, for that lovely comment." Audrey says sarcastically,
 “Hanna just because I’m not dating doesn't mean I don't have boys asking me out, I just don't want to. “Taylor shrugs,
 “Taylor we all know you want a boyfriend, you just have this perfect image of him that no boy could ever be." amber tells her,
 "You know what stop with the negative comments, alright?" she question and amber and Hanna nod,
We walk the rest of the way in silence,
"So who else is done for the year?" I ask while we step inside Audrey's house
 "Me!" Audrey smiles,
 "Me too." Hanna says,
 "So it’s just amber, Taylor and I left." I state,
 "yup." they both say.
We walk downstairs to the basement and all sit down on the black couches,
"Alright I was on Facebook yesterday looking through my new feed and I came across this thing that was win a trip around the world and open for a band." Audrey says,
"What band?" I ask,
 “I don't know it’s a surprise and I think we should do it, because remember last year when we were sixteen and we made a band together? “Audrey questions,
 "Ya wasn't it called like mindless thoughts?" I question,
 "Yup and I think we should submit a tape and see if we can win." Audrey tells us,
 “I don't know I can’t even stay here for too long because I got some studying to do." amber states,
"Ya me too. “Taylor adds.
"Come on guys! We should try and it won’t take long I promise what times are your exams at?" Audrey asks,
 “One. “Amber states,
 "Two and I haven't even finished yet. “Taylor says,
 “I will help you guys study tomorrow and this won’t take long, I promise. “Audrey says and they sigh.
 "Fine let’s do this." they both say,
 "Alright is everyone in?" she asks and we all nod our heads.
 “Let’s win this!" I say happily.

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