i never saw you coming

Amelia, id the perfect seventeen year old girl, she has good grades, she knows where she's heading in her life and shes always been focused, but that all changes when her and her four best friends win a contest to go on tour with One Direction. where Amelia meets a boy who flips her perfect life upside down. a story filled with love, tears, betrayal and humor. all things that go up have to come down eventually.


18. chapter 18

we practiced for another five hours and finally we were done for the day. as we all walk out of the small room, the boys also do and they smile wide at us. "how are you guys smiling right now?" I question and Liam chuckles "after three years you get used to it." harry says, "I don't think I could ever get used to this, It hurts to talk." Audrey chimes in "quit complaining at least you didn't have to be strumming a guitar too, because right now my hands are calluses filled and sore." Taylor says with a roll of the eyes and  Hanna nods. I glance over the boys to notice no niall "wheres niall?" I wonder outload "left ten minutes early said he had to do something." zayn shrugs "oh." I say with my eyebrows furrowed, curiosity makes its way to my mind like usual and I begin to wonder where he went to but my thoughts were cut short," so do you guys want to do something together?" Louis asks us "what kind of something?" Amber asks with eyebrows raised,Louis shrugs "I don't know we can give you a tour around England." He suggests "that sounds really fun actually." I chirp in getting just a overly excited," great then let's go explore the wonders of England." Zayn says and we all made our way out the door and carelessly walked around. " so tour guides what is so good about England?" Hanna asks, " as you can see Hanna over there we have uh got a tree, oh and there we have some telephone booths and ya." Louis says " wait hold on a second I need a picture near the telephone booth. In Canada our phone booths are boring." I say as I pass Audrey my phone and run in the direction of the bright red upright prism. I stand beside it and smile wide, way to excited about a phone booth then I should be.audrey takes a picture and I smile " thank you very much." I say nodding to her. We walk more and we end up in a small little town that looks amazing. It reminds me of old classical book setting.England just seems like the perfect place for classics to be set in. The stores were flawless in design and everything looked as if it was a set for a movie. " I don't think there's a good enough word to sum up the beauty of London." I exclaim as I look in awe at everything. " I used to work at the bakery right down the street from here." Harry says with a smile "we need to see that." Audrey says, Harry begins to lead the way to the bakery. It was only about five minutes away and when we got closer I could smell the aroma of baking bread and cakes in the oven. I stop walking and shut my eyes for a minute just to take in everything. I felt a large hand tug at my wrist, my eyes pop open in panic but as I see that goofy dimpled smile of Harry's my panic fades away. He pulls me into the bakery and I look at his perfect face and he looks around at the bakery like he remembered absolutely everything. I squeezed his hand a bit, he looked down at me and smiled " this was the simple life." He sighs " hmm it seems to me that this place makes you have a slight case of nostalgia." " I feel like when your simple normal life turns into something much more, I guess everything is nostalgic." He says and I move closer to him not because I like him in any romantic way but because of the way he understood, the way his words smoothly fell from his lips and the way his eyebrows knit together when he thought.We go into line to order something " so Harry what would you recommend?" Amber asks, he thinks for a moment " uh the cupcakes are pretty good." He shrugs " out of everything in a bakery, you tell me the cupcakes are the best?" I question," we'll there good, I guess and most people like them so yes the cupcakes are the best in a bakery filled with all sorts of pastries." He states and I nod. We end up at the front of the line and order nine assorted mouthing watering cupcakes. I see Harry looking around and out of nowhere a big smile tugs at his lips " Barbra!" He annouses to a older women behind the counter, she squints at him and then a wide smile spreads onto her lips. " o my dear gosh, Harry." She says happily while going up to him as the box of cupcakes are placed I front of Liam. " how have you been doing?" The old women now known as Barbra asks " very we'll, how have you been?" He asks back as he gives her a hug. " same old." She smiles " oh ya Barbara these are my friends and band mates." He says pointing to all of us" nice to meet you all." She sweetly smiles, " guys this used to be my old boss Barbara." Harry smiles wrapping a arm around her smiling wide " aw so you were the one who kept Harry here in line for years." Liam jokes. " so what brings you here?" Barbara asks Harry," well we were in the area and I know that this bakery has the best pastries ever so I figured I'd bring them to try them," Harry says, someone in the back calls Barbara " we'll I think it's time for me to get back to work, it was very nice to see you Harry and nice to meet all of you." She said making her way behind the counter " it was nice seeing you to!" Harry called from behind her. Liam then payed for the pastries and we sat down at a table. " thanks mate for buying the pastries." The boys told liam, " ya that was very sweet of you." Taylor smiles sweetly up at him. We open the box of yummy looking cupcakes and each of us take one. I look at it for a moment and then take a big bite tasting the strawberry filling inside, my eyes lit up in enjoyment, " o my god this is so good!" I exclaim, Harry smiles " see I told you they were the best." Harry smirks as everyone eats their cupcake having very minimal conversations. The time flew by and when I checked my phone it was already six thirty. " hey do you guys want to go to our hotel and we can hangout or something?" I suggest, the boys nod " what would we do?" Zayn asks " I don't know, something fun." I say," we should totally attempt to bake something!" Audrey exclaims full of excitement " or we can just buy more here to insure that they will taste good." Louis states, Audrey looked at him " what's the fun of that?" She asks, he shrugs " it's easier." He replies " ya but if we made something it would have a personal touch to it." She argues back and a small smile tugs at Louis lips as he see Audrey slump in her chair , " alright fine making a cake or whatever sounds fun." Louis states and Audrey smiles"yes no hurry up and eat your stuff so we can go and bake." Audrey exclaims,"lucky for you I think everyone is already done." Liam says while standing up following the rest of us. We walk out of the bakery and begin to walk pass this pub I look inside the window and see some very familiar blonde hair, " guys is that niall?" I question, everyone stops and looks " probably he aways come here." Zayn states," we should go bug him!" I exclaim, "ya hes already is distant towards us wouldn't want him to kill us." Louis says, and I shrug " well I'm new to this and I'm going to go say hi." I state and walk to the door and swiftly open it. I walk to the bar and poke him on his back " I swear to god if this is that idiotic blonde, I don't want to do you again." He groans and I begin to feel quite awkward " uh no it's not." I say and he groans " Amelia why are you here?" He asks rudely turning around " I saw you from outside." I state " aw so your starting to stalk me?" He questions I shake my head " no I wanted to know where you were off to after rehearsals but I guess this was it getting drunk and stuff." I say taking a seat next to him " why do you care?" He grumbles " just curious." I trail off," you should know that curiosity didn't get anyone anywhere." Niall says "expand on that." I respond " in a scary movie when someone is curious to see what's behind the door they usually die, curiosity killed the cat,and curiosity only gets you killed on the end if you know to much." "Those were really terrible points but without curiosity then the lightbulb wouldn't of be made, phones wouldn't of been made, basically anything you think of couldn't be made." I state " alright shut up and have and have a drink." He groans," I'm not old enough to drink."I say " then il buy you a drink." He says " if I didn't know any better I'd think your flirting with me." I said as he took a drink from his beer only to have to cough some of it out with a laugh " in your dreams." He says " or is it in your dreams because I have no intentions to date you." I state he scoffs " date? I don't date." He states " then what do you do?" " do you really want to ask me that." He says his blue eyes going dark, " ew no. I see where your morals are." I state, he shrugs " so do you want that drink or not." He states, I stand up " though that sounds tempting, I don't think I want to drink with you because you seem like a very condescending man and I have to get back to my friends and your band mates." I say, " fine then but for you information getting drunk with me would be the best." He says " ya if your in the mood for having to take the walk of shame the next morning." I say as I begin to walk to the door and meet up with the boys and girls.

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