i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


19. chapter 19


As I step out of the pub I hear the ding of the little bell behind me and I see everyone up ahead, I jog to catch up with them,

"thanks for ditching me." I say,

"well we saw you sit down so we assumed you were going to stay with Niall." Audrey explains, I scoff,

" ya right that guy is the typical player."

"Oh come on he's not that bad, in a matter of fact he was actually really nice when we formed the band." Liam defends Niall.

I think about that for a moment, if he was nice in the beginning why did he change, no what made him change? My mind travels to another place as I think of all the possibilities "

oh God she's thinking too deep again." Amber groans shaking me out of it, I look at her,

"sorry." I mumble as I walk behind them.

We get to the limo and all of us hop in and I look around the limo to see everyone in their own little conversations but me. I look out the window contemplating about this whole thing, we pass the red telephone booths and drive through the busy streets of London and then we are back at the hotel.

I step out and everyone follows. we head to the elevator and all pile in.

"so are you guys ready to bake?" Hanna asks with a bright smile,

"I think im just going to go back to our hotel room." I tell everyone ,

"ahh come on Amelia you cant leave us." Audrey pouts I smile,

"im just really tired. I really just want to go back to the hotel and watch a marathon of friends." I shrug as the elevator doors open,

"Im going to join Amelia!" Harry announces.

I look at him,

"when did I inivite you to tag along?" I question playfully ,

"I figured you'd be too shy so I invited myself." he says with that goofy smile of his, I shake my head while my lips tug up at the corners.

I say my farewells to everyone and then make my way to the hotel room with Harry trailing behind. I take the card for the room out of my pocket and swipe it showing a green light, I open it and go straight for the couch.

I turn on the tv and then sit down,

"so you weren't kidding when you said you'd sit on the couch and watch tv." Harry says walking towards the couch,

"actually I may of been kidding because I can't find a marathon of friends." I frown,Harry sits down.

 "then what should we do now?" he asks

"anything that doesn't involve moving." I state,

"alright so that leaves us with eating food and watching T.V or a movie." he suggests I nod my head,

"good choice but you have to get up to get the food." I warn, he laughs,

" I think I can do it." he states ,

"alright good because theres chocolate in the kitchen under the cabinet." I tell him.

"I'll go get it while you pick out something to watch." he says and gets up making his way to the kitchen.

I surf through the channels and then come across the movie "no strings attached" I press it and a few seconds later Harry comes back with the box of chocolate, my eyes light up at the box,

"yes!" I exclaim while clapping my hands, Harry smirks at me and I stare at him,

"what?" I ask,

"why are you smirking at me?" I question,

"because you remind me of a toddler on Christmas morning." he says with that same smirk,

"is that a bad thing?" I ask, he shakes his head and a small chuckle leaves his pink lips,

"not at all. in fact I think it makes you ten times better." he says as he sits down on the left side of the couch.

 I take the box of chocolates from his hands and open the top and grab a sweet milk chocolate one, and pop it in my mouth.

"So what are we watching?" he asks

""No strings attached" hands down one of my favorite movies ever." I say he nods.

We both turn our attention to the movie that has just started. It is silent with only a few small words exchanged and a lot of laughing, me being the one who laughs louder and longer and I can feel Harrys eyes on me.

I look at him,

"why are you looking at me?" I ask,

"how do you know I was looking at you?" he smirks ,

"I just know." I smirk back at him moving my face closer to his for a second, he shakes his head and turns his attention back to the movie.

When the movie finishes I look to Harry ,

"so?" I ask ,

"so what?" he asks,

"what do you think? I swear though if you say you hated it your leaving." I state he smiles,

"It was quite hilarious." he says with his slow British accent  

"the period cd playlist is my favorite part ever." I state remembering when the two main characters were sitting in bed listening to keep bleeding the love.

"Maybe I'll make you a period playlist." Harry says I burst out laughing, 

"Please don't do that." I say in between laughs

"Oh come on il put the song "Go with the Flow" on it and it'll be perfect." he states I laugh harder ,

"Is that even a song?" I question ,

"Yes! its by Queens of the Stone Age." he says eyes wide, I laugh more,

"Please don't do that." I say,

"You know what maybe I will." he smirks and my head fall on his arm as I laugh loudly.

"Shut up." I say as I try to calm my laughter down.

I sit up and Harry smirks,

"What?" I ask,

"Your hairs a bit everywhere."  he says and I use my fingers and brush through the long brown hair that feels heavy,

"I really just want to shave my head bald." I groan Harry laughs,

"I think you'll look astonishing bald." he says ,

"Really?" I ask,

"No." he laughs and I shake my head as I rest my head on the couch.

"So what should we do now?" I ask, a wide smile grows on Harrys face as he stands up,

"Get up!" he says excitedly,

 "Hey remember the rule I made, I will do anything that doesn't involve me having to move." I say,

"Come on Amelia get up!" he says and I laugh ,

"No why?" I ask ,

"Lets do something crazy!" he yells loudly and I laugh,

"Like what?" I ask ,

"I don't know anything! something thats not planned."he says smiling widely, dimples prominent.

He grabs my hand and pulls me up,

"Come on."

 "I don't understand your change of mood." I say laughing as I shove on my shoes and grab a sweater.

He grabs my hand and we run out of the hotel room and into the elevator, I'm laughing.

"What's happening? im so confused!" I say to him still laughing,

"I don't know lets just do something fun." he shrugs,

"like what?" I ask again,

"I don't know rob a bank, run across the roads." he says,

"oh ya lets totally rob a bank." I say sarcastically and the elevator doors open and he grabs my hand again and starts running.

Its evening, the sun is setting and the street lights are beginning to turn on.

He drags me behind him as he runs through the streets,

"Why are we running?" I ask,

"I don't know!" he say laughing.

We begin to slow down and I let go of his hand and we begin to walk with heavy breaths.

"what was that?" I ask, he shrugs,

"I don't know, did you have fun?" he ask,

"I guess I just didn't know what was happening." I say,

"Well we are doing fun unexpected things." he states,

"Why?" I ask he shrugs again,

"I don't know for an adrenaline rush?" he questions.

We walk around the streets of London and run across the streets. We find a small cute café that looks empty,

"Want to go in there for a while?" he asks, I nod,

"Sure."  he opens the door for me,

"thank you." I say as I walkthrough the door and he nods and walks inside too.

We order two iced teas and two chocolate chip cookies and then sit down at one of the tables near the window. i take a sip of my iced tea.

"So Amelia how was it like where you lived?" Harry asks I shrug,

"boring, I live in a very small town so nothing ever happens." I say,

"How about you what are you like?" he asks,

"I don't know my life is utterly boring. Nothing really happens much, sure theres family problems but everyone has that." I say,

"Are you a rebel like avoid your parent, heavy partyer and not big in school?" he asks I laugh,

 "Do I look like that type?" I ask he shakes his head,

"But i just wanted to see if you were." I laugh,

"ya not at all. I'm not really into parties. I don't like to disappoint my mom or make her have to worry about me, she has enough on her plate." I say,

"Have you ever been to a party?" he asks,

"no, its just not my thing." I shrug,

"then what is your thing?" he asks, I think for a few minutes,

"I don't know how to actually describe myself, like most humans we are too complex to actually describe them in a short sentence." I say,

"I respect that. Any boyfriends?" he ask I shake my head,

"no, I'm not really the girl who guys think about in that way." I say ,

"why is that?" he ask, I shrug which seems to be something I do a lot 

"I think all the guys have their eyes on you but your just too modest to say it." he smirks i laugh,

"that's it." I say,

"So lets talk about you now? whats your thing?" I ask "I'm a pretty laid back person I would like to believe. Uhh I wasn't a troublemaker, i got good grades and my life is pretty exciting." he says,

"Hows it like being a normal guy and then suddenly being put under the spotlight?"  I ask,

"Well I choose that so no complaints, its different but its fine." he says I nod, then theres a silence for a second.

"Do you want to go back to the hotel, it looks like its going to rain." Harry says standing up, I nod and finish the remains of my cookie and grab my sweater from the chair.

We walk out and begin to make our way to the hotel.

"I'm glad that i met you." I tell Harry he smiles,

"Same goes to you,"

" I haven't even known you for long but already i know we are going to be great friends." I smile up to him, he doesn't smile for a second but then his lips quickly form a slight smile,

"great friends." I think I hear him mumble.

We walk while making small talk and then it begins to rain and Harry smiles.

"Look at this, something unexpected." he says as we continue to walk while the rain begins to drench me. Harry smiles at me,

"do you want a piggy back ride the rest of the way?" he ask,

"I'm not going to question that. Yes!" I say,

as I jump on his back and he holds my legs. I laugh as he begins to run, we must look crazy to the people passing by us, two young adults running around in the rain and one of them is on the others back.

I feel as if im going to fall but I'm not,

"Harry!" I yell as he sprints down the sidewalks.

I laugh loudly and finally he places me down when we arrive at the hotel. We both walk into the hotel with our clothes dripping with water. I laugh as we go into the elevator. When it gets to my floor we run out and head to the hotel room, I open the door and Harry laughs.

"That was fun but now I'm freezing." Harry says,

"Well I would offer you some clothes but they may not fit right." i say,

"its fine would you mind if i took off my shirt?" he asks,

"no go ahead do you want me to try and a find a spare blanket?" I ask,

"get changed before that please?" he asks I nod and make my way to my room.

I change into a baggy pair of sweat pants and a baggy t shirt, I put my damp hair into a ponytail, I grab a blanket from my bed and walk to Harry.

"here." I say, I cant' help but look at his toned torso and all his tattoos, right in the middle of his stomach was moth,

"why a moth?" I ask, Harry looks at me,

" I don't know, I was a bit tipsy when i got that one." he says,

"aww." I respond. Harry covers his torso with the blanket and sits down on the couch and I join him.

I turn on the TV and put on "law and order" ,

"can I use some of the blanket I'm freezing." I laugh,

"of course." he says moving closer to me and giving me some of the blanket.

I snuggle with the blanket and focus on the TV becoming a bit tired ,

"today was fun." I say looking up at Harry to notice his curly hair going everywhere,

"it was." he agrees, I yawn,

"we should do this again sometime." I say as it becomes harder to keep my eyes open,

"Ya next time you come to my apartment?" he suggests I nod.

"Do you think the boys are still at Ambers and Hanna's room?" I ask quietly

"I'll text Liam." he says taking out his phone, I nod.

Minutes later Harrys phone begins to ring,

"hello?" he answers,

"hey Liam." he says with ease,

"what's going on over there?" he asks, there's a pause,

"na I think Amelia's almost asleep and her rule was she'll do anything that doesn't involve her walking." he says smirking at me, I hit him on the arm lightly.

"alright Liam, i'll see you tomorrow." Harry says and then hangs up.

"Well they are eating cake and watching some movies, I nod and close my eyes. I rest my head on Harrys in a friendly way as sleep is about to take over there's a hard knock at the door.

I stand up stretching out a bit,

"guess the girls are back," Harry says while rubbing his eyes.

I go to the door and open it to reveal someone I didn't expect to be standing outside my door at three in the morning,

"Let me in." He grumbles pushing his way through the door.

"What the fuck is he doing here?" Niall growls over at Harry and my body stiffens ,

"Why are you even here?" I question.

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